How To Make an ASMR Video

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HowToBasic - 9 months ago
This video is best enjoyed with headphones.
Plug them in - sit back - and enjoy the relaxing ASMR sounds.
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puss48 - 7 days ago
Langlitz - 16 days ago
Louis - 21 day ago
Sergio Zamora
Sergio Zamora - 22 days ago
Morning Riffs
Morning Riffs - 24 days ago
7:04 😂😂😂😂💀
Rochelle Janay H
Rochelle Janay H - Hour ago
I honestly HATE seeing that much food go to waste. Love the squishing of the beans sounds though 👀
Marina Kamiya
Marina Kamiya - 8 hours ago
My eyes are throwing up right now.
Suhana Chand
Suhana Chand - 19 hours ago
8:20 Rip my ears
Caleb Shin
Caleb Shin - Day ago
This is so disgusting why can’t I look away
Dennis Casimiro
Dennis Casimiro - Day ago
Oh a food asmr wow
LifewithSusan - Day ago
This was so nice and I definitely got lots of tingles
猫路地裏 - Day ago
HaVok_Games - 2 days ago
Your subscription to God has ended.
Barre - 2 days ago
when i get so mad and i want to destroy something hot to basic uploads a video
Filippo Asvisio
Filippo Asvisio - 3 days ago
That’s some wap
Potato Salad
Potato Salad - 3 days ago
I’m sorry but, what a waste of food
Jake Thomson
Jake Thomson - 3 days ago
The food waste in this video could feed a small country 😂
This feels and sounds weird and wrong 😔💀
Sophias ASMR
Sophias ASMR - 3 days ago
I not doing so good right now to stress about that damage it’s not good
omituinen hedelmä
omituinen hedelmä - 3 days ago
0:46 at this point I farted probably the longest fart of my *L I F E*
Pedro Jorge Barbosa
Pedro Jorge Barbosa - 4 days ago
Hate how this comes up first when I actually want a tutorial 🤦‍♂️
Yashaswini N
Yashaswini N - 4 days ago
Did he just waste something??
Leon Kennedy
Leon Kennedy - 4 days ago
My ears: Violated.
My eyes: Crying blood.
My brain: Disgusted.
My soul: Pain.
Sexay Shie
Sexay Shie - 4 days ago
Honestly, this is better and more humane than what some other channels do for this kind of “content”.
Chara Dreemurr
Chara Dreemurr - 4 days ago
It all goes south as soon as the cabbage shows up.
Logan ?
Logan ? - 4 days ago
My ears have been raped
clara mcavoy
clara mcavoy - 5 days ago
My ears : i'm violated...
Ryan Buksh
Ryan Buksh - 5 days ago
*how to basic wastes food*
People who are starving :" dis mf crazy"
Chaitali Pathak
Chaitali Pathak - 5 days ago
The person is just simply wasting all the stuff!!!!!
NINJA SAKE - 6 days ago
Please don't waste the food , give them to the needy ones and hungry animals 😢
JustElijah - 6 days ago
this asmr really is good! I know how to ASMR now
DEN†EDALT - 6 days ago
8:41 what music is dis
هبه دهيسات
هبه دهيسات - 6 days ago
Red - 7 days ago
Is it bad that I got the tingles?


Fares ASMR
Fares ASMR - 7 days ago
Steve Meve
Steve Meve - 7 days ago
Someons daughter: 7:50
星色stellarium - 8 days ago
This is technically ASMR, but not the visually pleasing kind.
Ok sure my ears have liquid coming out of it but the video is relaxing so I don't mind!
dumbnstringy - 8 days ago
9 months ago
Doktor Spánek ASMR
Doktor Spánek ASMR - 8 days ago
*I can't believe he actually got 3dio mic to film this :D*
Klarikon - 9 days ago
Finally normal video! Super asmr! I woulôd listen at night! Super!!!
Ar - 9 days ago
I am italian. I said everything.
Swagmasterjnl The man
Swagmasterjnl The man - 9 days ago
Behind the scenes of every god damn Asmr video
Max Krauth
Max Krauth - 9 days ago

Samantha Galvan
Samantha Galvan - 9 days ago
8:20 😱 omg
Supreme Larry
Supreme Larry - 10 days ago
i don,t even know why you wasting food dislike
KIRA YOSHIKAGE - 10 days ago
I showed this to some african kids
A Friendly Llama
A Friendly Llama - 10 days ago
Well, now I'm just horny.
Chef Cookram
Chef Cookram - 10 days ago
is the microphone ok? lol
Chef Cookram
Chef Cookram - 10 days ago
wow this is disturbing...
SunnieXxShine - 11 days ago
Eating sounds make me feel very UnCoMfY🥴🤢🤮
Exploding zombie
Exploding zombie - 11 days ago
The scene where this guy pours spaghetti on the mice had me laughing
Henry Kilcoyne
Henry Kilcoyne - 11 days ago
the human race has regressed
Death Pyro
Death Pyro - 11 days ago
Asmr 100
buttered toast everything
dang this really helped thanks htb!
Alessia Bellasina
Alessia Bellasina - 12 days ago
A waste of food
eren jaeger
eren jaeger - 12 days ago
eren jaeger
eren jaeger - 12 days ago
I'm a howToBasic super fan
Elijah ASMR
Elijah ASMR - 12 days ago
Lucas Cetani
Lucas Cetani - 12 days ago
YouTube: How did you find this video?

Me: *_relaxing_*
Atomic Sandwich
Atomic Sandwich - 13 days ago
Dam, this got more dislikes than the "vegan" Pizza... Are that many ppl that easily offended??
Yunita chow
Yunita chow - 13 days ago
I love that the chicken fights at 9:18
Count Roy
Count Roy - 13 days ago
FIRE BOLT - 13 days ago
no eggs?
Fuzzy Peach
Fuzzy Peach - 13 days ago
Not only did he fight a chicken. He lost to a chicken. It wasn't even a normal chicken, it was a store bought one.
Koakusz - 14 days ago
8:46 - 9:36 yep, that's totaly an asmr video😂
btw I missed the violence and the crashed egg in the end
Ponmudi R
Ponmudi R - 14 days ago
Phew he didn't break the asmr recorder 🙄
Troy Valencia
Troy Valencia - 14 days ago
Me: how did you become a asmrtist
Asmrtist: well.......
やーまん - 14 days ago
Sgt.LazyTuber - 14 days ago
8:28 ASMR: *ok I’m out*
coskiii_ ツ
coskiii_ ツ - 14 days ago
8:22 sounds like when you have water in your ear
coskiii_ ツ
coskiii_ ツ - 14 days ago
4:42 😏
Mining theminer
Mining theminer - 14 days ago
best asmr video 10/10 XD
Grindy Gaming
Grindy Gaming - 14 days ago
the sad thing is that this actually gave me tingles
Qwerty Qwerty
Qwerty Qwerty - 15 days ago
Problem is howtobasic of you clean ai dont noo 🤨
renato Burgos
renato Burgos - 15 days ago
A cuanto los chicles de a peso
Devin Cassell
Devin Cassell - 15 days ago
This is the best asmr video on the planet.
chuy estrada
chuy estrada - 15 days ago
Its not gonna work if you turn up the volume too much.
PandaPlayz - 16 days ago
I love how how to basic comments like this was an ordinary video haha 😂
Mozis P. C
Mozis P. C - 16 days ago
A pack of sound effects for videos
Mozis P. C
Mozis P. C - 16 days ago
It really was ASMR
Mateusz Jędrzejewski
Mateusz Jędrzejewski - 16 days ago
TATA51CHANNEL - 16 days ago
5:02 pls dont make me think that
Scooby Scooby
Scooby Scooby - 16 days ago
8:28 me : to broke
Scooby Scooby
Scooby Scooby - 16 days ago
紀文凱紅色水晶Gi fun hui red crystal
DRAQH BLUE - 16 days ago
Food destroyer.
Ayame - 16 days ago
You thought that the microphone has no name, but it's name is DIO!
Txddy_ Millie
Txddy_ Millie - 16 days ago
Wow ty
bananella 52
bananella 52 - 16 days ago
bEsT ASmR EVeRRrRrR!!!!!
Retrodude64 - 16 days ago
Thanks I hate it.
Langlitz - 16 days ago
Eggg eggg eggg egg egg egg egg egg eggge gge ggegg egg egg egg egg
Cooking and Bonding
Cooking and Bonding - 17 days ago
I hope the microphone is still working lol after all those baths it had.
Jumil Sedico
Jumil Sedico - 17 days ago
I think they nailed it
Derek Manning9
Derek Manning9 - 17 days ago
Every one who thought this was a normal asmr video

They are having a panic attack sorry that’s it
AstroCrush [GD]
AstroCrush [GD] - 17 days ago
Mashed potato
Mashed potato - 17 days ago
Instructions unclear, got kicked out of supermarket
Ozzy Young
Ozzy Young - 17 days ago
I've always wanted to fist yogurt
Lucille Bolden
Lucille Bolden - 17 days ago
I really enjoyed this with headphones because it went from one ear to the other and then both.
Mahmood Ali
Mahmood Ali - 17 days ago
You might find this funny, disgusting or inappropriate...

But I’m getting PTSD from it...
Earth Worm Fally
Earth Worm Fally - 18 days ago
Why does this feel like hours
木白文 - 18 days ago
7:35 The Italians are very angry!
Beatrice Casarini
Beatrice Casarini - 18 days ago
Kent - 18 days ago
I trust many ASMRtists... BUT NOT YOU
Lili Ivanova
Lili Ivanova - 18 days ago
R.I.P. food
Sarbori Sarkar
Sarbori Sarkar - 18 days ago
wonder what he likes to do
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