How Julian Newman Prepared To Play LAMELO BALL! Jaden Newman Has A CRUSH On Melo!?

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Overtime - Year ago
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Daymaruby Navedo
Daymaruby Navedo - 6 months ago
Garrett Mays
Garrett Mays - 7 months ago
Overtime yes sir
IM SWOOZIE - Year ago
We gud
Illinois bow hunter
Illinois bow hunter - Year ago
Seems like another piece of shit dad trying to jack ride off of his sons success
Cali Connex
Cali Connex - Year ago
Overtime idk if you got access to Lil man Julian . But I’m a big fan of underdogs and I play professionally. Tell this man to train with Jordan kilgannon RN . Like rnrn . Julian need hops ASAP. Medicine ball training 👈🏾 contact kilgannon for Julian . You’ll seem like you’ll care. Do this man a favor and connect him with the best dunker in the world for training. 💯
Mykal Briseno
Mykal Briseno - 12 hours ago
This mans said “biggest game in history” that’s good cap
KingMierda - Day ago
This show needs subtitles
Drae Tutor
Drae Tutor - Day ago
They really got him to sign a big baller brand shirt 🤣🤣
xLNDxBama - 3 days ago
@8:13 Julian signs a BBB shirt lmao
xLNDxBama - 3 days ago
Jamie and his two kids are as delusional as Lavar Ball ever could be
Diego Carrillo
Diego Carrillo - 3 days ago
This was hard to watch 💀
bloomjay - 4 days ago
1:40 my
My daddy won’t stop
Samo Allam
Samo Allam - 4 days ago
Imagine drivin that far and getting like zero buckets
Te Wee
Te Wee - 4 days ago
This game is close .......
Angry drunk Cow
Angry drunk Cow - 7 days ago
“BBB better watch out”, gets blown out (^_^)
dude smith
dude smith - 7 days ago
Julien Newman is like the worst b baller , no one is more overrated lol
Sufeng Huang
Sufeng Huang - 7 days ago
Hey they edited a next version of his sister that’s his gf wtf
SadBoyNifty __
SadBoyNifty __ - 9 days ago
Emmanuel dropped 30 this game
Joseph Draper
Joseph Draper - 9 days ago
Bruh every game is close at first quarter
Yo Just Chill
Yo Just Chill - 9 days ago
Zion probably walked away like he gonna get his shi rocked
Lentswe Letshwiti
Lentswe Letshwiti - 10 days ago
Melo just chilling meanwhile Julian overhype himself
Jonathan Ryan
Jonathan Ryan - 10 days ago
Jaden got her mom’s body but her dad’s face😂
Nereida Repossi
Nereida Repossi - 10 days ago
The entire Newman family: Biggest game of ur life Julian

Lamelo: What day is it again?
Christian Escobar
Christian Escobar - 11 days ago
Get that Gildan merch 😂😂 that guy is so desperate, unfortunately his son can’t back him up, he simply wasn’t born with the talent or genes to be a bball player. Sad but true.
Nancy Birungi
Nancy Birungi - 12 days ago
Fake ass ball in the family shit
hardw0od - 13 days ago
Me: Mom can we have Ball in the Family?
Mom: We have Ball in the Family at home...

Ball in the Family at home
Aaron Adams
Aaron Adams - 14 days ago
They shifted to your shop cauee they already bought all of BBBa shit in two minutes 😂
Aaron Adams
Aaron Adams - 14 days ago
Julian girl ugly asf 😂😂😂
JchaseMusicTv - 16 days ago
On ball in the family this game wasn't even important to melo. Just another team to kill. They talking about game of the year lol.
jack haul
jack haul - 16 days ago
Julians dad built like beetlejuice
Joe Joe
Joe Joe - 17 days ago
this family so dumb. overtime knows it and is giving them a platform to show the world just how stupid they are. gotta love youtube.
Hunter Leroy
Hunter Leroy - 18 days ago
When we get there. Me n my boy dallas decide to go get some food... yea .... uhmm that's what ppl tend to do... what's the hype about this show? It cant be on TV theres no way. I'd rather watch the fuckin Gilmore girls
Hunter Leroy
Hunter Leroy - 18 days ago
Why's his dad standing like that in the intro????
David Tosscano
David Tosscano - 19 days ago
How they selling merch with, their stuff is so plain. he word Prodigy in times new roman or something and thats it?
Shadowxghostz - 24 days ago
Julian dad makes Lavar the father of the year
Yiren Teo
Yiren Teo - 27 days ago
Matt Pallerino
Matt Pallerino - 28 days ago
Can someone tell me when does this show start again
areyoujoshinNT - 29 days ago
Julian's Dad: You win tomorrow, Nobody cares about Lebron

Reality: Get smacked and Lebron is trending for "Taco Tuesday"
Hunter Leroy
Hunter Leroy - Month ago
Fuckin little rodent ass dude. Julian you dribble 50+ times and cover no ground. Your not D1 athlete. Your too small.. and no this isnot a "hater here" just reality. Ur 5'4 and shoulda chose soccer
Brian Plyer
Brian Plyer - Month ago
“Big baller bye bye” then gets mauled when the game starts
Luca Frost
Luca Frost - Month ago
WhoIsKD - Month ago
So the game went nothing like what they said
Sven Tran The GOAT
Sven Tran The GOAT - Month ago
Imagine being late to your team’s practice to set up a pop up shop smh
Barak Busby
Barak Busby - Month ago
Julian Newman sister giving Melo brain before the game
Khalil Turner
Khalil Turner - Month ago
How Spud webb made the nba? He had 48in vertical! If he doesn't get taller? He's done in basketball!
Khalil Turner
Khalil Turner - Month ago
No way he making the college team... He suck!
Gamer Reese
Gamer Reese - Month ago
All Jamie cares about us money
Monica Byrd
Monica Byrd - Month ago
He said you will be the biggest thing talked about on the world
Lynxsterr ‘
Lynxsterr ‘ - Month ago
prodigy always trying to compete with BBB, does BBB even know what prodigy is?💀💀
Why you bully me?
Why you bully me? - Month ago
Lamelo probably ate snickers before he played...
Ulaş Epli
Ulaş Epli - Month ago
Newmans dad look like frog or some
William Lee
William Lee - Month ago
Julian's Dad should be a priest at a church ... All he does is give a speech and not coach lmao... wait nvm hes too short no one would be able to see him talK
Sonia Planilla
Sonia Planilla - Month ago
Newmans : this is fire this is historical JULIAN WILL SHOW THIS WORLD WE ARE THE BEST
BALL: (sleeping) ughh we have a game? Bro can we eat burgers and milk after
Sonia Planilla
Sonia Planilla - Month ago
Newmans : this is fire this is historical JULIAN WILL SHOW THIS WORLD WE ARE THE BEST
BALL: (sleeping) ughh we have a game? Bro can we eat burgers and milk after
0919 SL
0919 SL - Month ago
This lame ass family LMAFOOOO. Only notable one is the sister, she can get piped
Amire Stevenson
Amire Stevenson - Month ago
Bro stop fucking leling
C. Caveman
C. Caveman - Month ago
it must be something to play in the biggest game in history...episode, after episode, after episode. This father is a tool.
Logan Otimi
Logan Otimi - Month ago
William Yang
William Yang - Month ago
Dallas seems like a cool dude ngl
drachir - Month ago
his dad looks like gru the short version
Memo M
Memo M - Month ago
Lamelo killed him by almost 40. Is not even close.
Crysler Decena
Crysler Decena - Month ago
This should be Hello Newborn. lol
Julio Avila
Julio Avila - Month ago
UCLA , USC Coming Tmmr My Ass ... fucking jamie dude you need a fucking haircut bro you got some nappy ass hair .
Daniel Jin Jin
Daniel Jin Jin - Month ago
Julians dad makes Lavar ball look like he is the chillest dad in the world
Samuel Bengs
Samuel Bengs - Month ago
she to young for melo lmao, melo is making millions
pk 17
pk 17 - Month ago
Lbh everytime it goes bleep they probs said frick cos ot big jamie would rape them
yodo baggins
yodo baggins - Month ago
What a pathetic father, living through his overhyped son.
Vegasarman - Month ago
Love how these clowns are copying BBB. Sadly the father is setting his son up for failure.... YALL WONT BE ON THAT LEVEL SO STOP EMBARRASSING YOURSELVES 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Shayan Contractor
Shayan Contractor - Month ago
Lavar dont even bother talking bout julian and his dad cuz they on another level. Melo almost #1 in a draft julian not even in college
Mrnoblechimp81 - Month ago
Shayan Contractor and the craziest part is that he should still be in high school but lavar reclassified him at a young age
Indiana Langlangbuana
Indiana Langlangbuana - Month ago
Jamie you are sucks
KingJerry23 - Month ago
Why would you want to wear prodigy brand . Why would anyone want to be a prodigy. That shits for kids . On the come up
Rolando Mota
Rolando Mota - Month ago
Julian shoots his threes like my lil sister lol
Oliver Yufacce
Oliver Yufacce - Month ago
Oh they found out about prodigy brand. They the one that got waxed but have that one player that is pretty good and can shoot even thought he’s not the tallest. Number 3. Think his name is Emmanuel. Dude is solid.
Kaleb Smith
Kaleb Smith - 2 months ago
How to do Studios
How to do Studios - 2 months ago
Lavars brother
Troy Snyder
Troy Snyder - 2 months ago
“This game is close” 😂😂 they were down the whole game wtf
Majima San
Majima San - 2 months ago
Beetlejuice is more concerned about his pop up shop than making sure his son is least Lavar woulda taken care of that before getting to the court lol
Edit: Why do his girl and his sister look so much alike? Cringeworthy
derrick marquez
derrick marquez - 2 months ago
Jaden the only reason i watch this
Rovin Enusban
Rovin Enusban - 2 months ago
his dad looks like jaffar from aladdin
Mario Bruno
Mario Bruno - 2 months ago
Jaden a lil thotiana huh
Miggy Hatdog
Miggy Hatdog - 2 months ago
Lamelo playing 30% while julian giving it his all at 100% obviously there is a gap between them
SDAWG - 2 months ago
It isn't about just getting a scholarship to play division 1. Everyone is hawking some sort of merchandise and they haven't even played a single game on the collegiate level. Worry about getting into a big school first and get drafted into the NBA then worry about endorsement deals
Jepong Cabasal
Jepong Cabasal - 2 months ago
Julians father is not a good father act like a gold digger😂😂
KingJerry23 - 2 months ago
Imagine getting an autograph from someone who ain’t making it to the NBA lol
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