Seth Meyers Unravels While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

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First We Feast
First We Feast - 6 months ago
*British actor doing a bad Boston accent* "Da Bomb is too hot. It's wicked hot."
Jo kiki
Jo kiki - 13 days ago
Bring a Kardashian on!!!
web angel
web angel - 2 months ago
*Get President Obama*
Wanderlust Queen
Wanderlust Queen - 2 months ago
Anyone else hear some Peter Griffin in there?
Ons Ons
Ons Ons - 3 months ago
🌶🌶invite the (mark wiens) he is youtube vlog eating spicy food 🌶🌶
fireboots169 - 4 months ago
First We Feast I’d like to see Eminem
lego spiderman 200
lego spiderman 200 - 3 hours ago
lego spiderman 200
lego spiderman 200 - 3 hours ago
If u heat pepper seeds hotter
lego spiderman 200
lego spiderman 200 - 3 hours ago
What peppers the use?
lego spiderman 200
lego spiderman 200 - 3 hours ago
Marvel luv awesome u host a marvel show intro😎❤️
terryl knox
terryl knox - 7 hours ago
seth's makeup looks like the makeup artist ran out of makeup and tried their best to spread it around
Sasha Yershov
Sasha Yershov - 13 hours ago
Seth bites into Da Bomb *surprised* "It's not...the antidote"
Hallowene 420
Hallowene 420 - 17 hours ago
The "serious" sound fx is what's missing from the current season. I'm not into it as much!
The Dark Lord Network
The Dark Lord Network - 20 hours ago
He handled Da Bomb better than most people do!
Lashawn Johnson
Lashawn Johnson - 2 days ago
Mister Dick
Mister Dick - 2 days ago
Should have been tagged, " Steven Myers is reeeeeally hungry"
Hair Care Specialist
Hair Care Specialist - 3 days ago
Thanks for the great videos
Sawyer Weathers
Sawyer Weathers - 3 days ago
Seth Meyers looks just like Ben Stiller but with a more serious demeanor
P Cass
P Cass - 3 days ago
Wait. He’s wearing his show makeup? Clearly they didn’t put it on him or we wouldn’t have said that. Did he for real put on make up just to come on hot ones?
Jamie Johnston
Jamie Johnston - 3 days ago
Soo cool
Jem Leavitt
Jem Leavitt - 3 days ago
Yasss Seth!
Redcorvin - 4 days ago
this is sad.. thats what they hire on SNL now? SMH true utterly pathetically sad.. show went to the shitter it seems.. no more great talent like Murray, Chase Radner ,bulushi
615 Gaming King Ninjas
615 Gaming King Ninjas - 4 days ago
FYI - Bolton's in Nashville is for Whiting Fish Sandwiches... Prince's is the Hot Chicken spot😉
DENOEHONER - 5 days ago
You got my respect 💪
Erica C.
Erica C. - 6 days ago
Lol omg his eyes were blood shot!
West Side
West Side - 6 days ago
Seth killes it
FuUta Anxios. eXe
FuUta Anxios. eXe - 7 days ago
Blaise Arwyn
Blaise Arwyn - 7 days ago
I now just watch these for the sound effects
HopePlaysTheStrings - 8 days ago
Mermaid Atlantica
Mermaid Atlantica - 8 days ago
Man someone should have told him he didnt need to eat the whole wing lmao!
MermaidCalledSummer - 9 days ago
Seth Meyers is basically a love child of Ben Stiller and Jason Mraz 💙
Rick Oom
Rick Oom - 9 days ago
Sorry Seth but Groo the wanderer was the funniest comic since MAD magazine
mega vega
mega vega - 9 days ago
Congratulations on Season 3 of Documentary Now! I have no idea how I came across the first season, which I didn’t understand the humor behind. “For-the-writers” indeed! I’m glad y’all enjoyed yourselves. Seth & Fred & Bill & John are a powerful quartet.
Maria !!!
Maria !!! - 9 days ago
Who out there would sit through this meal ?? I am so curious ,I actually would but I dont know if I could finish up until the last dab!! 🥵🥵🥵
Youngherbalista - 10 days ago
Amsterdam !!
GotTwins29 - 10 days ago
I only watched this hoping this left lying SOB spewing prick would actually die. Trump 2020!!!
Kris Frederick
Kris Frederick - 10 days ago
Chris Walken, John Malkovich. Lord there are too many great ideas. WOW you're doin the wings all wrong
Kris Frederick
Kris Frederick - 10 days ago
Wow, I think of all that I can remember he visibly suffered the most. Call Eddie Izzard. That would be a great conversation.
Bill Klee
Bill Klee - 11 days ago
Such a little bitch! Fuck you Meyers!
Phil Connors
Phil Connors - 11 days ago
Seth is a genuine class act.
Eyerusalem Tsehayou
Eyerusalem Tsehayou - 11 days ago
lol I thought he was freaking out at Da Bomb! He so cute
Pleasant Ne Zu Mi
Pleasant Ne Zu Mi - 12 days ago
Rewatching this video because Seth is so impressive and personable.
Jackie Santangelo
Jackie Santangelo - 12 days ago
I really like Sth Meyers - watch his show all the time. Why do I so enjoy his suffering?
Audra Smith
Audra Smith - 13 days ago
if you enjoy watching Seth struggle in this way, you're a monster!
Asia Enchanted
Asia Enchanted - 13 days ago
I’d love to see Melissa McCarthy, J Cole, SZA, and Dwayne Johnson
Miss Jonz
Miss Jonz - 13 days ago
Poor Seth lol
Jo kiki
Jo kiki - 13 days ago
Please get a Kardashian on this show!!!
John Hancock
John Hancock - 13 days ago
Ghost Rider, not Firestorm. Idiot.
WhyName WhyName
WhyName WhyName - 13 days ago
The bomb has opened the hell gateway to destroy MSM talk show hosts.
Austin Garcia
Austin Garcia - 14 days ago
Every comment "Wow mad props respect Seth cleaning off them wings unlike most other guests wow"
ManofPirate - 14 days ago
this isnt ben stiller wtf is going on
Jeff N
Jeff N - 15 days ago
I gained MUCH respect for Seth Myers after seeing this interview...what a champ!
byron p
byron p - 15 days ago
I've no idea why The Bomb is always on, unless it is to prepare victims, I'm sorry, guests, for the next rounds which will be even hotter. The Bomb seems to be universally loathed as tasting like crap.
Kotabhi - 15 days ago
seth meyers unravels...

weeb in me: oshiye teyo shiyeteyo.............
Dina Ebrahim
Dina Ebrahim - 15 days ago
Donald Glover
Doomer Doomerson
Doomer Doomerson - 15 days ago
Does anyone know who makes the background music for this show?
The Institution
The Institution - 16 days ago
18:00 He was high from this moment.
Matthew - 16 days ago
So Seth is a DC man.
Matthew Barry
Matthew Barry - 17 days ago
+1 for Ambush Bug.
TheWWWV - 17 days ago
And video of ring oh fire tomorrow!!!!
Taco - 17 days ago
Seth Meyers suffering before the last three wings but still finishing every wing to the bone is pretty damn badass.
Liviu Bita
Liviu Bita - 17 days ago
Good man, Seth, good man!
Egg Trolls
Egg Trolls - 17 days ago
😂 he shook and shook and shook until Seth finally noticed
mark caruana
mark caruana - 18 days ago
Is camera guy Bill from Buffalo?
Jiggerjaw - 19 days ago
"It's tradition around here to put a little extra on the last wing."
"Yeah, I've seen it."
Jihad Toom
Jihad Toom - 19 days ago
The rock will probably eat the wings and drink all the sauces
Koala Nectar
Koala Nectar - 20 days ago
"You don't have to if you don't want to but like pretty much you have to"
PHOUR-ish/69* I'm Rite BITCH
🤘Seth Meyers was a genuine MAN
Gave it his all. ... please don't touch the eye's 👀... when is this 🐓over. . . 😲 it get's better from here . Can't get worse. If - i kiss 💋 my kid's🙏 they will blow UP 👾
brian shaut
brian shaut - 21 day ago
seth is awesome
DR. Feelgood
DR. Feelgood - 22 days ago
i love how for some guests the interview is an existential crisis..., but like Tommy Chong and Neil DeGrasse Tyson seemed unphased! you never know who is gonna lose their cool. it's always amazing to see how calm and collected Sean wonder people suspect he is not getting the same amount of sauce. he's obviously just used to being in pain and talking through it. you can see his moments if you watch carefully. and when he shakes the last bottle, he shakes it a long time waiting for a reaction to the shaking.
BronzDano - 23 days ago
I respect those who finish the wings. 👏🏽
Dankrupt - 24 days ago
14:54 It's funny he says that considering one side is known for coming up with things out of thin air....
Juan Mancillas
Juan Mancillas - 24 days ago
Wings all the way to the bone dammm SAVAGE MODE nothing but respect
Jamie M
Jamie M - 24 days ago
I always come back to this episode and it reminds me how good Sean is about hyping people up so they can finish through to the end.
Taufik Rahman
Taufik Rahman - 24 days ago
Seth killing it those wings. 😆
drumgod19991 - 24 days ago
so @ first we feast do you use the same sauces every video or do you switch up? can i get a list of your repertoire?
French Flowerbread
French Flowerbread - 25 days ago
Steve carrel
Emilia Clark
Maisie Williams
Sophie turner
Julia Roberts
Ryan Reynolds
PleSe !
:) x
Sean LS
Sean LS - 26 days ago
why is the merch so expensive? ?????
Chris Lukawski
Chris Lukawski - 26 days ago
Mustard's Last Stand is weak... Gene and Jude's is THE Chicago place for hot dogs
carlairving - 27 days ago
Seth seems to be one of the most sympathetic guy on TV. Even when he's about to die, he still laugh. He must be a lots of fun to hang out with
mark aaron
mark aaron - 28 days ago
I feel like the final sauce doesn’t really affect people as much. Even though it’s double the heat
John carte
John carte - 29 days ago
Seth: “im genuinely unhappy” *cleans wing*
Shane Evans
Shane Evans - Month ago
I would like to see Eminem, because some SoundCloud rapper will put a distrack on him and then he can make a distrack on the SoundCloud rapper then bam! We get a new Eminem song.
Alec Maltz
Alec Maltz - Month ago
Seth Myers is a badass
Lucy - Month ago
This was incredible to watch, and Seth didn't have to do it so mad respect!!
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