Funny Cricket Fielding Moments - Try not to Laugh Challenge!

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A7 Cricket
A7 Cricket - Year ago
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rk mishra
rk mishra - 19 days ago
Ashwyn North
Ashwyn North - Month ago
No fuck u
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Sumit dhiman
Sumit dhiman - 14 hours ago
Ye Pakistani suwer bhi aa gye bc
Sarthak Dadhichi
Sarthak Dadhichi - Day ago
Darshan Kp
Darshan Kp - 2 days ago
Dhoni ke photo dalake keseke video dikaya
KAMAL BISWAL - 4 days ago
1:30 langar laga hai kya?
fact pro
fact pro - 4 days ago
3:22 watch in 25x speed ..
Then you can convince his afford .... Little mistake become fun .
Manoj Kashyap
Manoj Kashyap - 4 days ago IS SHAKTI...A MUST WATCH
shinto Thomas
shinto Thomas - 5 days ago
shoib Malik awesome fielding
6 Minutes Crafts
6 Minutes Crafts - 5 days ago
Last one😑😑😮😕
Jyoti Khandelwal
Jyoti Khandelwal - 5 days ago
So funny. ...............
Maya Sooklall
Maya Sooklall - 7 days ago
Maya Sooklall
Maya Sooklall - 7 days ago
Maya Sooklall
Maya Sooklall - 7 days ago
Maya Sooklall
Maya Sooklall - 7 days ago
Arun Kumar
Arun Kumar - 7 days ago
Steve Waugh 😂
Gunje Rajender
Gunje Rajender - 7 days ago
Ajmal gadu fixing
Mayur Parmar
Mayur Parmar - 7 days ago
This is known as a so called bad luck 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😅😅😅😅😅😅😅
Akhilesh Meena A.B
Akhilesh Meena A.B - 8 days ago
Dhoni Dhoni Dhoni.......................................
Akhilesh Meena A.B
Akhilesh Meena A.B - 8 days ago
Dhoni is a great player in the cricket team
Pooja Srivastava
Pooja Srivastava - 8 days ago
Deepika deepi
Deepika deepi - 8 days ago
I forgot to subscribe
Amresh Kumar
Amresh Kumar - 9 days ago
Jiske liye yha aaye wo toh hai hi nhi
Arun567 Vijayan
Arun567 Vijayan - 9 days ago
ഹായ് പൊട്ടൻ ശ്രീശാന്ത്
Ashwani Jaiswal
Ashwani Jaiswal - 9 days ago
Pakistani sale chutiye😂😂😂
Irfan Meraj
Irfan Meraj - 9 days ago
The scene of 3:00 is toooo much funny 😂
Daveedu N
Daveedu N - 10 days ago
What's that song played at the end ?
Cricketology - 10 days ago
Watch and Subscribe:
mystery world
mystery world - 11 days ago
Pigeon one is not funny one
# beingkabaddian
# beingkabaddian - 11 days ago
aditya choudhary
aditya choudhary - 11 days ago
that pakstani bowler was chucking
ricardo francis
ricardo francis - 11 days ago
I tell myself cant be the worst if WI ain't there 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂saved for last
manoj Jimulia
manoj Jimulia - 11 days ago
Aur Pakistan ko kashmir chaiye
INVICTA Language
INVICTA Language - 12 days ago
Why is it Pakistan all the time 🤔
Ravi Pratap Pandey
Ravi Pratap Pandey - 12 days ago
2:02 he just look like as a ............
Fill in the blanks .
Ravi Bachhav
Ravi Bachhav - 13 days ago
Pakistani team funny comedy team
sahil attri
sahil attri - 13 days ago
Ajmal hahahaha
basharat ali
basharat ali - 13 days ago
very fuuny
Sheela Parihar
Sheela Parihar - 14 days ago
In 7minute 6 second bating india
Rajesh Chinnala
Rajesh Chinnala - 15 days ago
Watching 2019 #oct4
Watson lbw
Sriram Narayanan
Sriram Narayanan - 15 days ago
That pigeon thing is not funny though 😕
Saharanpur Tak news
Saharanpur Tak news - 15 days ago
Michel Clark my favorite player
Kabeer rana Rana g
Kabeer rana Rana g - 15 days ago
Pradeep Suryavanshi
Pradeep Suryavanshi - 16 days ago
The last one is like a zombie attack on field
Shivank Tyagi
Shivank Tyagi - 16 days ago
Maja nahi aaya
Tridip Bhattacharya
Tridip Bhattacharya - 17 days ago
Patta se nunu shot
Ankur Aadeshara
Ankur Aadeshara - 19 days ago
1:30 😂😂
guruprasad YM
guruprasad YM - 19 days ago
9.04 , ball hit the bird and it died and crowds are cheering........Disgusting people.😣
All Highlight
All Highlight - 19 days ago
Best catches - 2019
Vaishali Kopnar
Vaishali Kopnar - 20 days ago
Very funny
Malik Zaman
Malik Zaman - 20 days ago
Last one hahahha
HABIB KHAN - 20 days ago
really funny 😄
The Crazy Creator
The Crazy Creator - 21 day ago
Shubham Sinha
Shubham Sinha - 22 days ago
Only the bad thing about this video is 9:29 🙁
Sandela Sanjeev
Sandela Sanjeev - 24 days ago
So funny 😁😁😁😁
Murthy Mur
Murthy Mur - 24 days ago
Very good
Siddhartha - 25 days ago
My mum is really love Pakistan feeling - 25 days ago
Prajwal Basnet
Prajwal Basnet - 26 days ago
Michel Clark nearly laugh at his own throw@@🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Prajwal Basnet
Prajwal Basnet - 26 days ago
Saeed ajmal the funniest one :: What are you doing 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
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