The Bon Appétit Test Kitchen Explores ASMR

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Samuel von eselsen
Samuel von eselsen - 19 hours ago
The first asmr I don't get an uncomfortable feeling looking /listening to
Julia Szwarc
Julia Szwarc - Day ago
Andy biting the orange really took me out
Kendra Amaral
Kendra Amaral - Day ago
I like Claire’s nose
macharm z
macharm z - Day ago
So it was just a big boy orange
Erika Banda
Erika Banda - Day ago
“Spirits, spirits, spirits” I love Andy 😂
Allie F
Allie F - 2 days ago
My sleep paralysis demon: I'm gonna peal some garlic...Garlic... GARLIC.
Me: lick my what??
George’s biggest fan
George’s biggest fan - 2 days ago
Every time Brad and his chaotic golden retriever self comes on I feel bad because he doesn’t know what he’s doing but really is trying and it’s so cute😂😂👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻❤️
Tess M
Tess M - 3 days ago
‘Citrus season is nearly over, get them while they last’ 😏
‘iM gOnNa pEEl sOme GaRlic’
Xavierrr eli
Xavierrr eli - 3 days ago
molly is literally making that breakfast look so good👀😩🤤
Cecilia Conde
Cecilia Conde - 3 days ago
why did Molly break the egg so weird HAHAHA
Mason Harper
Mason Harper - 4 days ago
“M” killed me in the beginning
Shiro - 4 days ago
Can we admire Andy's grip strength omg
Jessica Smith
Jessica Smith - 4 days ago
Carla gave me the most good feels
Jessica Smith
Jessica Smith - 4 days ago
It should be illegal for asmr to have ads
Richard Po
Richard Po - 4 days ago
“You can tell good bread, by the sound”
torchelleyshow - 4 days ago
you can tell who watches asmr and who doesn't lmao
Cadence Sturgeon
Cadence Sturgeon - 5 days ago
"A little more WOURDER..."
AhoyItsKaitlyn - 5 days ago
I love Carla
Ella Seo
Ella Seo - 5 days ago
My nightmare is just Brad yelling release the Allicin and flying away
Mark Cossin
Mark Cossin - 5 days ago
Fail. ASMR isn't just about's also about modulating the actual sounds of baking, cooking, or preparing....see cooking tree for a refresher on how true asmr baking is done.
Paca the Alpaca
Paca the Alpaca - 5 days ago
I really wanna be that chocolate to be spread by Chris.
*I'm so sorry*
Sahib Dhillon
Sahib Dhillon - 5 days ago
welcome to bon appetit a-s-M-r
Brianna Nelson
Brianna Nelson - 6 days ago
the man with the orange....whew chile
Kristin Pacifico
Kristin Pacifico - 6 days ago
24:40 the SHADE
Shawna Howley
Shawna Howley - 6 days ago
Molly was on point with her ASMR and I love the "Tuna" necklace
Paula Ford
Paula Ford - 7 days ago
My dog loved this.
Boneclaw Walker
Boneclaw Walker - 7 days ago
Please someone make Brad try to do more ASMR, I was crying laughing and couldn't breathe.
Martreca West
Martreca West - 7 days ago
WHET stone
Hoshi Iusama
Hoshi Iusama - 7 days ago
"plain old ordinary water" and now I have to pee
matthew judge
matthew judge - 7 days ago
I read the description and almost shat myself. Thank God it’s alive isn’t canceled
Hamsa Fouad
Hamsa Fouad - 8 days ago
the breakfast girl and chocolate guy can seriously have their own ASMR channels
L Crook
L Crook - 8 days ago
Enjoyed every second of this
Wesley Sydnor
Wesley Sydnor - 8 days ago
claire tries to recreate pringle’s?
Shelby Grice
Shelby Grice - 8 days ago
8:21 my hangnails are crying
Kelby Roberson
Kelby Roberson - 8 days ago
That rice though
Chloe Lombardi
Chloe Lombardi - 8 days ago
i would die for brad
pigeonxx - 8 days ago
I was relaxing with carla's exquisite ASMR skills when brad's voice comes along i-
dinolandra - 9 days ago
Iluvrocket - 9 days ago
When I was a kid, I’d ask my dad to “start the orange,” which was make the initial bite into the peel. I didn’t like to do it because it tasted bad, and I didn’t have enough hand strength to do it.
Allison Holly
Allison Holly - 9 days ago
Took me 20 minutes to realize the microphone portion looks like ears
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