Christine and the Queens - 5 dollars (Official Music Video)

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cat isabella
cat isabella - 12 hours ago
Un petit air d' "American Gigolo" avec Richard Gere, belle re-creation Christine !
Lilou Carrasco
Lilou Carrasco - 18 hours ago
Dire à un garçon quand elle est nu
Pamela Rubio
Pamela Rubio - Day ago
I'm like So gay for her woww!😭💞💞
Pretty Reckless
Pretty Reckless - Day ago
5 dullurs
incroyable Chris ! woow
Gold Striae
Gold Striae - Day ago
Eddie redmayne?
TurnerN4tor500 - Day ago
she looks like Steven Stiffler
Gerry Francis
Gerry Francis - Day ago
I like this vid. Looks like me in the morning.
Jessica Taghap
Jessica Taghap - Day ago
This is increasingly becoming one of my favorite songs on the album. Love how the concept is a combo of the opening scene from "Pope of Greenwich Village" and the 'It's showtime, folks!' triptych from "All That Jazz"
Every absent-minded day
I let myself carried away
Then you get five dollars, baby blues, five dollars baby
Kneeling down for all they cared
You let them pay and went ahead
It is still five dollars, baby blues, five dollars baby
Five dollars, baby blues, five dollars baby
You’re eager and unashamed
I grieve by dying every night, baby
Prove them wrong when you get five dollars
You’re eager and unashamed
I don’t think the race is over, baby
Prove them wrong when you get five dollars
Five dollars, baby blues, five dollars baby
Some of us just had to fight
For even being looked at right
Then you get five dollars, baby blues, five dollars baby
Pockets full and dried eyes
It turns me on because it’s timed
Now throw me five dollars baby blues, five dollars baby
Throw me five dollars baby blues, five dollars baby
Throw me five dollars baby blues, five dollars baby
You’re eager and unashamed
I grieve by dying every night, baby
Prove them wrong when you get five dollars
You’re eager and unashamed
I don’t think the race is over, baby
Prove them wrong when you get five dollars
Oh, you’re eager and unashamed
I grieve by dying every night, baby
Prove them wrong when you get five dollars
Oh, you’re eager and unashamed
And I don’t think the race is over, baby
Prove them wrong when you get five dollars
Pocho M R
Pocho M R - 2 days ago
el chupete se le paso de la izquierda a la derecha
Robbie Stahly
Robbie Stahly - 2 days ago
Love this atm what a voice she's got!!!👍👌
Marco A Aleman
Marco A Aleman - 2 days ago
¿¿ ...M or F ??
Gareth Thomas
Gareth Thomas - 4 days ago
Aaaaaahhhhhh gay not gay, I don't care I just died happy
rosario smith
rosario smith - 4 days ago
So sexy babe hi from Rosie of the Bronx 🧡🖤🧡💛
anthony eynon
anthony eynon - 5 days ago
Striped down, fully dressed
ANDREW GRAHAM - 5 days ago
Love this , .😎😎😎
Sany0 - 5 days ago
whats with the rice krispy on her back ??
Main Drain Studios
Main Drain Studios - 5 days ago
sounds like typical pop music, sprinkled generously with some gender & sexuality-as-marketing.
Nina Wood
Nina Wood - 5 days ago
she's so amazing, I love her so much!
Caris Haring
Caris Haring - 6 days ago
This is my favourite at the moment. I believe the walker was written in French. I think it translates beautifully. Its poetry. Thankyou. From Christine. x
gaby marquez
gaby marquez - 6 days ago
Que sexy😎
ngita foriana
ngita foriana - 6 days ago
Je n'est comprends plus elle est devenue homme ?reponder moi Svp
Fi the Fiasco
Fi the Fiasco - 7 days ago
Chris is out there making everyone question their sexuality
Wendy Cordier
Wendy Cordier - 7 days ago
Probably the most attractive person ever. I feel sexually confused
jarvis alexandro
jarvis alexandro - 7 days ago
OUWW i love the boyish look in you
John Sheldon Fountain
John Sheldon Fountain - 7 days ago
5 dollars. great
ding dong
ding dong - 8 days ago
If lesbians are attracted to women why do 90% og lesbians try and look, dress and behave 100% like a man. Clearly if your attracted to something that looks like a guy then you are attracted to a guy.
Also if lesbians want to become a man so badly why not go the whole 9 yards and crop those titties, take testosterone, head down to the gym and change your nane to john or something. The way i see it is just because you are a lesbian does not mean you need to shun the female form. Those of you that try and imitate men are not really lesbian your more transgender.
ding dong
ding dong - 8 days ago
This song is a copy of Sister of pearl by Baio released 2015.
Susie C
Susie C - 8 days ago
3:03... She reminds me of Eddie redmayne
fabrice Prenten
fabrice Prenten - 8 days ago
J'adore sa gestuelle et sa diction découpée
Sigmatic Nope
Sigmatic Nope - 8 days ago
Like, I thought watching the video after hearing this on the radio so many times would make the song make sense. Still very confused!
Julien descouvemont
Julien descouvemont - 8 days ago
Je l’aime tellement , c’est ce que j’appelle une artiste , tout est là 😍👌 j’aimerai tellement la voir en concert
Arynae - 9 days ago
Une heure que je regarde le clip en boucle. Quelle femme, quelle voix, quelle réalisation.
Quilichini Stan
Quilichini Stan - 9 days ago
Tu déchire ma chris je suis fans trop beau clip
MM - 9 days ago
I love everything about this and Chris, MORE LGBTQ+ ROLE MODELS LIKE THIS love love love. makes me feel more comfortable in my own skin x
maxine murphy
maxine murphy - 10 days ago
God I love this girl! A true star ❤️❤️
paul clark
paul clark - 10 days ago
bet all that strap on gear cost more than 5 dollars :-)
I want to die
I want to die - 10 days ago
this is the funniest shit?? like there’s no particular reason for it to be this funny it just is???
Mirte Verhaert
Mirte Verhaert - 10 days ago
ah yes, I'm still very bi
Gill Adams
Gill Adams - 11 days ago
I love Christine ❤️x
Jules Enocks
Jules Enocks - 11 days ago
She is just fantabulous!
MasterCreatorMarcel - 11 days ago
5 dollars is what I am willing to give to my girlfriend for her birthday
fuckoffsylvia - 11 days ago
A proud gay was here ;)
superdeluxesmell - 11 days ago
She tries too hard.
Red-Son - 11 days ago
I love how I can't really tell what she's saying
Sheena Gray
Sheena Gray - 11 days ago
This song is great I love it cheers me up
Ernesto Palomino Pérez
Ernesto Palomino Pérez - 11 days ago
I thought It said "fight those baby blues"...
John Nimbus
John Nimbus - 12 days ago
Not often a new(ish) artist comes along that makes you sit up and pay attention. Something special here. Reminding me of the excitement and curiosity I felt when I first heard Kate Bush or Bjork.
The One
The One - 12 days ago
This gives me a 80s vibe
p raychtock
p raychtock - 12 days ago
J’aurais preferé 5 dols
MrAlexandermitchell - 12 days ago
Finally a proper artist to watch and listen too
She’s brilliant
Ria Gaviola
Ria Gaviola - 12 days ago
I am not sure if this is the cortrct term but gosh! She is handsome! I am attracted
Diego veira martinez
Diego veira martinez - 13 days ago
Terrill Maxwell
Terrill Maxwell - 13 days ago
Isabelle Taranne
Isabelle Taranne - 13 days ago
Isabelle Taranne
Isabelle Taranne - 13 days ago
Anna WAYWEGO - 14 days ago
Tonight a lot of straight women are questioning their sexuality after watching Christine in this video. 😂
Anna WAYWEGO - 14 days ago
Apart from Annie Lennox- never seen another woman look so sharp in a suit.
Anna WAYWEGO - 14 days ago
Talent, different and so gorgeous-strong I love how self assured she is. Love her songs
May Animates
May Animates - 14 days ago
Is it just me or is the tune, the voice and the singer name a rip off of marina and the diamonds
Christine and the queens? What?
Marose - 14 days ago
She reminds me of Mylene Farmer a lot.
emilykodd - 14 days ago
casually low key would like to be devoured by her
EVM - 15 days ago
Want you sister :)
jamie holmes it takes years of experiences
everytime five dollers gets mentioned im looking on the ground,radio at work lol☺
Sophia Roughley
Sophia Roughley - 16 days ago
Is this a man or a woman
Darren Ward
Darren Ward - 16 days ago
Incredibly talented
Hidandcey Cats
Hidandcey Cats - 16 days ago
A boy or girl
Rhiannon Hicks
Rhiannon Hicks - 16 days ago
Love your songs
Dave Batten
Dave Batten - 16 days ago
Cool song!
cat isabella
cat isabella - 17 days ago
The Chris version of Richard Gere 's "American Gigolo".... Well done frenchy !
cr electrical
cr electrical - 17 days ago
5 dolls baby
Jill Siegel
Jill Siegel - 17 days ago
Almost a dead ringer for Eddie Redmayne in the suit. Love the video!
Lex C
Lex C - 17 days ago
C'est marrant cette mode pour les nanas de se déguiser en pré-pubert de 3eme.
Pourtant les mecs au collège sont rarement au mieux de leur charme.
aleks 430
aleks 430 - 17 days ago
Great song.
Crap video (ie. she looks and acts silly)
Lara Thierry
Lara Thierry - 18 days ago
Wow I'm in love ...
Charlie Brown
Charlie Brown - 18 days ago
Great retro sound. Takes me straight back to the eighties!
nathalie latard
nathalie latard - 18 days ago
J'adore, grande artiste, homme ou femme, black or white, don't care, j'adore votre univers. Bises.
chezzylee - 18 days ago
5 doors.... 5 dogs lol
Jonathan Garland
Jonathan Garland - 19 days ago
Its prolly coz I'm drunk and high but anyone else get the Davies Bowie vibe from how she dances plus she kinda looks like a female Bowie.
Jonathan Garland
Jonathan Garland - 19 days ago
Love it!
L Carlson
L Carlson - 19 days ago
Don't know why there are so many hateful comments. I really liked the song and think that she is visually stunning and I'm 65, female and straight. She is beautiful. Saw them on Stephen Colbert tonight and thought WOW.
David C
David C - 19 days ago
This sounds like the Cocteau Twins - not a bad thing!
JAnthony Pagan
JAnthony Pagan - 20 days ago
Dude, the worst song I have ever heard in my life.
AISLING LYONS - 20 days ago
i thought i was a straight girl....until now..........
KittyFooFo0 - 20 days ago
Five dollah me love you long time!
Brenton Sandercock
Brenton Sandercock - 20 days ago
I love this song...Very original
za zaouz
za zaouz - 21 day ago
se masculinalise de plus en plus Waouh.
Zechariah 12:10
Zechariah 12:10 - 21 day ago
Good sound, but the lyrics are the worst ever - very stupid! How do you figure it has an intelligent meaning? She is a sadomasochistic prostitute according to this song and video. She's got bruises on her, she's dressed up like a prostitute Etc the lyrics suck. The sound of the music is quite compelling, however her voice sounds nice, and the way she put together the sounds of the electronic instruments AKA synthesizers is very good.
Zechariah 12:10
Zechariah 12:10 - 20 days ago
+N R how is it intelligent? She is a sadomasochistic prostitute in this video and the lyrics are really stupid. She is getting $5 to perform a sexual act according to the lyrics. If I'm wrong, tell me how I'm wrong, because I really want to enjoy the song, because I actually like the way it sounds.
N R - 20 days ago
Zechariah 12:10 it’s actually an intelligent meaning when you think about and really listen to the lyrics
dontjudgeme - 21 day ago
I do not understand at all
DoItYourQUOI? - 21 day ago
Habillée à la fin, elle ressemble à Eddie Redmayne en Newt Scamander
Spartan.F Albion
Spartan.F Albion - 21 day ago
Bonus points for being barefooted and FIT.
Val Brindilles
Val Brindilles - 22 days ago
Audace quand tu nous tiens ! 😍
jayni tremaine
jayni tremaine - 22 days ago
Absolutely LOVE THIS !!! everything about this x fantastico !
Rocco P
Rocco P - 23 days ago
I wish this song would make it in the USA cause I dig it 🤘
Marc Lawrence
Marc Lawrence - 23 days ago
Most exciting song I've heard in a long time. This talented young woman should become a big star if there is any justice in the world.
L'Unique Blanciane
L'Unique Blanciane - 23 days ago
cet individu fait beuger ma sexualité
Christelle poullé
Christelle poullé - 23 days ago
Je ne peux plus arrêter de l'écouter, je l'ai en boucle ... Cette chanson est sublime, son univers , le rythme, l'émotion qu'elle transmet... Sans compter la beauté artistique du clip et Chris est d'une telle beauté... Je la trouve sublime
Ron Mc
Ron Mc - 23 days ago
Thats how much i paid here to suck the farts outta her arse
Andy Paxford
Andy Paxford - 23 days ago
Brilliant catchy tune to whislte too !
Dries De Vreeze
Dries De Vreeze - 23 days ago
Beautiful production. But those baby blues lyrics...
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