I Got a Tattoo from One of Yelp's Worst-Rated Tattoo Parlors | One Star Reviews

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ANT 4 LIFE - 3 hours ago
Fuuuuuck naaaahhh
Marz_00 •
Marz_00 • - 3 hours ago
That’s fake as shit lol
Gabriel Hernandez
Gabriel Hernandez - 5 hours ago
this is the most "I dont give a fuck" kind of a shit I ever seen
Fnasser - 6 hours ago
It's 4 star reviewed per yelp and Google. Looked it up ya scrub lol
Dopa- mine
Dopa- mine - 7 hours ago
Still got the v?
Jerry Spencer
Jerry Spencer - 8 hours ago
Nate do your thing bro! Keep on trucking and making good art! You manned up and changed your life. I wish you make an example for people and it helps them do the same.
mohit shrestha
mohit shrestha - 9 hours ago
vice really hates this guy
always sends him to test one star reviews😂😂
Luke Bennett
Luke Bennett - 16 hours ago
What a shit tattoo😂😂
Bob Buck
Bob Buck - 16 hours ago
doesnt Disney have a massive stake of Vice? thats why they cant do the cool vids they used to do?
Nayla Cirik
Nayla Cirik - 20 hours ago
No matter how good or shit your art is, BAG YOUR DAMN MACHINE AND CORD FS
theTosh - 22 hours ago
Cool thing you did chief. Nice.
Suq Madiq
Suq Madiq - 22 hours ago
Later finds out quite a few one stars are due to artist being unhygienic and transmitted AIDS to several clients.
Ashley Alyse
Ashley Alyse - 22 hours ago
That tattoo looks like shit
T Popov
T Popov - 23 hours ago
The tattoo is actually nice.
Andrew Rafferty
Andrew Rafferty - Day ago
I have 12 tattoos I need more my favourite one is my upper right arm it's a dragon wrapping round through hell and earth and heaven Nate did it its brilliant the guy just went through a hard time
Jason Amos
Jason Amos - Day ago
This would be a lot better if you would at least have enough balls to confront them when they do shitty work
Patrick s Andersen
Patrick s Andersen - Day ago
it was not a good tattoo u can clearly see the rift in the ink.. i think he had a bad machine... and that will make the tattoo less sharp .. but can always be re tattooed
TheDuccky - Day ago
"it's your world, whatever you want"
Mako Yuhara
Mako Yuhara - Day ago
Honestly, the consultation seemed so stressful. Like. Let the artist do their thing
Ben Martinez
Ben Martinez - Day ago
I’ve been watching a lot of Ink Master clips guys... I know wtf im talking about .... that tattoo is fucked up
BryantAKARed - Day ago
Dont hover artists... just an fyi
vomitinyourface - Day ago
..the french captions have been done so lazy, its really not fair for the people that need closed captioning..-just saying..
..great series tho!! Lovin' the 1star review investigations here with Taji..
-(..if u ever want/are able to hire a second investigator for the way 'any-star' places treat people with [especially]bad teeth and no 'posse', please, please DM..-i think that a good amount of the [western]world would be shocked of how horrible and mean that too many people can be to the poor & vulnerable..-especially when they laugh at the thought that they would ever be held accountable..)
ElementalGaming - Day ago
This show makes me feel so uncomfortable XD
bengalifob2 - Day ago
People like Nate are THE ABSOLUTE WORST
T Harris
T Harris - Day ago
That tat sucks
Abb Y
Abb Y - Day ago
That tattoo is terrible
Moe Makke
Moe Makke - Day ago
BRO! How is he real?
Rudd Striky
Rudd Striky - Day ago
I dont give a fuck about my tattoo artist day. I have to live with that tattoo for life
Alex Shuster
Alex Shuster - Day ago
Vaida Balbieriute
Vaida Balbieriute - Day ago
All the best to Nate, but that tattoo is jacked up...
Madam B
Madam B - Day ago
That tattoo is an assault on the eyes. Get it lasered.
Overworked CNA
Overworked CNA - Day ago
Idk man, I don’t think I’d be able to figure out what that tattoo was if I didn’t hear you describing it. No offense or anything. But I’m glad you like it.
i love one star reviews gym fitness? piano ?
Food Reviewer 9001
Food Reviewer 9001 - Day ago
Next on 1 star review: tattoo cover ups
Dr. 2006
Dr. 2006 - 2 days ago
This guy REALLLLLLY wanted to work for Vice. The field that can literally give you HIV/Hep... that's dedication my friend.
Code Voltage
Code Voltage - 2 days ago
Customer: you misspelled "remember"!
Nate: sorry, I was eating a Milky Way...
Gary Oak
Gary Oak - 2 days ago
wait why did he say thank you so much when he was the one driving?
Marsik David
Marsik David - 2 days ago
can't wait for the heart transplant from the worst doctor
GotWood? Bushcraft and more
that tattoo was horrible xD holy shit xD cant see what it is. sepecially from afar^^
GotWood? Bushcraft and more
all i heard was ''mumble mumble mumble''
Tacos HD
Tacos HD - 2 days ago
How many fishes you got ? Silence.. just two 😂 i died
Lisa BAwesome
Lisa BAwesome - 2 days ago
I love this series :). Kerp up the great work at giving someone a second chance in the land of trolls.
Get Fuct
Get Fuct - 2 days ago
Looks like a paraplegic did his tattoo.
Bob Belcher
Bob Belcher - 2 days ago
I'm sorry but that tattoo is awful. I see people in the comments saying the tattoo looks good and the hate comments are wrong but I'm sorry cuz ur the wrong ones. U all have super low standards for tattoos if u think that tattoo is good. Google other cool looking tattoos and u will see how much better tattoos get compared to that shitty black blob of a tattoo he got. The surfer looks like it was eaten by a damn shark
HK LOCK - 2 days ago
When people sees cameras change u should use hidden camera or something like this
killercollin505 - 2 days ago
oh man, that tattoo is so bad
Zsombor Donkó
Zsombor Donkó - 2 days ago
How the fuck can this guy look so much like Ethan kline?!
Krow '
Krow ' - 2 days ago
Josh J
Josh J - 2 days ago
Where can we review that shirt though
Ana Ilieva
Ana Ilieva - 2 days ago
Probably the worst tattoo I've seen so far
Hash Money
Hash Money - 2 days ago
I give credit to his as hes using his body to test all these businesses with his own body.
Dwckie - 2 days ago
*"What do you mean you weren't Recording?!"*
Jason Bentley
Jason Bentley - 2 days ago
I'm an ex-tattoo artist, and that tattoo is absolute shit.
Johnny Wyper
Johnny Wyper - 2 days ago
summit1g dam
Frenchie Horn
Frenchie Horn - 3 days ago
6:23 bruh, WHAT? like, it's objectively horrible
bengalifob2 - Day ago
Ya, like the sketch was actually nice, but then the final result was awful
Rebecca Ronaye
Rebecca Ronaye - 3 days ago
:( i feel so bad, you can tell he's trying hard. God bless you Nate❤
Trux 3d
Trux 3d - 3 days ago
now thats dedication
Tabby Gray
Tabby Gray - 3 days ago
Although it could be way worse, I wouldn't say this is a redemption tattoo. Reason being is that the waves looks like a blow up mattress, the surfer guy is lost in the tattoo, & the splash does not connect to the water well. Its doesn't flow together and each part does not compliment eachother.
Helmut Honkler
Helmut Honkler - 3 days ago
that flame shirt tho
Mr cs93
Mr cs93 - 3 days ago
dude whats with that sketch book HAHAH
The Horizon Technique
The Horizon Technique - 3 days ago
Luckily he could just Ctrl+Alt+z.
bunetoff - 3 days ago
Nate cannot be bothered for life but is still quite civil
Orbot Orfox
Orbot Orfox - 3 days ago
h3h3's younger brother
Aidan Leung
Aidan Leung - 3 days ago
Should have done a one star tattoo lmao
Echterfenderroten s
Echterfenderroten s - 4 days ago
4:38 Yeah, confront him with the negative reviews while he has a needle on your skin 😂
Madman0001 - 4 days ago
wtf when did summit1g work for Vice?
lankyGigantic - 4 days ago
Looks like this guy is just grumpy
TadhgMH - 4 days ago
This guy is Michael Cera reincarnated
anthony fantano as a fourteen year old
+Organic Alien I love your profile picture
Organic Alien
Organic Alien - 17 hours ago
anthony fantano as a fourteen year old he may as well be
TadhgMH - 19 hours ago
+anthony fantano as a fourteen year old Recently, he just awkwarded himself out of existence
anthony fantano as a fourteen year old
since when is Michael Cera dead
Mr mackerel Fishy
Mr mackerel Fishy - 4 days ago
Going to the worst brain surgeon in my area
Owler - 4 days ago
summit1g gets a tatoo
Rachel A
Rachel A - 4 days ago
I hate the editing of this video. What's with the 'old school' look?? This is a really good series idea, just poorly executed. I would love to watch this series from College Humor. Also, that tattoo looks like shit. The drawing did too though..
Kyle Mathew
Kyle Mathew - 4 days ago
Seriously though that tattoo is horrible
Leenor Lepcha
Leenor Lepcha - 4 days ago
“Relax, take a deep breath, like you’re giving birth”
Yeah that works, I mean everyone gives birth everyday randomly, just like breathing. So normal 😂😂
Eric Simons
Eric Simons - 4 days ago
Going for the Guy Fieri look I see
S M - 5 days ago
“So the negative reviews” while the guy has a needle over his skin
C R Y B A B Y - 5 days ago
He looks like Ethan without his loofa
Stefano Benvenutto
Stefano Benvenutto - 5 days ago
why did u use a 1 star review shirt?
Julien Hemmendinger
Julien Hemmendinger - 5 days ago
OOF the surfer is really messy. The waves look ok... the more i look at it, it looks like a dog surfing
holyfuckity101 - 5 days ago
You remind me of Ezra Koenig hahaha
Yakkup Arturo
Yakkup Arturo - 5 days ago
We give ourselves tattoos what you on about with this
Diezel D
Diezel D - 5 days ago
According to his shirt.. the tattoo can't be any worse
Diezel D
Diezel D - 5 days ago
Rabbit Mangano
Rabbit Mangano - 5 days ago
If you think thats a good tattoo then you obv don't know what quality work looks like. That's scratcher work...One tattoo artist to another. Just sayin.
Carr Kknob
Carr Kknob - 5 days ago
Alexandru Ilica
Alexandru Ilica - 6 days ago
dude I won't give this tard 1 star ! - WTF is with that tattoo .. looks like shit ! .are u fucking blind ! :)))
RizzaRy - 6 days ago
Quran Pittrell
Quran Pittrell - 6 days ago
Your face looks like the bagel off of sausage party
BigBurgerPedestrian !
BigBurgerPedestrian ! - 6 days ago
Dude that tat is actually pretty cool
BigBurgerPedestrian !
BigBurgerPedestrian ! - 6 days ago
You deserve way more subs for doing this. Something that is literally going to be with you forever that isn’t even guaranteed to be even decent? Your considered a legend in my eyes friend
Abimael Rivera
Abimael Rivera - 6 days ago
The fact that he has the same haircut he got from the 1 star barber
Etan Plan
Etan Plan - 6 days ago
That tattoo, is GARBAGE. I’m sorry 😂
Etan Plan
Etan Plan - 6 days ago
He’s clearly a heavy drinker.
MurderAndPie - 6 days ago
That tattoo was kinda bad
Millionaire Mans Club
Millionaire Mans Club - 6 days ago
Taji is Vice punching bag
Lauren James
Lauren James - 6 days ago
Couldn’t tell you what that tattoo was supposed to be though
Lauren James
Lauren James - 6 days ago
At least he has a proper tattoo chair.
Dr Greenthumb
Dr Greenthumb - 6 days ago
i swear these shit people you go to for stuff must get so much clout and customers from this lool ur making them famous
PL_M BaconBoi
PL_M BaconBoi - 6 days ago
I like the bird, how do you feel like bird’s
Bird’s are cool, they fly. Seagull
PL_M BaconBoi
PL_M BaconBoi - 6 days ago
No u
dh 2144
dh 2144 - 6 days ago
This tattoo looks too busy and dark IMO.
GummeBear - 6 days ago
I'm sorry but that ain't it chief. that tatoo is a 2 star. looks like a guy riding a jet ski around a geiser.
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