Why Are 96,000,000 Black Balls on This Reservoir?

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Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln - 2 hours ago
*Mr.Beasts 96 Millionth Sub*
SUKHVENDRA SINGH - 2 hours ago
White boll very better than black bolls write now
Blue Animul
Blue Animul - 3 hours ago
Him: wHy are tHErE 96.000.000 shade BaLls iN tHIs ReSeVOiR?
Ni🅱️🅱️a wut idgaf y would u ask that retard
Tower - 4 hours ago
Bromine isn't harmless, it interferes with iodine absorption, you need iodine, and the balls should be white, help reflect that heat from the sun. This is a sad attempt at geo engineering
reDy Horsey
reDy Horsey - 4 hours ago
One of those balls made its way through the water system and I drank it ! To get it out of me was like Schwarzenegger pulling that thing out of his nose in "Total Recall"
Katherine Cameron
Katherine Cameron - 5 hours ago
More like why did they count 96,000,000 black balls!
Jessica Zalonski
Jessica Zalonski - 7 hours ago
Poor bird
Richard Hancock
Richard Hancock - 8 hours ago
How do you gather them back up again
Tyler Spiegel
Tyler Spiegel - 8 hours ago
how about puttin that gasoline in the resevoir?
PantoMath - 10 hours ago
Ballelujah 💚
Sundara Rao Nuthulapaty
Sundara Rao Nuthulapaty - 11 hours ago
Look at 5:52 u can see a bird getting minced in the turbine
PantoMath - 10 hours ago
Holy sheet good spotting lol
Alex Cosgrove
Alex Cosgrove - 12 hours ago
I want to swim in the shade balls.
Debra Obinna
Debra Obinna - 13 hours ago
Motor boats are supposed to be illegal due to the contamination of the drinking water. [was it an electric motor? that would still have oil and grease?] Interesting though.
AstralWither - 13 hours ago
worlds biggest ball pit
Jacob Editz3
Jacob Editz3 - 14 hours ago
Jacob Editz3
Jacob Editz3 - 14 hours ago
Nvm I scrolled in the comments and this comment already exists
Trirailman #24 TM
Trirailman #24 TM - 16 hours ago
They put the balls there because there trying to act like Mr.Beast
C LR - 17 hours ago
Is it hard to drive in shade balls?
Yes, dipshit
Michael Medic
Michael Medic - 19 hours ago
Yeah good luck with cancers
1973Washu - 23 hours ago
Linh Hoàng
Linh Hoàng - Day ago
1$ for 3 balls
-> 96 mil balls = 32 mil $
What a fortune
Justice Keyes
Justice Keyes - Day ago
5G installation underground.
Alvin Productions
Alvin Productions - Day ago
Why is the title black balls but in the video, shade balls?
Adam Pavese
Adam Pavese - Day ago
America: bro
Australia: mate
Jordan V.
Jordan V. - Day ago
God damn shade ballers lol
XiX Tencity
XiX Tencity - Day ago
YouTube wants me to rewatch this
gregory grimm
gregory grimm - Day ago
SO, had to take a boat into them to find opt why they were there?
Ron C
Ron C - Day ago
4:00 in the finally get to it.
Mitchell Fetter
Mitchell Fetter - Day ago
thought there was a ghost in my room at 0:23
Mordecai Pladah
Mordecai Pladah - Day ago
Replace this video subject with 96 million Oreos in a reservoir of Milk...Cue the sudden pile of stranded cars on the nearest freeways and a swarm of obsessed people.
Cynthia Johns
Cynthia Johns - Day ago
That's a lot of plastic.
Random Dude
Random Dude - Day ago
Why's there no one mentioning that they're edible?
Susprised theres not more scousers here remembering the 96 (million)
 Shubhkarman Sandhu
Just cause they r black
dannyU2g - Day ago
Bromate lol
Wes Helton
Wes Helton - Day ago
Quick get in the balls. get in the ball pit brothers
Milesthe Beast
Milesthe Beast - 2 days ago
Wow 96 million balls haha
catherine valli
catherine valli - 2 days ago
i don't have a spare 12 minutes to find out why there are 96 million balls in a lake in God forsaken los angeles. anyone wanna clue me in?
catherine valli
catherine valli - 23 hours ago
MidnightPhoenix07 thanks. That’s terrific.
MidnightPhoenix07 - Day ago
They prevent the sunlight from reaching the water and turning harmless (bromide, which is almost impossible to remove from water that’s come in contact with salt water) and required chemicals (chorine) into nasty ones (bromate, as a result of the ozone from the sun reacting with the bromide) that can cause cancer, and they used balls so they always shift to cover the entire surface of the water as the water level fluctuates
Garsabeh James
Garsabeh James - 2 days ago
Now Black people will feel very superior and proud of their colors. Because there is no colors of the ball that could work correctly except the black colors.omg look at that..hmm😀😃😄😉😅🤣😂
Random - 2 days ago
Cliffs: blocks sunlight from hitting the water and producing bromide. There, saved you 12 mins
Linh Hoàng
Linh Hoàng - Day ago
Tiger Tiger
Tiger Tiger - 2 days ago
Huge amount of Taiwan Pomelo https://youtu.be/LRO2IwWNvZo
dj brown
dj brown - 2 days ago
These are the things why people having cancer
jake noyuom
jake noyuom - 2 days ago
should of used blue balls
M Memar
M Memar - 2 days ago
Lol Why it looks CGI to me ? XD
Sam DeRenzis
Sam DeRenzis - 3 days ago
Frazer Chaplain
Frazer Chaplain - 3 days ago
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Jesse ybarra
Jesse ybarra - 3 days ago
Is he talking about Africa?
Sharon Kour
Sharon Kour - 3 days ago
Need to jump on these looks tempting like a play pool
Sharon Kour
Sharon Kour - 3 days ago
Has this tested on human if they eat it ( nothing will happen to you human)😫😬🤒😷😡 wats the purpose to stop sunami i seen a research about a similar thing they did experiment on the same level of sunami andvplanned to put these thinga n9w in the sea to stop the hight of the sea bursting out in high winds.
LISA CPA - 3 days ago
The black balls are camouflaging the water??? what the hell
Pete Kondolios
Pete Kondolios - 3 days ago
Floating solar would have been even better
тень заката
тень заката - 3 days ago
Я один задался вопросом? Что это за параша
Brandon Malik Rashid
Brandon Malik Rashid - 3 days ago
Safe to say “Hey take a look at all my black Shaved Balls ⚫️”
Mark Valdez
Mark Valdez - 3 days ago
I watched 5:50 - 5:54 like 20x.
On The Moon
On The Moon - 3 days ago
Funny :D
creator Space
creator Space - 3 days ago
It's done well.
Billy-Joe Taiapah7u
Billy-Joe Taiapah7u - 3 days ago
Jimmy Jaffe
Jimmy Jaffe - 4 days ago
96 000 000 The correct way to write the numbers, with spaces. Standard ISO, CGPM, IEEE, NIST.
Amy Schrekker
Amy Schrekker - 4 days ago
Nooooo! Bad vor the natural!
Kei TuWokeLyfe
Kei TuWokeLyfe - 4 days ago
Food grade plastic 😂😂😂 bruh 💀 #soy #oxymoronic #eatingplastic #equalscancer #dumbasses
Love Nature
Love Nature - 4 days ago
trypophobia Alert!! Warn on video please I almost died
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