Seth Meyers Unravels While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

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First We Feast
First We Feast - 10 days ago
*British actor doing a bad Boston accent* "Da Bomb is too hot. It's wicked hot."
Rumble Beats
Rumble Beats - 17 hours ago
Get Priyanka Chopra. She's got a thing for wings and her Indian roots will make her somewhat tolerable to spicy sauce
Stefanie Klosa
Stefanie Klosa - 2 days ago
Interview jaboody dubs or jaboody studios !!
reheated pizza
reheated pizza - 3 days ago
First We Feast sean buy a damn air fryer and make the wings 2 at a time in between while you are talking to the guest that way the wings are always fresh and hot
The new Creator
The new Creator - 3 days ago
lol i thought that was tony hawk lol you should get some one from howard stern show to try your challenge the king of radio howard wont do it but he will make some one famous in his cast do it and he will talk about it on his radio show like they make bets alot and this is something they would bet on I HOPE YOU ENJOY MY TIP HOT ONES LOVE THE SHOW
Texas Badger
Texas Badger - 3 days ago
VisualxxKhaos - 4 minutes ago
John Oliver, please ??
gogotshi - Hour ago
@Frist we Feast as amazig/strange could this sound for you guys, milk is not the best thing to cut out the burning feeling in your thonge and lips after eating spicy sauce is SALT the best remedy for that..
redexplodingsun - 2 hours ago
Unfunny liberal douche bag Seth Meyers is, cant stand the clown... Would have paid to rub hot sauce in his eyes!
Game Clips
Game Clips - 3 hours ago
Bring Matt stonie on
geralyn david
geralyn david - 4 hours ago
What is his tongue made of?
Franklin MacGillacuddy
Franklin MacGillacuddy - 4 hours ago
TO THE BONE!! Seth Myers you are a legend. He actually pulled that off very well. Good work! these videos just keep getting better.
some beach
some beach - 5 hours ago
Nice to see him in pain
Dan Kron
Dan Kron - 6 hours ago
I'm worried if i kiss my children, they are going to burst into flames #pissmyself
ItsBenyourfriend - 6 hours ago
Isn't that the guy from Progressive ads?
Aryanna Ward
Aryanna Ward - 8 hours ago
You should get bts on the show
Peter Cofrancesco
Peter Cofrancesco - 8 hours ago
There is so much bs in the entertainment world it’s refeshing to see something “real”. You have great rapport with the guests. Love it.
Repect how Seth handled the heat.
Joseph Arena
Joseph Arena - 8 hours ago
Try to get a pro fighter on the show !
Roosevelt - 10 hours ago
Proud of ma'boy Seth. Now go burn Trump with that mouth!!!!!!!!
Roosevelt - 10 hours ago
Toward the middle he asks about the current political climate of "Late night interview shows". The true answer is these shows are only political because Trump is evil, and it needs to be exposed. If any other person was president, the chances of these shows being political would be less.
Ghoul Goil
Ghoul Goil - 11 hours ago
He hung in there like a champ. Love Seth!
rockyman_88 - 11 hours ago
I loved this show and I love it even more it catches all the guests off guard! More shows please!
Fabeaux - 11 hours ago
Harmless Harvest Coconut Water is the secret to downing all the wings
Shayne Guthrie
Shayne Guthrie - 12 hours ago
J S - 14 hours ago
The next presidential debate should be hosted on this show.....come it.
meama2000 - 14 hours ago
Seth has a really nice smile
Reality YT
Reality YT - 15 hours ago
you should add make your maker onto here
Melpo - 15 hours ago
yo but I really love Seth for making all the trump supporters in the comments mad 😊🤣
Melpo - 15 hours ago
Seth!! Papasote lindo 💙 he really powered through this 😂😂
Wanderer - 16 hours ago
Don't have Jimmy Fallon on. He's a turd.
ThatGirlLib - 16 hours ago
Respect for cleaning the wings. ❤️
NorCal SawSquatch
NorCal SawSquatch - 17 hours ago
Seth is cool 🤘👍 super chill dude.
Ghassan Afara
Ghassan Afara - 17 hours ago
Get ed helms or steve carrell plsss
Alex Pac
Alex Pac - 20 hours ago
Seth meyers loks like retired Fred from Courage the cowardly dog
D Jay
D Jay - 23 hours ago
Upload to Bitchute!
dumitrupopamd - Day ago
Man, the music in the background is awesome, the sound guy in this show is a keeper, pay him well :D
Adam David Wagner
Adam David Wagner - Day ago
This is one of the best episodes. I had know idea I liked Seth Meyers.
unchartify - Day ago
well I just became a massive fan of Seth Meyers after his comments about e-sports what a guy but I think the age thing is a little off as king Seth himself scumper jumper is 22 and still doing bits.
Simon Preston
Simon Preston - Day ago
This bloke is actually eating . Nice one
Zash - Day ago
Seth I think they like it because they watch your show for 15 mintues during their lunch. 15 minutes and 20 minutes being the longest amount of time someone likes to eat and listen.
Anthony K.
Anthony K. - Day ago
Someone get that pansy a new Manpon.
Alex Zinovchik
Alex Zinovchik - Day ago
mike Tyson would be cool on this show
Allie Heyman
Allie Heyman - Day ago
So interesting that Da Bomb didn’t destroy Seth, the one before did! That doesn’t ever really happen
magicoA - Day ago
"I'm worried if I kiss my children they're gonna burst into flames" bahaha
magicoA - Day ago
The research on this show really is spectacular,it's amazing how they mix eating super hot wings with some seriously researched journalism,props to the research person/department.
tjg - Day ago
I don't know why, but this is such an awesome premise for an interview type show. It also recently made me eat chicken after 15 years of being a veg.
Slider1207 - Day ago
Humbly requesting Maynard James Keenan to make an appearance on Hot Ones.
HiMyNamesDanielle - Day ago
get bill hader on the show!
Rosa Perez
Rosa Perez - Day ago
Ben stiller
Ludak021 - Day ago
It will stop after 30 minutes. Then it continues in the morning, on the other end. Enjoy!
Brendan Beckett
Brendan Beckett - Day ago
1:22 why does it sound like he's eating an apple? That must be some crispy skin damn
Yoru13 - Day ago
JESUS! He's CLEANING these wings! Not a tiny nibble towards the end, he's taking bis ass bites. Mad Respect.
Yoru13 - Day ago
Thank you so much for touching on esports. It would mean so much to me if you could get a professional on the show. Shed some light on an area the masses may not be familiar with.
C9 Mang0 would be hilarious. Shroud would be popular.
Rodrigo Díaz Perera
What a champ!
Bobby Shotz
Bobby Shotz - Day ago
New sub here... i haven't watched a ton of these but so far at 10 mins in, he seems to be the only one who eats more than a little bitch-bite of the wing
Tr3vor1 - Day ago
I hate this dude
Teri Starr
Teri Starr - Day ago
I'm not just looking, I'm laughing my ass off (and gaining admiration for Seth. Think I'll watch his show).
Vic Eiland
Vic Eiland - Day ago
This is the best one yet! I had no idea I respect Seth so much! So good!
maverickslb80 - Day ago
Guests to have on the show:
- Tom Cruise
- Jason Statham
- Liam Neeson
- The Rock
- Kat Dennings
maverickslb80 - Day ago
Seth looks a bit like Hugh Grant.
Michael Hinchey
Michael Hinchey - Day ago
Another great interview.
ak nature
ak nature - Day ago
Huge Respect for Seth, Great Job and as Sean said, he is a hot ones legend.
sam52x7 - Day ago
Is the last dab even that hot though?
Jason Brown
Jason Brown - Day ago
Watching this episode makes me wonder if it is worst with the chicken wings being baked or fried?
Summy Sunshine
Summy Sunshine - Day ago
i would love to see some Wild N Out cast members!
Rayvon OddBoy
Rayvon OddBoy - Day ago
Seth Meyer Beast Cleaning Those Wings... Seth You Are Man
lee bags
lee bags - 2 days ago
He rocks! Some guest barely take a bite. He is a boss!
Stanley Tang
Stanley Tang - 2 days ago
Meyers is a much better show host than the fake laughing Fallon
Meaghan McAuley
Meaghan McAuley - 2 days ago
He has always seemed so fake to me for some reason
Stacy Cecil
Stacy Cecil - 2 days ago
Love the show. Could we get Colin Jost and Michael Che???
And have you thought about a special 'live stream' edition? Just one?
Zark Mellers
Zark Mellers - 2 days ago
Chris Pratt?
Aenean Calida
Aenean Calida - 2 days ago
It's a stupid format for interviews.
Mohammed Elali
Mohammed Elali - 2 days ago
A fucking champ
Apple Jakks
Apple Jakks - 2 days ago
Can we get Seth MacFarlane !!
Stephanie Cummings
Stephanie Cummings - 2 days ago
"Should they stop playing 'Sweet Caroline' during the 8th inning of Red Sox games?"
I feel personally attacked.
MoonFairy929 - 2 days ago
I want wings soooo bad...
Crazy how u can feel the intensity. Love this series!!
VIRGINIA MELO - 2 days ago
Seth reminds me of my brother... but fun
VIRGINIA MELO - 2 days ago
I see two hosts who need Jenna Marbles as guest SOON
Sai Golkonda
Sai Golkonda - 2 days ago
Karl - 2 days ago
Obama needs to do this.
akataj - 2 days ago
Easily one of the best episodes.
B T - 2 days ago
If I was on this show, I’d switch plates with the host before we got started.
Sydnei Prosper
Sydnei Prosper - 2 hours ago
Neil Degrasse Tyson did that.
Dave Flores
Dave Flores - 2 days ago
With this episode, you've have redeemed yourself with Seth....especially him taking the 2nd last bite of the last wing.
raekfot - 2 days ago
Seth. Great job. Mind over matter.
Eddie Love
Eddie Love - 2 days ago
10:15 so basically the Key & Peele pizza ordering skit
PoliScikosis - 2 days ago
2 words... The ROCK
Leroy Martinez
Leroy Martinez - 2 days ago
Seth is probably one of my favorite interviewee's! Cleaning wings and going the gauntlet, then, going back to clean more wings! Great interview!
Luis Gonzalez
Luis Gonzalez - 2 days ago
TIL Lorne Michaels is a man, I always heard Lauren Michaels
افلام اكشن 2019
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Sp ace
Sp ace - 2 days ago
Hope he doesn't choke on a chicken bone or his shitty jokes
Martin Riggs
Martin Riggs - 2 days ago
Elon Musk on the show please! Conan and Jordan would be nice too, thanks.
James Nicky
James Nicky - 2 days ago
wow those really looked like some spicy wings!
Greg S
Greg S - 2 days ago
Sam Harris is looking good here.
J2 digital
J2 digital - 2 days ago
Alright they've opened this door now they need to bring in Will Ferrell, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Tracy Morgan, Kristen Wiig, Andy Samberg, and even Will Arnett. Given some probably have already been on the show.
JungleDocs - 2 days ago
Get Jude Angelini on!
Eric Taylor
Eric Taylor - 2 days ago
You should never trust someone who shakes your head, then tells you you need to have a wig test.
Eric Taylor
Eric Taylor - 2 days ago
"He shook my head." "I didn't know that was really uncommon."
My god, I hope it's uncommon. I'd be upset if someone shook my head.
Maarten Valentin
Maarten Valentin - 2 days ago
Is it me or do the wings look MUCH better since Mr. Gordon Ramsay took a piss out of them?
autistic dragon
autistic dragon - 2 days ago
Has hugh Jackman been on if not you guys are missing a hughe chance
quebec gold
quebec gold - 2 days ago
Never watched his show totally, but that guy deserve 1000000% of my respect
Thomas - 2 days ago
You need to have Johnny scoville on here. The true legend of hot stuff!!
rockman11309 - 3 days ago
That Peyton Manning story was hilarious lol
Hazard Squirrel
Hazard Squirrel - 3 days ago
Rewatched this vid 3 times, got 2 kfc ads
Eamon Sullivan
Eamon Sullivan - 3 days ago
Toophless One
Toophless One - 3 days ago
I've never been a follower of Seth Meyers. I don't appreciate his type of humor whether it is political or just straight stuff. I feel like I'm watching a kid in high doesn't get my humor bone
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