BLOODSHOT - Official Trailer (HD)

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g._.speaks - 6 hours ago
Good thing I’m reading the comments before watching the trailer while contemplating watching the movie 😹 thanks
uhmeizuhngralphf05 - 6 hours ago
That's what the Bill Gates vaccine will do to you
muhammad nazim
muhammad nazim - Day ago
Only OG's know this movie has something to do with a game called Prototype
uhmeizuhngralphf05 - Day ago
What a racist movie putting stuff like this inside a human is slavery
Juice - Day ago
Thanks for the Movie.
I'll go watch the trailer now.
ahmad haikal
ahmad haikal - Day ago
Like Xiao Baichuan
BigDee - 2 days ago
such a shit movie
SheepDog - 2 days ago
This is your future folks. Predictive programming on evolving humanity into transhumanist entities.
Hope you lil kids get a clue.
The BG vaxx with nanotechnology is another giant step. 5G will then activate the vaxx programming.
Time is short folks.
Antony Marstyawan
Antony Marstyawan - 3 days ago
The trailer is the whole movie🤣
Webe Rumah
Webe Rumah - Day ago
So true! 😂
Mikhanator - 3 days ago
So Hulk, Terminator and Assassin's creed.
Adrian Metcalf
Adrian Metcalf - 5 days ago
*rubs eyes* Are you kidding me? You just spoiled the movie with the trailer?
Tweek Tweak
Tweek Tweak - 5 days ago
Was going to rent the movie but it looks like they posted it for free here. Good guy Sony.
Aly Allyy
Aly Allyy - 6 days ago
Just finished this movie was totally badass ,i love it,i think is best movie in 2020 i did watch
Aziz Somani
Aziz Somani - 6 days ago
this trailer is the whole movie Yes and its waste of time, no good action and movie ending wasn't good at all. never waste time to go and watch this movie. watch trailer 3 times and its whole movie lol
gourmetbanana - 6 days ago
Is this a remake of Universal Soldier?
Best Compilations On YouTube
Looks like concept is stolen from Deadpool.
achraf joundi
achraf joundi - 7 days ago
This movie is totally rip off on "memento"
Dylan Nicolas Sandoval Guillen
it's based on the COMIC BOOKS
Lil NewVillage
Lil NewVillage - 8 days ago
Saw this last night, from start to middle mark it was actually really good. But after than towards the end it was birdemic story-wise. I'd give the 2/3 of the movie a 8 out of 10 and the rest 1 out of 10.
FreedomWarrior - 9 days ago
So this movie is basically an exact copy of Universal Soldier but seems to be much worst. Good job!
Daniel Saviu
Daniel Saviu - 9 days ago
ele é o cara
Jay lt
Jay lt - 10 days ago
wtf pretty much watched the whole movie since the plot was ruined
David Star
David Star - 10 days ago
It looks like RoboCop meets Deadpool meets Doctor octopus????
I'll just wait for it to be on cable so I can record it and then never ever watch it 😂😂🤣😉
Femi Femi
Femi Femi - 10 days ago
Please where can I dawnload this movie
matthew ibrahim
matthew ibrahim - 10 days ago
I smell Robocop
Yolanda Tellez Gutierrez
Yolanda Tellez Gutierrez - 11 days ago
Released by Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc 2019
gamerboy kartik
gamerboy kartik - 11 days ago
Has anyone played a pc game called prototype 🤔🤔🤔
Dbiz Hustle
Dbiz Hustle - 12 days ago
0:50 who’s that fkn smoke show boys?
parth khanolkar
parth khanolkar - 13 days ago
But yeah. The movie wasn't bad
Laughing Wizzy
Laughing Wizzy - 13 days ago
In my most honest opinion, I don’t recommend watching this movie..... it’s legit boring
kartikeya sharma
kartikeya sharma - 12 days ago
I watched it just now.... And i think plot of movie is good but way of representation is way too poor..... And some dialogues keeps repeating... Just like " i will find you and kill you". He said this thrice in whole movie which is surely disappointing
Laughing Wizzy
Laughing Wizzy - 13 days ago
Why is everyone bitching crying and moaning this trailer showing the whole’s not! The movie is actually around 1 hour and a couple of minutes long. This trailer is only 2:26
Martin sd
Martin sd - 13 days ago
Sooo Crysis got a movie?
Malik Shahzaib Akhtar Awan
copy of deadpool
MD Hiron
MD Hiron - 14 days ago
I am so lucky that i already watched the movie
Kane Redview
Kane Redview - 15 days ago
This movie was lit y'all. Seriously. It's not the most innovative superhero movie of all time, but it has heart.
parth khanolkar
parth khanolkar - 13 days ago
Could've made it more like the comic
Laughing Wizzy
Laughing Wizzy - 13 days ago
No man don’t lie it was actually boring
THE TASTE PLAYER by Sam - 15 days ago
Just nice 2.5/5*, it's one like another story in english Sci-fi movies. Rs.100 ticket is worth to watch. not Rs. 350 or 500. Vin Diesel is ok in this movie, definitely you like Eiza Gnzlez as KT character. sweet and strong lady. No villain like thanos, no great story writing, no big character you remember long. The background music was cool. enjoy.
JulieBron GaMes
JulieBron GaMes - 15 days ago
Vin "White Tank Top" Diesel
Juniør Boi 10
Juniør Boi 10 - 15 days ago
That song in between the trailer ruined Boreee😏
Reaganation #
Reaganation # - 16 days ago
This movie is visually good but does not add any soul in the story, the last movie I watched before lockdown in my country 🤦‍♀️
Brother Parker
Brother Parker - 16 days ago
Forget the trailer & the comments: WATCH THIS MOVIE!!!
oñaleM -
oñaleM - - 16 days ago
Lila Alves
Lila Alves - 16 days ago
Esse filme tem em português?
Mitul Vadesha
Mitul Vadesha - 17 days ago
A single line comes to my mind after watching this film - " O bhai... Maro Mujhe Maro... "
gad abdat
gad abdat - 18 days ago
This trailer reminds me of Robocop.
Harsh Singh
Harsh Singh - 18 days ago
Just watched this movie, it's visually outstanding. Action sequences are well crafted and shot. VFX is awesome and color combinations like Red background in the tunnel scene was great.
Story is very predictable and also trailer spoils it all. This character has a lot of potential and I need a better story in the sequel.
Na dim
Na dim - 19 days ago
Dont watch it
Pukhtoon - 19 days ago
Movie is good
Windecku Mikey
Windecku Mikey - 20 days ago
Just seen the movie. It's too predictable and it's plot too thin, they should have done a good job of extracting more juice out of it! Like yo, you can literally predict what's gonna happen in the next sequence which dulls the experience. I had massive expectations after watching the trailer, but from a plot point of view, it was a TOTAL LETDOWN!! It started brilliantly though in Mombasa, Kenya!
Vin's character wasn't fleshed out adequately, they should have expounded on his character more. It's like they were almost in a hurry to get to the action scenes rather than craft a great story. Action ALONE CANNOT save a movie if the plot lacks conviction which this movie does. It doesn't move you at all, Vin's character doesn't move you that much!
Other characters aren't fleshed out properly as well.
The one great thing this movie does is the action sequences, particularly the TUNNEL FIGHT (loved the red & Blue ambiance) and the fight in the LIFTS!
I think they should remake this movie, it still has amazing potential (and it's sad they wasted a lot of it with this movie!) They just need a thicker and more full story plot, greater character development and more intense choreography with the fight scenes!
Windecku Mikey
Windecku Mikey - 18 days ago
@Abhishek Joshi True... Like Film is all about the visual, trying to explain everything through dialogue SLOWS DOWN the train. They started off brilliantly, I really loved the first scene... As for Vin, he has his specialties as an actor and his roles need to be very specific and narrow! But they just need to polish up on a lot of aspects and it would have been a great movie!
Abhishek Joshi
Abhishek Joshi - 19 days ago
Yeah the movie had potential but the flow of the story , unnecessary cuts , dialogues, and scenes made it look even worse with bad continuity and it to make any sense. I think Vin diesels acting was also underwhelming ,felt like he was in a constant mood which made the personality very shallow and dull.
SafeHouseMedia - 21 day ago
BiBi Villalpando
BiBi Villalpando - 21 day ago
trouble marvel then reign
KingZ - 21 day ago
This movie was so good. I loved the action. It's the start to a whole new "shared universe".
Subscribe Ea
Subscribe Ea - 22 days ago
Keren gayanya
John Cage
John Cage - 22 days ago
Vin diesel emotionless face and his (non) acting ruined this movie. Prove me wrong!
Shadow - 22 days ago
It has a big twist
WaRaJoKeR - 23 days ago
i dont even watch the trailers, i read the comments to see if a movie is worth watching, but this is full of idiots spoiling the movie
GermanYankeeFan1 - 6 days ago
I always read comments first! in this case it safed me from getting spoilert through the the trailer :D
Chief Beef
Chief Beef - 9 days ago
Some dumbasses... A lot of dumbasses even watch that movies explained channel before watching the movie. And are proud of it too. A lot of idiots on this planet.
Laughing Wizzy
Laughing Wizzy - 13 days ago
OlyMolly - 19 days ago
Comments under a movie trailer is the biggest spoiler of all tbh. Don't go to comments next time lol - I laugh because they are full of spoilers, meme references & complaints. Edit: To be safer, if you heard or know of a movie finally releasing, just go straight to watch it... Sometimes the trailer itself is the spoiler, & sometimes it's the people. I do this first then watch the trailer or people's (not paid critique) reviews about it.
The Movie God
The Movie God - 24 days ago
best movie 10/10.
rafie rusli
rafie rusli - 24 days ago
I just watched babylon AD, memory problems? 🤔
Trustspot - 24 days ago
IAM not an ad a man that helps who wants free netflex message me
UltimateSteevil - 25 days ago
Just saw this. It was a pretty damn decent action Sci-Fi. 8/10. I'd be keen for a trailer, since this is kind of an 'origin' movie (of course)
John Palmer
John Palmer - 26 days ago
Even Vin Diesel thought the editors of the film were stupid.
Tyler Doll
Tyler Doll - 26 days ago
great..i watched the trailer first
jama kefentse
jama kefentse - 26 days ago
this is just hardcore henry with vin diesel
Adeel Saleem
Adeel Saleem - 26 days ago
Once again, powerful character by my favorite VIN DIESEL, a real action her and fantastic role of co actors. Great production, editing, music, science fictions, and specially direction by Dave Wilson.
Adeel Saleem
Adeel Saleem - 26 days ago
If this concept becomes in real life, then the country that has this technology will lead all over the world by means of war, natural resources, and whatever they want, they can achieve it using this robotic bodies.
Adeel Saleem
Adeel Saleem - 26 days ago
Just watched the movie. What a fantastic idea and concept of using a deadboby to rebuild it for war purpose, inserting all types of data bases, reshaping him in case of any damages in body by antibody concept.
Irrellevant SZN
Irrellevant SZN - 27 days ago
if u guys play apex , the man is just like revenant brought back to life with technology , if this comment gets more likes i will go into more detail
Salvo daxter
Salvo daxter - 27 days ago
Why always same sounds effects
Fritz Cua
Fritz Cua - 28 days ago
I think youtube needs to put spoiler alert on trailers like this lol
Csongor Andras
Csongor Andras - 28 days ago
The whole plot was in this trailer. I'm actually happy that I saw the movie before this.
Genuino - 28 days ago
Eiza ❤️
Jaswati - 28 days ago
Nice summary, now I don't have to read the whole book.
Majin Studio
Majin Studio - 28 days ago
I fell like i have seen this done already before in another movie or something somewhere lol.
Jussara Valeria
Jussara Valeria - 28 days ago
top demais
ARCSTREAMS - 29 days ago
another trailer movie spoiler
elano souza
elano souza - 29 days ago
que top
Joao Da Silva
Joao Da Silva - 29 days ago
hahaha muito top
David Souza
David Souza - 29 days ago
top demais
Diego Santos
Diego Santos - 29 days ago
Joseph Cienega
Joseph Cienega - 29 days ago
This Movie was off the hook and the ending was Great it's own self.Great Movie Vin Diesel
Latasha Mcmiller
Latasha Mcmiller - 4 days ago
Thanks for a actual review
UltimateSteevil - 25 days ago
Agreed- it was great.
N A - 25 days ago
Agreed.. I really had low expectations. It was good. Even Vin was good in it.
Plebtile - 29 days ago
Well, guess I don't need to see the movie anymore.
Christopher T Miller
Christopher T Miller - Month ago
I felt cheated. If I saw this movie in theater first I would have never bought it . More money was spent on CGI then on bloodshot .I feel that Vin Diesel carried that movie if it was someone else the movie would been a total waste .
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