See You Later, Builder Base! (Builder Hall 9 | Clash of Clans Official)

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NightShayde123YT - Hour ago
Who is waiting for MatPat to make a theory on how far the barbarian swam to reach a place in a different time zone.
صوفي ابن البصره
عِنـ.̷̷̸̷̐ـديّ كلان اسمه اساطير الظلام مستوه 5الي يجي يكتبلي بتعليق حته اخليه مساعد
Egg - 5 hours ago
Oh so the barbarian never made it
Mudkip - 16 hours ago
The 2 years the barbarian takes to get to home village symbolizes how long we will take to unlock it
Yadira Gomez
Yadira Gomez - Day ago
jaja es uber jaja like si te gustto
Killer of Free Fire
I ❤ u Clash of Clans
Katjeck Garcia
Katjeck Garcia - Day ago
Hey clash of clans can you please make two more clash a rama videos because i love them but why did you guys stop make ing it? I want an new wan please!
Mr. ŔěĐ βųζζ
Mr. ŔěĐ βųζζ - 2 days ago
Набор в Клан СССР. Ищем играков на кВ-иК от 8 тх .вход открит
PROELIAS 222 - 3 days ago
En este video nose pertime englisch
Anki Brahma
Anki Brahma - 3 days ago
My favoret seen is wlkary queen
Anki Brahma
Anki Brahma - 3 days ago
Nash Er?
Nash Er? - 3 days ago
Damn I thought hes gonna ride the boat haha
زتنتزز تتبارز
empanado cedric
empanado cedric - 4 days ago
Barrr. Riderrrrr!!!
Tj Walters
Tj Walters - 4 days ago
He takes a deep breath then runs back in the water screaming
Sergio Extra
Sergio Extra - 5 days ago
koirahoo - 5 days ago
I'm the one in my way
I'm the one in my way - 5 days ago
هل یوجد عرب هنا
Jonel Nabo
Jonel Nabo - 5 days ago
The voice of hog rider like Ronald McDonald
Ramydew Argulla
Ramydew Argulla - 5 days ago
I thought coc was created in 2014
Alex F12
Alex F12 - 6 days ago
I wonder how the barbarian can hold his breath and scream at the same time😂😂.....amazing talent
Rodrigo Reynaga
Rodrigo Reynaga - 6 days ago
Barbarian finally made it after 2 years. And I thought he died
Yeet Gernade
Yeet Gernade - 7 days ago
He should have used the boat.
bLuE sKy
bLuE sKy - 7 days ago
8 BitSkelly
8 BitSkelly - 9 days ago
That barbarian held his breath for 2 years?
Lucky G27
Lucky G27 - 9 days ago
... I thought the builder base was going as in its permanently removed because everyone hates it... nope it's still here and as useless as ever... thanks coc for clickbating everyone
Que haces aqui?mira el Video
0:52 entendí esa referencia
Manuel Legarde
Manuel Legarde - 11 days ago
Barbarian takes 2 years to get there... While me, I just press the boat and it took me a second to go there...
Nick HD
Nick HD - 12 days ago
The new card barbarian rider
عابر سبيل
عابر سبيل - 12 days ago
Nick HD 😂😂😂
BE COC PLAYER - 12 days ago
When is your anniversary supercell
So thats how the barbarian is, he's still living in the water! But other theorys about him was FAKE!
The Changed
The Changed - 12 days ago
So barbarian use his 2 years to run to the other island
M7MD AR - 13 days ago
ارجوكم ياشركة سوبر سيرل قريتي محظورة اتمني ان ترفوعو الحظر منها واذا ارتم الرمز فردو علي ارجوكم 😥
Svaiser Does tf2
Svaiser Does tf2 - 13 days ago
wait dose this mean that the master builder will come to the home land?
the r/whoosh
the r/whoosh - 12 days ago
Mr NoobGuy
Mr NoobGuy - 13 days ago
Who sees clash of clan’s builder hall 9 ad in this video?

You get the joke right?
Milky Tuber
Milky Tuber - 14 days ago
The barbarian’s lung capacity is breathtaking!
Bounty Hunter
Bounty Hunter - 14 days ago
What about the wizard
The Block Warriors
The Block Warriors - 14 days ago
I think that the barbarian breathes water not air because he survived so long underwater and held his breath on land.
dap forever
dap forever - 14 days ago
Barbarian:Hey man can you hold your breath for 2 years
Master Builder : Wat da
Boat:Am I a joke to you
Tyler Blevins
Tyler Blevins - 15 days ago
It took him 2 years XDDD
Small Boi Leon
Small Boi Leon - 15 days ago
Wizard - My friend
Hog Rider - My other friend
Barbarian - Me
Berty Geo
Berty Geo - 15 days ago
How can I change my deployment bar settings
Leonardo Sobral
Leonardo Sobral - 15 days ago
gi-go - 15 days ago
New season of attack on titan looks great
Betray 62
Betray 62 - 16 days ago
Video: 0:31 builds Fast
Game: 12Days 4hr
Scintilla Spark
Scintilla Spark - 16 days ago
But when you go back to home village buildermustacheguy used hes boat not his good old friend lvl 1 barb.
Rufino el Master
Rufino el Master - 16 days ago
The pekka just desapeared in a frame or he never exsist?
The Other Side
The Other Side - 17 days ago
*I have never played C of C.*
Esther Gonzales
Esther Gonzales - 17 days ago
Plls make my account op plss
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