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Jacob White
Jacob White - 4 minutes ago
This is really the shit
terrance gibson
terrance gibson - Hour ago
The worst song i've ever heard, you aint country look how you were trying fake run through a pond and jump a tree.
keano stacy
keano stacy - Hour ago
Whoever keeps pissing him off and making him go this hard..keep it up!
lowerpower - Hour ago
2.8K Gillette Razor users voting this down
Lucas Long
Lucas Long - 2 hours ago
Damn Upchurch. The beat drops harder than my grades🔥🔥🔥
Drake Pospisil
Drake Pospisil - 2 hours ago
Love your raps church
Fishing The Southeast
Fishing The Southeast - 3 hours ago
mother fuckers always gon hate no matter if you rich poor redneck or yuppie just do you and screw the haters and that’s for everyone
Ira - 3 hours ago
Wish this track was longer! I Set it on repeat!
crappie fishing
crappie fishing - 3 hours ago
Been around a long time man all songs are good keep it up man so songs fire 🤘🇺🇸
Thomas Clay
Thomas Clay - 6 hours ago
That obs Chevy tho 😍
Backwoodsrebel - 7 hours ago
This shit is AWSOME! I listen to this song for the 50th time and it’s still isn’t old!🤘🏻
Samantha Barton
Samantha Barton - 8 hours ago
this is by far my favorite song by you, love ya man, keep up the good work and also katie noel, if u read this i love your work as well CHEATHAM !!!!! i stay in the sticks with the hicks and the fire arms u can hear my pipes all the way into the AM. love ya
James Springs
James Springs - 8 hours ago
My favorite song so far then again all his songs are my favorite
Outlaw Dippers11
Outlaw Dippers11 - 10 hours ago
Who has been with Upchurch since he started? i know i have and i got all his music in a playlist too! Love your music Upchurch keep up the great work! RHEC for life!
Matt_the_gamer22 - 10 hours ago
Greatest song ever to come to rap.
ZoRo CLIPZ - 11 hours ago
Church when’s the fire of a song gonna be on Spotify? 💯💪🏻
Georgia Roush
Georgia Roush - 11 hours ago
I can’t proses how you hate a song like this grow up and listen
Charles Lewis
Charles Lewis - 15 hours ago
Everyone go follow me I’m new on here 😂😂. Yo upchurch big fan man
Mike Wright
Mike Wright - 18 hours ago
And I almost drowned in the river where Hank said we could survive! Bringing the heaters
Ethan Snyder
Ethan Snyder - 19 hours ago
Any time I hear Church I'm ready for the liberals to start a revolt, best kind of target practice.
Alexis Price
Alexis Price - 19 hours ago
LE'RYN ALLEN - 20 hours ago
Meagan Marie
Meagan Marie - 21 hour ago
C H E A T H A M !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUMPINNNNNNNNNNNNNNN BROOOOOOOOO. FUCKING GET IT 🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼 #love this shit
Gregory farms
Gregory farms - 21 hour ago
My favorite song was should've named it after me now this one is my favorite
Misfit Blue
Misfit Blue - 22 hours ago
Cole Norris
Cole Norris - 22 hours ago
I'm not a big Chevy guy but church that step side is nasty,it's like you took the image iv had for my flare side
Blake Coposky
Blake Coposky - 23 hours ago
My speakers broke from cranking this to loud
alana baker
alana baker - 23 hours ago
When i get married to the boy im dating we are moving to the country
alana baker
alana baker - 23 hours ago
Fucking besttttttttttttttt songgggggggggggg everrrrrrrrrrrrr
Eric Holland
Eric Holland - 23 hours ago
church never stops grinding!! #RHEC
Mark Rich
Mark Rich - 23 hours ago
Dam love it🙌🙌
Lucas Long
Lucas Long - Day ago
Please tell me you didn't waste the rest of that pumpkin pie😭
Ray E
Ray E - Day ago
Hell yeah Maple Motors!
prerunnerEdgar - Day ago
Itz spazzzz
Dylan Naffziger
Dylan Naffziger - Day ago
Spotify!!!!!! Put this on Spotify!!!! This song is badass
can all 27K people that liked this go kick the mother FUCKING SHIT out of all the dislikers!?!?!?!?!?
Doeboy Robinson
Doeboy Robinson - Day ago
Upchurch spitting flame
Sara Gonzalez
Sara Gonzalez - Day ago
I have been playing this song a lot lol thanks upchurch
NePatsFan94 -
NePatsFan94 - - Day ago
Who the fuck is this guy and why have i never heard of him before... better than these mumble mofos out there for sure
Andrew Graves
Andrew Graves - Day ago
Upchurch is the GOAT for this. Give us more upchurch...keep doing your thing and know we support and ride with you to the fullest bro
Faith Capalingo
Faith Capalingo - Day ago
Muh fuckin fire church C.H.E.A.T.H.A.M
Christopher Yates
Christopher Yates - Day ago
I love that denim jacket ( I wear a denim jacket like all the time )
Honky Tonk Man
Honky Tonk Man - Day ago
TRUMP knows all about our Honky,, !!
Honky Tonk Man
Honky Tonk Man - Day ago
Side Step,, Luv it!!!! HELLLBILLY!!!
Scott Ramsey
Scott Ramsey - Day ago
Ok like upchurch will post this video up but not ghost ranch like the fuck how retarded y'all need too get yo shit straight
Restoration West
Restoration West - Day ago
Dani Bird
Dani Bird - Day ago
I wish I could hit the like button more than once!!😍
Matt Lamb
Matt Lamb - Day ago
Much love from your neighbors in Springfield TN
Hayden Hodges
Hayden Hodges - Day ago
Hey Upchurch, commented a few times Been sayin you need to come out to Arizona for a show since you started your music is amazing and has helped me through alot of tough time especially recently. My best friend who was also a huge fan of your music passed away back in march he would have loved to see you live and so would I. I hope one day I can see one of your shows life man, keep up the good work your music is inspiration for loads of people to keep goin, ima keep bumpin RHEC till the day I diethis is comin from a boy raised in Small town USA Peabody Kansas, keep doing your thing your an amazing artist one of a kind. Spotify told me a listened to over 70 hours worth of your music in 2018 lets see if I can double that this year
FullSend Productions
What year is stitches?
Deacon's Fish Tanks
Kris Perkins
Kris Perkins - 2 days ago
Fuck yea already a mil
ShadowViper072 - 2 days ago
What do yall think the first thing Upchurch would pass if he was president
Casey Pederson
Casey Pederson - 2 days ago
Half to agree with Katie Noel love ya church
Mason Raby
Mason Raby - 2 days ago
Kristofer Cerny
Kristofer Cerny - 2 days ago
Damn. I'm in Jersey and I still bump this shit.
Drew Craghead
Drew Craghead - 2 days ago
Kayla Sartorius
Kayla Sartorius - 2 days ago
I love Ryan upchurch I love his songs ever since my friend showed me Ryan upchurch I loved his songs and his vlogs nothing will change that
Med Sousane
Med Sousane - 2 days ago
(• - • )
❤⊂ \
_ ❤ __
Nick Causey
Nick Causey - 2 days ago
Devin Coghlan
Devin Coghlan - 2 days ago
Can you do a song explication of this song?
Hunter Tallman
Hunter Tallman - 2 days ago
Go for it Ryan
Spencer Burks
Spencer Burks - 2 days ago
When is this dropping on iTunes
Team Divine NA
Team Divine NA - 2 days ago
Damn dude caught my ass off guard
midnight81ta - 2 days ago
This shit is so fuckin dope
Charlie Watkins
Charlie Watkins - 2 days ago
Jazzy Chaz
Jazzy Chaz - 2 days ago
Make America great again UpChurch!
shane chase
shane chase - 2 days ago
This song need to be on Spotify all ready
Buck Hunter
Buck Hunter - 2 days ago
Devon Christensen
Devon Christensen - 2 days ago
Whos still listening to Upchurch in 2019 cause i know i am... LOUD AND PROUD
Catherine Hutchings
Catherine Hutchings - 2 days ago
Ryan, you kick some serious ass!! Keep up the realness! We love you up here in Northern Michigan! Love the sticks!
CHEVYDURAMAX 1 - 2 days ago
Who else noticed his Chevys 2 diffrent colors
The black Hillbilly
The black Hillbilly - 2 days ago
C•H•E•A•T•H•A•M 🤘🏾🤘🏾
Hannah Myers
Hannah Myers - 2 days ago
Upchurch you made all of us proud! Where we come from it’s a simple town, all of Powhatan kids jam to you in the school Parkin lot😂... and I am one of this kids😁one of my buddy’s introduced me to your music when you first came out .. and iv been keepin up ever since. I love your music and I hope you keep rising for all our small towns out here♥️ thank you, iv been goin through a lot and whenever I feel like I can’t take no more I go watch your videos and I really look up to you.. you take all the haters and show them the door!! So thank you for everything and keep it goin!!!!
courtney conley
courtney conley - 2 days ago
💗 the sweet potato pie n THC fingers 😄
4 spd life
4 spd life - 2 days ago
When is your album dropping on Spotify I'm in the middle of bum fuck Egypt so once I leave the house all I got is Spotify offline cause YouTube doesn't work
Logan Moses
Logan Moses - 2 days ago
All the bad comments about Upchurch are just fueling his fire! Keep rockin Skin! Great content! 🔥🔥🔥🔥
MahhkyThaWiseguy978 - 2 days ago
Good shit man! Heard this days ago and it bumps! Keep it up homie.✊👏✊👏 TRENDIIIIINNNGG!
-Marcus G. (A small town New Englander)
85chvySS - 3 days ago
I was bumping this song getting home like at 3am after work and my neighbor called the cops for the loud bass🔥 😂😂😂
Maddie Kinney
Maddie Kinney - 3 days ago
My boyfriend is upchurch's cousin
funny cheatham honey comes in a plastic bear ........you reading my mind .. good lets go crazy ULTRA SHIT IN MY NEIGHBORS DRIVER SEAT
Kellan Hampton
Kellan Hampton - 3 days ago
Keep up the great song this makes me take shit from no one
Warren Hawley
Warren Hawley - 3 days ago
Rockin on the good shit right here
AceOfSpadezCC - 3 days ago
Yo Church! Love the direction your music is going in. Keep doing you man. See ya around town.
Joseph Radecki
Joseph Radecki - 3 days ago
Johnny cash would be impressed💯💯🇺🇸🙏🏻
Irish Guy
Irish Guy - 3 days ago
Upchurch uses "i stay in the sticks with hiks and the fire arms" in the song come and get it, also
Taylor Barker
Taylor Barker - 3 days ago
Not a big fan of rap, but I like this guy.... #hatforwardYEEHAW
Zeb Jones
Zeb Jones - 3 days ago
Iv been here sense the Facebook videos #riverrat #creeksquad
Jellybean Child
Jellybean Child - 3 days ago
He actually does sound like kid rock
Nick Day
Nick Day - 3 days ago
I think this song is amazing. I think you’re a cool dude. My wife and I love your music and your videos. Keep up the great work Upchurch! P.S come to North Dakota my friends want to come to a show
Jeff Taplin
Jeff Taplin - 3 days ago
I like his white step side. It kind of matches his attitude with the different colored fender and 2 sided tape left from the moldings. It’s like I don’t have to have everything perfect I like it that way and if you don’t like it too bad. I do things to my standard and your standard means nothing to me, 👍
fire_ 4life
fire_ 4life - 3 days ago
When's this getting on Spotify ?????
Paul Kamalski
Paul Kamalski - 3 days ago
very quick video church. love all your songs. need a more lengthy one just saying
Carson Ryan
Carson Ryan - 3 days ago
Love the vids man make more funny ones roasting ppl.
Krista Jewel
Krista Jewel - 3 days ago
Hey jw where’s the Luke comb song that you had on you’re instagram recently..?
Michael Denny
Michael Denny - 3 days ago
Cooter - 3 days ago
Gonna see you memorial day weekend back at mudfest in taylorville this year?
Cooter - 3 days ago
Lol " until a fat girl grows big wings and sings the national anthem" fuckin funny
Princeofpeace - 3 days ago
Short and sweet
skylilly1 - 3 days ago
Almost at 1 mil :) Edit Yay 1 mil!!!!!
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