Hi Sisters

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Anonymous A
Anonymous A - Hour ago
that yellow was screaming my name
SG_Fitness - Hour ago
Literally not a single person:
James Charles: another rainbow look
Meghan Koortzen
Meghan Koortzen - Hour ago
You should try doing different kinds of lip art ❤️
PeakAxis - Hour ago
I watched the intro like 5 times
Ray Twins
Ray Twins - Hour ago
Us: why are we here?
LPS Peaches
LPS Peaches - Hour ago
Omg! Hi sister!😂💞💞
Quazzy go Crazzy
Quazzy go Crazzy - Hour ago
13:20 woah
Prachi Ahuja
Prachi Ahuja - Hour ago
what is the song called? the one where he was showing the finished look at the end
L8ist Nonstopzi
L8ist Nonstopzi - Hour ago
Can I get a headstart being a youtuber?
Miss Linh
Miss Linh - Hour ago
He’s back and still
But it’s okay 😚
VYM ultra
VYM ultra - Hour ago
James looks amazing, good to see this young and talented person doing what he loves again💙
Maxbuerrox - Hour ago
Makeup is just lying for the face
Samantha Renee
Samantha Renee - Hour ago
Yass I missed you
Emily Kerryn
Emily Kerryn - Hour ago
was that tana mongeau in the background of the video clip? it goes by so fast it looked like her
Keli Trs
Keli Trs - Hour ago
Loved the cover of the national anthem ❤️❤️❤️
Kyndra Darphin
Kyndra Darphin - Hour ago
Sister for life!!😍❤️
Rony Roasts
Rony Roasts - Hour ago
More like "you need to calm down"
Kayla Buergey
Kayla Buergey - Hour ago
Luv u sister
Mrs. Bostick
Mrs. Bostick - Hour ago
Just so you know. I nevaa turned on a Sister😘
Mina Rofaeil
Mina Rofaeil - Hour ago
Ray Twins
Ray Twins - Hour ago
Great at makeup.
Nina Yassin
Nina Yassin - Hour ago
Am I the only one the figured out that there’s another ace fam basketball game again
Dushdjtoe Dushdjtoe
Dushdjtoe Dushdjtoe - Hour ago
stephon ortiz
stephon ortiz - Hour ago
bye sister
Harmony Allen
Harmony Allen - Hour ago
When my doorbell is broken: 0:16
Julia Santanna
Julia Santanna - Hour ago
how do you do a full face with a white hoodie on and not get any makeup on it whaaaaat
Silvia Perez
Silvia Perez - Hour ago
Hi Sister!!!
You are sooooooo OLD!!!!!!!
Wait till you reach your 50"s.... like me!!!!!!!
LOL!!! you are JUST starting to live James.... ENJOY every minute of it... tomorrow you will wake up and be 50!!!!! NEVER regret anything and DO it ALL!!!!!!!!!!
Love you!!!!!!!
Shirl Horseman
Shirl Horseman - Hour ago
I really like the eye look so pretty and cool looking.
Guillermina Estrada
Guillermina Estrada - Hour ago
You Have A Lot Of Talent Sister. By the way I went to ultra beauty and saw your pallet.and spended 20 dollars..... It Was Worth It.
Lei Gozun
Lei Gozun - Hour ago
Wow! You copied another look 🙃🙃🙃
Austin Taylor
Austin Taylor - Hour ago
Me: *clicks*
Captain Ronald
Captain Ronald - Hour ago
Muntaha Dhami
Muntaha Dhami - Hour ago
Wait, but James looks SO good in blue. Especially that light blue, woahh:3
Pink Pepper
Pink Pepper - Hour ago
Welcome back, James! Still love the makeup videos the most! Can’t wait for more rainbow merch! :)
Joshua Gallagher
Joshua Gallagher - Hour ago
I thought he was gone
Olivia Larche
Olivia Larche - Hour ago
Gabriela Hernández
Gabriela Hernández - Hour ago
It's the perfection of makeup
avocado 56
avocado 56 - Hour ago
Yess queen so glad that you are back & well rested !! :)
justluis - Hour ago
Omg James
GachaGamer 06
GachaGamer 06 - Hour ago
Okay please tell a sister how your teeth are so white! They are BEAUTIFUL!!!
Sergnacho Supreme
Sergnacho Supreme - Hour ago
Hi sisters haaaaaaaa
Harmony Rivera
Harmony Rivera - Hour ago
So good! 😱😱
Johana Isabela Chinchilla Siguenza
Sister James is back😍😍🔥
Heather Gavia
Heather Gavia - Hour ago
Hi sister 😀
Julie J
Julie J - Hour ago
He should defs do his brows off camera, all of the time! Lol. The right (his left) brow looks too reminiscent of JC 2016 brows! Lol
Broken-hearted Aryana
Dang right next to Taylor
The Crying Cringe
The Crying Cringe - Hour ago
I literally melted when you said"Hi sisters" I missed you so much James...
raee - Hour ago
James: Takes a break from social media

Also James: Films it all
X__Veronica ___X
X__Veronica ___X - Hour ago
James: hi sist-
me: nO
Evelyn Levario
Evelyn Levario - Hour ago
So I'm an old lady and I have confiscated my daughter's James Charles palate and brush set! Heehee. I just started watching your videos and practicing and I'm having so much fun! You are a true artist and please keep doing what you do!
jordan k
jordan k - Hour ago
Omg he’s already at 15M
Yitzuki Samaga :v
Yitzuki Samaga :v - Hour ago
Aaaa yeaaa
Zoe Adora
Zoe Adora - Hour ago
Glad to see him energetic 😭😭😭
Dj cupcakes
Dj cupcakes - Hour ago
good to hear that you moved on and I missed you sister and I'm sure everyone did too 💙💜 :3
Kat _
Kat _ - Hour ago
I still don’t really like him
I feel like he just started too much

Idk 🤷🏾‍♀️
Mariana Guevara
Mariana Guevara - Hour ago
no entiendo nada pero aquí estoy viendo jaja
Alle Sings
Alle Sings - Hour ago
I’m glad to see a smiling sister 🤗
Emily Kerryn
Emily Kerryn - Hour ago
"i feel like im getting old." says a 19 yr old
bye brothers
bye brothers - Hour ago
Sub2me brothers
Rico Animations
Rico Animations - Hour ago
Sister forever 🤞🏽
ThinkTayler 05
ThinkTayler 05 - Hour ago
Hello!!! I guess.
King Lion__12
King Lion__12 - Hour ago
Lol 😂
GachaGalaxy1246 7
GachaGalaxy1246 7 - Hour ago
I am early 00:16 that’s how I reacted
Haley Crenshaw
Haley Crenshaw - Hour ago
You have no idea how much I missed my sister soul mate lol love you so much James💕
Olivia Larche
Olivia Larche - Hour ago
Jonathan Christopher
BLESS YOU!!! Keep shining your Light! It is BEAUTIFUL!!!
Xoie Veck
Xoie Veck - Hour ago
*number 4 in Canada*
shahad - Hour ago
wiinsz - Hour ago
that one is agood - oop, nipple is showing
Dimitri wtf
Dimitri wtf - Hour ago
No entendi ni madres
Sarah *Classified*
Sarah *Classified* - Hour ago
I'm sorry but I legit forgot he existed for a solid month
aexotic - Hour ago
Nose lookin hella pinched 😂
Ryan !!!
Ryan !!! - Hour ago
Crystal B
Crystal B - Hour ago
You are so good at what u do.i love u so much.U were the person that made me want to do makeup and u are a big role model u always are making me better with my makeup.and u are looking great right now after everything happened and that why u are one of my role models . Thank you sister James for everything u helped me with.❤️
Kyndsey Marie
Kyndsey Marie - Hour ago
I love love love your videos James!!!!! I am so excited that you are back and ready to share your amazing talents with all of the sisters of the world. I love you!
Emily Newman
Emily Newman - Hour ago
6:23 tana is that you
Celestia Lane
Celestia Lane - Hour ago
Kris Schumacher
Kris Schumacher - Hour ago
This is the type of video you should be making. Bravo!
Eliza Paulson
Eliza Paulson - Hour ago
those 24k dislikes all wanted a "bye" sister...but being a true sister means "bye" isn't before sister.
Masenator _13
Masenator _13 - Hour ago
Yayyyyy!!! He’s back🤪
Teara Smith
Teara Smith - Hour ago
4:09 I turned 20, which is so gross. ...
Yeah, that really scares me to turn 20.
Aaliyah Herrera
Aaliyah Herrera - Hour ago
If your subscribed to pewdie pie make this button blue 💙💙
Isabelle Rosen
Isabelle Rosen - Hour ago
Guys, James is a great person and a huge role model for me, And if you hate, pls just don't. He is such a brave person that I tot's respect. Happy Pride!
Julia Drozdowski
Julia Drozdowski - Hour ago
I’m buying your palette tomorrow 🤯
ED7 fortnite bot
ED7 fortnite bot - Hour ago
My son clicked on this and i have to say its sad this dude doesnt get boners😂😂
psycho sister roblox
When I seen James put that orange stuff on his face it looks like James ate a whole thing of spaghetti
Saanvi Sinha
Saanvi Sinha - Hour ago
Don't you think u should update your channel's about section... It's stilll ... 19 years old kid 🙄
Kylie Carr
Kylie Carr - Hour ago
Saanvi Sinha he probably doesn’t realize get off his back
Brian Smith
Brian Smith - Hour ago
You should be dead, zombie dog, STAY DEAD!!!
Paulina Manning
Paulina Manning - Hour ago
Happy Pride Month Sisters! 💜♡🖤
caxctus yellow
caxctus yellow - Hour ago
LOL_izzygaming - Hour ago
James: 0:17
Taylor Swift:you need to calm down
jackie kieu
jackie kieu - Hour ago
1,000 subscribers with no videos Plz
How is this #2 on Trending
Akiva Elefant
Akiva Elefant - Hour ago
*_WELCOME BACK SISTER_* comes back after a month *already #2 ON TRENDING!*
Betty Ramos
Betty Ramos - Hour ago
What do he yost say F-u-..............ck. 🤯😤😠😡
Caramelito Gio
Caramelito Gio - Hour ago
Hi sis
Jaelynn Luker
Jaelynn Luker - Hour ago
my mom: “don’t watch that one d******g that u used to watch”
me at 12am: JAMES HERE I COME!!
Madisyn Smith
Madisyn Smith - Hour ago
I feel so awkward seeing him again idk
Carla Argueta
Carla Argueta - Hour ago
My grandma's name is Anastasia
EliBeautyy - Hour ago
Good to see you back and recharged!
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