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Danna Chunin1
Danna Chunin1 - 3 hours ago
Shartney fans in 0:51 AAAAAH
Gabri Popadynetz
Gabri Popadynetz - 3 hours ago
5:47 is me and my non existent girlfriend
Edward McNuggets
Edward McNuggets - 6 hours ago
I’d rather die alone
Ramses Oros
Ramses Oros - 9 hours ago
Who yawned when Ian yawned?
Ava Shaffer
Ava Shaffer - 21 hour ago

Even though they were playing characters, SHayne and Court saying babe to eachother for like everrrrrr ;)
I can just imagine when they arent filming they're both like BabE, bABe, BAbE, baBE, BABEEEE
Annalise - Day ago
RiftySiege Studios
RiftySiege Studios - Day ago
The one episode where Shartney fans all freaked out.
Pupperdilla2017 - Day ago
Shayne and Olivia need to talk about how Shayne set her and Sam up. I need to know
Jacob Ortlieb
Jacob Ortlieb - Day ago
Armybts Fangirl
Armybts Fangirl - Day ago
PLEEEEEEASEEE DO "Every fangirl ever" I beg you!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
C Scott
C Scott - 2 days ago
This is how many people are talking about shortney
Moon Light
Moon Light - 2 days ago
0:51 the Irony gets me ALL THE TIME
cRAzY fOR mYseLF
cRAzY fOR mYseLF - 2 days ago
shartney shippers....w-we did it?
Spinayy - 2 days ago
for me it says 0 comments wtf
Shandra Taylor
Shandra Taylor - 2 days ago
Every gem ever Steven universe
JayRay07/// Unknown Flare
I'm single, I barely seen any couples, I never been into a relationship, I'm not gay, I want a gf, and I've been friendzoned more then once.

So this is video is a joke.
Growtopia Conspiracies
Growtopia Conspiracies - 3 days ago
LeonardPlaysMC - Minecraft Creations
Any K-12 cameo? Anyone?
Carys Howell
Carys Howell - 3 days ago
Can you do boys are gross 😂 that would be funny
BBY Sinnamon Rolls
BBY Sinnamon Rolls - 3 days ago
Have you done “every Wattpad ever”
NoN_Stp Fade
NoN_Stp Fade - 3 days ago
Who else misses Ian and Anthony
Chloe Pile
Chloe Pile - 3 days ago
shayne and courtney i- OMG
Gigi - 4 days ago
Oh no no No no
Oh no no No no - 4 days ago
It’s sexy time
Cydney Cannon
Cydney Cannon - 4 days ago
Every TikTok ever
Iftekar Emon
Iftekar Emon - 4 days ago
I just got a heart attack
Diane C. Ramírez
Diane C. Ramírez - 4 days ago
Her shirt in the first clip says Thinger Strangs 😂😂😂
Stacey Kettleborough
Stacey Kettleborough - 4 days ago
The top 9 comments are all about the Shourtney kiss. And even the comment that broke the streak is about their other scene
Mk Sylvester Iano
Mk Sylvester Iano - 4 days ago
At least you have the shirt
MagicPlayz - 4 days ago
Smosh isn't good anymore without Anthony and Ian also the intro is poop.
Grizzly Bear
Grizzly Bear - 5 days ago
I remember a time... when smosh was just 2 guys... and I still think to this day how 2 dolls turned into 2 people making out intensely
Brianna Maher
Brianna Maher - 5 days ago
KOAH AND SHARTNY??!!!!! *dies*
Gilbert Grias
Gilbert Grias - 5 days ago
Shayne and Courtney are really kissing!!!
Boner - 5 days ago
Thought Ian said he didn’t like Tacos
DELJ Lewis
DELJ Lewis - 5 days ago
Yo as much as I love shartney koah is melting my heart rn 😩😍👌
hyuckiebby - 5 days ago
wasn't expecting to see shane n courtney making out today but it sure needed it
let's talk about harry potter
I don't even ship Shourtney but HOLY SHIT
DolphinaTheOne - 5 days ago
trippikippi - 5 days ago
ice floats lol why'd they use fake ice for the weird couple scene?
Brooke Salomone
Brooke Salomone - 5 days ago
Is it just me or does Ian kindaaaaa look like John from the buzzfeedvideo investigation series? 😂
MFF_massu - 5 days ago
Courtney was so red when shayne and him kissed lmaoooo
Minecraft Pro Now
Minecraft Pro Now - 5 days ago
Shartney for life
Squeaky Chicken HD
Squeaky Chicken HD - 5 days ago
Shayne and Courtney made tweet tweet tweet love to each other
Ashe-ure Moon
Ashe-ure Moon - 5 days ago
homar gonzalez
homar gonzalez - 5 days ago
Every Wizard Ever , Every Witch Ever, Every Spider-man Ever,
Maggie Foshee
Maggie Foshee - 5 days ago
So I paused the video to comment about courtney and shane...i'm actually shook...so many Shourtney comments
Just an angry Koala_:3
Just an angry Koala_:3 - 5 days ago
Can’t relate
Paityn Panda
Paityn Panda - 5 days ago
Who else was screaming when Courtney and Shayne were making out like OMG SHOURTNEY GOALSSSSS
eversucks productions
eversucks productions - 5 days ago
Lilliana Siqueiros
Lilliana Siqueiros - 6 days ago
0:50 Probably the most action either of them have had in a long time if we're being real here...
alberto hernandez hernandez
Courtney and Shayne Making out it the only thing I needed before die
Roblox Geek
Roblox Geek - 6 days ago
We could’ve had Anthony its Ian ya know I’m joking
DavidCrypt - 6 days ago
They HAVE to be together.
Jacob Greenbeans
Jacob Greenbeans - 6 days ago
How bout every fiancé ever
Andrew Labit
Andrew Labit - 6 days ago
oh i love you shnookely bookey boo-coo
Mee zey
Mee zey - 6 days ago
The comments
Yes 😐
Shartney for the win
Gacha Sky
Gacha Sky - 6 days ago
My boyfriends brother told me that he has 2 girls so.…ya
Ben Hart
Ben Hart - 6 days ago
0:30 Ian deserves an Oscar for being that relatable in while food service
Shelby J
Shelby J - 6 days ago
0:51 Shartney fans are dying rn 😂
Anthony Derby
Anthony Derby - 6 days ago
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