I Got a Tattoo from One of Yelp's Worst-Rated Tattoo Parlors

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Chris Torres
Chris Torres - 21 minute ago
Anyone think that was summit1g from the thumbnail ?
Find Some Time
Find Some Time - 40 minutes ago
you can’t really blame them for stealing philipsolos idea, that’s what every body does. they look at what’s trending and try to do that aswell.
Boy Scoutz
Boy Scoutz - 55 minutes ago
It was pretty good honestly
Jordan Bonilla
Jordan Bonilla - Hour ago
is this Micheal cera lost brother?
Tay tay the King
Tay tay the King - 2 hours ago
The tattoo sucks
benada83 - 3 hours ago
I'm getting a real meerkat vibe from this dude.
Lance - 3 hours ago
The tattoo looked horrible
jlakindd - 3 hours ago
bezkajzm 07
bezkajzm 07 - 5 hours ago
No one asked you to do this
Jack Richards
Jack Richards - 5 hours ago
That is terrible it’s all meshed together you can’t even see the surfer it doesn’t look like anything except blotched ink and curly lines
shamu3838 - 8 hours ago
one look at that fish tank and I'd be gone. If the tank is nasty, other things are nasty. Hand in hand
Cristobal videla
Cristobal videla - 8 hours ago
that tatto is horrible, totally bullshit, saludos
Bob Marley
Bob Marley - 9 hours ago
is that a cockroach tattoo?
milk awm
milk awm - 9 hours ago
Skinny h3h3?
Eric Bohannon
Eric Bohannon - 9 hours ago
"Journalist" is a douchebag
Rhiannon Ruth
Rhiannon Ruth - 10 hours ago
Was that safe or a j???
arteaga0415 - 12 hours ago
honestly the tattoo was shit
ThatMovinTarget - 13 hours ago
It honestly sucks
Kaleb - 19 hours ago
Jersey Bred
Jersey Bred - 19 hours ago
I'm looking at this dude and saying he's got a really familiar face. Then he says Fat Cat Tattoo and I'm like holy s*** I have to know this guy. That place is around the corner from me. What's weird is that Nate was really popular at one time and considered a really good artist. What the f*** happened?
Edit: there I go commenting before the end of the video again. I'm rooting for you Nate. S*** happens, everyone deserves a break from time to time. You are a local Legend.
Pollie Regalado
Pollie Regalado - 19 hours ago
Nice outfit dude
Emaleigh Coreyann
Emaleigh Coreyann - 19 hours ago
Okay but the shading wasn't as bad as I thought it would be honestly the shading is pretty good
Burt Man
Burt Man - 20 hours ago
fckn shit tattoo , it needs a minus 1 rating, that bloke is no artist.
cheesehead209 gaming
cheesehead209 gaming - 21 hour ago
He looks like h3h3
6BigPump9 - 21 hour ago
When did Ethan from H3 loose so much weight?
John  Smith
John Smith - 21 hour ago
Yeah, totally sounds like a great idea. But never judge a book by it's cover. Although I might let you read it first.
Aaron Young
Aaron Young - 22 hours ago
Can I leave a one star review for this dude's shirt? Should've left that one in the early 90's, buddy.
Supreme Yarok
Supreme Yarok - 23 hours ago
He looks like a skinny h3
Josh G
Josh G - 23 hours ago
Great video! Some deep stuff when Nate said “But no one cares to ask you what’s going on?” Nice to watch a video with a positive vibe
Jack Potter
Jack Potter - 23 hours ago
I'd give your blue flame shirt a 1 star review
Mintygreen - 23 hours ago
I need to remove some scratcher marks for sure
Tylin Vang
Tylin Vang - 23 hours ago
That’s a terrible tattoo, and he gives no shits.
dr.garry - Day ago
why would you get that tat
Rob Blendz
Rob Blendz - Day ago
Its 2018 and this dude has a Iphone 5 with cracked screen, Vice checks must be shit. 😂
Jeff Joof
Jeff Joof - Day ago
He looks so much like h3h3 it makes me mad
Kys - Day ago
Master inc not approved.
Javi Air
Javi Air - Day ago
hahaha this host is awesome
Mere Mortal
Mere Mortal - Day ago
“Birds are cool they fly”
Mere Mortal
Mere Mortal - Day ago
LUH ZAY 1K - Day ago
im boutta sting boy what is DAT
Uhh - Day ago
Uhhhhh that tattoo was real bad
viviana x
viviana x - Day ago
heres the scoop
Nathan Mair
Nathan Mair - Day ago
Guy gives me Michael cera vibes
RandomPotato .-.
RandomPotato .-. - Day ago
*_Chief called and this is not it_*
RandomPotato .-.
RandomPotato .-. - Day ago
Xeo21 Gaming just like my life
Xeo21 Gaming
Xeo21 Gaming - Day ago
It's dead....
Xeo21 Gaming
Xeo21 Gaming - Day ago
RandomPotato .-. boi if you don't
Akram Abdallah
Akram Abdallah - Day ago
You look a lot better with facial hair
Natalee Denlinger
Natalee Denlinger - Day ago
You can’t even tell what it is
Rachel delvalle
Rachel delvalle - Day ago
I am a flop
I am a flop - Day ago
Rachel delvalle that’s what I thought when I saw the title !
Jeremy Webber
Jeremy Webber - Day ago
Kid, i dont hate you. Leave vice before they steal your soul.
Da Brock
Da Brock - Day ago
The fuck was that tattoo... it looked like random ass lines
Fin Taylor
Fin Taylor - Day ago
Taji looks like Oliver tree, wack
Graham Brisebois
Graham Brisebois - Day ago
Umm what? Still a shitty tattoo hahahaha
Nick Kraemer
Nick Kraemer - Day ago
Trash tattoo
Caastles Beats
Caastles Beats - Day ago
This guy is the Tommy Wiseau of tattoos
Davis Arnold
Davis Arnold - Day ago
They let this awkward, cringy idiot on Vice ? Vice is my favorite but this video was awful !
Davis Arnold
Davis Arnold - Day ago
+Gib Boot theres edgy comedy and funny awkwardness like h3h3 but this was just full cringe failure, looks like vice just found some idiot willing to get a horrible tatoo
Gib Boot
Gib Boot - Day ago
Davis Arnold dont hate on my son how dare u
Corbin White
Corbin White - Day ago
The only disaster here is that blue flame button up....all he needs now is his spikey highlighted hair an oakley's
fredo_suave - Day ago
Corbin White that’s a typical latino dad
Amolei n
Amolei n - Day ago
Hes a cool Guy but the artwork isnt really that great... If You wanna get a tattoo, make sure Its from a good tattoo shop. Like for Real, that thing's gonna be there for the rest of your life
Amolei n
Amolei n - 6 hours ago
+Fallon Ware sure, you wanna get a tattoo? go to a bad tattoo shop and then cover it up in a better one. sounds smart to me
Chase Keller
Chase Keller - 10 hours ago
Amolei n he can get a cover up
Fallon Ware
Fallon Ware - Day ago
Amolei n he can get a cover up
Naughty Hotdog
Naughty Hotdog - Day ago
I wouldn’t want that tattoo but it was just ok
Ian Smith
Ian Smith - Day ago
That is a shit tattoo
Marie G
Marie G - Day ago
THAT Tattoo is terrible
Peach Sphinx
Peach Sphinx - Day ago
Wow... That tattoo looks AWFUL
chino nwinyinya
chino nwinyinya - Day ago
Is taji going for an early 2000s virgin vibe with that outfit 😂😂😂
Nat King Kong
Nat King Kong - Day ago
Should have been in color!
Not your Average Gamer
H3 H3 if he got hooked on Heroin
and that tat is really shitty
LMAOO nate is awkward
PewDiePie PDP
PewDiePie PDP - Day ago
its like 2005....really bad editing and everything....VICE....you sholdnt hace aacept this....but nice topic
Nav Pat
Nav Pat - Day ago
But the thing is, you're coming in with cameras. So these folks are gonna put on a facade. Now if you came in with a hidden camera, you'd see their true selves.
PS that tat looks bad
Job Samonte
Job Samonte - Day ago
He looks like *Ethan Klein*
Seleti Fotu
Seleti Fotu - Day ago
I think BuzzFeed accidentally uploaded this video on vice's channel
BoulevardTrash99 - Day ago
Lol. Thats a bad tattoo.
alextheman - Day ago
Who the fuck hires these stupid ass interviewers? Wtf.
Jøsh Dun and Tyler Jøseph
Um that looks like a spooky tree with the boogie man in the background
TheShaddows InTheDarkness
Just because he seemed nice and threw himself a pity party story doesn’t mean the tattoo actually looks great. Looks like shit. Attempt to get it fixed by a better tattoo artist.
Nemo Angel Morales
Nemo Angel Morales - Day ago
Thought he was sparking a blunt
Kendra M
Kendra M - 2 hours ago
Would of been better if he had 😂
Kayla Stamps
Kayla Stamps - 10 hours ago
Nemo Angel Morales lmao sameee. That’s what I would have done
Herbo Turbo
Herbo Turbo - Day ago
iGrind619 - Day ago
Wow VICE what a steal smh
SpyderRios - Day ago
I give that tattoo half a star ⭐️ out of a possible one million.
Blue Pepper
Blue Pepper - Day ago
I saw a skinny H3H3 in the thumbnail
Rex Wyatt
Rex Wyatt - 2 days ago
Bold move waiting until the moment he started tattooing you to ask about the shitty reviews
Giodakid - 2 days ago
🤷🏾‍♂️ Why would you talk about bad reviews during getting the tattoo?
Andres F
Andres F - Day ago
He likes to live life on the edge. Natural born daredevil mate
August Schilling
August Schilling - 2 days ago
I like it when people build each other up.
Jordan Lamb
Jordan Lamb - 2 days ago
oh no.... id be so mad if i got a tattoo like that
Prol3x GM
Prol3x GM - 2 days ago
I thought he was lighting a blunt at 1:30 😂
Lukas - 2 days ago
"Myth Busted"
Oo_R3AP3R_oO - 2 days ago
Yeah shitty tattoo
Eryk Skinkle
Eryk Skinkle - 2 days ago
Nate can’t draw
SkinnyErectus - 2 days ago
I think Ethan and Guy Fieri had a child.
Bob Dabuilder
Bob Dabuilder - 2 days ago
HEYYY its Ethan and hilas love child ahahaa
Chachi - 2 days ago
That shit does not look good idk what you’re talking about
CHill TACtics
CHill TACtics - 2 days ago
It looks like shit but i think its ur fault not the tattoo guy
CHill TACtics
CHill TACtics - 2 days ago
Dude what the fuck i thought this was h3h3 😂
robe lo
robe lo - 2 days ago
He's burned out, people need to relax. Look at his shop, his location, his presentation: all that didn't just pop out of thin air and stayed there. The man works to keep that location and probably harder than anyone commenting. With that said: I WOULD NEVER get tatted by this dude, but not cause he sucks, but because that style is look ooooold school, not my thing. Stop hating. Life gets redundant, and we're all entitled to look disinterested.
Plloncervamp 101
Plloncervamp 101 - 2 days ago
The tattoo is ass 😂
Kers1 - 2 days ago
Yo I don't know about america but you wouldn't spend $20 on a tattoo like that in Australia. The reviews were correct.
BeleiveInYani 9
BeleiveInYani 9 - 2 days ago
Wtf is that it looks like splatted shit on there 😂 I can’t make up the guy or the scenery 😂
borbear 4
borbear 4 - 2 days ago
The guy getting the tattoo is crazy. That looks like a crappy tattoo. Reviews weren’t lying
Magnum G
Magnum G - 2 days ago
That tatoo sucked xD
ToastedBread - 2 days ago
I thought this was Ben shapiro
Matt aka Xenon
Matt aka Xenon - 2 days ago
Why the hell did you steal MORE content???
badasstexan !!!
badasstexan !!! - 2 days ago
I’m sorry but that’s some horrible line work LOL
Thomas Richard
Thomas Richard - 2 days ago
Great vid but I really cant stand ur voice bro.
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