Wolfychu Face Reveal

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Wolfychu - 8 months ago
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lutfi boiii
lutfi boiii - 10 days ago
Jason Wampler
Jason Wampler - 14 days ago
Yugo X
Yugo X - 27 days ago
Hai Wolfy
djmoony max
djmoony max - 2 months ago
wolfychu whay did you listen to them i feal sorry for you to have pire presher :-( i feal you
Gloria Cedillo
Gloria Cedillo - 3 months ago
Luna 9130:3
Luna 9130:3 - 23 minutes ago
1 you are very pretty
2 your voice is adorable
kinda chaotic
kinda chaotic - 24 minutes ago
why am i just now finding this video-
Gatcha Alix
Gatcha Alix - 43 minutes ago
But yiu our asome
Gatcha Alix
Gatcha Alix - 44 minutes ago
I'm a bad darawer
Alexander conr
Alexander conr - 54 minutes ago
I love Drawing too!👍👍👍👍💘💘💘💗💗💗
Piang Khawmh Thang
Piang Khawmh Thang - Hour ago
Anime Nugget
Anime Nugget - Hour ago
Youre really pretty
Kamilla Amirova
Kamilla Amirova - Hour ago
And your drawings
Kamilla Amirova
Kamilla Amirova - Hour ago
I loveeeeeeeee you're videos
Jayden-kun Lonely whisper
Me thinking we would get a beautiful
What we got was a very x10 beautiful girl- women
America Garcia
America Garcia - 2 hours ago
Flash Berner
Flash Berner - 2 hours ago
Your hair is on point
Flash Berner
Flash Berner - 2 hours ago
You have beautiful eyes
Flash Berner
Flash Berner - 2 hours ago
I subbed bc your voice was soo cute
Melody Barbosa
Melody Barbosa - 2 hours ago
I love your song and your the nice you are
Keyla Warburton
Keyla Warburton - 3 hours ago
You are so beautiful and I know that weather I see your face or not . If you don't feel comfortable with it then sure thing ! The people who are percitently asking is for a face reveal they are not your true fans .fact. Do what your feel comfortable with :)
Edit : I have seen your picture of you fully and I think from what I have seen your so pretty truly ❤️❤️
Pinki’s Animations
Pinki’s Animations - 3 hours ago
You are so beautifuul
Karla Karlita
Karla Karlita - 3 hours ago
I'm jelly, you are really pretty and you have such a cute voice! You should be confident, you are a nice, caring person, who doesn't deserve hate bacause of there looks.
Myria Ross
Myria Ross - 3 hours ago
Eliza Grigore.
Eliza Grigore. - 4 hours ago
Wow!!you're so cute!!!!!
Mervin Paloeng
Mervin Paloeng - 4 hours ago
hi im sorry if there really mean i love your vid
Lori Publicover
Lori Publicover - 5 hours ago
I love it so much
Brit Jury
Brit Jury - 6 hours ago
Hey Tabbes
Brit Jury
Brit Jury - 6 hours ago
Kilani's World
Kilani's World - 7 hours ago
Omg you look Beautiful I love your face you draw so good
VocaloidCaD VM
VocaloidCaD VM - 8 hours ago
So beautifuuuuuul!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Master D1
Master D1 - 8 hours ago
You very cute
Alinne de Oliveira de Vargas
You are the best Youtuber i have ever seen
handy hands
handy hands - 9 hours ago
I make animation's to !!!!
Sophie V
Sophie V - 10 hours ago
You’re Beautiful don’t let anyone discourage you and I feel the same way about my weight anyways so I can understand😉
Mia Oliver
Mia Oliver - 10 hours ago
you are beautiful and I love drawing to and I just found your channel a couple of days ago and I already suport you
Niamh Manuelle Diosana
Niamh Manuelle Diosana - 10 hours ago
Can i draw you :3
꧁ PianistAnime Gaming Channel꧂
How can Wolfychu speak like that when she looks like an adult! Her voice is very angelic!
Niamh Manuelle Diosana
Niamh Manuelle Diosana - 10 hours ago
Wow you are relly pretty girl :O
Sinnedj Playz
Sinnedj Playz - 11 hours ago
I have a biggest question Wolfychu, Are you half Japan,and half American?? that's my question
Geofinator - 12 hours ago
Omg! You are so so so pretty! Also that was a really cool Way of Doing a face reveal. I could have mistanken that drawing for a real person!! Keep up The good work! :3
Ana Vasin
Ana Vasin - 12 hours ago
omg you are SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ღ sxft charmaine ღ
ღ sxft charmaine ღ - 12 hours ago
your voice fits you so much
breadbed beddy
breadbed beddy - 13 hours ago
the drawing look so real!!!
Kroatoan Eight-Four
Kroatoan Eight-Four - 13 hours ago
I subscribed to your cannel because you have great story's and amazing art I cant believe you're like me when you were little I wish I'd be like you. I love you and your cannel💞
BerryLicious Gacha
BerryLicious Gacha - 14 hours ago
Lemme draw

Sees drawing
Throws in dustbin
XxKawaiiKatlynxX :3
XxKawaiiKatlynxX :3 - 14 hours ago
Oh my lord how to do draw all this and how long did it take, my lord.
Greta Danilevičiūtė
Greta Danilevičiūtė - 15 hours ago
Jesus you draw good!(no joke i love it)
Hello Hello
Hello Hello - 16 hours ago
Not to brag or anything but,

I can draw a wiggly line. But for serious, your drawings are amazing! Keep doing what you do! Also your voice is so cute!
magic cookie fam
magic cookie fam - 16 hours ago
The fact that gelt pressured to do this is just ridiculous you have to respect her boundaries she is a human being i sure you have boundaries and if you hate her so much dont talk to her and dont look at her,dont watch her and dont touch her she needs space
Mouse GrayEagle
Mouse GrayEagle - 17 hours ago
Wolfychu is simply the embodiment of softness. Too wonderful and talented for this world.
Kawaiii Toons
Kawaiii Toons - 17 hours ago
So Preety
•ღCookies Studioღ•
I like all you art! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧❤️
Alexandria Miller
Alexandria Miller - 18 hours ago
So beautiful
Lunar Ender
Lunar Ender - 18 hours ago
Wolfychu your amazing! Btw can we be friends? :3 (you look so pretty 🥺)
Holiday mashup Fox
Holiday mashup Fox - 18 hours ago
I just started watching today and just loved the stories and art,they're so good!
hatsune miku Garcia
hatsune miku Garcia - 19 hours ago
Your pretty the way you are
hatsune miku Garcia
hatsune miku Garcia - 19 hours ago
Your really pretty wolfchu
Jeremiah Hamilton
Jeremiah Hamilton - 20 hours ago
I want you too draw itsfunneh my favorite YouTuber and you 😁😁😁🙂🙂🤗🤗🤗
Jaclyn Lepko
Jaclyn Lepko - 20 hours ago
Gurl how do you not like your appearance you look gorgeous!
Ronnie Evenden
Ronnie Evenden - 20 hours ago
U look beautiful and personally I liked ur content because ur content and personality not how u look
christine DEFINA
christine DEFINA - 21 hour ago
It's ok if you don't wanna show but at least we all know that watch this video finally knows your face review I really feel you
christine DEFINA
christine DEFINA - 21 hour ago
Don't let people make you change you can always speak anytime! It's okay to be very nervous it really happens to all people like me
Jake Moro
Jake Moro - 21 hour ago
Ella Gallant001
Ella Gallant001 - 22 hours ago
Wow that drawing is Beautiful❤️I love it
Hhangle 364
Hhangle 364 - 22 hours ago
Your talent is incredible 👌🏻
Judi Pham
Judi Pham - 22 hours ago
Omg hiii
Jennifer Pecoraro
Jennifer Pecoraro - 23 hours ago
You look so pretty and I’m a kid
Ida Morgan
Ida Morgan - Day ago
Your so pretty
Amelia Smith
Amelia Smith - Day ago
You know there will be comments like "omg she's so bad looking" but you know what that's wrong she is beautiful and she built up the courage to show her face to all her sub's and that's amazing
Blitz Bxnny
Blitz Bxnny - Day ago
*SHOOK* omg she’s Beautiful!
KitBear :3
KitBear :3 - Day ago
Holy--- that art is like... dude h o w
Hush Puppy
Hush Puppy - Day ago
U have blue eyes and I have green eyes🔵🟢
Emiliana Castro-Loaiza
omg your eyes are soooooo pretty
Eunice Belanio
Eunice Belanio - Day ago
Is that you in the picture you look pretty
birds rock and roll
i loved the drawing you made of yourself
Corrupt_Potato:3 - Day ago
sagung putri mayuni
Was cool drow
Camila Solis
Camila Solis - Day ago
You are as I imagined, super pretty UwU
Angelica Evans
Angelica Evans - Day ago
Oh my Lord your so cute!
Andre Mariano
Andre Mariano - Day ago
Im new subscriber hahah your so cute
Jacob Parker
Jacob Parker - Day ago
You look... Beautiful...
Darkness_CoOkiE Bryant
Your so pretty
Kurang_Coffe1 - Day ago
*looking at her drawing*
*Look at mine*
Me:Yup time to stop
(Im not saying shes breaking my spirit infact she help me to realize its not my thing)
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