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Kristen McGowan
Kristen McGowan - Month ago
Lisa Butcher
Lisa Butcher - Month ago
It has always been my fav. Season. Love the color changes and it brings me back to school fall days when we used to put a falling leaf behind paper and crayon scribble over it and make it come back to life 😙😙😙which I do now with my kids, and of course the beautiful thanksgiving and epic Halloween 🤗🤗🤗🤗
جولة مع توتا
@Tumultuous Chaos01 ❤️
Tumultuous Chaos01
Tumultuous Chaos01 - Month ago
@جولة مع توتا ohh, thank you so much! You have a nice day\night\evening!
جولة مع توتا
@Tumultuous Chaos01 sub for you
debbie mayo
debbie mayo - Month ago
Me me me, and I love apple pie, gingerbread, type of smells for fall. Things that smell like grandmas kitchen
Annie Kah
Annie Kah - 4 days ago
I live in Germany - and the Germans are mostly only into real pumpkins.
But I just fell in love with the mat blue pumpkin. *sigh*
iduj p
iduj p - 25 days ago
love all your ideas... wish we are friends so you can help me design/arrange my house😊😂
P M Glennie
P M Glennie - 28 days ago
Thanx for the pumpkin tip Home Sense still had some today and I was able to pick up a lovely golden crackle one with a
squiggley stem. I love it! - Victoria, BC
Ashley Reagan
Ashley Reagan - 28 days ago
waitttt i wanted to see the final product lol
Gia M
Gia M - 29 days ago
Another perfect video done by you! I loved this. Thumbs this up if you think Kristen should do a clothing fall haul 👍
Μαρία Πετράκη
Hi Kristen. I'm Mary from Greece and I really like your videos. I'm touched with your parents reactions to your efforts and I love the fact that you try to do things for them to please and make them happy. They are proud for you. I have two kids ( twins ) 14 years old and I would be happy if they were doing such gestures for me... your makeovers are awesome and in a peculiar manner seem to be quite easy... when I tried to organise my kitchen.. was a disastrous marathon and took me hours of strangling with Tupperware pans and food containers... keep up the good job. You are inspiring and cute at the same time... don't mind my English.... don't use them often
Suvarna Shirke
Suvarna Shirke - Month ago
My eyes were continuously on that three colour pumpkin and u brought it that piece is realy so good i m mad with home decore feeling to buy everything.
Mary Christine
Mary Christine - Month ago
Where’d your get your shirt?
basia be
basia be - Month ago
I love the items you picked up and would love to see them styled in your home 🖤. I went to Homesense in Leeds,UK today to look for some autumn (fall) decor but there is so little compaared tot he Homesense stores you've been too. They had the same candles however 😀. I picked up Pumpkin Chestnut one by DW home as it's not as overpowering as pumpkin latte, pumpkin pie or vanilla pumpkin ones.
Nuha Bawa
Nuha Bawa - Month ago
We want to see how you emirate your space with these things!
Linda mitchell
Linda mitchell - Month ago
The white one is a gourd.
Amanda Dawn Wollsch
Amanda Dawn Wollsch - Month ago
Why doesn’t the US have homesense 😭😭😭
Hollies Hobbies
Hollies Hobbies - Month ago
I love how nice fall decor has become 😚 for years it was all just oranges reds and browns. A lot of my stuff is old so yes, i have oranges but I’ve been adding new decor to it to dumb down the orange. Whites and neutrals seem to be my comfort zone. Love eucalyptus too. I’ve definitely getting those wood coasters! So cute!
Nina - Month ago
Love your cardigan ! Could you tell where does it come from ?
Dr. Taylor @FSU
Dr. Taylor @FSU - Month ago
You should do more design my subscribers spaces. I liked thos! And Halloween makeup tutorials!
Christine Flores
Christine Flores - Month ago
I love everything 💕 Fall is my favorite Season. I hate Summer lol..
alyssaesprz12 - Month ago
I watch, so I don't spend my money but end up spending money. Anyone else?
eunicorn eunice
eunicorn eunice - Month ago
when are you going go back to California?
did you guys break up?!?!?!
Belén Hernandez
Belén Hernandez - Month ago
Kristen don't you have your own home?? Why are you always at your parents'???
Christine Flores
Christine Flores - Month ago
If my parents were alive I would be at there house too all the time. What's wrong with that, aren't you close to your parents ?
Janice Rivera
Janice Rivera - Month ago
I can’t wait to see what you do with all your new pieces!!! Love the color scheme! I’m not decorating for fall until I move but I plan to do neutral colors!
Ambre Szilagye
Ambre Szilagye - Month ago
Did anyone else think the white pumpkin/squash looks like a swan?😂Love ya Kristen
Nicole Arena
Nicole Arena - Month ago
I love the way the Apple Pumpkin smells. It is the very scent of Fall. Apples & Pumpkins.
Brittany Fawn
Brittany Fawn - Month ago
Ahhh I love the traditional fall colors! I don’t think it’s cheesy at all if you don’t over do it. I live in south Texas so I don’t get to see these amazing colors out in nature so I just bring it into my home 😌
On the other hand, I’m looking for pink and red pumpkins for my room, as that’s the color scheme in my room, and I HAVE to find that same big light up pumpkin you got but in pink! I saw it at the second store you went to. I just hope the one home goods here has it 🙏🏻
Shirlene McGowan
Shirlene McGowan - Month ago
I do love the more muted colors, but I also love the typical fall colors too. So I try to do a little of both. Love everything you bought.
Brittany Michelle
Brittany Michelle - Month ago
Just found your channel and subscribed! Your style is inspirational
fatima elhabyb
fatima elhabyb - Month ago
I like all the decorations what you by so nice the color good work I enjoyed chopping with you please can you write for me the name of the store from where you make all your chopping thank you
Kristen McGowan
Kristen McGowan - Month ago
fatima elhabyb HomeSense !
Allison Burnard
Allison Burnard - Month ago
My family goes all out for Halloween/fall and Christmas 😂
Sarina H
Sarina H - Month ago
Looove it 😍😍
Nelly - Month ago
I wish we had a Homesense in Norway, soo much good home decor - and the candles oh my Im jealous! 😍
Courtney Rice
Courtney Rice - Month ago
I think the blue pumpkin looked kind of grey because of that rich Tsunami wall colour!
Nicolette Rose
Nicolette Rose - Month ago
I’m more for the traditional color! I did a fall makeover on my channel 😍
KaPuie Channel
KaPuie Channel - Month ago
I love your video, i love your taste... Nice haul.. Good to know your channel..can't wait your next video.. So excited
Courtney Farar
Courtney Farar - Month ago
I am very into Halloween and I tend to like traditional colors when it comes to fall.
Vanessa Guerrero
Vanessa Guerrero - Month ago
when are you go back home??? love this videos!!!!!! haul with Kristen!!
Jessica Spurr
Jessica Spurr - Month ago
Marshmallow Fireside by Bath and Body Works!!!! Smells soooo good😍
I enjoyed your shop with me and you fall haul. I look forward to seeing what you do these great finds. Sweater Weather is my favorite fall scent, I like the cinnamon scent too. Thanks for sharing.
Shelby Alexander
Shelby Alexander - Month ago
Love everything you got! I"m from new jersey and it was like 65 degrees one day and I was like "yup its time to decorate for fall" lol I love the colors honestly I'm ready for Christmas decorations!!!! Can't wait to see what you do then!
Ida Adolfsson
Ida Adolfsson - Month ago
Loved the Purple, Gold, Blue and Pink ones. Guess i have to diy some now.
Erika - Month ago
I work at HomeSense, and I'm sure you can imagine how hard it is not to spend my whole paycheck there!
Iu - Month ago
Omg I'm so excited for a house tour pls do it ❤️👍🏼👍🏼
Monique Frederic
Monique Frederic - Month ago
Do the candles burn the smell? I find candles the smell great in the jar but when you light them they don’t smell.
Gill Geddis
Gill Geddis - Month ago
Cinnamon is my favourite scent 🍀
lili lilli
lili lilli - Month ago
Haul ikea stp encore
Paula Ymmanuel
Paula Ymmanuel - Month ago
Sini - Month ago
I like how you give ideas to different kinda decors and not just to your own style 😊❤!
Wurstfabrikant 17
Wurstfabrikant 17 - Month ago
Im from Germany and you inspired me :)
Zoe Drake
Zoe Drake - Month ago
This inspired me to go to TKMAXX today!
Zoe Drake
Zoe Drake - Month ago
I went to tkmaxx today. Spent £81 and got some great skincare but no homeware. Ordering some sloths and homeware from tkmaxx website.
Amanda Hozi
Amanda Hozi - Month ago
I love all of them.
Nuri Muca
Nuri Muca - Month ago
You do so beautiful buy kristen ❤❤❤
And you dekorates so beautiful😍😍😍
Jahnavi Paneri
Jahnavi Paneri - Month ago
Really beautiful stuffs😍🤩!!! Love you girl 😍💕
Karen Williams
Karen Williams - Month ago
Great find Kristen with the macrame pendant light, or just hanging decor as you mentioned. It's beautiful. So surprised that~there it was waiting for you, so awesome. You spotted some interesting decor and great suggestions how to use or display them. The other piece was the hanging muted fall color garland or table center piece. It is so elegant yet mellow in color, love that about it. Look forward to when you decorate with them. Confident in your interior design. It will be lovely. Always, thank you so much for sharing in all you do, knowing it takes time. You always present well and edit perfectly. So enjoyable to view.Take it easy🍃
Bisma Ahmed
Bisma Ahmed - Month ago
Its soo beautifull🙇🙌😝😘
Uma Unnikrishnan
Uma Unnikrishnan - Month ago
All the things you got are soooooo beautiful!! Where I live, we do not have a homesense store... But I wish we had one...
shireen Ibdah
shireen Ibdah - Month ago
I love fall season 🌿☘🍁🍂🍁🍂🍁🍁🍁this give me motivations to do some shopping..
Helen Sutton
Helen Sutton - Month ago
Love the stuff, your house is going to look gorgeous!!! I love the muted, neutral tones. That's what I am going for, and my favorite scent is the cologne, masculine, firewood, or tobacco type, like the mahogany teakwood or flannel from Bath and Body Works.
Victor Cortes
Victor Cortes - Month ago
Angela Madick-Wesig
Angela Madick-Wesig - Month ago
I cant wait to decorate my apartment. I went to to the states to visit so I went shopping and have to ship it all back to S. Korea. 🤣
Shannon Smith
Shannon Smith - Month ago
I’ve been trying to find a new job and a passion to fuel with whatever job I get. I want somewhere I can enjoy working. Not just a normal job somewhere I can really fuel my passions. And one of those passions I’ve found is decorating. I’ve always strived to create this amazing atmosphere and transform spaces. Whenever I watch your videos I’m reminded that interior decorating is something I have a great interest in.
You always inspire me to push to decorate and to jut have fun with it. Fall decorating is the best time for decorating. Here’s to hoping I can work at a retail store or craft store that I can enjoy all of it everyday. And maybe. If things work out. It may lead somewhere new. ;)
Arushi badola
Arushi badola - Month ago
Cant wait to see how to arrange everything... and in candles I love vanilla fragrance
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