Casually Explained: Travel

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Global Games
Global Games - 39 minutes ago
Yep totally come to the Netherlands: they don’t speak English in a VERRY funny Dutch accent or something 😅😂
Bmx LSD - Hour ago
4:25 yes yes my friend and the one guy said why I think
Char Char
Char Char - Hour ago
Duolingo. Ha that was grade 5 for me. Yes, I’m Canadian
random person
random person - 2 hours ago
Anne Frank did not visit Germany
Diamond Ocelot925
Diamond Ocelot925 - 13 hours ago
Megan Murty
Megan Murty - 21 hour ago
About the prices: it do be like that. when we were in Haiti they charged us a lot more than they charge the locals. They called it the crazy white people prices. I forgot how to say it in creole, but I know that it was a thing. we had to send in our Haitian friends to buy our food n stuff because i wasn’t about to pay 30 american bucks for a loaf of bread i was gonna eat in one sitting. it was good bread, but when they charge our buddies five bucks or less (depending on the negotiations), it hurts my feelings. i know they need to make a living and provide for their families somehow, but i went to that market with three bucks in my pocket because that’s what i had. i may be whiter than staring into the sun, but i don’t have money. i understand where they’re coming from completely, and i’d pay the thirty bucks if i had that much, but that’s a lil steep for a square foot of bread.
The mighty eagle
The mighty eagle - Day ago
5:03 r/madlad
Kre8 or
Kre8 or - 2 days ago
"glad to say we didn't crash into the fiery pits of hell, because we landed there safely"
S VdL - 2 days ago
I live in Belgium but when I was traveling to the US I drove to the Netherlands forst. It really surprised me, the AirPort was do Nice, then I arrived in Amerika and yes it was shocking
Fei_Ling Bob
Fei_Ling Bob - 2 days ago
The very hungry caterpillar. A truly cultured book for a truly cultured channel
DAN_THE_SWAG_MAN - 3 days ago
Imagine seeing your technician reattatch the engine with tape
-- - 3 days ago
The anne frank joke KILLED me
peter katogiannis
peter katogiannis - 3 days ago
Dude we Greeks have to learn at least 3 languages
Greek (duh)
German or French
Данил Катюбеев
Casuallyexpained: mentioned studying in french
Also casuallyexplained: has le chocolat flashbacks
Liiz Sem
Liiz Sem - 5 days ago
I'm going to Italy in March from Canada for two weeks.
SydneyPhotography2019 - 6 days ago
Omg HAHA! “You’ll be as poor as the people who live there”
Straight to the McDonald’s touch screens
SydneyPhotography2019 - 6 days ago
The thumbnail killed me 😂
“What’s she gonna do, put me in handcuffs?”
OH MY GOD the ending got me too!
Ian Doud
Ian Doud - 6 days ago
whats the music in the background?
Ian Doud
Ian Doud - 6 days ago
anyone else hear the music in the background?
jonathan outze
jonathan outze - 9 days ago
Actually germans are fucking horrible at english. DANES ON THE OTHER HAND ARE INCREDIBLE
Christopher Ramsey
Christopher Ramsey - 10 days ago
Tim Hortons..?
*Oh right. Canada.*
Ross Stern
Ross Stern - 14 days ago
“true or false, French women confess to their charms with the Canadian accent”
Ross Stern
Ross Stern - 14 days ago
this translation was brought to you by google translate, so i’m not 100% sure if the wording is correct, but it gets the point across
Devanox Radio
Devanox Radio - 15 days ago
25 cents 🤔 let that sink in..........his videos are funny but has facts behind them just medz him.
RAPTOR 9920 - 16 days ago
Laughs in Metric system
Russian Chihuahua
Russian Chihuahua - 16 days ago
RAPTOR 9920 lol
Solriak - 17 days ago
Yo, you went to cancun
GoatsFTW - 19 days ago
You missed one thing. Nobody does only speak his or hear native language. Almost everyone, in europe at least, speaks english too. To only speak one language, english, is bad.
Scott Nope
Scott Nope - 19 days ago
To real for California
Orome - 20 days ago
I used to love traveling. I've done the whole living abroad thing, trying to live as the locals do. But now that I travel frequently as a regular part of my job I absolutely hate it. Work travel has ruined travel for me. Now I have all these airline and hotel points and could travel for free (if I actually had the free time).
Cecil L
Cecil L - 20 days ago
Lol that airplane incident happened to me once. I was flying to Wisconsin for a job interview and while sitting on the runway ready to taxi, the pilot nonchalantly mentioned that we had to turn around and return to the terminal because an equipment malfunctioned on the plane. It took over an hour. I slept during that time but when I woke up I just kept thinking “man, if something was/is really wrong with this plane, that pilot sure didn’t give a crap” lol.
Armand Kabanga
Armand Kabanga - 22 days ago
I've lived in my home country for 4 years only... I'm 18 now
Space Camel
Space Camel - 22 days ago
The comedy on your videos is top tier my friend, keep it going!
Phos4us - 22 days ago
"Would you like anything from the menu?"
"No I'm just here to took at waitresses."
LowFlyer1200 - 23 days ago
Welcome to California, the fiery pits of hell state.
Brandon White
Brandon White - 23 days ago
You forget about psychedelic trips.
H2rogue - 23 days ago
I have probably seen you before cause I live in victoria to
Arthur J
Arthur J - 23 days ago
If you don’t wanna get kicked off of a plane, don’t be asian.
Mr_Bruh _Colin
Mr_Bruh _Colin - 24 days ago
Ok so I went to Paris and McDonald’s is like the only think I ate
Flames - 24 days ago
Uh I don’t think Germans are learning English because they need it for travel but because it’s the only way to communicate with everyone else once they establish another Reich
Charm - 24 days ago
Casually explained is from Vancouver? Cool
MacAutopsy - 24 days ago
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