Rebuilding A Wrecked Ferrari 458 Spider Part 12

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Alejandro Gamboa Lidรณn
why no make a cabine pinture??
Dana Muise
Dana Muise - 22 days ago
did they wet sand at all?
Peter Hansen
Peter Hansen - Month ago
To reduce the risk of dust, simply pour some water on the floor so it is all wet.
Edgar Milson
Edgar Milson - Month ago
I goofed, they were taped off.
Edgar Milson
Edgar Milson - Month ago
Why were the headlights not taped off before painting? Just wondering.
Andrew Sauber
Andrew Sauber - Month ago
Amazing job!!!!
John Derek Mitchell
John Derek Mitchell - Month ago
I know this is an older vid. but I would like to see y'all take this and the Lambo to an Exotic Dealership and get their opinions. From where I sit they look great but Video doesn't pick up some nuances.
smallengineperson 14
smallengineperson 14 - Month ago
Why wouldnโ€™t you wet the floors it would of kept all the trash out of yours paint or at least 90% of it
Jesus Morales
Jesus Morales - Month ago
Super cninjones. estos 2 cnamacos ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
Austin Tirado
Austin Tirado - Month ago
yo am i the only person that noticed when they taped the headlight they made their own tape headlight lol
pangrac1 - Month ago
You forget to wet the ground against air dust.
pangrac1 - Month ago
I put fine line first and then put masking tape. Its better because masking tape doesnt obstruct cleanlines of lines I want to achieve.
Fabio 90
Fabio 90 - Month ago
_Underscore_ - Month ago
A guy ask to Goonzquad: "what kind of plaisure do you have when you work on a butifull car?"
Goonzquad : "well..."
Me: " 15:14 " *seeing an erection* ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
Louis Greenberg
Louis Greenberg - Month ago
you know how to spray great hands
Kevan Banngertir
Kevan Banngertir - Month ago
is he wearing the correct type of respirator for painting?
Philip Wark
Philip Wark - Month ago
4:30 water in the tank?
Lindolfo Vega
Lindolfo Vega - Month ago
Damm best videos ever I love way you work cars and everything greetings from Brownsville Texas
Ryan Matson
Ryan Matson - Month ago
Ferrari looks dope!!
BLOODxNxGUTS - Month ago
Masking tape on left hand headlight made me chuckle ๐Ÿคฃ
Alley Builds
Alley Builds - Month ago
you guys really need to rent a booth when you paint, there is so mush dust and dirt in the paint.
curtis wilcock
curtis wilcock - Month ago
Wow ๐Ÿคฉ that combo between the carbon fiber and paint work is amazing love the how the lines of the body contours along with the carbon fiber
Mark David
Mark David - 2 months ago
Oh that how I paint as well...I never bother to wet the floor to keep dust down...and plastic sheets to separate the rest of the garage from the area you paint in would also be a waste of time and money!.....lololololol
Stammer Garage
Stammer Garage - 2 months ago
Wow! Such wonderful work!
Goonermike67 - 2 months ago
Spray painting should be fine in an oven,.
Aqwa matin
Aqwa matin - 2 months ago
Banyok kecek menate nie
fuelbasti - 2 months ago
Impressive Job! But are you not concered about particles in the air due to the ofen?
raed ameen
raed ameen - 2 months ago
You must use a special room to paint cars
Steve L.
Steve L. - 2 months ago
i gotta say, the reason i like this channel better than other build channels is that you actually wash your cars regularly and your shop/garage is always in order. Call it OCD but man, i HATE that B is for build's stuff always looks cheap and poorly done. They dont half ass things but they def 3/4 ass things over there. Keep doin thing right guys, it shows
ADN MULTIMEDIA LLC - 2 months ago
Damn thatโ€™s looking cleaner than TJs lol
Erik Eklund
Erik Eklund - 2 months ago
When painting you should not wiggle the pain gun!
Keep it level to the surface!
This makes the material go on evenly! Saves material and the result will be better!
The algorithm
The algorithm - 2 months ago
Too bad you can't paint new tread on those bald @$$ tires. That's at least a couple grand worth of rubber. Worth it though.
Nicholas Villeneuve
Nicholas Villeneuve - 2 months ago
Is that the stock bumper?
ูŠุญูŠู‰ ุณุนูŠุฏ
Its become amazing
Aaron Lewis
Aaron Lewis - 2 months ago
So with your new shop are you guys gonna implement your own Paint Booth?
1992Hoffman - 2 months ago
Looks good fellas ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ!!!
Ian Silva
Ian Silva - 2 months ago
@7:20 a ref to Gary food review! If you know you know!
Dravvis Sanders
Dravvis Sanders - 2 months ago
Please do an old-school muscle car restoration
Dravvis Sanders
Dravvis Sanders - 2 months ago
Make those tv restoration shows look like chumps
Robin de Graaf
Robin de Graaf - 2 months ago
Tbh that primer gray looked sick on the rarri ๐Ÿ‘€
Baning in Cali
Baning in Cali - 2 months ago
No sleep... this is really a ultimate dedication to finish this Sick and Amazing Ferrari. Great job Goonz!!!
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom - 2 months ago
Nobody: Goonzquad 2034: Rebuilding F-16
Jordan Scott
Jordan Scott - 2 months ago
U should buy a paint gun light they work awsome. And dont got to have a flashlight in your hand hahahaha
Jeff supercars
Jeff supercars - 2 months ago
Just started watching the channel keep up the great work ๐Ÿ‘
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom - 2 months ago
Love the spray job looks nice
Kurt Andres
Kurt Andres - 2 months ago
20:12 in the down plinth you can see thats not a "perfect paint match" guys, you are working with a ferrari, I know about paint and me and you guys know that painting the down plinth, the roof and the back roof is not more than 2 hours of work, so why you just dont do the things the perfect way?
Socalfun - 2 months ago
Who paints a freakin Ferrari in a garage? Im kinda in disbelief actually. I think it would be worth it to wait for the actual paint booth to be available but maybe thats just me, lol.
tootoofan55 - 2 months ago
Where do you purchase your paint prep items from! Like the plastic you use to cover the car and the shop!
Blake Detelich
Blake Detelich - 2 months ago
im interested as to know why you guys didnt wet down the floor for when you guys went to paint it? Is that like something you dont have to do with the paint spray machine you guys have?
binlagin - 2 months ago
music :(
BigTymin - 2 months ago
Damn, what an amazing job
Clerklier Brush0
Clerklier Brush0 - 2 months ago
Didn't want to sweep mop the garage???
collin vanderzee
collin vanderzee - 2 months ago
I wonder why they have not made another video on the custom super car
collin vanderzee
collin vanderzee - 2 months ago
I am not a mechanic but my best idea is to run a diagnostics test on the Honda s2000 with the engine in the car
XqeDiosXqe - 2 months ago
Those 575 dislikes were from haters and Ferrari's dealers and rich boys that can't even change a flat tire.
XqeDiosXqe - 2 months ago
My favorite part of all is that pepperoni pizza from
Little ceazer's.
Dean Christie
Dean Christie - 2 months ago
becarefull with that open flame and painting fumes.
MarcTrahan1 Gacha
MarcTrahan1 Gacha - 2 months ago
You got the bumpers but you still got the factory exsost tips
David Lively
David Lively - 2 months ago
Looks great, but if I spent $700 on clear coat, I'd wait a few days for the paint booth to be available before applying it.
nuclearpalsy - 2 months ago
koos swart
koos swart - 2 months ago
Love the spray job looks nice
620 Media
620 Media - 2 months ago
You guys are absolutely killing it๐ŸคŸ๐Ÿป the dedication and hard work is definitely paying off๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ
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