Luigi's Mansion 3 - Gameplay Reveal Trailer (E3 Nintendo Direct)

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Sonic Son
Sonic Son - 2 months ago
How make Luigi's mansion 3 all bosses am I right bro
Rubberman202 - 5 months ago
...So I can't help but notice, upon rewatching this trailer, that a lot of furniture and decorations have purple-and-gold coloring. Also, in the opening for this game, the hotel's logo resembles a certain character's nose...
Eh, it's probably coincidence, but I can't unsee it now.
watcher guy
watcher guy - 5 months ago
miller bury
miller bury - 5 months ago
When is the anaylasis
Michael Alexander
Michael Alexander - 5 months ago
1:04 come on and SLAM
The X Reviewer
The X Reviewer - 5 months ago
I. Need. This.
Mark Portch
Mark Portch - 5 months ago
Can you play campaign with another friend in online co.op
Zhello - 5 months ago
King Boo must hate taking L's.
videogamehunter820 - 5 months ago
Who ya gonna call!?
LU - IGi's!!!

Also it would be great to have Booette in this. LOL
MrBoonana Banana
MrBoonana Banana - 5 months ago
When you see king boo Luigi doesn’t have the poltergust so does that mean that was at the beginning
Solid illusion
Solid illusion - 5 months ago
I honestly am mixed about this game, mainly since I still prefer the first Luigi's Mansion, the second one was okay but not that that great to me, but tbh I'm still gunna get this, I really like Luigi's Mansion, the multiplayer looks fun, I am at least only hoping game won't be missions based an you can just explore the whole thing, I really hated that missions stuff
Ghostflasher - 5 months ago
luigi's mansion, powered by dyson
Tamar Weiss
Tamar Weiss - 5 months ago
Imagine the property damage....
Twentydragon - 5 months ago
The only complaint I have with this is their use of the AdLib font. The regular Mario-style font would have worked just fine.
The Musical Stylings of Brent Bunn
That must have been a really boring book Luigi was reading.
Juan Isasi
Juan Isasi - 5 months ago
Was that Duke Nukem narrating?
sigourney abandy
sigourney abandy - 5 months ago
You would think that Luigi would become more and more aware of these random winnings he received to know something is amiss.
Amazingly Awkward
Amazingly Awkward - 5 months ago
Yo I wasn't a massive fan of Dark Moon but I'd buy this just for the multiplayer cuz damn it looks dope!
willy24able - 5 months ago
UGH! I don't care about Luigi's Mansion series anymore due to the disappointment of 2. I'm not buying this game this time.
willy24able - 5 months ago
DJ Maysonic Not a chance. Why? Because of what E3 2015 has done for the wrong reason. 2015 was the worst year Nintendo has ever done it cause me to not trusting the company as the #1 video game company anymore. You remember “Fed Force”, didn’t you? That Spinoff was such a massive disaster it cost them a lot of money due to being mediocre & the worst selling Nintendo game ever. It’s the reason why I decide which is worth spending money. Link’s Awakening Switch is worth spending money since it’s feels like a superior remake of the Game Boy classic. True there are a few things that worries me, but I’m sure that the Switch remake will be the definitive version of Link’s Awakening. Now, about the state of Metroid, I can forgive those Metroid creators with the critical success with Samus Returns, BUT I WILL NOT FORGIVE THEM FOR FUCKING UP PRIME 4’S DEVELOPMENT DUE TO THE INCOMPETENCE FROM BANDAI NAMCO! THEY SHOULD’VE HIRED RETRO STUDIOS TO WORK ON PRIME 4 IN THE FIRST PLACE! THAT FUCK UP IS THE MAJOR REASON WHY METROID MISS THE MARK AT THIS YEAR’S E3!
DJ Maysonic
DJ Maysonic - 5 months ago
@willy24able your not even going to see what reviews have to say or even give it chance?
willy24able - 5 months ago
DJ Maysonic I don’t care. Not interested this time.
DJ Maysonic
DJ Maysonic - 5 months ago
In the Nintendo tree house live segment about this game they said it was more like the first one, so it's not mission based and portrait ghosts are back except there's only one per area and they might not be portrait ghosts
GunlessSnake - 5 months ago
Luigi's Mansion 3: Traumatize the Poor Frightened Man Yet Again!
Spiked Trap
Spiked Trap - 5 months ago
Luigi and Mario haven't learned their lesson about going to hotels I guess.
SEAN GRIGSBY - 5 months ago
Luigi: Puny Ghost.
JNS Studios
JNS Studios - 5 months ago
So the green tank in the poltergust empties out gooigi, but also makes Luigi immobile?
Philip J. Fry II
Philip J. Fry II - 5 months ago
Its amazing in detail that Luigi is completely stiff when he is around ghosts.
Paul Price
Paul Price - 5 months ago
Why do I have to watch an ad before watching an ad
Orange acid
Orange acid - 5 months ago
Why doesn't the polterpup have pupils in its eyes?
Has king boo taken over again?
Edit:well obviously that's the main plot of luigi's mansion
Darth Rothschild
Darth Rothschild - 5 months ago
In real life this would be called troll mansion
Aqua - 5 months ago
*hotel luigi*
Chlstarr bay
Chlstarr bay - 5 months ago
There's a very tiny and extremely brief milisecond of King Boo with a painting ready to capture Luigi between the seconds King Boo finishes his tongue attack and the next shot of Luigi's terrified close up. King Boo almost succeeded in his ultimate plans. and I managed to get the screenshot of it off the presentation showcase. You guys are more than welcome to use it for the analysis if you do one again:
and that's an L in my name.;)
Elias Arias
Elias Arias - 5 months ago
I want that game when it comes out!🙂
Aghostbyanyothername - 5 months ago
Gooigi skin for smash
the Zygardian trio
the Zygardian trio - 5 months ago
Just as I thought King Boo seems to be the main villain (for the 3rd time .-.)
Skyward Demise
Skyward Demise - 5 months ago
It's gonna have the mission structure again sigh
DJ Maysonic
DJ Maysonic - 5 months ago
No it isn't, in the Nintendo tree house live they confirmed it didn't
Patrick Sandlin
Patrick Sandlin - 5 months ago
3:17 Either King Boo’s done working behind the shadows or there’s something bigger here
ganon dorf
ganon dorf - 5 months ago
Hotel Mario 2: Luigi’s Mansion 3. Sounds a lot like Super Mario Land 3: Wario Land. 🤔
ganon dorf
ganon dorf - 5 months ago
LEAH Luostarinen “From the very beginning, you know it's great. It starts out with Fat Mario and Gay Luigi approaching the Mushroom Kingdom holding hands. Bowser seems to find it hilarious that the pesky plumbers have entered the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario then proceeds to question his brother's sexual orientation. Afterwards, Luigi quickly changes the subject to his hope the princess made spaghetti because he's not ready to accept his sexual orientation. Mario then notices the princess is nowhere in sight, and spots a letter from Bowser informing the pesky plumbers that he took over the Mushroom Kingdom and the princess is now a permanent guest at one of his seven koopa hotels. Gay Luigi breaks the fourth wall and points at YOU to tell YOU to help him and his brother find the princess. Fat Mario reminds you to "check out the enclosed instruction book." Already, the intro to this game blows your mind with beautiful graphics, wonderful voice acting, and an outstanding story. Once you get to the gameplay, oh my god, you'll be amazed. Each level involves the Mario Bros shutting the doors to progress through the Koopa hotels and find the princess. It is hours of endless fun. At the end of each hotel, you must fight a Koopaling as a boss fight. The boss battles are incredibly epic and exciting. Once you finish, you are treated to more of those wonderful cutscenes about the adventures of Fat Mario and Gay Luigi. Will the Mario Bros rescue the princess? Will Gay Luigi finally get his spaghetti? Will the pesky plumbers stop Bowser? I won't spoil the rest of the game for you, so you can play it and enjoy it for your self. Graphics: 10/10 Sound effects: 10/10 Soundtrack: 10/10 Story: 10/10 Gameplay 10/10 Overall: 10/10 I highly recommend buying Hotel Mario for the Philips CD-I. If you don't have a Philips CD-I, I recommend you get one as soon as possible. Thank you for reading my review! :D Special thanks to Philips for making such a wonderful console with outstanding games!” -Henry Bowers
LEAH Luostarinen
LEAH Luostarinen - 5 months ago
What a sequel to all of that
YoungN K
YoungN K - 5 months ago
So they gave Luigi a stand?
김준영 - 5 months ago
루이지의 집 03
Eddster Gaming
Eddster Gaming - 5 months ago
Pause the video at 3:18 there’s a scene with king boo trying to put Luigi in the painting
Jimmy See.
Jimmy See. - 5 months ago
Was really hoping for one more similar to the original.
DJ Maysonic
DJ Maysonic - 5 months ago
Well it isn't mission based and it has ghosts that are basically portrait ghosts, do you just mean the art style?
Soviet Hams
Soviet Hams - 5 months ago
ShadowSkyX - 5 months ago
Boss of the game confirmed
chase Sullivan
chase Sullivan - 5 months ago
318 king boo ain’t happy with luigi
0DD 0N3
0DD 0N3 - 5 months ago
It's a hotel
And Peach is there
JetFoxhound34 - 5 months ago
"Nice of the princess to invite us over for a picnic, eh Luigi?"
Gianni Bertolini
Gianni Bertolini - 5 months ago
The only complaint I have are the ghosts seem too bland, but everything else looks great.
Emily Trace
Emily Trace - 5 months ago
Finally a hotel mario sequel
Harrison Blanck
Harrison Blanck - 5 months ago
I'm hoping we will get some lore on maybe how King boo escaped and maybe even confirm a popular theroy on Egad being responsible for King boo coming back or just on his own. I am hyped for scare scraper I really hope that you can play as peach or Mario like chuggconroy mentioned in his dark moon playthrough of Multiplayer that means time to watch those again well thank you all have a great Tuesday.
Pkfier - 5 months ago
E-Gadd was testing Gooigi in Mansion 1 for this game.
Shadow Android
Shadow Android - 5 months ago
3:16 King Boo looks pissed.
Harrison Blanck
Harrison Blanck - 5 months ago
Okay, so Poltergust 5000 in the original to the second game 6000 now Poltergust G-OO what about the numbers made it so fun oh well so the new name is Poltergust G-OO but if I had to pick a number I would say Poltergust 8000 possibly well Can't wait to see the story. I am excited like Luigi says I'm aback
Gooigi - 5 months ago
@Harrison Blanck darkmoon is my favorite. Luigi's Mansion 3 is not out yet so I can't have a opinion on it yet. The original was really good but the puzzles where not as good as darkmoon's the bosses except for boolosses involved the same strategy Dodge attacks grab a ball and shoot it at the boss when he is open for attack when in darkmoon all the bosses where different and I feel more creative you go from fighting a giant spider to fighting a ice floor and you actually face king boo in a one on one instead of him just becoming a Bowser fight like in the original. And the combat was inproved in darkmoon with more risk and award game play with the charge like do you press a and risk getting hit to suck alot of a ghost health away or take it safe and jump and jumping was also a good thing they added because in the original sometimes you where in a spot that can't get out of taking damage from but in darkmoon you can with the jump making it more fun. And the original had better minibosses or as they called portrait ghosts darkmoon had three big brain guys and those tree sisters as minibosses and they can't hold a candle to the portrait ghosts. But for base ghost all the ones in the original look just as goofy as darkmoon's but they don't have a personality besides scaring you and laughing after words the only one to not do this is the shy guy ghost but darkmoon's base ghost all have personality the green ones are mischievous the red ones have a short timper and shown to be hard headed Bruts the blue ones are clearly shown that they are coward the purple ones are shown to be cocky and think highly of themselves, and the yellow ones just want to eat and they add to the combat forcing you to use all your tools in different ways or even making you Dodge a different way the closet we get to that in the original is sucking off the shy guys ghost mask and shooting elemental ghost. And the strob bulb is much funner to use than just simple Turing your flash light on and off. And Luigi is just so much personality to him in darkmoon. And it is funner to collect money in darkmoon because you have more was to find and collect them in darkmoon and you get to upgrade your poltergust giving you a really good reason to want to instend of some endgame picture. And collecting boos are optional. That is why darkmoon is my favorite it might not be after I play 3 but I won't know until it is released.
Harrison Blanck
Harrison Blanck - 5 months ago
well then okay thanks for the talk before I let you go I have one final question which game is your most favorite Luigi's mansion dark moon or Luigi's mansion 3 tell me what you think and as I say Think outside the box or lore have a good day. Maybe we could talk later today
Gooigi - 5 months ago
@Harrison Blanckmaybe
Harrison Blanck
Harrison Blanck - 5 months ago
Okay great so do you believe in popular theory about Egad is the one who keeps bringing back King Boo in every game.To you who is the Villan personally to me with all the information and evidence in the Superstar saga and Luigi and Mario partners in time even in sunshine. So what do you think about all this I'll link the video so you can watch it's old but it's all their tell me what you think after watching if you want.
Gooigi - 5 months ago
@Harrison Blanck I think we are on the 7000 because Mario and Luigi super star saga had the 2000 Luigi's Mansion had the 3000 Mario kart DS had the 4000 Luigi's Mansion darkmoon had the 5000 and Mario+Rabbits kingdom battle had the 6000.
NoobKing - 5 months ago
Polterpup: Has no pupils but is friendly
Dark Moon: Am I a joke to you?
JDC - 5 months ago
He looks better without them tbh
ZeR0's BuLLeT
ZeR0's BuLLeT - 5 months ago
the virgin mario vs the chad luigi
Chomp-o-nator - 5 months ago
Hotel Mario 2: Hotel Luigi is looking great.
Officer Tom
Officer Tom - 5 months ago
Apparently you can do much more with the ghosts other than just sucking them up.
Officer Tom
Officer Tom - 5 months ago
Yay, finally there's more information on Luigi's Mansion 3!
Maester Mike
Maester Mike - 5 months ago
I think the best thing about this trailer is that Luigi still has the Polterpup from the last game. I love that so much!
Jevil CAN DO ANYTHING! - 5 months ago
8 players...?
Luigi's Mansion 3...?
Alright, I'll buy Nintendo Online
An Ink Jester that likes Zero from Mega Man X
I think there should be a chance of ghosts escaping the Poltergust G-00 when Luigi captures them.
A Weeb & A Memer
A Weeb & A Memer - 5 months ago
On paper, that sounds like an interesting mechanic. However, I think it’ll make the game more annoying for some players.
Arion The Kid
Arion The Kid - 5 months ago
Wait, the polterpup’s eyes are missing!!!
Sjono - 5 months ago
They’d be missing a huge opportunity if Daisy isn’t one of the people Luigi has to rescue
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