Jack Douglass Wins the Award for Comedy | Streamy Awards 2019

Em - 2 hours ago
Glad that Caleb was a nominee the dude is funny
Jonah Resnick
Jonah Resnick - 3 days ago
The way Erin looked so surprised when Jack won was like unbelievable
human pineapple
human pineapple - 29 days ago
imagine winning an award for being famous and unemployed at the same time
Raghad Khashab
Raghad Khashab - Month ago
FULLY DESERVED love him and erin so much god
Esther Harlequin
Esther Harlequin - Month ago
Stephanie is right there! 2:56
Conklin03 - Month ago
Isn't this guy friends with Shorty Award winner Furvius?
Micter - Month ago
Fairbairn should have been nominated
Damian Renteria
Damian Renteria - Month ago
they missed the opportunity to show his Garfield costume smh
sir sinks a lot
sir sinks a lot - 16 days ago
Its furvius
sᴜᴄᴋᴍʏ ᴜɢʟʏʙᴏʀɪᴛᴏ
why are the fake youtubers (viners) getting in here they are not funny
Arika Karin
Arika Karin - 3 months ago
Well.. No one mention Caleb in the comment so...
Sarah Sterly
Sarah Sterly - 4 months ago
𝕨𝕙𝕖𝕣𝕖 𝕚𝕤 𝕗𝕦𝕣𝕧𝕖𝕠𝕦𝕤
GeekJokes - 5 months ago
DIB08 - 6 months ago
Am i the only one that came for Danny Casale?
Caleb Mayfield
Caleb Mayfield - 6 months ago
I can't believe Hannah and Anwar were nominated over LoveLiveServe & Rdcworld1
Hajar - 6 months ago
The other nominees are not even funny
Caleb Mayfield
Caleb Mayfield - 6 months ago
@Hajar. Except for Calebcity & Gus Johnson
Aishik Ashraf
Aishik Ashraf - 6 months ago
Yeah ok but who's today's video sponsor?
Manuela Somers
Manuela Somers - 6 months ago
it’s seriously a disgrace that hannah stocking is nominated for comedy, and cody and noel ???
Max Hyde
Max Hyde - 6 months ago
It's so embarrassing that he forgot his fur suit
Unofficial Spaghet
Unofficial Spaghet - 6 months ago
I think...

We should read the comments
FlamingRavenMC - 6 months ago
How did hannah not win.....
FlamingRavenMC - 5 months ago
It was bait lol
UpsideDownAussie - 5 months ago
Because she sucks
odobenus159 - 6 months ago
Better question, how did she get nominated?
Caleb Mayfield
Caleb Mayfield - 6 months ago
@FlamingRavenMC I can't believe you're asking that question
Chillycap - 6 months ago
Why do have to hate on him! You can see the looks from the people and it's like come on! What did he do to you? He actually has Talent and he has been on Youtube for more than 10 years he knows me than you know.
The Emerald Axe
The Emerald Axe - 3 months ago
No one hates on him. Everyone actually respects him
شريك عربي
شريك عربي - 6 months ago
Where's the fuirsuit?
dúlamán - 6 months ago
i love how erin was shocked
Nore Toh
Nore Toh - 6 months ago
Ben Felgate
Ben Felgate - 6 months ago
Ummm where is Tom Ska's nomination?
Tatty - 6 months ago
am i the only one that didnt realise jack douglass was jacks films for a few seconds even when he walked on stage because that beard too lol
imtiaz bhuyan
imtiaz bhuyan - 6 months ago
nah we need ryan higa in this
Joshua Jones
Joshua Jones - 6 months ago
It’s all about relativity. I’m a little disappointed that Gus won instead of Jack, however I’m INCREDIBLY glad that Hannah or Anwar didn’t win.
Clown H0urz
Clown H0urz - 6 months ago
Did they really compare Gus and jackflims to “Hannah??”
That’s good to know he won instead of miss h a n n a h
Over Analyzer
Over Analyzer - 6 months ago
But his name is John...
caroline h
caroline h - 6 months ago
I honestly love gus's and sabrina's reaction so much
Hestia Rose Quartz
Hestia Rose Quartz - 6 months ago
me me big boy? me me big boy.
Crazie Pablo
Crazie Pablo - 6 months ago
those other people are not even funny jacksfilms is the most hilarious
Andy Bradley
Andy Bradley - 6 days ago
Gus is amazing
Jose Garcia
Jose Garcia - 6 months ago
How about Calebcity? He's funny to me at least I guess.
DJ Devyn
DJ Devyn - 6 months ago
bruh I know hannah isn't funny, but gus johnson and calebcity are absolute quality
Barty Crouch Jr
Barty Crouch Jr - 6 months ago
Gus Johnson?
Stoshnut - 6 months ago
XD Erin's face tho
Jas Singh
Jas Singh - 6 months ago
Jack looking thicc
honesty nuts
honesty nuts - 6 months ago
I would prefer jack giving the speech in the furrsuit but meh.
MURDA FAMILY - 6 months ago
Lame Trevor Wallace should've got it
wet bread
wet bread - 6 months ago
I like how Erin looks genuinely shocked lol
Filippa - 6 months ago
he finna deserved it. thank goodness, one reasonable streamy.
Nash Neefus
Nash Neefus - 6 months ago
Luis Flores
Luis Flores - 6 months ago
Hard to recognize him without the sponsor merch.
Bea Green
Bea Green - 6 months ago
I lowkey wish Gus won
Andy Bradley
Andy Bradley - 6 days ago
I mean if Sabrina was that happy for Jack then imagine what she would be like if Gus won
J D - 6 months ago
JacksFilms, finally after all these years!!!
Harrison Gooch
Harrison Gooch - 6 months ago
10,000 views. Call me crazy but i think youre pushing the wrong people.
Sophia DaLovingLioness
Sophia DaLovingLioness - 6 months ago
jack is great, and definitely an OG, I would have loved if Gus had won tho. I'm happy they seemed to bee supportive of eachother atleast!
Platinum Afro
Platinum Afro - 6 months ago
ok thats a really funny joke, bring out the real winner now
Owen B
Owen B - 6 months ago
I don’t know who the most unfunny announcer is except for that she said let’s read the comments in the worst YouTube rewind
Caleb Mayfield
Caleb Mayfield - 6 months ago
@Dublin 3038. ElleoftheMills
Skeeterbob - 6 months ago
No caleb city should have won
Brycenhasacat - 6 months ago
wait, they think hannah stocking is funny?
Hayden Maslar
Hayden Maslar - 6 months ago
Brycenhasacat I think someone at USa-video has a 5 year old kid
monkeythief5 - 6 months ago
Anyone think CalebCity got robbed?
monkeythief5 - 6 months ago
Jose Garcia They may be short, but the work he puts into them is just as much as other comedian USa-videors. And even so, quality over quantity.
Jose Garcia
Jose Garcia - 6 months ago
I think Caleb didn't win because he doesn't post that much videos and they also tend to be very short. I find him funny and like seeing his videos though.
sarahwhat - 6 months ago
Cody and Noel did NOT look happy
Salomon - 6 months ago
Wait yeah youre right lol why are do the meat boys look so depressed
Ana Navera
Ana Navera - 6 months ago
RESiDENTT - 6 months ago
this isnt real he isnt funny
Caleb Mayfield
Caleb Mayfield - 6 months ago
@RESIDENTT Shut up Dennis
Andrei Iosif
Andrei Iosif - 6 months ago
Now this, this puts a smile on my face
Doug Siegler
Doug Siegler - 6 months ago
This is the most autistic reward show I have ever seen. Thank god at least 3 people in the comedy part have made me laugh in the last year. Don’t even know who the other people are if I’m honest. They could have at least narrowed it down to just Jack, Gus, and Caleb.
FunkmanTV - 6 months ago
YouTube legend❤️❤️
Talal Khan
Talal Khan - 6 months ago
YouTube actually got something right.
Hayden Hendrix
Hayden Hendrix - 6 months ago
Jack's sister teaches music at my old elementary school
Andy Bradley
Andy Bradley - 6 days ago
Cool, how do you know? Did you recognise her from Jack’s older videos or did she mention it to you?
Sasha Hale
Sasha Hale - 6 months ago
Oh yeah well I’m actually Jacksfilms!
Seanie Boi
Seanie Boi - 6 months ago
Erin definitely didn't think he would win lol
Diego M.
Diego M. - 6 months ago
I miss *Furrvious*
Jack Bauer
Jack Bauer - 6 months ago
If Hannah stocking or lele is nominated ever again I’m gonna Kermit sewerslide
xorbodude - 6 months ago
Lost opportunity to say pewdiepie copied me
Chef Drums
Chef Drums - 6 months ago
Kingdom of Memeland OFFICIAL
Ethan Pierce
Ethan Pierce - 6 months ago
Ive heard a rumor that this guy is Furvious’ cousin
Haley - 11 days ago
@Navizar Lubis furvious is furvius' english cousin
Navizar Lubis
Navizar Lubis - Month ago
Dani Chicklets
Dani Chicklets - 6 months ago
Congrats Jack!!!
Gamer Magee
Gamer Magee - 6 months ago
he didn't wear furvious
Andrei Reginatto
Andrei Reginatto - 6 months ago
These intros are terrible.
WillowTheWisp - 6 months ago
SpongeyThings - 6 months ago
he got ran over by a car
DK - 6 months ago
Imagine not wearing a fur suit to an awards show. smh my head.
Jamerson Grimes
Jamerson Grimes - 29 days ago
Loling out loud that's cringe
Spellspot - 6 months ago
@Depressed Kermit Yikes. Bad joke
Depressed Kermit
Depressed Kermit - 6 months ago
*shaking my head my head*
endless screaming
endless screaming - 6 months ago
YouGottaMineDeep its part of the joke 🙄
YouGottaMineDeep - 6 months ago
(It’s just smh don’t say smh my head)
Jeriun - 6 months ago
Look at Erin lol. She's so shocked and confused and happy for her hubby. Mostly confused. Probably very confused.
Kirsty Hill
Kirsty Hill - Month ago
Temos too long in basement
Sasha Hale
Sasha Hale - 6 months ago
Lol they both have big foreheads match made in heaven
Bryce Apsey
Bryce Apsey - 6 months ago
I’m so happy jack got it 🔥😍 yes 😍🔥makese sense
Henrybigbelly - 6 months ago
kind of upsetting that calebcity, gus johnson and jacksfilms are being compared to hannah stocking. She objectively not even funny
Caleb Mayfield
Caleb Mayfield - 6 months ago
@Help me get 10,000 subs with no videos Rudy's the only Shots Studio member that actually makes good content.
Help me get 10,000 subs with no videos
Almost all of lele pons' friends are unfunny (except for Rudy kinda)
Titan Raps
Titan Raps - 6 months ago
Łuaksz Lily Singh, another very unfunny “comedian,” was there too.
Łuaksz - 6 months ago
They have to have a female nominee in there somewhere.
Titan Raps
Titan Raps - 6 months ago
Danny Liu Girlfriend*
Jerome Tan
Jerome Tan - 6 months ago
FZN_SourZ - 6 months ago
Michaela Meltesen
Michaela Meltesen - 6 months ago
Erin looks shocked 😂
WolfsbaneFilms - 6 months ago
Michaela Meltesen Such a supportive spouse. 😂
Future Paragon
Future Paragon - 6 months ago
Hoo is Jack dougnaas
User - 6 months ago
Jose Garcia
Jose Garcia - 6 months ago
To be fair Calebcity doesn't post that much content
User - 6 months ago
@Ford Eubanks CalebCity is cool too as someone else said, but I think it's more a measure of who's fanbase is "better"/"more extreme" rather than who deserved it based on content for the year.
Ford Eubanks
Ford Eubanks - 6 months ago
OpticalSpace Reborn never said he was. If three people could’ve won it, it should be Caleb, Gus and, Jack.
OpticalSRB - 6 months ago
@Ford Eubanks Actually CalebCity is hilarious
Ford Eubanks
Ford Eubanks - 6 months ago
User if I’m tbh I think Gus should’ve won, but at least it wasn’t given to those viners.
Kate Dahl
Kate Dahl - 6 months ago
Who votes?
Calvin - 6 months ago
That guy looks an awful lot like Furvius
Jamerson Grimes
Jamerson Grimes - 29 days ago
I think he looks like John Douglas
TheAngelsDevil5 - 6 months ago
I think it's just you, I dont see any resemblance
Random Blue Toad
Random Blue Toad - 6 months ago
Benjamin Margett
Benjamin Margett - 6 months ago
Nah bro - this Jack guy doesn't have enough of a lasanga-craved look on his face
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