THE THIRD WHEEL - Merrell Twins

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merrelltwins - 8 days ago
Have you ever been a third wheel?😭
Kpop Luver
Kpop Luver - Day ago
All the time and I just did the other day -_- it was bad and what happened to Christian??
Camila Bonilla
Camila Bonilla - Day ago
merrelltwins ALL THE TIME
Lisbokatefan 123
Lisbokatefan 123 - Day ago
All the time With my mom and dad
Bluh Bluh
Bluh Bluh - 2 days ago
All the’s sad 😞 😂 LoL
Cazy Vazquez’s
Cazy Vazquez’s - 2 days ago
merrelltwins all the time (with my friends)
Alaynah Middleton bey
Alaynah Middleton bey - 4 hours ago
O my god at the end ha
Zara Malik
Zara Malik - 14 hours ago
Vannessa from spy ninjas Daniel wants to be your valentine
Lemonade Girl
Lemonade Girl - 15 hours ago
Dear Roni and Aaron,
If you guys are dating for real don't be afraid to tell your fans all of them are so supportive of ronron, They're really happy when you guys make eye contacts and yeah, Please tell us the truth :)
Alp Bulutlu
Alp Bulutlu - 15 hours ago
Kendall Exon
Kendall Exon - 16 hours ago
Aaron is trying so hard...

Victoria Production
Victoria Production - 18 hours ago
I wonder if there are bloopers cuz it looks like they were trying to do it in one take lol 😂
Eva Ariaza
Eva Ariaza - Day ago
Yareli Gonzalez
Yareli Gonzalez - Day ago
4:05 The way he said it 🥺🥺🥺 we know he really meant it🥰
Sean Wilson
Sean Wilson - Day ago
what kinda restaurant are they RUNNING?! "Only thing on the menu." -__-
other me: but.. it's a...
me: i know -__-
Besties4ever 101
Besties4ever 101 - Day ago
What happened to Christian
Sim K
Sim K - Day ago
Jeckaly - Day ago
That's so hilarious!!
Jeckaly - Day ago
My boyfriend to be online too, I need a wear name for him, help me 😆🙋😅 I'm single but I see that video right now lolz, like and write a name for mi imagination 🥺🤨
summahsquad 101 arts and gaming
At least u guys get to GO! My bffs are leaving me behind and sending me LOADS of pics 😭 one like =1 prayer that I won't lose it in front of them xx
DaronPopin - Day ago
Get you a man like Picasso
Saara Chaki
Saara Chaki - Day ago
Roni is jealous 😒 but love you guys big fan
7 steps
7 steps - Day ago
*Roni and Nessa talking about pica*
Aaron tries to distract them
:" *this dessert looks amazing* "
Lisbokatefan 123
Lisbokatefan 123 - Day ago
The waiter killed me lol
HUMUZZ - Day ago
“No one should ever win, if someone wins you already lost” -Picasso Valentino
Sinai Moreno Arellano
Sara Alqahtani
Sara Alqahtani - Day ago
Nessa Daniel from the spy ningas has a crush on you
annie - Day ago
i think Daniel from CWC or Christain in this video.
Braydoyoungin 1
Braydoyoungin 1 - Day ago
Daniel from cwc have a crush on you
Nixie Shah
Nixie Shah - Day ago
I never thought I would her Picasso and gamed in the same sentence-
Zainab Bi
Zainab Bi - Day ago
It was mote than awesome
vivien ndongala mabata
Vanessa someone called Daniel Who's your celebrity crush
Tahlia Presents
Tahlia Presents - Day ago
You guys need to do another rythmeing song.
helenrt29 - Day ago
I voted for you guys hope you win 💕💕
Carissa Lewis
Carissa Lewis - Day ago
I love you guys 😁🖒🖒🖒🖒👍
Braliyah's Corner
Braliyah's Corner - 2 days ago
We love you guys! Your videos are so funny! ❤️😁
Jackie Rodriguez
Jackie Rodriguez - 2 days ago
I love you guys so much you both are such an inspiration I’ve been watching you guys for years
Floria Rains
Floria Rains - 2 days ago
I actually though Pika was t real
yourico von hecht
yourico von hecht - 2 days ago
Spgetty olny thing on the menu here is your salad and Deserts😹😹😹😹
Brandon K
Brandon K - 2 days ago
Look at the first video you made
JiaYi LeiGn
JiaYi LeiGn - 2 days ago
This was weird but cool at the same time.😬
William Bradley Jr
William Bradley Jr - 2 days ago
Vanessa the spy ninja Daniel you are his crush
Alexia Murillo
Alexia Murillo - 2 days ago
The merrell twins are so pretty and btw it is weird that they did not do the intro
Amirah akram
Amirah akram - 2 days ago
You cab tell its nessa because Pica haa the same nails as her
Sandy Morgan
Sandy Morgan - 2 days ago
Christopher Tall
Christopher Tall - 2 days ago
What do you use for your hair!?! Its so pretty. I'm JELLY!
Erikah Ramos
Erikah Ramos - 2 days ago
I had a feeling that both Vanessa’s were going to be there at the same time......
Erikah Ramos
Erikah Ramos - 2 days ago
That food looks so good!! Lol
Berk&Sin Vlogs
Berk&Sin Vlogs - 2 days ago
"You're acting like I have more then three dollars."
-Charli D'amelio 2020
Tica Azzy
Tica Azzy - 2 days ago
Hahaha soo good!!!
Queen Ali
Queen Ali - 2 days ago
Tell me why they haven’t gotten an award yet for best acting I’m dedd🤣🤣
khieda Backman
khieda Backman - 2 days ago
Yall need to be at the hype house
Tanya Wikens
Tanya Wikens - 2 days ago
Do you know Dan from the spy ninja has a crush on Vanessa
He said it in a video
Marley Disney
Marley Disney - 2 days ago
Love your videos you inspire me
Sireen Fatima
Sireen Fatima - 2 days ago
'pica' u have a ring in ur hand at 15:39
Fatima Alturkumani
Fatima Alturkumani - 2 days ago
You guys should do a clay cracking video
FlexinF_elix115 - 2 days ago
if ur in a relationship and you have a third wheel, be nice and treat everyone as a homie and no lovey dovey stuff to make the other awkward
Reagan Mays
Reagan Mays - 2 days ago
omg Vanessa ,Daniel from chad wild clay likes you
Elkin Giwa
Elkin Giwa - 2 days ago
Do the 4th date
consolata nwagwu
consolata nwagwu - 2 days ago
Vanessa if you know Dainel he likes you
Leonator - 2 days ago
Jokes on them, Vanessa is just doing this to get twice the amount of food
Chloe Kao
Chloe Kao - 2 days ago
Here's your check. Ohh my god.
Cloe Bourque
Cloe Bourque - 2 days ago
You should do a video of your phones
Clémentine Curtis
Clémentine Curtis - 2 days ago
I’m only 12 i watch youre videos for sooooo long but yet my mom won’t let me be a very important potato 🥔 but wen i’m older i am definitely going to become one
I love youre videos 🖤🔥
Sokhorn Sreng
Sokhorn Sreng - 2 days ago
vanessa danile hass a crush on you if you dont hnow hoo he is his chanle is called danile🌹🌹🌹you guys shod go on a date😂😂😂
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