Making Artificial Earthquakes with a Four-Tonne Steel Ball

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the corbin show
the corbin show - 20 hours ago
I got my teacher to show this to the class and everyone was shouting when are they gonna drop it hurry up and I was like let them talk
RUFU5 - 4 days ago
I had a poo like that this morning.
danielb - 5 days ago
3:09 thank me later
RiptideV10 - 7 days ago
blazortheepic03 - 9 days ago
“The crazy german”
*sounds like someone in the 1940s*
Austin Bartose
Austin Bartose - 9 days ago
It’s not quite the same. An earthquake is not an impact of a heavy object but the sliding of plates against each other. This experiment is not accurate
Open Sesame
Open Sesame - 10 days ago
what a letdown
N1K - 11 days ago
A German scientist that speaks English without a heavy accent???
Harbinger - 11 days ago
Because everyone knows if you drop a 8 ton ball it will crack the planet thank God we have scientist that know what their doing.
Vito C
Vito C - 11 days ago
Mexico: Sorry, you can't use your giant steel ball.
Mintrop: :(
"...but we have some dynamite"
Mintrop: :)
patrick bueno
patrick bueno - 11 days ago
hahaha the thing that gives me laugh about this is his nickname of crazy German. How many does have that nickname.
Uriah Light
Uriah Light - 13 days ago
Your voice is so easy to listen to. I've watched 4 of your videos over the part few months via YouTube recommendations and have just subscribed. Most YouTubers these days do all their research at home (which is fine) but never go on site or hands on. Watching you go to the places you talk about definitely adds something to the presentation.
Taurine TrashMann
Taurine TrashMann - 13 days ago
That ball is four tonnes!? Doesn’t look like it
Navoii Gamer
Navoii Gamer - 14 days ago
Pin me UwU
Torsopher - 15 days ago
It’s that thing from Half Life 2 that wacks the ground for some reason
Joshua Rogols
Joshua Rogols - 15 days ago
That solid 4 ton steel ball has been dropped so much, it’s gone flat on its sides!
RedDeadTryhardBichFromGTA Yuh
Dudes name is Wolfgang 😂
AtaySgrt - 15 days ago
3:10 is what you came for
Adrian Villegas
Adrian Villegas - 16 days ago
El loco alemán
Drake Soest
Drake Soest - 16 days ago
Ah yes right after the Utah quakes this comes up in my recommended.
omkr 01
omkr 01 - 17 days ago
Gura Gura No Mi testing video. Colorized.
Vanta Black
Vanta Black - 18 days ago
We thought we were god
Duncan Mackenzie
Duncan Mackenzie - 18 days ago
TLoFprodigy14 - 18 days ago
tibbles - 18 days ago
lizzo makes artificial earthquakes all the time
Loony Titan
Loony Titan - 18 days ago
I like listening to that old guy talk
veistelija - 18 days ago
That Ball 4000 kg? Not....
irockas - 18 days ago
I came in like a wrecking ball!
Cliff Cheung
Cliff Cheung - 19 days ago
Anticlimatic much
mstalcup - 19 days ago
I built a seismograph in high school for the science fair and I used smoked paper prepared by holding the paper over a kerosene flame to record the movement of the stylus.
Boosh - 19 days ago
That steel ball looks like a big piece of poop
Андрей Метасов
Don't tell "how ridiculous" about this ball. They'll steal it and break the Earth
Just for Commenting
Just for Commenting - 20 days ago
steel ball steel ball
SPLRAPTOR - 20 days ago
Did you happen to measure the temp of the ground / bottom of the ball after impact?
Ivy Bee
Ivy Bee - 20 days ago
Earthquakes can be true huh?😿
Kromsmitesyou - 20 days ago
Smokey - 20 days ago
"4 ton steel ball"
gyro zeppeli wants to know your location
MegaNUT721 - 14 days ago
Johnny Joestar would like to known your location
Mr.Trololo - 20 days ago
A quiet commenter
A quiet commenter - 20 days ago
Imagine his foot was under it
Sean Pecson
Sean Pecson - 20 days ago
Cool you could actually hear the “wheeee” of the falling abll at the end
mad ass
mad ass - 20 days ago
There's small earthquakes all day twice a week near here, single mothers pension day at macca's.
Abang Fulvian
Abang Fulvian - 20 days ago
What im watching :
MegaVikingen - 21 day ago
Tom Scott back once more to drop some heavy science on us.
Calebe Stofel
Calebe Stofel - 21 day ago
Steel ball run
idratherfly2000 - 22 days ago
Ok sweet but how does it work??
Daniel Alanine
Daniel Alanine - 22 days ago
Danger Joe
Danger Joe - 23 days ago
Wiechert war der jeniche!
skate dd
skate dd - 23 days ago
Today they have 3 trucks.. eat truck has a hydraulic pad. That vibrates the ground. And they synchronise all three trucks.. and use Gio phones to collect the data... I know this because my brother is too work on a oil exploration company.. in the middle of Australia.. where there is flat nothing
Malcolm Canning
Malcolm Canning - 24 days ago
Course it's still working.its German..if us Brits had made well you know what happens...
RyuuHatake - 26 days ago
The ants moved out because the where people were being weird again
Jaden He
Jaden He - 27 days ago
How the hell does that thin rope lift that 4 ton ball
Temmie Village
Temmie Village - 28 days ago
Stand under the ball when it drops
Sauron Gorthaur
Sauron Gorthaur - 28 days ago
tom: drops four tonne steel ball 14 meters
mark rober: drops 3 tonne car 40 meters
Rachel Tensions
Rachel Tensions - Month ago
What a cool story
Kazotsky - Month ago
Shoot the ball
Ultra Ultimator
Ultra Ultimator - Month ago
yea its big brain time
Clockwork Kirlia
Clockwork Kirlia - Month ago
Ahaha, brilliant!
phil - Month ago
Wolfgang Brunk is a cool name
Ğr̆ăs̆s̆ M͛a͛n͛
Aslin Fire Safety
Aslin Fire Safety - Month ago
Endre Sebok
Endre Sebok - 2 months ago
I can't believe that weighs 4 tonns. Looks so small.
Jacob Hopkins 57
Jacob Hopkins 57 - 2 months ago
I use to live about 10km from there. My friends and I would always sneak in and sometimes feel the earthquakes.
Kellen Matousek
Kellen Matousek - 2 months ago
Can you speak in American
nasirhaider1514 - 2 months ago
I was waiting for the seismic graphs to be shown whilst iron falling.
lol beginner
lol beginner - 2 months ago
Dynamite. Thats kinda badass dont ya think?
Matthew robinson Robinson
Matthew robinson Robinson - 2 months ago
Horrible footage of the ball dropping...
Micheal Beckett
Micheal Beckett - Month ago
Looked fine to me. People always seem to find something to complain about.
pikabluu - 2 months ago
Why did I just get this recommended to me after the two earthquakes in Iran..? 🤨
Alaric Witoyo: Quick Videos
Hey, drop the ball on three ok?
Friend: ok
Alright! We got it!
Friend: I haven’t dropped the ball yet.
Der harzer Fotograf
Der harzer Fotograf - 3 months ago
Just noticed I’m living 35km from that
Justin Michael Palomares
Justin Michael Palomares - 3 months ago
If you came for the drop its at 3:10
Moises Chamale
Moises Chamale - 3 months ago
3:10 is what we're here to see
Roach DoggJR
Roach DoggJR - 3 months ago
Thanks to el alemán loco.
Jayden Alonso
Jayden Alonso - 3 months ago
Wouldn't this hurt the earth in some way
Edgar_Redilosa - 3 months ago
you forgot about surface waves that goes up.and down
Kathy Junio
Kathy Junio - 3 months ago
Can that Steel Ball Run?
Salty Storm ツ
Salty Storm ツ - 3 months ago
Can you not
Mustafa Naik
Mustafa Naik - 3 months ago
Why, Yes.
Exactly what I need to watch at 12
Jonathan Dahlman
Jonathan Dahlman - 3 months ago
Thank me later 3:06
Tijan Bah
Tijan Bah - 3 months ago
Who else was just waiting for it to drop
RandomKid• PapaFranku
RandomKid• PapaFranku - 3 months ago
Quiboloy: wait thats illegal
Only pinoys knows
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