Brandy - Borderline

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Prince Von
Prince Von - 29 seconds ago
just when you think she can't get anymore amazing!!!
Rebecca - 18 minutes ago
Although I like the song, Brandy is talented and I am a fan, I do not like her visual choice for the song. More so than not people are called "crazy" when they react to someone's shitty behavior. Reacting to being hurt doesn't make you crazy, it makes you human. There are people that need help mentally and their are people that just need to heal. She could have just had him/her standing in the kitchen and she's singing her feelings to him/her. But that is just my opinion. I do appreciate the NAMI info at the end of the video but not everyone going thru a breakup or a hard time in their relationship is crazy. But don't get it twisted, staying in a bad relationship can lead to depression and anxiety. It is okay to leave.
Kenzie Marie
Kenzie Marie - 28 minutes ago
Jason Bodhi
Jason Bodhi - 47 minutes ago
Disappointed with this album. Such an amazing voice pandering to this cheesy, boring, uninspired sound. I want the talented "Everything I do" Brandy back.
lindokuhle masondo
lindokuhle masondo - 59 minutes ago
I love how she never changed her sound 😩🔊🔊
None Ofyourbusiness
None Ofyourbusiness - Hour ago
Cant believe she is 41 years old.....not 1 crack.... beautiful skin.....avocado and spinach smoothie, here I come.
Dominque Williams
Dominque Williams - Hour ago
4:20 that note was simply perfection.
Mr Prince
Mr Prince - Hour ago
Miss you 😢😢😢. Thanks for bringing back memories...........
Dessie Brown
Dessie Brown - Hour ago
i am so sad that there is no s7 i js watched all episodes of moesha lots of love
Idrissa KANE
Idrissa KANE - 2 hours ago
Who agrees with me that brandy is the Best ?
Patricia Dausas
Patricia Dausas - 2 hours ago
Brandy,I have been a fan of you and your music since childhood. I grew up listening to you,you are my inspiration and you're a true legend.Love you,Queen 👑
TreyFX - 2 hours ago
Me 7/8/2020
Talib Moore
Talib Moore - 2 hours ago
Brandy and letoya Luckett collabo..great singers/ actresses and songwriters. That would be 🔥 🔥🔥 🔥
Genese Knox
Genese Knox - 2 hours ago
Lead, back up and ad-libs all blending 😍
hand. - 3 hours ago
Love my sis....💌💯🌞
Botshapa - 3 hours ago
If you’re here watching this, all it means is that you’re a real one recognising a real one, Brandy the GOAT
alizisabeth - 3 hours ago
Quentin Fears
Quentin Fears - 3 hours ago
We can’t sleep on this. This song is everything. Kem, Brandy, Tiyon, Toni Braxton & J Brown & summer long.
CMarieTV - 3 hours ago
Rewatching Moesha on Netflix, man she still looks the same❤️❤️❤️
GODRIC - 3 hours ago
lyn Laugh247
lyn Laugh247 - 3 hours ago
Brandy as always a whole vibe! I love the length of the song, the transitions, the arrangement, and the lyrics. A little something for everyone: you can just vibe to the music, breakdown the lyrics, or just commiserate with the experience.
Young Kaii
Young Kaii - 4 hours ago
Brandie Doke
Brandie Doke - 4 hours ago
Girlfriend got that BPD diagnosis!!! I wouldn’t change it for anything!! Makes me.... me!! ❤️ this so much!!
Justice Nicole
Justice Nicole - 4 hours ago
The beginning reminded me of the movie beloved. This song is beautiful BRANDY! deep deep & deep
Mental Marvin
Mental Marvin - 4 hours ago
BORING song ever brandy wat were u thinking wen u write this song it has no taste its not catch e either boringggggggggg
Nestle Black
Nestle Black - Hour ago
@Rafael Diaz 😂🤣
Rafael Diaz
Rafael Diaz - 3 hours ago
Ur Face Is Boring! Not 2 Mention UGLY! Brandy’s Music Is HOT 🔥 U Just Have Bad Taste & Bad Aesthetics!
lori brown
lori brown - 4 hours ago
C’est du français au début ???
King Ttm
King Ttm - 4 hours ago
Chopped and screwed version is 🔥🔥
Joao Gabriel Rosa
Joao Gabriel Rosa - 4 hours ago
Skitzo? Really? Borderline where? And all these comical expressions of a patient in a hospital? So so wrong!
Michelle Hayes
Michelle Hayes - 4 hours ago
The Hope Andro Show
The Hope Andro Show - 4 hours ago
3:37 money shot 👍🔥🔥🎥📸
Im her
Im her - 5 hours ago
Oh noooo this song is a NO!!!
HYLYNDofficial - 5 hours ago
toomuchfourU - 5 hours ago
It's weird. Certain times she actually looks like she's crazy other times it seems like she's trying to act crazy. Weird but good job on the video
Chuck Deezy
Chuck Deezy - 5 hours ago
Brandy is DOPE period! WE must treasure this Empress.
LaDonna Reese
LaDonna Reese - 5 hours ago
Can we talk about the brown skin, the fluidity in her voice, the face she is serving
RayJ-HT - 5 hours ago
There is something about the sound of her vocal tracks over one another. I had to make sure Rodney wasn't a producer.
a b
a b - 5 hours ago
My goodness this song took me back to my childhood, the beat, the style, the vocals ... or maybe she was bringing the future to us back in the 90s!
Ashley Sabbatt
Ashley Sabbatt - 5 hours ago
❤️love it
Owins Dad
Owins Dad - 5 hours ago
Been had this on repeat in my headphones, crib, truck, job for 4 days now👌🏽👏🏽
Nestle Black
Nestle Black - Hour ago
Man listen...FACTS!!!!
Renee Ann
Renee Ann - 4 hours ago
Yep! Me too, since last Friday!!!
ImAnAriesQUEENbih - 5 hours ago
Her voice takes me back... Happy to see you back, B!
MonopolyMode - 5 hours ago
shitzos have super powers.
Santana da model
Santana da model - 5 hours ago
I've been down with Brandy since she was trying to be DOWN 😆😆
Airick Anderson
Airick Anderson - 5 hours ago
Brandy's voice is so unique in every way!... It is so smooth, so soothing & so hypnotic!... This sounds/looks to be an extremely personal album for her and we are all in for a ride!.....
HOBBY Mommy - 5 hours ago
Ok brandy I see you’re still doing your thing! That was hot!
Jayful Music
Jayful Music - 6 hours ago
UNREAL; the musicality, the tone, and the message. You won’t “get” nor appreciate Brandy unless you’re an artist or musician. OUT-FREAKING-STANDING!
TylerAribra - 6 hours ago
Brandy! ❤️🙂
Tormain Harrison
Tormain Harrison - 6 hours ago
The 2020 anthem for so many💛 you are not alone
Crystal D.
Crystal D. - 6 hours ago
Brandy Top 5 vocalist period! Voice unmatched 🔥🔥
Shylaa Shakur
Shylaa Shakur - 6 hours ago
Yess Brandy🙌🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
R J.
R J. - 6 hours ago
Brandy sounds her ...sooo TALENTED her voice is everything
She who's different
She who's different - 6 hours ago
I hope you see my comment Brandy your back and in my mind you've never left always been a blessing to me musically and in Cinderella keep going and being positive #blackwomanmagic 💜🖤💜
陳尤 - 6 hours ago
jimmy neutron
jimmy neutron - 6 hours ago
Her. Flawless. Vocals. Lord have mercy.
Cousin Goku
Cousin Goku - 6 hours ago
So sad 922,083. Now put who belongs in the crazy hospital in the crazy hospital. Know the difference between someone who is using you to get back at someone then the person who actually cares and wants what's best for you!
Emakun Misha
Emakun Misha - 6 hours ago
Me encantó! 🇦🇷❤️
michael outlaw
michael outlaw - 6 hours ago
Grew up on her. Love her. That being said this song has some problematic lyrics and the video itself with her in a straight jacket "acting" stereotypically CRAZY is pretty cringe worthy and reductive. Can't help but feel disappointed. I expected much more.
michael outlaw
michael outlaw - 4 hours ago
god forbid I am critical of an artist i like. newsflash people. you don't have to be a sycophant. you don't have to love every damn thing they do.
Rafael Diaz
Rafael Diaz - 4 hours ago
Dear Michael Coleslaw STFU Once & 4 All!
michael outlaw
michael outlaw - 4 hours ago
@De BONNE HEURE how is my post assumptive and judgemental?
De BONNE HEURE - 4 hours ago
@michael outlaw this is her story she's telling about something she went thru mentally. & emotionally, with her mind & a toxic lover who increased her mental illness & mental unstableness.
De BONNE HEURE - 4 hours ago
This is what you didn't realize is the last 8 yrs she has battled with her mental health but you wouldn't notice that because you were being assumptive & judgemental. This is why it's so important for people to share their experiences on mental health to bring more awareness & decrease the stigma.
Pittiful EWE
Pittiful EWE - 6 hours ago
MARCUS REEVES 2 - 6 hours ago
Pittiful EWE
Pittiful EWE - 6 hours ago
Yea I need to relax now but soon as to relax they start yelling
Pittiful EWE
Pittiful EWE - 6 hours ago
Yea it hurt my head crying and them stomping on my brain
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