How to Detail Faded Paint by Hand (Paint Correction)

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ChrisFix - 15 days ago
Hopefully you guys like the video! It's basically 4-5 videos in one with tons of info on how to get your car clean!
So we can avoid the same comments over and over, check the description for all the links! Also, yes, ChrisFish is me, and not an impostor. It is my second channel I will start this year for when I go fishing, which I love to do. It is my way of still "working" and not feeling bad about going out fishing instead of filming, editing, or answering comments. Now I can do both!
Here is the detailing products I used: Ceramic Coating:
Buffing Microfiber Pad:
paul tario
paul tario - 3 days ago
ChrisFix It’s a BIG HELP !!
Julian Bodek
Julian Bodek - 3 days ago
Everybody saw the Maserati in the background right?
EarthToORyan - 4 days ago
Love the video! I'm going to be fixing a spot on my hood!
Jacob Morphew
Jacob Morphew - 4 days ago
ChrisFix would you clay bar before compound and polish?
Luis Teran
Luis Teran - 4 days ago
You can also clean your wheels with oven cleaner in spray or foam and have the same result AND for the plastics use your heath gun just a little AND the plastic will look like brand new
James Grecu
James Grecu - 4 hours ago
Dude, u kick ass. Been watching ur videos for a while now. Thumbs up all day every day. I'm hoping to get my 1977 k5 blazer going again. People like u motivate me to get my old k5 blazer going again. U rock Chris.
Porsche 911
Porsche 911 - 6 hours ago
Porsche 911
Porsche 911 - 6 hours ago
This guys a real freak..see how he hides his self from the viewers so u can’t see his face..what a total people are gunna jump out the computer screen an attak him..fukin wanker or he’s a rite ugly looking freak...that’s why he hides his face like that...🤣🤣🤣🤣
Luis Serralde
Luis Serralde - 6 hours ago
Hey bro sorry to bother just a quick question can I use the plastX instead of a regular polish for the headlights?? Also for the sealant can I use carnauba wax?? Thanks
Brad Mamalis
Brad Mamalis - 8 hours ago
Are there any car channels left that are not shills for autotempest? 🤦‍♂️
Leroy Routt
Leroy Routt - 9 hours ago
Really awesome video, you have proven that anyone who has a few dollars to spend and they aren't afraid of a little work can do the same job themselves. This guys energy, enthusiasm and ability to explain himself simply and quickly is amazing. No wonder he has 6 million subscribers! But don't get me wrong, he deserves them for the hard work that he puts into his videos. Thanks Chris!!
mquiniones27 - 9 hours ago
Love the video and your enthusiasm! Makes it look like anyone can do it. Thanks for your fun informative videos! It’s great to watch videos that have great enthusiasm and knowledgeable info! Makes me want to get working on my car!
Charles Long
Charles Long - 9 hours ago
Im mad that I started watching the video.... I need you to hit my Grand National! lol
David K Miller Photography
This video came out perfect timing so I have something to do with the coronavirus lockdown. I just bought a polisher so I can bring back life to the paint on my 1997 Suburban that's keeping me busy these past few weeks.
pass iton
pass iton - 10 hours ago
What did u get for it when u sold it?
Adam Bauer
Adam Bauer - 10 hours ago
Damn are you really using that keyboard?
Francisco Alicea
Francisco Alicea - 10 hours ago
That transformation was awesome, great job chris
buzzbbird - 11 hours ago
So, take to someplace and get a price estimate on its value
Tom Jo
Tom Jo - 11 hours ago
How many hours did it take to restore the exterior ?
Noel Vasquez
Noel Vasquez - 12 hours ago
Now that the weather is a bit better, I was wondering if you would do a video on how to tint your windows
George Masukawa
George Masukawa - 12 hours ago
Im curious, what processes would one add or subtract if they wanted a matte finish?
Bryan F
Bryan F - 12 hours ago
Strange , the beginning of the video showed it with brand new pinstriping .
Furry Trash
Furry Trash - 12 hours ago
A great thing to use on tires for a deep, low gloss black is brake fluid. It won't damage the rubber, and it looks great for weeks
H0JH0Y - 13 hours ago
How to install a front bumber rollcage
Mahadika Alif Raditya
Mahadika Alif Raditya - 14 hours ago
i never exited like this before, watching a good before and after
THOMAS BALAN - 18 hours ago
Hi chris .. how to remove water mark on the glass?
Charles Dougherty
Charles Dougherty - 18 hours ago
I have a '96 GMC pickup that that clear coat is coming off, has been for a few years now. What is the best way to fix/correct this? Thanks
Rene Garcia
Rene Garcia - 18 hours ago
Why do you use 3 different sand papers for the top Panel but only 1 on the red panel?
NKA da best
NKA da best - 19 hours ago
its almost looks like chrome :dd
sergio raphael panta mondragon
Alguna pagina de donde conseguir los productos?
ChrisFix - 19 hours ago
Check the description for all the products used!
Twistedmind Photography
Twistedmind Photography - 19 hours ago
How much product ? !?!?!?!! Used enough to do the whole car here. Admittedly it looks much better but way too much product used
Twistedmind Photography
Twistedmind Photography - 18 hours ago
@ChrisFix admittedly yes, I'm just used to using much less but then my car isn't in such bad condition but it just did seem a large amount of polish etc. I was taught a little goes a long way but as I commented you can't argue with the results. Please don't feel I'm attempting to say it's wrong
ChrisFix - 18 hours ago
I used enough! Sometimes you have to use more than you think haha
Robert Smith
Robert Smith - 19 hours ago
ChrisFix - 18 hours ago
B Alonzo
B Alonzo - 19 hours ago
Gracias por los subtítulos Christian.
Chronic Machines
Chronic Machines - 22 hours ago
Very nice advice
ChrisFix - 18 hours ago
Andrei justin Huet
Andrei justin Huet - 23 hours ago
Chris is the type of guy that I would want as my bestfriend:)
ChrisFix - 18 hours ago
LASHA KVITSIANI - 23 hours ago
Can i use exactly same products what you were using for Grey color car?
ChrisFix - 18 hours ago
When I painted or when I detailed?
MAYA EL - Day ago
He faked the paint job and headlights do far and I'm only a couple of minutes into the video. But it's not looking to good for his honesty so far .
ChrisFix - 18 hours ago
thanks for sharing, what makes you think I faked it?
Jignesh - Day ago
Chrisfish good video
Ali j
Ali j - Day ago
Super smart guy l like u
joe shaw
joe shaw - Day ago
Honestly amazing
PropanePete - Day ago
What a great trick using fishing line to seperate that trailblazer emblem from the door trim... I would never have thought of that
Cody Roy
Cody Roy - Day ago
sand the headlights with 1000 grit sand paper and clear coat, last longer than 2 years
Matthew Lotter
Matthew Lotter - Day ago
love these longer videos
Marique Crable
Marique Crable - Day ago
With this video being 30 minutes long, it was so satisfying to watch all 30 mins
Hendry Johan
Hendry Johan - Day ago
I am going to do the same thing to my car this week, while also staying at home to keep myself and my family safe from this virus outbreak...stay safe everyone
trevor jaster
trevor jaster - Day ago
For the trim i strongly recommend solution finish and then like a day or 2 latter you can puy on a ceramic coat
Peter DeCarlo
Peter DeCarlo - Day ago
If you want to fix full plastic use a propane torch the shine will come back and stay back. Jest heat up plastic moving torch back and forth without getting to close
SSG Squidward
SSG Squidward - Day ago
Damn this guy knows his stuff
Lenny Yu
Lenny Yu - Day ago
Glad you were wearing a mask. hope it's not just for painting
Shawn Elliott
Shawn Elliott - Day ago
Damn that came out amazing. Never tried the compound and polish, but Ive been using Meguiars Ultimate Paste Wax for years. Best stuff hands down. Better than any carnauba I've tried.
Jean-Marc Mathers
Jean-Marc Mathers - Day ago
How can someone dislike this video? So much good information! Thanks Chris, you are thé best!
Lowell Bitancor
Lowell Bitancor - Day ago
You're awesome
Andrew Tuggle
Andrew Tuggle - Day ago
Thank you for the information you put out. I have a F150 that I take on trails and mud holes, and she was pretty scratched up. I followed what you did and I cant believe how well this worked out!
Nick W
Nick W - Day ago
any body see this big dent on fornt right fender??????????????????
Karlos Smith
Karlos Smith - Day ago
Painted calipers would really finish it off 🤙
FrankJDM - Day ago
Your a Master At everything cars Chris! 👍👍
Val Balane
Val Balane - Day ago
Nice work sir...!
Ali Kamal
Ali Kamal - Day ago
Hey man you're amazing really good work thank you for tips
Flame Breathing
Flame Breathing - Day ago
Are you planning on selling your trailblazer Chris?
Glow StormTV
Glow StormTV - Day ago
Hello Mr.Chris I have a quick question: I am planning to spray paint a similar faded portion on my 2009 Hyundai Elantra, but it rains quite a bit in my area, will it be a problem if it rains after I spray paint ??
Keef KAOS - Day ago
Man, you ROCK! Love the vids learned a lot ! Thanks for sharing and continued success. God Bless!
Jacques Jean
Jacques Jean - Day ago
Payton Haller
Payton Haller - Day ago
Say it with the guys face reveal Face reveal
Brandon Welch
Brandon Welch - Day ago
great job
yoboi01 - Day ago
Freaking WOW !! What a AMAZING vid !! Thank you , I learned soooo much !! Your AWESOME !!
Johni - Day ago
Long time no video
Trang Le
Trang Le - Day ago
Do i have a car No!
Im i watching the entire video YES!
Darryl Schipper
Darryl Schipper - Day ago
I'm not a big fan of Ceramix coatings on the entire paint surface. However, I love how Chris uses it on specific areas! Head lights and plastic trim.
Hayden Hayden
Hayden Hayden - Day ago
Who esle realized you just cant see Chris Fix face in the reflection no matter how much you tried....
Dragos Andrei
Dragos Andrei - Day ago
where is the *Driftstaang*?
Dakka chafik
Dakka chafik - Day ago
J'aim bien ton travail vraiment formidable continue comme ça chris Fix
MrBre4ker - Day ago
Why do you prefer using miceofiber pads? Almost everywhere else online the consensus is foam pads are better, so I'm interested in your reasoning. Love the videos!
damonstr - Day ago
Gotta love that soapy wodah
Hot Dogger
Hot Dogger - Day ago
For a minute I thought the wind muff on the mic was your hair in one of the reflections. I was like wow, hes got spiky hair.
Jeremy Petix
Jeremy Petix - Day ago
Chris Fix telling me I can get the same results as him with the same hand tools is like a programmer telling a noob he can get the same results just using the same keyboard. Education costs and there’s a substantial learning curve. :)
Hot Dogger
Hot Dogger - Day ago
Not gonna lie, when I read the phone number I started to sing the song, now its stuck in my head.
Halaapiapi Toli
Halaapiapi Toli - Day ago
Man I missed watching these videos you didn't have any new content like last year and I'm glad your back I'm a big fan much love from Australia hope your staying safe during this time God bless
alex neil
alex neil - Day ago
your videos are amazing. but it would be funny if you could take that truck back to the guy you bought it from just to see his expressions. it truly does look totally different. btw this is the same wax and compound i also use, and it works perfect.
Gordon Warlow
Gordon Warlow - Day ago
Another amazingly helpful video! We have a 2006 Pontiac Vibe that badly needs this treatment. Thanks for all of these great detailed steps. Cheers.
dcpantou - Day ago
Honest question. For an average man. How long does it take to compound, polish and wax a whole car by hand?
Fayyad Huq
Fayyad Huq - 2 days ago
For headlights. Ive tried many kits and methods and whats worked best for me is a meguire’s head light kit from autozone. The $30 one that comes with a drill buffing pad.
J S - 2 days ago
Do you have to wet sand the red plastic door trim after painting it also?
MrJughead87 - 2 days ago
Fucking wild 🥰
Eric R
Eric R - 2 days ago
Imagine having Chrisfix as your Dealership Salesman, I would be in debt as soon as he says “oh man Look at that paint job “
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