Twitter for Android

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AniMatedFragZ_ - 2 hours ago
ok why is this song actually good
AniMatedFragZ_ - 2 hours ago
so when was my birthday? twitter for androoooooooooooooooooid
Magazine Kirby
Magazine Kirby - 2 hours ago
Twitter for android
Mr Brainless
Mr Brainless - 4 hours ago
1:50 "We live in a socYAIYity"
Jim Peri
Jim Peri - 4 hours ago
When you post Twitter for Android every day for a year but can't post a single video every Friday
Gaming Gitches
Gaming Gitches - 5 hours ago
On the first of April, it is Twitter for iPhone
I am very tired
I am very tired - 9 hours ago
Johnathan, stop giving me existential crisis
stiky\N1GhT - 10 hours ago
Is noome gonna talk about that "Twitter for iPhone"?
Cool Creations 101
Cool Creations 101 - 11 hours ago
1:04 (8th July) Twitter for Androooooooooooooooooooid (Why am i still doing this)
David Slaeker
David Slaeker - 12 hours ago
i dont get it
KIN 6755
KIN 6755 - 12 hours ago
Mine is "twitter for Android" :D
HB- FSR - 13 hours ago
This is my favorite Christmas song
tomes2 - 14 hours ago
don’t know y this popped up in my recommended page but this got me nostalgic for the beginning of the year when I thought I would be doing so much stuff
Berky - 14 hours ago
My birthday is “now it’s getting old” lmao
George Chiarovano
George Chiarovano - 15 hours ago
Fun Fact, this is the only good thing to happen in 2020
Sir Caliber
Sir Caliber - 15 hours ago
yooooooo my birthday last year was the first "day after day" let's pogger go pogger man pog pogger pog pog
HBPencil - 16 hours ago
Why doesn't he put his songs on spotify anymore, I need to listen to it on there!
Onion Hat
Onion Hat - 17 hours ago
Ah GarageBand why not?
Un-uh, peeling
Un-uh, peeling - 17 hours ago
Hol up, did he actually do this tho?? That’s literal full on dedication if so
Lydia - 18 hours ago
Dude. I can only imagine the editing hours.
black reaper
black reaper - 22 hours ago
This is breaking my brain, was this really released in 2020? I’m very confused
Francesco Gramegna
Francesco Gramegna - 22 hours ago
Cannnnn we get the sheeet???? Plss
Collin Riddle
Collin Riddle - 23 hours ago
Youtube for PC
Mystic Shakib
Mystic Shakib - Day ago
this should be the official intro music when we launch the twitter app
Zaggersh :3
Zaggersh :3 - Day ago
This joke took longer than your mom took to make you.
The Smiling Toast
The Smiling Toast - Day ago
GeekJokes - Day ago
cant believe its already been 3 years since this came out!!
Wizard_Foreskin - Day ago
I pour one out for the homies with ocd who feel incomplete without this in their twitter feed
digby anderson
digby anderson - Day ago
My birthday landed in "now it's getting old" thanks a lot Jack, you know I'm sensitive about my age.
Charles / Neudson
Charles / Neudson - Day ago
You madlad, you did it.
TWANNK - Day ago
Things have been really bad since jack stopped posting Twitter for android
Liten Play
Liten Play - Day ago
ios users: why
Cool Creations 101
Cool Creations 101 - Day ago
1:03 Today (7th of July) Twitter for Androoooooooooooooooooid (not sure if im 100% correct but idm)
Aragog - Day ago
cool how jingle bells play for all of december
Possibly Sidd
Possibly Sidd - Day ago
This... Is... Requiem.
Someones Name
Someones Name - Day ago
Someone here playing animal crossing while listening?
Aviangelic - Day ago
nothing good has happened since this song's release
Thomas - Day ago
This sounds like the best song off a bad weezer album
mars - Day ago
coming back to this bop and i just noticed that my birthday is “it was funny for a minute”,,, which sums up my life pretty well tbh
HuMan bEing
HuMan bEing - Day ago
Yes Twitter for iPhone was there it was on the first if april
serantus - Day ago
i still remember when this first came out, and we're still in fucking 2020... does time exist??
Fuvy - Day ago
we want twitter for iphone
apaltos - Day ago
really shows how days can just disappear
drop a like if you agree
Riceasaurus • 9 years ago
This is beautiful. I’ve been staring at this for 5 hours now.
Androidy - Day ago
Android for Twitter
Heroheenie - Day ago
Twitter for Android
Emma Mulligan
Emma Mulligan - Day ago
this song sounds like a ben folds track and i love it
misteppi ,
misteppi , - 2 days ago
Goddamnit John this wasnt even a joke
andrew - 2 days ago
samsung sucks
this post was made by team pixel
Tezt Dummi
Tezt Dummi - 2 days ago
yes, i would like to translate -baam-
Phoenix Russell
Phoenix Russell - 2 days ago
1:17 sounds like the beginning of Mipha's theme in Breath of the Wild. Like exactly the same
hieyou1 - 2 days ago
The final tweet should've been from Twitter for iOS just to make everyone mad
Grayson Cardinali
Grayson Cardinali - 2 days ago
My birthday was the third to last "WhAt'S tHe PoInT oF iT aLl?"
I don't feel special :(
Lankku - 2 days ago
I am honored for this to be uploaded on my birthday
Carson Called Me
Carson Called Me - 2 days ago
Dispite this being another meme on the Jack'sfilms channel, this is a BOP
dasty - 2 days ago
this was a cultural reset
Cool Creations 101
Cool Creations 101 - 2 days ago
1:03 Today (6 July) Twitter for Androooooooooooooooooid (dont know if i put the right amout of o's but whatever)
KonekoCat - 2 days ago
Twitter for iphone
Eric Love
Eric Love - 2 days ago
My birthday is just the letter e
HuMan bEing
HuMan bEing - 2 days ago
My birthday (14 June) was in the middle of the switch between light and dark mode I use dark mode on Twitter but it would be cool to see it in light mode lol
Cameron Morris
Cameron Morris - 2 days ago
I came here from the Gus and Eddy podcast, and I just want to say this. Twitter For Android just gave me motion sickness. I am nauseous. And also, this is an inspiring feat of nonsensical artistic dedication. I think I'm going to make something today. Probably not tomorrow, but I definitely want to waste a lot of time on something that someone might look at.
Jay Blayk133
Jay Blayk133 - 2 days ago
Oh my god this was only 6 months ago lockdown is some time bending BS
Still an amazing song tho
tyther shadow
tyther shadow - 2 days ago
Honestly, this song is amazing.
mayathepsychic - 2 days ago
why does this sound like a weezer song
ToasterApple - 2 days ago
If you play this song at x2 speed it sounds like Jacks on cocaine
Can we get to 20,000 subscribers with no videos?
0:50 hey, that's my birthday!
JayrayRG - 2 days ago
my birthday one is the 🗓weeks🗓 #2
Dark Neon
Dark Neon - 3 days ago
it would be more funny if the last one was for iphone but you ignored it in the video or I just have wierd sence of humour
Salma Mohammed
Salma Mohammed - 3 days ago
Twitter For Clowns
Patrick - 3 days ago
my favorite part is when he says twitter for android
Patrick - 3 days ago
Nabe Sop
Nabe Sop - 3 days ago
Next do twitter for samsung fridge
jack everett
jack everett - 3 days ago
anyone got sheet music
Figurehead f
Figurehead f - 3 days ago
Twitter for nokia
Orange Juice Official Alliance
I could see someone doing this during quarantine
Pixelated Productions
Pixelated Productions - 3 days ago
Twitter For iPhone???????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Menacing Thinker
Menacing Thinker - 3 days ago
It's like walking through a very *very* long hall
Nebbytube - 3 days ago
twitter for iphone when
Leo Bonner
Leo Bonner - 3 days ago
That’s legit the best thing I’ve seen all quarantine
Imrane Chennaoui
Imrane Chennaoui - 3 days ago
It was so good.
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