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yoyo yoyo
yoyo yoyo - Day ago
Steve is probably the only person that can’t be cancelled
Daniel Gaming
Daniel Gaming - Day ago
This dude really offered a cigarette to kids with cancer..... ok that’s not funny
Dank memes23
Dank memes23 - 2 hours ago
Your right it’s no funny it’s hilarious
Love iso
Love iso - 2 days ago
why he bald headed
K car
K car - 2 days ago
Heard casey neistat taking about how great this show is so I figured I would give it another try since it's been months since I first tried it.... Still don't see it. This is so dumb?
stephanie q
stephanie q - 3 days ago
2 Dope
2 Dope - 3 days ago
Nelk didn’t wanna give those boys any money cause they black
Lindsay Dottz
Lindsay Dottz - 3 days ago
Unpopular Opinion: I don’t think Jonah is funny 🤷🏿‍♂️
Lindsay Dottz
Lindsay Dottz - 3 days ago
I thought this would of been a dope collaboration but I guess they just didn’t click lol awkward
running arnold
running arnold - 5 days ago
there is a green outline on Jeff's hair,I think the colour on the door is fake
Amanda Shephard
Amanda Shephard - 4 days ago
Yeah they painted it green to use as a green screen
TheRelaxingGinger - 5 days ago
Dry as hell on Jeff’s side
Santiago Jaramillo-Vesga
now that the nelk boys are in the room it’s like ominous gang music
SoFlo_ Editz
SoFlo_ Editz - 6 days ago
What’s up w the green outline on his hair
Jeneca Laplant
Jeneca Laplant - 6 days ago
The eye is hot n the content is fullsend
Matt Tommy
Matt Tommy - 6 days ago
“This case could be run over by a tank”
BIGLLOWK - 7 days ago
jesse looks like clarance
lulEdaP - 7 days ago
9:47 he so ugly 😂
Maria Ruiz
Maria Ruiz - 7 days ago
they think there life's a big joke lmao 🤣
Maria Ruiz
Maria Ruiz - 7 days ago
they think there life's a big joke lmao 🤣
Maria Ruiz
Maria Ruiz - 7 days ago
they think there life's a big joke lmao 🤣
TT Is hot
TT Is hot - 7 days ago
“Give home a smoke there probably stressed”
“They have cancer”
chuggggggy - 7 days ago
I didn't even know who are the Nelk boys but I have seen "Steve Will Do It" videos on Instagram
Wil Tepe
Wil Tepe - 7 days ago
Still has a lazy eye tho
Garret Bearley
Garret Bearley - 7 days ago
Steve says he’s got smokes for the kids because they are probably stressed as fuck.. 😂😂 I love fucking Steve.
yoyoupanddown123 - 7 days ago
Is that a green screen? How come his outline his blurry
Noah Sengupta
Noah Sengupta - 8 days ago
This video started at 5 minutes
Jacob Brewer
Jacob Brewer - 8 days ago
Nellk is so much better than this channel can’t believe you aired this shit love Kyle Steve Jesse and all the crew
AsstroA - 8 days ago
uh, 5:53. No drink ?
Ethan S
Ethan S - 8 days ago
People saying it’s not the same vibe but that’s the point of this show it’s satire
Shadow09 - 8 days ago
Wtf is this??
Jamesbong - 8 days ago
Jeff reminds me of a hipster Mac from Its Always Sunny
Hugh Honey
Hugh Honey - 8 days ago
Jonah looks like he’s melting
Kyran Justice
Kyran Justice - 9 days ago
Y’all dumb saying that they don’t vibe and shit that’s the whole point of the show it’s all a bit lmfao
Everaid - 9 days ago
Why does Jeff look so different
Eleazar - 9 days ago
Ay now how you fill ay have a lace eye
Nate Sherrell
Nate Sherrell - 9 days ago
Jeff be on a Mafia vibe
Samantha perez
Samantha perez - 9 days ago
Stop it I have cancer shit got me dead
DonkSlayer - 9 days ago
weird ass shit right here....
fricking gamer
fricking gamer - 9 days ago
Trevor Oswald
Trevor Oswald - 9 days ago
Thanks for washing??????
Drippy Joel
Drippy Joel - 9 days ago
This was wack asf
Joeyb Theman
Joeyb Theman - 9 days ago
jeff looking like solid snake
skylar piper
skylar piper - 9 days ago
Sleepy - 10 days ago
did anyone notice the green screen
Showtime - 10 days ago
Honestly one of the funniest videos I've seen in a long time.
Dukhtare Paki
Dukhtare Paki - 10 days ago
♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ .. just wanted to be notice ... As I cannot get a haircut coz I m hijab otherwise I would have and coz we live 7 seas apart ..
Bradley C.
Bradley C. - 10 days ago
Jeff is awkward af
Ignacio Terrazas
Ignacio Terrazas - 10 days ago
They have their own version of Jason and David
bruh - 10 days ago
wtf is jonah talking abt everyone knows he couldn't lose half a pound If he tried.
Kyluhn - 10 days ago
whatchu looking at jeff?
Try Me
Try Me - 10 days ago
Love the dark sensebof humor and the jokes
Daisy Hinostroza
Daisy Hinostroza - 11 days ago
Jeff can you bring them back on show again Please🥺🥺 it was freaking hilarious!
Jhonatan Romero
Jhonatan Romero - 12 days ago
I like the green lines
Stanky Legs
Stanky Legs - 12 days ago
Steve: “I got smokes for the kids”
Someone: “they’re cancer patients”
Steve: “Yeah they gotta be stressed as fuck”
Michael Ledbetter
Michael Ledbetter - 12 days ago
What was the shotgun attempt Mr. Pat
Jessica Parker
Jessica Parker - 12 days ago
i really didnt laugh until the end when they did the montage
Denise Zimmerman
Denise Zimmerman - 12 days ago
I actually want to know what happened to Jeff
Alek Quezada
Alek Quezada - 13 days ago
If Jonah can fix his “fatness” why won’t he if he whines about it all day
Alek Quezada
Alek Quezada - 10 days ago
camtwan1 I get the joke just that Jonah is always whining and complaining about being the fat joke and Jeff even tried to help him loose the weight but he just went back to his twinkies
camtwan1 - 11 days ago
You obviously don’t get the humor of this show
Lava Scale
Lava Scale - 14 days ago
Why the fuck does jonah stay at the shop?
D L - 14 days ago
Why they do Jeff so dirty 👎
Nick Saldana
Nick Saldana - 14 days ago
why is jeff green the whole video
Juan gutierrez
Juan gutierrez - 15 days ago
Sometimes this show gets very awkward.
Juan gutierrez
Juan gutierrez - 15 days ago
This guys giving me asshole vibes I could be wrong tho I’m not perfect.
Mark Dugan
Mark Dugan - 15 days ago
I feel like Jeff was being such a good host and providing content and the NELK boys just dropped it... and I came here for Nelk.
XnRz_ - 11 days ago
yeah they were pretty lame to be honest. Jeff carried this episode
Beazy 4220
Beazy 4220 - 16 days ago
Bro done got beat up
Aquasian - 16 days ago
Why is the red door green screen lol
nice - 17 days ago
this is like the tamest episode and you expect it to be like the wildest one
JW - 17 days ago
Geez nelk is lame af here
Adrian Beltran
Adrian Beltran - 18 days ago
I thought Jeff got jumped until he said swollen eye socket
Benjamin Turner
Benjamin Turner - 18 days ago
hey jeff can you get beetlejuice on the show?
bmxican - 18 days ago
I like everyone there except the blonde guy bro he think he so cool
Math Kils
Math Kils - 19 days ago
Green screen
Chelsey Lynn
Chelsey Lynn - 19 days ago
You should get Jason Mendez in there
Chelsey Lynn
Chelsey Lynn - 19 days ago
You should get Jason Mendez in there
luis salazar
luis salazar - 19 days ago
Has anyone else notice jeff looks exactly like snake from metal gear with the eyepatch 😂😂😂
Andrew - 20 days ago
I loved how Steve was the only one that laughed when Jeff asked if they were from Florida. Lmao probably because he's the only one who is actually from there 😂
Andrew - 20 days ago
4:19 You can Salem doesn't dip by the way he spit in his cup #AmeaturHour
DurkDa Perk
DurkDa Perk - 20 days ago
Steve and Jeff work well together
Pheenix - 20 days ago
This is the first time where it looks like Jeff is actually scared
TClutch Legend
TClutch Legend - 20 days ago
For some reason I don’t like the way they act aye the way their stance is just pissing me off
Aidan Singh
Aidan Singh - 18 days ago
they have such a weird vibe when it’s not their channe
Leolovestech - 20 days ago
They can’t cancel Steve
Dougie Moyo
Dougie Moyo - 20 days ago
Africa isnt a contry
Big Andy
Big Andy - 20 days ago
2 millionth viewer give me money
Eduardo Levy
Eduardo Levy - 20 days ago
You would think he would give his chubby friend a haircut lol
Miami Kidd
Miami Kidd - 20 days ago
**idea by M Sherhan
Trevor Fahey
Trevor Fahey - 21 day ago
someone clue me in on the background and if it’s green screen only on the left camera??
us54hawks - 21 day ago
anyone else notice pat spilled his whole whiteclaw LMAOOO
OfficialAmbi - 21 day ago
"2nd hand smoke its just a conspiracy, its not real" LMFAOOOOOO dropping fucking Gems
ToxicUserJuan - 21 day ago
In the whole video I thought it was David
Isaac Alexander Cruz
Isaac Alexander Cruz - 21 day ago
I hat when people say military grade cuz military grade is shit
matt hearne
matt hearne - 21 day ago
Fuck Jeff went to look for a case. They offer my phone model but no damn case in stock.
200babyg 200babyg
200babyg 200babyg - 21 day ago
9:43 nobody is gonna talk about the guy in the back high asf
Will Lewis
Will Lewis - 22 days ago
Daniel Ebensperger
Daniel Ebensperger - 22 days ago
Nelk is so soft 😂
Jojojoes192 - 22 days ago
So I bought a phone case and ran it over with a tank and I broke. So yea Jeff you o me 1k
Dirtbikekid - 22 days ago
Most confusing video ive ever seen like wtf is going on. And y is there just some random fatass who sits around in ur barber shop all day😂wtf
Dirtbikekid - 22 days ago
Most confusing video ive ever watched.
Colum Doherty
Colum Doherty - 22 days ago
This was so fucking funny do more like this wicked vid 💯
Phillip Duncan
Phillip Duncan - 22 days ago
This was painful to watch
420 mushroom
420 mushroom - 23 days ago
Some Africa lmfao 😂
Tyler Schraden
Tyler Schraden - 23 days ago
y does it look like he was using a green screen at the beginning
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