The Bon Appétit Test Kitchen Explores ASMR

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bottimus prime
bottimus prime - Hour ago
welcome to bon appetite asMr
TheOgTDent - Hour ago
I came here just to see Brad. I skipped everybody else.
Bryson m.
Bryson m. - 3 hours ago
why is andy low key a god at asmr but in the creepiest way
Bryson m.
Bryson m. - 4 hours ago
John Jerome Ojascastro
John Jerome Ojascastro - 13 hours ago
I like how Chris always explains what he's doing. Very articulate and you can learn a lot from him. Well all of them actually.
Country boi
Country boi - 15 hours ago
Brad hmm I need to sharpen this Knife, bam with some WAuter!
Antonia Wheeler
Antonia Wheeler - 17 hours ago
i can’t believe this is all an april fools joke... i just read the description 😭
Grace Weckesser PERSONAL
Grace Weckesser PERSONAL - 18 hours ago
when Andy peeled the pomelo I felt some type of way not gonna lie
Samantha Montoya
Samantha Montoya - Day ago
If you stare long enough into Brad's face, you will get creeped out😂
Nuha Hayat
Nuha Hayat - 2 days ago
Half the comments are about 'citrus porn' with andy or carla and how she would make a great asmr channel while the other half is about brad and 'GaRliC' or 'this how we SHARPEN A KNIFE'
Elizabeth Robbins
Elizabeth Robbins - 2 days ago
I feel like Carla could do cooking asmr amazingly
Sophia Sapp
Sophia Sapp - 2 days ago
Why is no one talking about the absurd amount of butter molly put on that toast?
TheLifeOfCooper - 3 days ago
Okay but Andy breathing gave me chills and kinda turned me on ? 😂
Cindy Vasquez
Cindy Vasquez - 3 days ago
10:51 I didn’t know fruit could be so nsfw😳😳
ii Marquise ii ii Marquise ii
I love how Brads speaking and whisper voice is too loud.
ii Marquise ii ii Marquise ii
OMG the way he did that grapefruit. 😥😳😍
Kristeena M
Kristeena M - 4 days ago
Why is Brad the best? He could shapen knives for a straight hour
RyJo - 4 days ago
Let’s never do this again
Carlos Gonzalez
Carlos Gonzalez - 4 days ago
Andy’s was... giving me feels🥵
Stephen Chowder
Stephen Chowder - 4 days ago
9:08 wish that was me tbh
Alice Badgero
Alice Badgero - 5 days ago
Andy cutting the fruits was the best thing ever. When he rubbed the grapefruits together I was like 😂😂😂
DIYSARECOOLER - 5 days ago
Claire said I'm gonna break me off a piece..and didn't say of that KitKat bar and it made me sad
DIYSARECOOLER - 5 days ago
Andy was just letting out all his anger on those fruits
DIYSARECOOLER - 5 days ago
I just started the video and already wanna fall asleep
How is this so good?
Amy Atkins
Amy Atkins - 5 days ago
Love this!
Ordinary Taco
Ordinary Taco - 5 days ago
This shouldnbe called, Andy teaches how NOT to peel citrus
luvkaykay41 - 5 days ago
Claire did a really good job
Brendan Bush
Brendan Bush - 5 days ago
Surprised Molly didnt make Cae Sal
Brendan Bush
Brendan Bush - 5 days ago
Also Claire is too good at this?
Shxnn Doh
Shxnn Doh - 5 days ago
20:35 *slap slap*
Andrew Davis
Andrew Davis - 5 days ago
GamerCat 302
GamerCat 302 - 6 days ago
no one:
not a single soul:
not even my aunt Patty:
brad: "now we're gonna get to know some iceberg.... *lettuce* "
Hopper S
Hopper S - 6 days ago
Thanks brad for ruining my life with brain lpss
Stephanie Marie
Stephanie Marie - 6 days ago
Christ this was so cringy to watch yet so thrilling. :))
David McCoul
David McCoul - 6 days ago
It’s funny how Chis was telling Andy to whisper, but Chris was the only one to not whisper :/
David McCoul
David McCoul - 6 days ago
The rice at the beginning got me good!
olivia sletteland
olivia sletteland - 6 days ago
"that's the allicin"
aliciaseptember - 7 days ago
Was I the only one that felt Andy’s part was all dirty!?
aliciaseptember - 7 days ago
Grapefruit rubbing 😂
Seth Arthur Peters
Seth Arthur Peters - 7 days ago
Molly’s Psychedelic Breakfast off of Atom Heart Mother is my favorite Pink Floyd song
Shar - 7 days ago
Andy i— 😵 6:26
pricklypickle - 7 days ago
Claire is so clean she wouldnt even make a mess with those pringles xD
Bluecrew7 _
Bluecrew7 _ - 7 days ago
im gonna have to save 6:25 to 11:57 for later LMAO
Lis - 7 days ago
Love it ❤️❤️❤️
jennifer kim
jennifer kim - 7 days ago
Claire getting friendly with her sleep paralysis monsters
Delta - 8 days ago
you guys are FANTASTIC!!!
Eduardo Negrete
Eduardo Negrete - 8 days ago
Andy doing asMr it’s my g spot
JVLN - 8 days ago
Brad sucks at ASMR but he does look excited all the time
Jill Bond
Jill Bond - 8 days ago
Is it only me, but Chris's voice is really soothing and calming.
Not Caramel Donuts
Not Caramel Donuts - 8 days ago
Ok I normally hate asmr but this I don’t
IconicIsak - 8 days ago
*goodbye surface starches*
Zedward - 9 days ago
Of course they has Brad do garlic
Yasmin Seah
Yasmin Seah - 9 days ago
Claire's part: getting revenge on the things she had to make on gourmet makes
Lucas Fall
Lucas Fall - 9 days ago
Who knew that I would get this much enjoyment out of a hot guy eating and destroying citrus fruits gently
Gabby Rovito
Gabby Rovito - 9 days ago
No one:
The Random Diaries
The Random Diaries - 9 days ago
The video I didn't know I needed.
joni_tufarr - 10 days ago
Yet another thing that Chris is brilliant at
Allison Merrifield
Allison Merrifield - 10 days ago
As someone named Allison it’s always a strange experience to hear brad chanting about garlic and “releasing the allicin”
Benjamin Vaganov
Benjamin Vaganov - 10 days ago
Brad: I'm gonna peel some garlic. *destroys garlic*
prolétaire - 10 days ago
Tammy Stubblefield
Tammy Stubblefield - 11 days ago
Pro tip: make gourmet versions of unhealthy food so that it makes you so mad you never want to eat that food again
marvel marble
marvel marble - 11 days ago
bluemoon_31 - 11 days ago
also carla's section was really cute and the most asmr-like i feel.
bluemoon_31 - 11 days ago
i feel like half of this was brad and andy destroying things.
Mahnoor Atif
Mahnoor Atif - 11 days ago
Brad 😂😂😂😂
Remi Ventura
Remi Ventura - 11 days ago
that big cotton candy fruit looked like a demagorgon when andy opened the inside
Taylor Heckley
Taylor Heckley - 11 days ago
This is my favorite asmr video ever done! I love everyone’s personalities so much!!
Cameron - 12 days ago
this is impeccably layered and deep
Mary Nelson
Mary Nelson - 12 days ago
i want the citrus man to tear me apart and juice me with his bare hands
victoria victor
victoria victor - 12 days ago
"chew near the microphone"
*that's disgusting rusty*
Taylor MC
Taylor MC - 12 days ago
Carla: *nice relaxing ASMR*
Brad 2 seconds later: MY REGULAR SPEAKING VOICE?!?!
Leto Aydan
Leto Aydan - 12 days ago
Idk why I'm just finding this video, but I'm so glad I did! Everyone did a great job, and Brad was really funny. I never thought I would laugh so much at someone attempting ASMR.
Emma Cutts
Emma Cutts - 12 days ago
Why does Brad’s face, when he’s peeling the garlic, remind me of Marv from Home alone?🤔
O Zaps
O Zaps - 13 days ago
*anybody hungry for peanuts??*
InvisibleHedgehog - 13 days ago
Emily Loder
Emily Loder - 13 days ago
Claire looking so serious and then making a psa about Chris is the best part of this video
Jennifer Diggs
Jennifer Diggs - 13 days ago
asmr makes me feel so old because I just DO NOT GET IT. I also have misophonia so I probably wouldnt get it even if I wasnt ancient. anyway, more videos with close ups of chris and his beautiful hands plz
Ordinary Otaku
Ordinary Otaku - 13 days ago
Asmr cooking would be cool
Aminat Sulejmanova
Aminat Sulejmanova - 14 days ago
Now i know taht i hate ASMR
Its like trying to be quiet at the library
Keghan - 14 days ago
Carla: nailing the assignment
Andy: seducing me w/ citrus
Molly: literally just making breakfast, which... mood
Claire: confronting her trauma
Chris: also confronting Claire's trauma
And Brad's just giving me some serious "someone asked me to babysit last minute and I've never had to entertain a kid before so I'm just playing with a bunch of random stuff to see if anything sticks" energy
Becca Porter
Becca Porter - 14 days ago
Andy has been waiting for this video.
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