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Ruby Lang
Ruby Lang - 21 hour ago
Literally Twins omg😍😍
saffia najieha
saffia najieha - 6 days ago
Are you guys twin?
macias9 - 9 days ago
When I saw her face turn yellow I had to pause because I couldnt stop laughing 😂
Halzsd Carder
Halzsd Carder - 12 days ago
Their bone structure is mad... I'm jealous.
Chelsea Leming
Chelsea Leming - 21 day ago
I want those Princess mirrors sooooooo bad
Raisa Tasfia
Raisa Tasfia - 23 days ago
I thought it was Erika
Ledgendary Z
Ledgendary Z - 27 days ago
Omg the way they talk with their hands and everything is literally the same 😂😂😂
Ellia Trombetta
Ellia Trombetta - Month ago
What are the neon bottles in the backgrounddddd
Jaelynn - Month ago
Tbh I was born and raised on rosebud salve as chapstick been using it forever
Avery Gilbert
Avery Gilbert - Month ago
Theirs twin
Keyshia Calista
Keyshia Calista - Month ago
Marisol Gonzales
Marisol Gonzales - Month ago
Y'all look like twins
Hackerboiii123 Fagget
Hackerboiii123 Fagget - Month ago
If she thinks Gucci foundation and fenti are bad hand them over
Bailey Baker
Bailey Baker - Month ago
Could they be twins, YAAASSS (butttttt can tell who is who by hair)
Rosijosi So cool
Rosijosi So cool - Month ago
Hold up I thought that was Erica
Ava’s Crazy Situation G
Jame sis queen
Hodaya Korlansky
Hodaya Korlansky - Month ago
I move around I. My bed sooo much that once I feel of another time my dog feel asleep on my head lol
Adyson Hargrove
Adyson Hargrove - Month ago
By when she says prancing her with bad makeup she means giving her bad makeup
Nana xP
Nana xP - Month ago
I thought they were twins from the thumbnail🤓
andrea chicaiza
andrea chicaiza - Month ago
Omg ya look twins
Anna Roy
Anna Roy - Month ago
Every member of your family is beautiful! It cones from the inside out. My sisters live in two different states then me. I miss them so much! This video makes me miss them more. When your family is you best friends! God bless!
Varisa Gulati
Varisa Gulati - Month ago
Are they twins ? 😢🙃
Da Bananananana
Da Bananananana - Month ago
Are Sabrina's and Erica the twins?
Kaliyah Reed
Kaliyah Reed - Month ago
lehcar gnuey
lehcar gnuey - Month ago
The makeup base is not bad on her
lehcar gnuey
lehcar gnuey - Month ago
I don't know who to look at! My head hurts x
IDKarlee - Month ago
ashley vela
ashley vela - Month ago
16:50 “OH MY GOWAD! 😭”
Olivia Davis
Olivia Davis - 2 months ago
We found Tati’s twin
Dreamy Eyes
Dreamy Eyes - 2 months ago
They are not siSTerS they are tWiNS
salome beridze
salome beridze - 2 months ago
eunha lovebot
eunha lovebot - 2 months ago
tati please try doing an asmr makeup video, i feel like you’d be really good at it
Leahdeans Life
Leahdeans Life - 2 months ago
22:24 😂😂😂
K D - 2 months ago
Tati: I never went to makeup school
Me: your makeup looks are literally amazing
Tati and talent are the same I swear❤️❤️
Farah Izati
Farah Izati - 2 months ago
Im watching 8 minutes straight believing sabrina is tati and tati is sabrina bcs of the intro skskskskksks imdead
ii Mxrie_xo
ii Mxrie_xo - 2 months ago
Are they twins😶
Emily Abernethy
Emily Abernethy - 2 months ago
Her sisters jaw line thooooo
Mina Jeremiassen
Mina Jeremiassen - 2 months ago
Niamh Gibson
Niamh Gibson - 2 months ago
Yous both sound the same and I’m tripping
FableYable - 2 months ago
I wish i could do makeup with my family! I’m the only one who wears more than just simple eye makeup 😂
Anna Kobulia
Anna Kobulia - 2 months ago
Wait she went to makeup school??
AG doll network
AG doll network - 2 months ago
Sabrina was my 5th grade teacher :)
T L - 2 months ago
Do more videos with your sisters I LOVE THEM
Jiyah Middleton
Jiyah Middleton - 2 months ago
Who is the oldest out of the sisters
Jiyah Middleton
Jiyah Middleton - 2 months ago
Tati your hair is amazing and your guys jawlines omg especially Sabrina
Jiyah Middleton
Jiyah Middleton - 2 months ago
So there is Tati Sabrina and Erica or Erika I’m sorry I’m not to sure how to spell I don’t men’s to offend but wow you all have gorgeous brown hair and skin eyes smiles and everything just perfect😍
princeton - 2 months ago
They age so well wtf
Gracie9656 - 2 months ago
I need a tutorial on Tati's hair for this video
Jess'x - 2 months ago
I always look at u and just think ur from the uk idk why
Alexa M
Alexa M - 2 months ago
Barbara Maitland who?
Grace Martell
Grace Martell - 2 months ago
i feel like im looking at and listening to two tati's....
Fatime Zejneli
Fatime Zejneli - 3 months ago
Y'all identical holly sh*t
CC - 3 months ago
after watching a bunch of your videos before bed, i had a dream about courtney cox and cheerleading. I guess you remind me of her because one of the videos i was watching, you said you were a cheerleader lol
jhoyelene francisco
jhoyelene francisco - 3 months ago
I want to subscribe to your Kiwi Skin Booster but it did not give me an option for shipping in Canada,
Ėmmã Cerminaro
Ėmmã Cerminaro - 3 months ago
Sabrina is a 5 grade teacher at my school
Niyati Sharma
Niyati Sharma - 3 months ago
Lzero7 - 3 months ago
haha I can already tell the twins apart seconds in. Erika is more hyped, and Sabrina is more chill. Their voice though. This is soooo ASMR i'm listening while studying ❤️
Also Tati's high pitched laugh is so cute 😭😭😭❤️
Olivia Walls Moran
Olivia Walls Moran - 3 months ago
Your hole family is beautiful
knots nchains
knots nchains - 3 months ago
ok so now that your sistser said that she hates bright colours like " blue lipstick", you know you have to show her how and when to wear blue lipstick
CODPRO716 - 3 months ago
😏That actually looks good on you ...huh 😂😂😂😂
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