69 700
Shwoop DaWoop
Shwoop DaWoop - Hour ago
Because You make fun of Minecraft
biggerhead bob
biggerhead bob - Hour ago
Because of your bad content
Chris Ramos
Chris Ramos - Hour ago
#YAIYsub Jenna did it better(dog's as well)
Panda - Hour ago
Because im never featured.
*Better fookin feature me*
A Werid guy
A Werid guy - Hour ago
because Klondike and Sunday are not my dogs yet
SandraJulieJo - 2 hours ago
How is Monopoly for millenials the worst gift? Thats the only thing i wanted this year xD But theyre only for sale in the US :(
lisa henry
lisa henry - 2 hours ago
my mo said no
Lynx - 2 hours ago
#YIAYsub because you say your grammar sucks and I say your consintincy sucks
Sanders And Grayson
Sanders And Grayson - 2 hours ago
#YIAYsub your forehead blocked the sucscrice button
Zamatsu Blood
Zamatsu Blood - 2 hours ago
I am #YIAYsub
Bennyjames's Randomness
Bennyjames's Randomness - 2 hours ago
# YIAYsub uhhhh my dog ate it
ny games
ny games - 2 hours ago
#YIAYsub I haven't subscrined because I like quality content John
Rudi the Raven
Rudi the Raven - 3 hours ago
I'm Australian go choke on a chode jack

Get it its the first ever yiay answer

(Im actually not Australian xD)
ThatGuyMidship 0
ThatGuyMidship 0 - 3 hours ago
I have the gamer cup that says game over,fortnite monopoly,TOTALLY UNAUTHORIZED fortnite guide m
EnderMage21 - 3 hours ago
#YIAYSub you like the emoji move.

That is alll
Wesley Crenshaw
Wesley Crenshaw - 3 hours ago
#YIAYsub I am, John
EWS - 3 hours ago
because statistically this comment won't be in the next video of YIAY #YIAYsub
Jt Animations
Jt Animations - 3 hours ago
I don’t have time. I’ve been going to so many furry conventions
Amelie Harirbafan
Amelie Harirbafan - 4 hours ago
Because I don't like you THAT much
Sirstarface - 4 hours ago
Because I subbed to pewdiepie instead
Fabled YT
Fabled YT - 4 hours ago
#YIAYsub because its called yesterday i asked you even though you dont upload daily
Karacrystal - 4 hours ago
#yiaysub because you can't seem to figure out what volume to keep your videos at
Tyler Palazzo
Tyler Palazzo - 4 hours ago
Yaqeen AlKhanaizi
Yaqeen AlKhanaizi - 5 hours ago
Because you're keeping that mic too close to your face
Da bomb Jack brining
Da bomb Jack brining - 5 hours ago
#yaiysub because the adds John the adds
Lyle O'hanlon
Lyle O'hanlon - 5 hours ago
#YIAYsub because I'm a Man
George Washington
George Washington - 5 hours ago
my little brother loves fortnight and monopoly can i get the link to where you bought that?
Peter Oselador
Peter Oselador - 6 hours ago
#YIAYsub because you haven’t had forehead reduction surgery yet
Kacper Cicharski
Kacper Cicharski - 6 hours ago
#yiaysub because NEPAL HAS AN EMOGI
Mayeli C
Mayeli C - 6 hours ago
#YIAYsub because jack you all ready ruined our lives and we don’t want it to be worse
Taran Ludher-Chandra
Taran Ludher-Chandra - 6 hours ago
#YIAYquote “I guess I’m going, far from home!” Spidermanz
Taran Ludher-Chandra
Taran Ludher-Chandra - 6 hours ago
#YIAYted It’s about how to convert to furryism.
Celia Gearin
Celia Gearin - 6 hours ago
#YIAYSub because I never got featured. Maybe I'll come back if you feature me.
marmar 6_6
marmar 6_6 - 6 hours ago
#YIAY sub because I am already subbed to a much better youtuber

Jack Paul
(I don't really mean it don't hate on me and I didn't even watch one video of jack Paul ok)
Nadya H.B.
Nadya H.B. - 7 hours ago
0:00 and 0:24 and 6:38 ....ASMR.... *soft spoken* (whispers, personal attention, triggers to help you sleep)
ブライアン - 7 hours ago
Because you have a wife
hamad906 lol
hamad906 lol - 7 hours ago
#YIAYsub I am subscribed wtf
Prod. Ghxst
Prod. Ghxst - 7 hours ago
I don’t know
Am I?
Lukewarm cuuper
Lukewarm cuuper - 7 hours ago
Because you never feature us
Numhro - 8 hours ago
#YIAYsub you just want advice to help your terrible channel
Deputy Dippadoot
Deputy Dippadoot - 8 hours ago
#YIAYsub because I unsubscribe to you when you upload and subscribe after I watch it
lorda love
lorda love - 8 hours ago
#YIAYsub becouse you are not subcribed to me
lorda love
lorda love - 8 hours ago
#YIAYsub becouse i am allredy subscribed
Guia Basford
Guia Basford - 8 hours ago
#YIAYsub because we need FAKE FACTS 3
Madisson Casey
Madisson Casey - 8 hours ago
I got my mom an ornament, but its an ornament that looks like one of our dogs that passed last year, it has wings and she put it by her urn.
Archer Rage
Archer Rage - 8 hours ago
Because what happed to the old jacksfilms now it more like asmr because of the mic you’re holding and you sound dead inside.
sorry I had to get that out of my System.
Lovely lol
Lovely lol - 8 hours ago
#YIAYsub stop spying on me
Luca Göde
Luca Göde - 9 hours ago
I got my 16 yo brother a bright blue "floss like a boss" t shirt to make fun of him for playing fortnite.
Ignatius - 9 hours ago
he sounds ded inside
Toblarone - 10 hours ago
#YIAYsub You might f*ck up
Rishab B
Rishab B - 10 hours ago
#YIAYsub *im lazy*
Sara .k
Sara .k - 10 hours ago
#YIAYsub not enough emo content.
casualpineapple - 10 hours ago
I got the Fortnite Monopoly game. No one in my family plays Fortnite. Why thank you mother.
Beatrice Quimby
Beatrice Quimby - 10 hours ago
#YIAYSub because you need Klondike to take over your channel.
Mr.Potato - 10 hours ago
#YIAY because of 9:14
PJ The DJ - 10 hours ago
Omg i got grumpy cat pjs
PostProduction - 10 hours ago
#YIAYsub because you didn't let me sponsor you
JayPlayz AndSketches
JayPlayz AndSketches - 11 hours ago
I got the fortnite how to draw book.Its not too bad. ITS GREAT.
CasatAto - 11 hours ago
#YIAYsub because you won't tell us who actually wrote the YIAY book
Mild Lamp
Mild Lamp - 11 hours ago
I've been subscribed to you since 2011 bruh. Every time I think I should unsub, I don't
Ava Beljaeff
Ava Beljaeff - 11 hours ago
#YIAYsub cuz your fore- arm is too big. I dont know about you but That forearm of yours can get distracting.
Garrett Resley
Garrett Resley - 11 hours ago
#yiaysub because I'm subscribed to pewdiepie
frick face
frick face - 11 hours ago
Why am I here I could’ve sworn I clicked an “embarrassed and nude” porno
watermeloncholy - 11 hours ago
#YIAYsub because Klondike has me locked in his basement and won’t let me leave
Eli Splude
Eli Splude - 12 hours ago
#yiaysub Because the pink rings around your eyes make it look like your sight spheres have been removed and replaced with cameras by a nefarious organization of some kind to monitor our online activity, and I just can't trust you. Sorry, buckaroo
Favian Lim
Favian Lim - 12 hours ago
#YIAYSub I disliked all of your fortnite guides... they weren’t helpful!
Plazyen - 12 hours ago
Chrissteve 987
Chrissteve 987 - 12 hours ago
I am waiting till marriage
Ominous Bystander
Ominous Bystander - 12 hours ago
#YIAYsub I will only subscribed once I am featured on YIAY.
Ominous Bystander
Ominous Bystander - 13 hours ago
#YIAYsub To be fair, you should be subscribed to all of us, WERE the ones giving YOU content.
Spaghetti 7
Spaghetti 7 - 13 hours ago
#YIAY do I NEED an answer
TudiPYM - 13 hours ago
#YIAYsub Who did this?😂😂😂
Subcribe button??😂😂
Plazyen - 13 hours ago

The Guy Who Spectate Videos
levi hart
levi hart - 14 hours ago
#YIAYsub Too Busy Sneaking In Dreamworks Production Studio To Catch A Preview Of The Shrek 5 Script
ExoticButters_ BOI420
ExoticButters_ BOI420 - 15 hours ago
#YIAYsub ur mom gey ur dad lesbian
Greg Heffley
Greg Heffley - 15 hours ago
I literally got three of the gaming world record books
Pineapple Giraffe
Pineapple Giraffe - 16 hours ago
Potato The RB
Potato The RB - 16 hours ago
#YIAYsub because why not
Mr. Hood
Mr. Hood - 17 hours ago
#YIAYsub cause my sister won't let me
Endercurse - 17 hours ago
#YIAYsub Cus I don't have a YouTube account.
Blue Wolf
Blue Wolf - 17 hours ago
#YIAYsub because your username is NOT in capitals.
Wolfpack Alpha
Wolfpack Alpha - 17 hours ago
#YIAYsub *YouTube for Chysler*
just another one of those
just another one of those - 17 hours ago
#YIAYsub because i couldn't see the subscribe button, your forehead was blocking it
Rchero - 18 hours ago
#YIAYsub because I like you so much that I don’t
Original Name
Original Name - 18 hours ago
#YIAYsub because this isn't Erin's channel
Sweaty Balls
Sweaty Balls - 18 hours ago
#YIAYsub because i dont like you
Andrew Warren
Andrew Warren - 19 hours ago
I am :)
Phase - 19 hours ago
Holy shit I also got a pocket constitution
Saxophonist ST
Saxophonist ST - 19 hours ago
#YIAYsub fortnite
Matthew Nikolaus
Matthew Nikolaus - 19 hours ago
#yiaysub I like your channel so much,I pressed the button twice
Duckyrainbow Gacha
Duckyrainbow Gacha - 20 hours ago
#yiaysub who I'm sorry I'm to busy listening to mini bop kids singing in my feelings

Yes I'm Canadian
Hok Chhay Meng
Hok Chhay Meng - 20 hours ago
#YIAYsub Because you did not Subscribe to Pewdiepie
Fallon Williams
Fallon Williams - 20 hours ago
#YIAYsub your fivehead was blocking the subscribe button ❤️
David Gilmour
David Gilmour - 20 hours ago
I am subbed to you idiot, I wish I wasn’t
zact lee
zact lee - 20 hours ago
#YIAYsub you know what you did.
Mr Avan
Mr Avan - 20 hours ago
#yaiysub because I’m gay
King Wang
King Wang - 20 hours ago
How To Skrubskeib 🥓🥓🥩🥩🥩🥓🥩🥓🥩🥩🥩🥓🥓🥩🥩🥓🥓🥩🥓🥓🥓🥓🥩🥩🥓🥓🍖🍖🍖🍗🍖🍖🍗🍗🍗🍖🍗🍗🍗🍖🍖🥩🥩🥩🍗🍖🍗🥩🥓🍗🍖🥩🥓 yum
Hexah - 20 hours ago
#YIAYsub i never got picked
Elordo Rubargo
Elordo Rubargo - 20 hours ago
#YAIYsub because your videos are no longer overexposed. It was so beautiful...
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