Casually Explained: Travel

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Noah Henderson
Noah Henderson - 4 hours ago
"seperate your coloreds from your whites" GOD I LOVE THIS TYPE OF HUMOR
Too bad you would be labeled as a racist today on Twitter and be fired 8 hours later.
Chona Castillo
Chona Castillo - 12 hours ago
6:42 Yooo that was genius
Nicolas Marazuela
Nicolas Marazuela - 2 days ago
speaking english in russia:
customs: xaxaxaxaxaxa
eodred di acquaneve
eodred di acquaneve - 2 days ago
Oh yes, we are a guilt based society
Philip Cleres
Philip Cleres - 3 days ago
You just reminded me how horrible American Airlines are...
Nigerian Girl
Nigerian Girl - 3 days ago
I hope I never have to see just this depiction of Africa again. sigh
Galaxy - 3 days ago
4:55 really pushing that Africa is a trash place huh even tho the cities there are better looking than nyc
Alicia - 3 days ago
Your videos are just so damn great.
Eli Le Fevre
Eli Le Fevre - 3 days ago
This aged well.
SaamonRoe - 5 days ago
the Anne Frank joke made me pause the video
rekany - 5 days ago
The wage gap one got me ngl
DNB 8 - 6 days ago
3:21 oh yeah I'm feeling that. Always, if you don't do that you're doing something wrong on your flight.
Sarrah the Explorer
Sarrah the Explorer - 6 days ago
out of curiosity, which country in Northern African did you stop in?
Pearle - 7 days ago
"who you wanna do, uh, what you wanna do"
*looks at computer* *types* Do other countries find Canadian accents hot?
XD so much lol right now
Psyfuentez - 8 days ago
Oh nice you were a block away from me and I didn’t even know lol
Railgun Gaming
Railgun Gaming - 9 days ago
"Level 5 Duolingo" 😂😂😂😂😂
Vicente Aguilera
Vicente Aguilera - 9 days ago
you could have driven to seattle and had time to spare
The Creepy Cuck
The Creepy Cuck - 9 days ago
Where and who you wanna do
Yeah i go to thailand for “the culture”
Nick Maille
Nick Maille - 10 days ago
take a shot for every innuendo.
TheMagnificentPony - 10 days ago
Go to Lithuania and try not to starve just with English you pampered prick.
Hannah - 14 days ago
Love that casual diss on air Canada because we all know it’s true
ST. Cloud
ST. Cloud - 15 days ago
Manitoba Canada here,
post your general location below!
Bravo Wong
Bravo Wong - 15 days ago
1:27 Who and what you want to do, uhh, what you want to do....
Wicked Man
Wicked Man - 15 days ago
He almost broke character this time around lol
Donovan D
Donovan D - 16 days ago
I lived in South Korea for a year and it was pretty fun. The military can be a pain but the cheap alcohol made it worthwhile
Mic_Glow - 17 days ago
One of my dream destinations is Japan. I know women there are unshaven but I'm not wearing braces so it shouldn't be a problem.
Mr M
Mr M - 20 days ago
After watching so many of your videos I realized your low-key racist
John Paul
John Paul - 21 day ago
that last joke had me on the floor
Tristen Arctician
Tristen Arctician - 22 days ago
1:57 Gordon *FEETman*
Yolanda - 26 days ago
You're too funny. And thanks for sharing the twitch channel! Would love to sit in sometime.
Chris! W
Chris! W - 26 days ago
hey u should get back on twitch
Bungy Booce
Bungy Booce - 27 days ago
“Trying to reattach a 20000 horse power turbine with fucking scotch double sided.” lmaooo😭
Kyle Collins
Kyle Collins - 28 days ago
That TSA joke didn’t age well. (June 2020)
Thomas - 28 days ago
This hits differently during the present time
Gustavo Dutra
Gustavo Dutra - 29 days ago
JcSpain - Month ago
Maybe you need to stop being ignorant and learn other languages 🧐
Jesse Groomes
Jesse Groomes - Month ago
Touchscreens at McDonald’s
bananas stuff
bananas stuff - Month ago
0:31 bean water
Liviu Valache
Liviu Valache - Month ago
All I learned : if something is big, it must be important
SCW - Month ago
I think this video needs an update for the 2020 version
Nerfi Mcnerfnerf
Nerfi Mcnerfnerf - Month ago
Remember when we were able to travel freely?
Sam Burton
Sam Burton - Month ago
Moritz Bödeker
Moritz Bödeker - Month ago
I don't speak English natively. I'm not even that good at speaking English. So there's that.
Ant Dem
Ant Dem - Month ago
caught me out w the anne frank one ngl
李智 - Month ago
Air Canada may not be there after the pandemic
helphelp11 - Month ago
2:51 Why not just take a nonstop flight from Bellingham? Should be cheaper because you’re not crossing the border. (Yes, I know it’s the 31st of May, 2020, so?) And yes, Air Canada does suck.
alto accountin
alto accountin - Month ago

Zenok'oo - Month ago
The casually explained character: **goes to France**
Also him: so anyway i'm broke now
Well he do spittin' facts tho
battletoads22 - Month ago
My favorite bit was when you nonchalantly cracked the code to sounding confident: actually having something to talk about.
Vered Thacker
Vered Thacker - Month ago
"We actually landed there quite smoothly.
that absolutely SENT ME🤚🤚🏻🤚🏽😭😭😭
cityraildude - Month ago
Ah yes, back in the days when international travel was a thing
Joran van den berg
Joran van den berg - Month ago
Did that guy just say 'stroopwafel'?
Rohan Baidya
Rohan Baidya - Month ago
6:20 - attaching 20 000 hp turbine with scotch double sided .. lol
Dfuentes601 - Month ago
50 pesos is like 2 bucks which is pretty cool
fuba - Month ago
Stop calling the USA america, Canada is north america too
Yura Re’tord
Yura Re’tord - Month ago
Bruh youre sense of humor is shocking
PewDiePíe 1
PewDiePíe 1 - Month ago
4:00 lmaooooooooooooo
tharo - Month ago
Air canada is such a bad airline almost all of the flights I had with them were always delayed or had some sort of technical difficulties
Giorno Giovanna
Giorno Giovanna - Month ago
We're gonna need separate instructions for 2020
éêè çïà
éêè çïà - Month ago
the french sentence @1:38 badly google translated
James Hoyt
James Hoyt - Month ago
American in France gaaang 😂
Ari Hobs
Ari Hobs - Month ago
Ayyyyy you're from Vancouver??? 👊🏻
habitatone - Month ago
I just went to japan for 2 weeks in march. Right before they realized that they can't host the olympics this year cuz corona. So the flight to japan was pretty empty, tokyo, subways and everything touristrelated wasn't crowded but barely anything was closed yet so that was really nice. The flight back was the same deal, i had a window seat and the row of seats was empty so i could stretch out, same for my wife which was sitting behind me. Best pandemic vacation ever xD
Craron - Month ago
Hallo alle Deutschen ! Die Amerikaner können durchschnittlich nichtmal 1 Fremdsprache
Diese Holköpfe xD
crazybrickstudios - Month ago
...I received not only an expired granola bar but (also) a *5$ Tim hortons voucher that I could use on any purchase 10$ and over”*

crazybrickstudios - Month ago
Bruh who brings a 50 BMG to an airport?

At least bring a 20mm Vulcan...
Spencer Paynter-Repay
Spencer Paynter-Repay - Month ago
Wait is casually explained from Victoria BC? Could
Spencer Paynter-Repay
Spencer Paynter-Repay - Month ago
Wait is casually explained from Victoria BC?
Spencer Paynter-Repay
Spencer Paynter-Repay - Month ago
Wait is casually explained from Victoria BC?
Cypher791 - Month ago
yah travel was nice.... ~,~
Moritz Tim Widmann
Moritz Tim Widmann - Month ago
That was great
Abduazim T
Abduazim T - Month ago
Exactly it’s so dumb how much other countries supermarket charge me just for speaking English it use to be 2 dollars know it’s 25 I’m not that rich my dudes
Hi There
Hi There - Month ago
2:05 not even a joke
GREEnACId Playz - Month ago
bro the air canada roast was too good
Theodor Martin
Theodor Martin - Month ago
“It’s AirCanada, that makes sense.”
I feel you... my flight out of Geneva was cancelled because the technician found something wrong with the plane. Had to stay for an extra night
Susej - Month ago
“You’ll be as poor as the people who live there” bro i relly felt that (4:35)
Edit: The time lol
Fail Tube
Fail Tube - Month ago
I see how you want to be funny but Anne Frank was born in Germany and spoke German and then she visited Auschwitz in Poland. Get ur facts together.
Zeno - Month ago
Went to Peru and regretted it. Not that the trip was bad, but I realized I hate traveling.
EH - Month ago
6:12 i genuinely thought you were cracking up which also almost made me crack up.
CreatureOfGoddess - Month ago
I spent my tutorial in lower tier regions of one of the green zones, so signed up for the free military expansion and got to explore the Panama canal zone.
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