Scuba Diving Underneath Military Base and You Won’t Believe What I Found! (Restricted Zone)

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TTV. magzravez
TTV. magzravez - 4 months ago
Great, now we have DALLMYD to scuba dive underneath Area 51. Now we can attack from below!
Christopher Larson
Christopher Larson - 18 days ago
dice1of1 gameing
dice1of1 gameing - 23 days ago
Eleanor Wilson
Eleanor Wilson - 23 days ago
TTV. magzravez ikr
Kaye's Diggin It
Kaye's Diggin It - 24 days ago
@nugget the pigeon that's debatable 😂 and the word to use is there 😜 keep moving along!!
nugget the pigeon
nugget the pigeon - 24 days ago
@Sam Dodd who do u work for
Olivia Reisinger
Olivia Reisinger - 2 days ago
MercyBuilds - 3 days ago
4:18 thats a gun suppresser
keri cram
keri cram - 4 days ago
Braedon Impila
Braedon Impila - 4 days ago
The big vehicle was a god dam tank
Staple_ - 5 days ago
Where's this Alligator prank yo? You said 50k and you're now at 98k+ xD
fire games mental
fire games mental - 5 days ago
I thought it was the end of him
Elmas Nasıl Bulunur
Elmas Nasıl Bulunur - 5 days ago ...DO DİAMONDS BREAK? IS THE DIAMOND UNBREAKABLE?
TheRobloxNoob IzKewl
TheRobloxNoob IzKewl - 7 days ago
We just need those explosives to break into Area 51
Olivia George
Olivia George - 8 days ago
🎶 Do you see what i see 🎶
🎶 Do you hear what i hear 🎶
Amy Brockney
Amy Brockney - 8 days ago
Hi there u guys are awesome thanks for sharing ur adventures its truly truly amazing😁❤😁❤
Dan H
Dan H - 11 days ago
Have you all thought of getting OTA AGA masks with comm systems. They use a little more air but the comm system is nice.
Kima Fanai
Kima Fanai - 14 days ago
It is real
Matthew Marczak
Matthew Marczak - 15 days ago
You guys found tank ammunition, awesome find 👏🏻👏🏻
Jennifer Snyder
Jennifer Snyder - 18 days ago
Axel 22
Axel 22 - 19 days ago
The round you found was a tank round
Julien Pothier
Julien Pothier - 19 days ago
I bet you would get a lot of money if you returned it to the military base
Gergely Nagy
Gergely Nagy - 19 days ago
Yohann Lamorie
Yohann Lamorie - 20 days ago
once i foond a lemon shark
michelle davenport
michelle davenport - 20 days ago
That’s a tank round😨😨😨
it'sjust shifaaf
it'sjust shifaaf - 21 day ago
That's a ammo of a tank
TypicalFishing - 21 day ago
Jake be like look what i fount a land mind lets push it
Oscar Gonzalez
Oscar Gonzalez - 22 days ago
U are crazy u get a bite off a huge aligator
Tayler Tek
Tayler Tek - 23 days ago
If there was really Gators In the water why go in it just stupid
Kelly Borman
Kelly Borman - 23 days ago
fang killer
fang killer - 23 days ago
The round thing is a tank bullet.
UltimateGamerZapdoss GamerLord
Dude that gernade was a german ww2 gernade
dice1of1 gameing
dice1of1 gameing - 23 days ago
It is a tank round
joe mama
joe mama - 24 days ago
I wonder what tank Jake is sitting on in the cover
joe mama
joe mama - 24 days ago
Do it use remote control alligator
Amcsmitty 32
Amcsmitty 32 - 24 days ago
bro wheres the underwater tank bro?
Rafael Torres
Rafael Torres - 24 days ago
it,s a tank
Gaming with Trey
Gaming with Trey - 24 days ago
Found a tank shell that’s some good luck
joon's favourite plastic bag
Me: sees 99 likes on a comment
Me: clicks on it to make it 100
tucker willis
tucker willis - 25 days ago
The whole vid what the f I can't see
Ruby-Rose Hannah
Ruby-Rose Hannah - 25 days ago
2019- scuba diving underneath military base
2020- scuba diving underneath Area 51
2021-scuba diving where the titanic sunk
2022-scuba diving underneath the Bermuda Triangle
—- DALLMYD is going to be the one who finally solves all of these underwater mysteries and I respect him for that👊🏻
TheRetirednavy92 - 25 days ago
14 minutes wasted
Kassandra Fletcher
Kassandra Fletcher - 25 days ago
It's a tank bullet
Steve Bibb
Steve Bibb - 25 days ago
Hi jake . I thank you are so cool
Carlito H
Carlito H - 25 days ago
It's a artillery shell
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