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lolo ghobreal
lolo ghobreal - Hour ago
I am from the future there are gonna. Get these
vort ex
vort ex - 15 hours ago
Rubi Pastrana
Rubi Pastrana - 2 days ago
Bryce hall to hook your girl summary
adrian chandralingam
adrian chandralingam - 5 days ago
aminah shafal
aminah shafal - 10 days ago
Joseph Valiaparambil
Joseph Valiaparambil - 10 days ago
Ur thumbnails need a bit of work
Mason Weiss
Mason Weiss - 12 days ago
Your going to marry jfigs
Jocelyn Nuñez
Jocelyn Nuñez - 13 days ago
Sumzy RBLX
Sumzy RBLX - 15 days ago
You will get married to jackie! I mean- you're clearly a perfect match!!
Aboodi_ Here
Aboodi_ Here - 15 days ago
musa theprogamer
musa theprogamer - 16 days ago
Damn you have to so down and what happen OK is June where do you want to know
Ashwin Nishanthan
Ashwin Nishanthan - 17 days ago
Everybody knows that your going to marring Jackie
Alex Sanchez
Alex Sanchez - 17 days ago
0:45 🍆
Alex M
Alex M - 16 days ago
Are you okay
Amy Loupe
Amy Loupe - 17 days ago
Jakie we want bracky back
Justin - 18 days ago
People shoping for houses: ooohhh this ones 700k
Brawadis shopping for houses: this ones only 20 mil
Itz Samantha
Itz Samantha - 19 days ago
June 1st was my birthday 🥳
Evelyn Leon
Evelyn Leon - 20 days ago
Lily Acrish
Lily Acrish - 20 days ago
you should marry Jackie. you practualy live with her
Magallanes Magallanes
Magallanes Magallanes - 23 days ago
Brandon's future wife is Jackie
Gia Richard
Gia Richard - 23 days ago
Jackie because she’s the mouse booty girl
D_Book_B_Cookin - 24 days ago
Move in with Anthony and Jackie
D_Book_B_Cookin - 24 days ago
He already knows he’s marrying jackies
Richard Tejeda
Richard Tejeda - 25 days ago
is no one going to talk about how we saw brawadis package before the video.
Marco Rodriguez
Marco Rodriguez - 25 days ago
Brandon is the most extra most fake ass YouTuber out that’s on my momma
jzinzola - 26 days ago
the awadis house
Karely Chilin
Karely Chilin - 26 days ago
Ofc Jackie
DenvBroncos 420
DenvBroncos 420 - 26 days ago
At 1:00 y are his legs so damn black
Alexis inthasone
Alexis inthasone - 27 days ago
Sage Mango
Sage Mango - 27 days ago
4:55 Text Message From Anthony*The Door Is Unlocked*
Karina L
Karina L - 27 days ago
Mackenzie Kmackenzie10
Mackenzie Kmackenzie10 - 27 days ago
Where is noah
ZEUS_ YAMMINE - 27 days ago
Karleigh Williams
Karleigh Williams - 28 days ago
Summer Rae have a boyfriend Taylor holder so Jackie!!
Dora Mata
Dora Mata - 29 days ago
Marry.Jackie duhhhhh
Bigfatyellowbro o
Bigfatyellowbro o - 29 days ago
Bigfatyellowbro o
Bigfatyellowbro o - 29 days ago
Bri Bean
Bri Bean - 29 days ago
The house wi th Brandon jakie Noah brain And kailyn would be the new hype house
Bri Bean
Bri Bean - 29 days ago
Jakie is the one for you
Sheldon Wynter
Sheldon Wynter - Month ago
Why his shorts so high though
Jaylee Arriaga
Jaylee Arriaga - Month ago
The way he says Damelio 😂😂 he said “demelio”
Wubbs - Month ago
0:40-0:55 this mans had a huge Bonner
Jamie Lee Ashton
Jamie Lee Ashton - Month ago
Awesome challenge 👍
Betty May
Betty May - Month ago
she's actually 19.. (Dixie)
Your girl Ashley Sanchez
You should start the video like that everyday
Bxbygirlbri Stone
Bxbygirlbri Stone - Month ago
Sommer ray is dating Taylor holder...
victoria sojkova
victoria sojkova - Month ago
i loved the beginning of the video it is so good edit
Kimberly D.
Kimberly D. - Month ago
Jackieee for ever and thats on PERIODDDD!
Layz Is the best
Layz Is the best - Month ago
U make quarantine better!!
Ayesha Kumra
Ayesha Kumra - Month ago
Ayesha Kumra
Ayesha Kumra - 29 days ago
D00MENATIOR that’s my opinion and what I think not what u think
D00MENATIOR - 29 days ago
No he is not
Legend 23
Legend 23 - Month ago
Doors unlock
ImToxic - Month ago
Jackie moving with you ?
Tamara Castro
Tamara Castro - Month ago
Jackie Awadis :0 XD BRACKIE FOR LIFE!
Bel A
Bel A - Month ago
Adan Salazar
Adan Salazar - Month ago
You and Jackie date plz bro
Adan Salazar
Adan Salazar - Month ago
Jorge Mendz
Jorge Mendz - Month ago
Mikeyy Cap
Mikeyy Cap - Month ago
Definitely Jackie
ace 2016
ace 2016 - Month ago
I think Jackie
Ethan Jauregui
Ethan Jauregui - Month ago
a bro not to come off strong but we both have the same birthday and im a big fan have a good summer
Pilito Kuic
Pilito Kuic - Month ago
Abraham Alvarado
Abraham Alvarado - Month ago
I love the dog picture in the back it reminds me off mine like if u agree
ITZYOBRO 13 - Month ago
Go to 7:01 You Wont Regret It😀
Samreen Hussain
Samreen Hussain - 25 days ago
Haha 😂
Remani Atuatasi
Remani Atuatasi - Month ago
remake tiktok videos
AbdulRahman Mohammed Y A Al Sada
Brackie will COME BACK
Dafne Mota
Dafne Mota - Month ago
Anthony, Brandon, and Jackie great content 🔥
Danielle Renée
Danielle Renée - Month ago
pure creeps guessing age lol wtf
EMOH - Month ago
you already won
Elie Mitri
Elie Mitri - Month ago
jenny mendoa
jenny mendoa - Month ago
Jackie pls
Tandin tshering Zam
Tandin tshering Zam - Month ago
One day you will get summer cause you are nice n u have a good heart
Franklin Alvarado
Franklin Alvarado - Month ago
Oliver 6384
Oliver 6384 - Month ago
It’s good idea show the house 🤦 you can literally find them on internet bruh
Rene Diaz
Rene Diaz - Month ago
Faze jarvis
Emma Villarreal
Emma Villarreal - Month ago
Brian: left cheek right cheek
Me: cracking up 😂🤣😆
Etika Ribss
Etika Ribss - Month ago
Pedro Guzman-garcia
Pedro Guzman-garcia - Month ago
The cam cut when they did what are the odds lmao they prbly thought they were slick
Food Girl
Food Girl - Month ago
3:07 he just dropped the phone like that my broke ass could never
Hig Hog
Hig Hog - 23 days ago
Food Girl it prob didn’t break
andreisha carrasco
andreisha carrasco - Month ago
Anthony Catanzaro
Anthony Catanzaro - Month ago
I feel like taking Brian’s sharpie and filling in Anthony’s hair so bad 😂
Sorry Anthony 😐
Prey prey
Prey prey - Month ago
I feel like taking a picture of ur real car aka a Honda instead of ur fake car profie pic
Fortnite playing
Fortnite playing - Month ago
7:53 um.. Jackie does wanna marry you
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