Emilia Clarke on 'Game of Thrones' Deaths & Getting "The Call' from Show Creators | Close Up

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bw 1506
bw 1506 - 12 days ago
If I was Emilia Clarke, I’d think I was safe until I got to Westeros otherwise her story woulda been completely pointless
D H - 18 days ago
People... season 8 is perfect. Please don’t defend Dany... she committed dozens of war crimes. She’s no better than Hitler or Stalin
Rita Bastos
Rita Bastos - 23 days ago
Where's the full roundtable?
ARJUN G - 29 days ago
she looks very different from the character.... i dont believe that she is Daenerys Targaryen
Marina Beldiman
Marina Beldiman - Month ago
When is this full interview coming out?
Kennita Pombar
Kennita Pombar - Month ago
Amyia McIntyre
Amyia McIntyre - Month ago
where is the full interview ?
Sereen Woo
Sereen Woo - Month ago
Where’s the full round table that this is from?
Violet Silver
Violet Silver - Month ago
I know this is about Emilia, who I love, but fucking hell Danai looks like a real life Goddess!
Taylor Tarte
Taylor Tarte - Month ago
Danai looking at emilia like a loving mother, is a whole mood.
Jynx2501 - Month ago
Where is this full round table?!
DisneyNerd1994 - Month ago
Here’s a twist... D&D are actually two out of the three Jonas Brothers! That’s why they hate Dany and want her killed off! Screw the Jonas Brothers!
BlueMoonlight777 - Month ago
I was always wondering why her character acts so cold. And now knowing that Emilia clarke thought so, too and tried the writers to convince that dany could be more.. emotional.. that's sad. It's a shame that people who portrayed the character for so long doesn't have to say something
Joshua Mwaniki
Joshua Mwaniki - Month ago
I love British peoples eyebrows 😍
Pranav Pandey
Pranav Pandey - Month ago
itscandymoo - Month ago
Where is the full talk???
celyn jones
celyn jones - Month ago
Jane Raetz
Jane Raetz - Month ago
Kitchen aide refrigerator slide door
TBA - Month ago
"My friend ultimately won. Go figure." After bidding all that cash, that guy just found out he's friend-zoned by watching this video.
Lᴀ D.Rᴇᴇᴍᴇɴᴄʏ
Emilia Clarke's the only actress i love 🥰
Ezekiel P
Ezekiel P - Month ago
Some of these women seem rather dumbfounded around Emilia. Weird vibe.
I Alya
I Alya - Month ago
She gave her best acting when the script was shit🙄
Константин Галанцев
Zach Galifanakis, please by friend, to resolve my problem. To get to interview Necked Pool the horrible british grubber bitch Emilie Clarcke, and fuckes that bitch, when she, Emilie Clarke, is thinking like a rabbit!!!
Palahume - Month ago
She looks so much hotter with long (and probavly blonde) hair.
Tariq Ismail
Tariq Ismail - Month ago
Full interview please?
Виктор - Month ago
Top Football Forum
Top Football Forum - Month ago
Emilia Clarke, You are the Most Beautifull women Ever by every definition of that word. And even though, I don't deserve you at all. Will You Marry Me? :)
Mohamed Badreldeen
Mohamed Badreldeen - Month ago
I love Daenerys and more in love with Emilia I think she wanted a better ending for her favorite character
She was the kalisy
The mother of dragons after all the dragon have been known to be extincted
The Breaker of chains and Missah
For librating hundreds of thousands of slaves caring for them and punishing the masters who did this to them
She also was the only true heir to the iron throne
Jon snow joined the nights watch
He's lucky he hasn't been excuted again lol
I respect jon as a man a soldier a friend and a brother of the nights watch but a RULER a KING..!!!!
For fucks sake that's just silly
I guess he got what he deserved in the end
On the other hand
Danny is naturally a ruler who had a lot of experience in ESO'S
Had a lot of betrayals
She deserved a much better ending
I get why she did what she did after losing missandei and jorah and also baristan silme and getting betrayed by
Varis and Tyrion
She was feeling lonely , sad ,that everyone is an enemy of her and especially after she noticed she has no love in Westeros not like jon fear it is she said
I wish she considered leaving Westeros back to ESO'S in that moment and maybe she comes back when Cersei attack on the northerners as unexpected support
Of course she would refuse to come back to Westeros again but when she finds out that she's pregnant she decides to save the father of her child
No civilians or innocents would be dead that way
She would've been a savior and loved for that reason
Also it wouldn't be the end for dragons
koudacyen - Month ago
Emilia Clarke could play the child like empress
Jonathan Blaze
Jonathan Blaze - Month ago
Emilia's acting was the biggest highlight of season 8. Too bad the writing was of the quality of garbage.
LemonDrop - Month ago
You know you've made it when Brad Pitt puts a bid on you at auction! xD
Thuc Nguyen
Thuc Nguyen - Month ago
I feel bad for her. Daenerys is probably gonna be her legacy but they have to fuck it all up in her last moment. She has to go down in history as the biggest oopsy.
David Pereyra
David Pereyra - Month ago
amo su acento
Shellie Rodarmel
Shellie Rodarmel - Month ago
I wanted more because I just binged all the seasons and I liked the end because if she lived she would is started acting like cersei and Jon saw it poor dragon though!
WalterVanDest - Month ago
Why don't you post the whole thing?
Yo A
Yo A - Month ago
go throw the ring into the volcano ,damn lame who the F cast her
O Z M A N I A H - Month ago
0:25 my reaction to the whole video 😂
7Oras R.X
7Oras R.X - Month ago
Mad queen 😂😁
Erick Jiwono
Erick Jiwono - Month ago
JoHn Snow 🤔 you had one job transcripter
That Stykz Guy
That Stykz Guy - 2 months ago
One of the only good things about season 8
michaela - 2 months ago
Dany and Okoye in the same room :')
super saim
super saim - 2 months ago
Im pretty sure they r jealous of emilia
LordKKs - 2 months ago
It's just me or does she looks a little fat? she didn't seem that round in the show...
Sasha King
Sasha King - 2 months ago
mother of dragons and okoye omg
Олег Яковлев
Олег Яковлев - 2 months ago
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YanzoDaDon - 2 months ago
Girl with the bun looks like Sasha from walking dead
Fela cynlios
Fela cynlios - Month ago
Well she plays Michonne in the walking dead 😂
bigbadb10 - 2 months ago
What a genuinely lovely unassuming funny English rose.
hi hooman
hi hooman - 2 months ago
She atacc
She protecc
But most importantly
She never comebacc
Steffen Rasmussen
Steffen Rasmussen - 2 months ago
Horrible title - it spoils everything. But fantastic last episode!
Simon C
Simon C - 2 months ago
Emilia Clarke had'nt excelled in any other roles except as Dany. I'm not sure she will find success after GoT.
The geekdom often find starring roles for actors in a popular geek show like GoT and the jury is still out if they can really carry it off elswhere. Sophia Turner has been shoed in to lead the latest X Men movie but she has little in the way on her CV outside GoT and I still consider her risk.
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