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fred bob
fred bob - 11 hours ago
Sweet potato pie n THC in my mouth love that line 😁😁😁😁😁
kaitlynn clemons
kaitlynn clemons - 18 hours ago
Drinkin’ a natty and listening to this on repeat 🔥🔥🔥
Ashley Nicole
Ashley Nicole - Day ago
This guy gets me through so many days, it’s unreal. It’s so refreshing to just put on some music by someone who isn’t trying to be someone else. It makes us little people proud, like, maybe life ain’t so bad. Just get up, get it and be thankful. So much respect for this one. Let’s hope our next generation finds this channel and sees there are real men out here they can look up to and be like, without sacrificing themselves to this horrible F-ed off world. Good work. ❤️💯🙏👏🏻
vatefaire enculer
vatefaire enculer - 2 days ago
Great music dude, we love you !!
Jon Hattaway
Jon Hattaway - 3 days ago
I worked at AO Smith in mcminnville when i was 19, fucker laid me off and its in mexico now. I heard that line an 19 year old me came back an started hatin Bill Clinton all over again.
taught by ao
taught by ao - 5 days ago
aye turn on subtitles
porkchop 803sc Williams
Upchurch you are blowing it up in Pelion SC ,,you got me hooked on country rap,,red white blue,,neck skin collar,,, creek squad
Debra Phillabaum
Debra Phillabaum - 9 days ago
Kristi Martini
Kristi Martini - 9 days ago
Fhuck Yew
Fhuck Yew - 9 days ago
always bumpin upchurch in the OBS
Adam Gillian
Adam Gillian - 12 days ago
Who was here when he was making "Little Larry" vids on Facebook
Anna Ashley
Anna Ashley - 13 days ago
Dusty roads broke my first heart..SEMPER FI
Nessa - 14 days ago
Love it
jon freshour
jon freshour - 14 days ago
Just started listening to ur music shits bumping hard! Love this shit
T. Mojito
T. Mojito - 14 days ago
pretty good, boy.
Adam Smith
Adam Smith - 15 days ago
You sound better kid rock
A Burkhalter
A Burkhalter - 15 days ago
Bang bang mf
Amber Cheatham
Amber Cheatham - 15 days ago
❤ family proud! Thank you!
Jeremiah Glossip
Jeremiah Glossip - 15 days ago
I used to live in cheatam and I saw u in walmart
MrPerfect1986 - 15 days ago
Ya gotta sing about the yankeeification of CHeatham county with all these yankees moving here.
Aaron Brenneman
Aaron Brenneman - 16 days ago
"I was the fish now I'm the megladon thats hungry for your boat". Keep on keeping on Upchurch.
JERICHO 1-4 - 17 days ago
That piano loop and church's floe puts my mind to no more pain by 2pac, sorry I'm an old-school hop head man.
James R. Duggan
James R. Duggan - 17 days ago
Damn, son! This song is fire. Nobody can stop you.
IM ABOVE - 19 days ago
as soon as i heard the beat i knew it was over.
nightmarewolf 99
nightmarewolf 99 - 19 days ago
Eminem better watch out
Joe Barker
Joe Barker - 20 days ago
Upchuch thank you for showing Tenn still make home of great music much respect.
Josh Brown
Josh Brown - 20 days ago
I generally think we'd be bros, keep it real 👌
Honky Tonk Man
Honky Tonk Man - 20 days ago
I Sang Dixie!
Eric Hall
Eric Hall - 21 day ago
UPCHURCH... damn son.. R.H.E.C.
Watched your auto collection video. Did you get the guitar out of the truck bed?
James Hickey
James Hickey - 21 day ago
From reading town England. Hillbilly hick UK. To cheatham County USA. I lov ya all skins. . Church is straight up n down left n right. Amazing. The rest ain't his level.. Latrs. I Gota blast church like I been doin all day on my mailman round. 😭😭😭.
Juggalo - 25 days ago
I will meet you sooner or later
Trigga Dre
Trigga Dre - 23 days ago
Yeah, you’re not fuck’n creepy😐
MATTHEW COPLIN - 26 days ago
Smoke weed
Trigga Dre
Trigga Dre - 23 days ago
Errr day!
dirtbikes and bucks
dirtbikes and bucks - 28 days ago
My step dad is a good ole boy. And we was listening to music by a fire late one night and I played some of your songs. And he loved it, and now we bond through your songs. Great work church
Trigga Dre
Trigga Dre - 23 days ago
Fuck’n trailer park love story! 💕
Travis Hunt
Travis Hunt - 28 days ago
come to show love from bj cooper channel he mention ya in his video love this brother💯🔥
Matthew Kennedy
Matthew Kennedy - Month ago
Love u bro
Gary Austin
Gary Austin - Month ago
So, when I was groing up as a teenager (80s), not many white boys really listened to rap...I felt alone and didnt understand why I liked it (that BASS), cuz I still listened to country, pop and hard rock/metal, but now Church makes it all good.
Gary Austin
Gary Austin - Month ago
UM...Let me clarify, back then, I was only listening to the Bruthaz, there was no white rapperz.
Deviant94937 - Month ago
FUck yeah dude this shits fire.
Preston Jenkins
Preston Jenkins - Month ago
Hoow likes this song
Eric Bowen
Eric Bowen - Month ago
take a shot at merk upchurch.!!!
Leroy Foster
Leroy Foster - Month ago
O yeah brother awesome
Eric Bowen
Eric Bowen - Month ago
upchurch kool as the day is long...
Mike Mccauley
Mike Mccauley - Month ago
I know you still got that guitar and I know you still got Stitch
Anthony Apergis
Anthony Apergis - Month ago
Beat is 🔥
Psycho Prophecy
Psycho Prophecy - Month ago
OD BLESS U!!Check out my music im an up n comer like and listen & like my tracks and Follow me as well!
Kaleb Brace_is_fishing
Upchurch can you please make a music video for River Rat please
Shirley Philbrick
Shirley Philbrick - Month ago
J W - Month ago
I've been up under a a rock or something. This man right here is the truth. Like his music or not you can't deny he's the truth. People who call him garbage are some Oscar the Grouch trash can ass motherfuckers
Trevor Cox
Trevor Cox - Month ago
This is getting 20x the Cheatham County population amount in views
The Cherokee Gypsy
The Cherokee Gypsy - Month ago
Off in ashland city as we speak. Off in them sticks. From Nashville though 615 bitch. Upchurch..ima city girl, but being out in these sticks is something else. Love it.
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