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Ultimate Rap League
Ultimate Rap League - 4 months ago
Who you got as the winner?!?
Swizzy 425
Swizzy 425 - 2 months ago
ian stylez
ian stylez - 2 months ago
That was a close one. Twerk 1st was crazy but the last was weak. Clips 2nd was nice but the last was just ok. I would say clips base on the last round
Jay Smith
Jay Smith - 4 months ago
Last Name First Name
Last Name First Name - 4 months ago
I'm the winner
ZAY ZAY - 4 months ago
Wtf I got twork 3-0 but I like the battle
Dev - 24 minutes ago
He speaking facts. I would’ve went crazy for those TV show and commercial bars.
IAJ3 - 50 minutes ago
Buddy in the blue jean jacket look like he could be jay z son
Gil Eagan
Gil Eagan - 3 hours ago
Twork yelling corny
Word - 6 hours ago
Clips- remember it’s a boxing match gotta fight smart great first round kid.
Twork first spread into 3 rounds he won this shit hands down first round was to vicious he gotta spread it out
Chris Johnson
Chris Johnson - 9 hours ago
Twork first round was history 🔥🔥🔥 but it’s still clips 2-1
Fred Robb
Fred Robb - 10 hours ago
Zane Slack
Zane Slack - 10 hours ago
Skip straight to 6:14.... Geeeeezus! WAAAAAY TOO MUCH promo at the beginning.... LOL!
Hansum One
Hansum One - 13 hours ago
Clips 2-1
Jay Smith
Jay Smith - 22 hours ago
15:48 who was that? Lmao??? AYO STOP CUZ!! CHILL!! Oh I got it, that was arsonal lol.
Hassan - Day ago
Twork. Like magic Johnson with aids i ain’t playing with you. 🙌🏽🙀🙀🤯🤯🤯🔥🔥🔥🔥
Ry Bread
Ry Bread - Day ago
They was gassin Tworks first Round, screaming on every bar 🙄
Demon Rosario
Demon Rosario - Day ago
Who shawty with the blue hair tho?
G7D Mode
G7D Mode - Day ago
One of the best fights all year!!
Salute 2 both!!!
KWADO - 2 days ago
THE LEGEND CLIPS 2-1 but shout out to TWORK 1ST ROUND
TheHulk80 Tv
TheHulk80 Tv - 2 days ago
Clips 2-1
jah escabar
jah escabar - 2 days ago
Clips a fuckin goat! Twork held his own tho but clips do what he do!
KspEEd Elevated
KspEEd Elevated - 2 days ago
This battle so fire.. Twork 2-1 tho
UpTownJack - 2 days ago
16:59 twork snapping. But this man smack with that fake ass reaction lmao
D Carv
D Carv - 3 days ago
If twork battles were 1 round he would be undefeated... unfortunately battles are 3...
D Carv
D Carv - 3 days ago
THAT J G WENTWORTH 877cash BOW!!!!! Lolllll clips the goat he should be paid from smack forever ....
Christopher Brown
Christopher Brown - 3 days ago
clips a comedian lololololol ...
down 4 whateva
down 4 whateva - 3 days ago
URL is wack drop your best battle let KOTD drop there's and RBE? Most veiws takes the respect title??????????? Thought so 😊😁 lol
Eryk Harris
Eryk Harris - 3 days ago
Close asf but twork got this one would love to see this again
FLOW-RE5 - 4 days ago
Charlie 4-0
Preston Kyles
Preston Kyles - 4 days ago
I fucking love twerk why he take his lsd good and just come with it not saying he trash by far he abeast I'm just saying
Preston Kyles
Preston Kyles - 4 days ago
L I meant
Kylil Johnson
Kylil Johnson - 4 days ago
Is where twork recycling trash
prince amir
prince amir - 4 days ago
clips 2-1
Clips the goat
mwilliams9401 - 4 days ago
twork round 1 one of the best of i ever seen
shady shady
shady shady - 4 days ago
Clips didn't even flinch in that 1st from twork. Mannn it's something different about "been there, done that" legends
Derrick Knox
Derrick Knox - 4 days ago
Whoever that chick was that said "fight back" had to be high. Bet she wishes she could have that 1 back.
DatBoy Cotvdotcom
DatBoy Cotvdotcom - 4 days ago
6:37 - 7:53
Zay Jones
Zay Jones - 6 days ago
person: Fight back
Clips: tell your mother fight back when I pipe that watch your mouth
Lmaoooo clips is hilarious 😂😂
Yo Daddy
Yo Daddy - 6 days ago
UpTownJack - 7 days ago
11:25 nigga twork telling his self to hold it down . Cause I’m pretty sure I ain’t hear one soul speak
Eriq Johnson
Eriq Johnson - 7 days ago
Clips no question
Curtis Moore
Curtis Moore - 8 days ago
Is that Gerald McCoy behind top ?
Tone Supreme
Tone Supreme - 8 days ago
Keon Barber
Keon Barber - 8 days ago
Twork used his killer round first he was pose to save that for round 3 just to give some shit to remember
Ken k
Ken k - 9 days ago
Clips is the best bro facts
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