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Eobard Thawne
Eobard Thawne - 12 minutes ago
Sonic trailer looking great next to this
Masque - 12 minutes ago
I always feared the WW3 between nations. But it is already at the doorstep. SJW people against common-sense people. Instead of nuclear missiles the sexual propagandas would fly over our heads.
Marzia Sahebzada
Marzia Sahebzada - 22 minutes ago
I walk into the room.
Music:🎶I'm a womannnnn!!🎶
M. KI - 38 minutes ago
nan - 45 minutes ago
Ya know I think this has potential. It just needs to stop acting like man = bad, woman = good. After all she's stealing Bruce's things and even his hero identity. And when you choose to be a hero, your gender should be completely irrelevant. I'm saying this as a woman.
KenpachiDar - Hour ago
i honestly though the dislikes was fake, but lmao
Zay Much
Zay Much - Hour ago
So why is Batman gone?
Lucas - Hour ago
Kasey Eva
Kasey Eva - Hour ago
Nobody can be this woke. It's all a big con to gain viewers from being as controversial as possible.
HCblueblue - Hour ago
Can’t wait for 1st episode. How exiting?! Big support and love from Korea💕💕💕
Good God ! Sony at it again?!
Kryptonian GL
Kryptonian GL - Hour ago
Is anyone else anxious for this lame SJW fad to come to its end?

Thankfully, with CW's help and cringe-worthy, try-too-hard garbage like this, it may be over sooner rather than later!
지영 - Hour ago
여자가 세상을 바꾼다 ❤️
Ayla Stewart Wife With A Purpose
Before feminism: Queen Elizabeth, Amelia Earheart, Joan of Arc, Cleopatra.
After Feminism: This 😐
Oberyn Martell
Oberyn Martell - 2 hours ago
And what does CW learn from this aficionado?
Ó Brolcháin
Ó Brolcháin - 2 hours ago
The cringe was so bad that I went to urgent care because I thought it was permanent.
Matt Ripley
Matt Ripley - 2 hours ago
These agenda pushing movies are garbage
Music Man Grant
Music Man Grant - 2 hours ago
This is awful. How could someone think this is a good idea😂
멀쩡한취객 - 2 hours ago
내 동년배들 다 뱃우먼 본다
David Mullins
David Mullins - 2 hours ago
What's the song they were playing? I can't find it
khaavren3 - 2 hours ago
"I'm not about to let a man take credit for a woman's work." Says the wowan taking everything she is from a man.
David Yorkshire
David Yorkshire - 2 hours ago
How progressive, how current year, how - in spite of all the oestrogen - utterly bollocks!
M H - 2 hours ago
If only everyone in America had been an angry teenage girl with daddy issues...this show might have been well received.
Logan Wheeler
Logan Wheeler - 2 hours ago
Wait I'm confused what gender is batwoman? Is she female or not? Trailer didn't really make that clear
통고구마 - 3 hours ago
자들대는 건 국적불문!!😊
Bunny - 3 hours ago
Well I hate it, thanks CW.
viki journal
viki journal - 3 hours ago
I came as straight and left as a gay :)
John MacTavish
John MacTavish - 3 hours ago
Sanket Kudalkar
Sanket Kudalkar - 3 hours ago
This is bad...
Patry Atry
Patry Atry - 4 hours ago
TIL the world really did end in 2012 and we are now in the 5th circle of hell
Bass Red
Bass Red - 4 hours ago
"Im not goin let a man take credit for a womans work!"... Bit*h, the man started it... Its more like you taking credit for his work..
Zaynoun Sunna'a
Zaynoun Sunna'a - 4 hours ago
for god's sake .. couldnt this just be catwoman??
Mikhaila Shetler
Mikhaila Shetler - 4 hours ago
Screw the haters I'm excited for this. Being a fan of Kate Kane myself makes me happy she's getting the spotlight now. Go Ruby!!!!!!! Yeessss Batwoman
Another Human
Another Human - 3 hours ago
I am the only right human on earth Yeah nice
suckonthis u2be
suckonthis u2be - 4 hours ago
Maybe she's born with it, maybe it's Narravance ™️
jak and his stupid videos
Lmao type in cringey woman this will come up
Ur mom xD
Ur mom xD - 4 hours ago
Why does batwoman look like batman? Or rather a 12 year old batboy.
Goji Hime
Goji Hime - 4 hours ago
Well, this won't make it passed one season.
Goji Hime
Goji Hime - 3 hours ago
@Kyle Gmerek Yeah, how is that even possible? Who's paying for Supergirl to still be on the air? Yeesh.
Kyle Gmerek
Kyle Gmerek - 3 hours ago
We can hope, but Supergirl's crappy show is still going on despite no one liking it.
통통한두꺼비 - 5 hours ago
Welcome To Watch Mo
Welcome To Watch Mo - 5 hours ago
There are porn parodies better than this.
Joshua Tica
Joshua Tica - 4 hours ago
Welcome To Watch Mo and I rather those than this show.
Teo Al
Teo Al - 5 hours ago
I didn't know Miley Cyrus was the Batwoman.
Bully Boy
Bully Boy - 5 hours ago
Tyson Boschee
Tyson Boschee - 6 hours ago
Looks kinda gay.
Joshua Tica
Joshua Tica - 4 hours ago
Tyson Boschee exactly. I seen better lesbian characters that aren’t feminist cringe than she is.
heintz256 - 6 hours ago
Whoever liked this is an idiot
Chaosbringer - 6 hours ago
"I'm not about to let a man take credit for a woman's work."
So that gives you the liberty to mix the looks of Batman AND Fury from Darksiders 3, minus the armor? I don't think that works sweetheart.
Eman the Heartbreak
Eman the Heartbreak - 6 hours ago
Unknown_ Puff
Unknown_ Puff - 6 hours ago
I just hope she’s not in any other crossovers.
David Robson
David Robson - 6 hours ago
Seems a little low budget.
EOP Studios
EOP Studios - 7 hours ago
Just came to dislike this trash
Joshua Tica
Joshua Tica - 4 hours ago
EOP Studios same here!
Rainman Slim
Rainman Slim - 7 hours ago
As someone who works security. If someone breaks into a place and says "it's ok my cousin owns this" they'd either be in cuffs and arrested or shot if they resist.
carkeyss - 7 hours ago
"When it fits a women" - 2019.
Mr Black
Mr Black - 7 hours ago
They have gone batshit crazy with this trailer..
The Pious Guy
The Pious Guy - 7 hours ago
391K dislikes to only 79K likes. The people have spoken
Andres b
Andres b - 7 hours ago
holy mother of cringe
ratonball - 7 hours ago
she looks like a man ( rude, short hair, she likes women) = trash
wonderwoman, shes sexy and badass = i love it, thats the way for me
TEAMMAURICE - 8 hours ago
I initially thought this was a bad spoof but then to my horror realised it was a real trailer!
OwO - 8 hours ago
Mr Az
Mr Az - 9 hours ago
This trailer just proves hollywood is not the greatest movie industry
the dude
the dude - 9 hours ago
Die in a fire
rreed12 - 9 hours ago
Man...woman. There’s nothing glorious about an inflated ego.
wrath231 - 9 hours ago
BlueBoyScout42 - 9 hours ago
Yep, I will probably not watch this show.
Timothy Neumann
Timothy Neumann - 9 hours ago
Shouldn't it be BatShe/Her ?????? No wait it should be BatPerson it's supposed to be gender neutral.
Michael Bing
Michael Bing - 9 hours ago
T H I S - I S - U T T E R - S H I T E
Mr Az
Mr Az - 9 hours ago
Captain Amerika -> captain Marvel. Superman -> super girl. Batman -> batwoman creative names + bad story + hatedable Main characters this is Hollywood these days not a single creativity in a single movie except for John wick infinitu war
Steve Rutter
Steve Rutter - 9 hours ago
SJW Bullshit
Yohannes K
Yohannes K - 10 hours ago
What pisses me off the most about this show, is not the fact that they're making Batwoman, it's the fact that instead of using her actual comic origin (where she's inspired by Batman after he saves her from muggers), they outright disrespect Batman's legacy and use it to prop her up as female Bruce Wayne which is ridiculous. She earned absolutely nothing on her own and just takes an established hero's mantle then claims fEmALe EmPOwErmEnt. It's NOT because she's a lesbian, and it's NOT because she's a woman, it's the blatantly obvious agenda pushing that will end up causing this show to fail. #respectthecomics
john jacobs
john jacobs - 10 hours ago
Utter dogshit
Mar Jon
Mar Jon - 10 hours ago
wait a minute, "Im not about to let a man take credit for a woman's work" but she steals all Batmats tech, identity, suit, and workshop? She's arrogant and radical feminist. Absolutely awful trailer to watch.
Politically Incorrect
Politically Incorrect - 10 hours ago
Wont let a man take credit for a woman's work.......LMFAO woman proceeds to steal and uses all of batman's stuff made by a man........pause.........pause.........lolololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololol........... take a breath.............lolololoolololoololoolololoolololololololoololloloololololololololololoolloololloolloloollolololololoollololoolololloloolollololololol.........I pass out....................
ubastich - 10 hours ago
Don’t forget to dislike 👎 this trailer. Let the good people of The CW know how much you care 👌 let’s take this to a million plus dislikes ladies and gentlemen 😎
ubastich - 10 hours ago
Wokewoman: The dark virtue signaler.
Unlimited Bait Works
Unlimited Bait Works - 10 hours ago
Bring it on YouTube!!! Let's see how many time can you remove my dislike....
DopeDod OnePunchMan
DopeDod OnePunchMan - 11 hours ago
Пошел нахуй далбаеб ебаный
Bastion Unit B73
Bastion Unit B73 - 11 hours ago
I cringed through the whole thing
Tom Hendri
Tom Hendri - 12 hours ago
where's nightwing in this timeline? btw..
vault boy
vault boy - 12 hours ago
1:35 she learns how to get into the bat cave in no time flat... This is either proof that this hoes a Mary sue or batmans security with the bat cave is more laxed then me with my porn stash
Evgeniy Shubin
Evgeniy Shubin - 12 hours ago
they should call it LesbianWomen :D This is ridiculous
This is a God awful trailer this is A garbage cringey trailer. The music I'm a waaamaaaan I laughed so hard all this trailer really is bad trailer & who know the Batwoman pilot episode won't be that bad of a episode & I hope the pilot episode is really good 👍 if the Batwoman pilot episode is garbage I hope CW cancel this show for good
Ivan Chan
Ivan Chan - 12 hours ago
Thanos looks at like/dislike ratio
" This pleases me."
StRaPS 818
StRaPS 818 - 12 hours ago
"I'm not gonna let a man take credit for women's work" says that after she steals Batmans Concept and tools.
Anonymous - 12 hours ago
Is this actually DC?
IBroLLyI SephirothI
IBroLLyI SephirothI - 6 hours ago
Damo Revo
Damo Revo - 12 hours ago
Stunning and Brave

and a huge steaming pile of dogshit
Scarlet Witch
Scarlet Witch - 13 hours ago
What's the title of the songs used in the trailer?
Nithin C
Nithin C - 13 hours ago
When I lose faith in humanity, I come here to check the like to dislike ratio.
BRADICAL - 13 hours ago
I would gladly take a future zombie apocalypse, rather than see these shows and movies keep oozing out.
2006 Razor Scooter
2006 Razor Scooter - 13 hours ago
Imagine deleting comments that think this garbage is garbage.
suckonthis u2be
suckonthis u2be - 13 hours ago
Ruby Rose was ok in Slammer Clam Slam but they should have got Rachel Dolezal to play Batwoman.
SuperPartymonster123 - 13 hours ago
Ben Shapiro’s Great uncle
It’s literally just idiotic feminists trying to make shows, it’s so stupid, I’m tired of all this anti male super hero bs
dnyalslg - 13 hours ago
SJW BatWOMAN... OMG, they just ruined it.
Shane Mc Grath
Shane Mc Grath - 14 hours ago
Lipstick must be very important armour!
Wonder if it takes her an extra 20 minutes for each bat signal
Mitch Tigley Vlogs
Mitch Tigley Vlogs - 14 hours ago
I thought it was james charles 🤣🤣🤣
Yes 0
Yes 0 - 14 hours ago
Is that James charles
tempting Baguio
tempting Baguio - 14 hours ago
I wish I've never seen this crap.
azapache2006 - 14 hours ago
You push a SJW agenda .....this will last one season. We want action heroes without the real world agenda pushed into the movies n shows these days.
jazz minn
jazz minn - 14 hours ago
The acting is just horrific. This is not Halloween !
Dj Odyssey
Dj Odyssey - 14 hours ago
So she steals Batman's suit, Steals Batman's gadgets, The Bat persona, So she is a thief. Then complains if people assume she was Batman in her first showing. Not like she was stealing his lifes work.. Second trailer she is giving away money and a watch she stole from Bruce???? Not much of a hero there...
Ryan g
Ryan g - 14 hours ago
Im gonna be the FIRST one to say it. I bet she has hairy arm pits in the show.
Jhony Palencia
Jhony Palencia - 14 hours ago
This is trash.
Shivram Hari
Shivram Hari - 14 hours ago
Haha... U steal a man's work and says "doesn't want a man to take credits of a woman's work".
Beautiful... 👏👏👏
Tiberious Greene
Tiberious Greene - 14 hours ago
For fucks sake! Not letting Batman take credit for what Batman has done... but what have you done!
Wow I’ve never seen such SJW influence!
DC you had the keys to the kingdom and you dropped the ball...
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