How To Make an ASMR Video

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HowToBasic - Month ago
This video is best enjoyed with headphones.
Plug them in - sit back - and enjoy the relaxing ASMR sounds.
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ShinyChicken - Day ago
HowToBasic I do not trust these words
all beez
all beez - 4 days ago
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Amri Ahmad
Amri Ahmad - 4 days ago
World ops 4 Hot chicken
all beez
all beez - 7 days ago
Relaxing waves before Taal eruption
Sponge cone Ice man
Sponge cone Ice man - 2 hours ago
This video is fucking mesmerizing with decent headphones
Nicolas Beltán
Nicolas Beltán - 2 hours ago
Do you know how many kids in Africa would eat that microphone, God
Sillie Sisters
Sillie Sisters - 2 hours ago
VALE TNT - 5 hours ago
Dopo chi ha pulito?😂
VALE TNT - 5 hours ago
Sam Hònk
Sam Hònk - 6 hours ago
Bêans mmmmm
SubjectAlpha - 8 hours ago
This is the worst thing the planet has to offer
By far
EPOC 16 - 8 hours ago
This is why you don’t buy a used microphone...... ever.
CrayCrem - 9 hours ago
Howtobasic: *farts*
Me: o thats a nice perfume! How much?
Daniel Kuan
Daniel Kuan - 11 hours ago
Why is it always THE CHICKEN
wraxius well
wraxius well - 12 hours ago
Ngl it was really good since my gag reflex is not that sensitive but damn, I was really anxious all the time whether he's going to scream any time during the video o.O
Owen M
Owen M - 17 hours ago
Netflix: are you still watching?
Me and someone’s daughter: 6:33
Rafael Eduardo C
Rafael Eduardo C - 21 hour ago
the best asmr in my life
lxcidream - 23 hours ago
4:45 someone please explain why THE FUCK am i turned on
mary carmen hernandez moreno
8:15 imagine what the microphone has spent
JoeyVTM_YT - Day ago
yo, send help
JoeyVTM_YT - Day ago
my mom making fod: *good*
my dad when making food: *also good*
me when making food: *decent*
my little sister when making food:
JoeyVTM_YT - Day ago
my parents on december first: NEW MONTH, AND ITS ALSO THE HOLIDAY SEASO-
me at 5:22 :
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ - Day ago
Nice music
aydee peperoni
aydee peperoni - Day ago
Wtf why am I actually enjoying this?? I hate ASMR
Nikola Jovanovski
Nikola Jovanovski - Day ago
This is what pleasure sounds like..
DemonMutantZombie - Day ago
0:50 HTB: Cracks spaghetti
Davie504 please come and slapp him

7:43 cracks sphagetti again
ferike farkas
ferike farkas - Day ago
welcome to the hell guys
King Zeuss
King Zeuss - Day ago
Who asleep watching this?
Dav Ducsejf
Dav Ducsejf - Day ago
Bro I want more asmr
Mihoko Queen
Mihoko Queen - Day ago
No one
aLl oF AfRiCa: T r I g G E r E d
Niko The prince
Niko The prince - Day ago
Satan be like 8:26
Shainaivy - Day ago
Why did I listen to this with head phones in?
Big mistake XD
Joshua HN
Joshua HN - Day ago
The Fuck ... WTF is video
mvp d[-_-]b
mvp d[-_-]b - Day ago
Samuel Wood
Samuel Wood - Day ago
The sad part is that I got tingles
Regitt - Day ago
wtf i got a boner from this video ._.
Vibe Checker
Vibe Checker - Day ago
I’m scared when he is going to start screaming.
Savy Wolf
Savy Wolf - Day ago
Tbh, this was oddly relaxing, never was expected in that
Moon Wolf
Moon Wolf - 2 days ago
This is actually the best asmr a had so far, i know it gross but hey..... You get the tingles 😌
Moon Wolf
Moon Wolf - 2 days ago
I just now realized that I just coppy someone else's video
Roooky - 2 days ago
This actually gave me the tingles...
Allibug Lol
Allibug Lol - 2 days ago
People are starving and this is what WE do... LOL
zizie zaki
zizie zaki - 2 days ago
Rheytendo - 2 days ago
Best ASMR video I've seen
Koolguy Industries
Koolguy Industries - 2 days ago
Did I just watch a grown man grow more insane by the minute?
Max Great
Max Great - 2 days ago
8:59 loooool
Florian Haid
Florian Haid - 2 days ago
This is more accurate than it should be
insert keyboardsmash here
Honestly everything was fine until he started with the beans.
Aylin Ateş
Aylin Ateş - 2 days ago
ya bune ne kadar çok yemek harcamış adam!!!Adama acıyorum valla bune hal.
Aylin Ateş
Aylin Ateş - 2 days ago
tan thanh dao
tan thanh dao - 2 days ago
The mess start at 7:36
Blayt - 2 days ago
Note to self do not drink water in this video
Jaketheaxman - 2 days ago
HowToBasic: breaks spaghetti noodles
Italian chefs: *angry Italian noises*
Bunny Femboy
Bunny Femboy - 2 days ago
As someone who watches ASMR frequently, I can confirm that this is accurate.
Aj Rodriguez
Aj Rodriguez - 2 days ago
How long does this take to clean up
He doesn’t so he just moves and lets the next owners deal with it
FIRST & LAST - 2 days ago
if howtobasic plays with food..
Jasmin Mckee
Jasmin Mckee - 2 days ago
I was waiting...
And waiting...
Adrianmoon_04 - 2 days ago
Adam Gardiner
Adam Gardiner - 3 days ago
When u saw the life like ears on the mic. Did anyone else think, like just for a second, of sticking their willy in there? No? Just me...ok I'll see myself out.
Adam Gardiner
Adam Gardiner - 3 days ago
I'm 0.47 seconds in and I truly don't know whether to leave my headphones on or play it safe and listen thru speakers. I'm shit'n bricks lads.
ItzGabby _
ItzGabby _ - 3 days ago
I'd hate to have to clean THAT mess smh.
Nervilson - 3 days ago
WHAT ARE YOU DOING MAN??? It's so fun.
iReal Mouse
iReal Mouse - 3 days ago
Me: Seeing that howtobasic posted another video
Also me: Ah shit, here we go again!
Benjamin Nagy
Benjamin Nagy - 3 days ago
J'étais tellement sur qu'il casserait l'enceinte ASMR à la fin de la vidéo
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