Netflix, The King, historical analysis review: CRIMES AGAINST MEDIEVAL REALISM

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Boojalicious III
Boojalicious III - 2 months ago
I just finished your book on my flight home today and I bloody loved it! Sure hope we can get a sequel or at least another work set in that universe!
Good video too
Necrophadez - 14 days ago
Brantius Riximium Don’t feel you must apologise for fucking yourself, if you didn’t who would, right?! Nor must you satiate your ego’s need to return here after weeks to get the last word in, yet alas you did. I guess it must come from some kind of insecurity from being a born loser in the real world.
Brantius Riximium
Brantius Riximium - Month ago
@Necrophadez Man I just looked over this again, I'm so sorry. People should always ask consent before fucking someone, and I didn't. Please forgive me!
Chicken Biscuits
Chicken Biscuits - Month ago
@Jacen Solo Speaking of needing editors, there were a few typos in the book as well.
Necrophadez - Month ago
Brantius Riximium Mmmmkay racist, stay uneducated.
Brantius Riximium
Brantius Riximium - Month ago
@Necrophadez Mmmmkay Boomer. Stay woke.
Daniel McGuigan
Daniel McGuigan - Day ago
Dunno if this is true but plays depicting kings in those days are probably more accurate than court accounts because they would never say their king was a drunkard but the word of common people from the era or even plays wrote for the common people maybe more accurate than the lies we here from modern propaganda.
Venatio - Day ago
I stopped watching this movie before the "reveal" at the end just because of how inaccurate and un-enjoyable the movie was for me.
Tom Jenkins
Tom Jenkins - 2 days ago
Doesn't she say "You're monarchy is illegitimate" not "all monarchy is illegitimate"
Caesar Himself
Caesar Himself - 4 days ago
Enjoyed it, as a film, but was taken aback by many of the scenes you have described. The verrrry limited archer use in the actual battle was the worst of all for me, such a definitive battle so poorly depicted is ball grindindly irritating. How many chances do we get to see Agincourt actually depicted on screen? Very few and can't see another being likely any time soon.
The scene with the princess was so godawful, so blatant in its modernity it was like being slapped in the face. Agendas ruin films time and again, I just wish they didn't. Still worth watching though, imo, a very flawed film but enjoyable nonetheless.
collin dee
collin dee - 6 days ago
hey shad, if we took the historical settings of the final battle out, and looked at it not as the battle of agiencore, mind my spelling im to lazy to fix it, the archers effect on the knights would have been accurate to how they were used in the movie. lets say they did use a long range volley, the only way it would kill is if it got in the cracks of the armor, which from what i can tell happened. and if again you pretend its a bog standard made up battle, the ability to fire forward wouldnt have been possible. i do think the movie deserves the credit for accurately depicting combat, just not accurately depicting warfare. but over all i actually liked the movie. not for its shitty plot, but just because i like watching knights in fully plate armor in a massive mob trying to kill eachother. especially when they accurately depict armors protective capabilities.
Miss Gravekeeper92
Miss Gravekeeper92 - 6 days ago
I honestly never expect accuracy from these shows or films, I just try and enjoy the story
vasalem - 7 days ago
damn it shad... you ruined this movie for me. damn you and my intellectual curiosity! great video by the way.
Leafy Is Queer
Leafy Is Queer - 7 days ago
A yes I remember back in the good old days, spending most waking hours fighting *The France*
Amadeus Debussy
Amadeus Debussy - 7 days ago
Aside from all the other stuff, why is the French princess dressed like a chambermaid?
Radomír Cita
Radomír Cita - 8 days ago
I was taught that first notable Battle in european hustoty where gunpowder weapons were used was Battle of Crecy in 1346, on french duše but with little to no effect on the outcome. First Field armies utilizing handguns And cannons in Field battles were Bohemians Hussites. You might have heard about them
Артём Вакуленко
25:35 - the best
Ol Cooksy
Ol Cooksy - 8 days ago
At 18:45 I'm not sure if you were making a joke about the cardboard writing for Henry's rival, or if you honestly don't know Henry Percy.*
Yes, the historical Hotspur was almost twice Henry V's age and a close ally of his father, but this is a fairly traditional depiction of dashing "Harry Hotspur" as a foil for the young king. His 1403 revolt was a direct attack on the lands of the Prince of Wales, and the climatic Battle of Shrewsbury was one of Henry V's early victories (this was the battle in which he received the arrow wound you mentioned). There is no evidence the two leaders engaged in single combat, or that Henry expected to take the traitorous Hotspur prisoner, as was common with nobility during the hundred years war.
I believe I read that it was still customary to offer personal combat before a battle in 1415, although this was simply a formality and no longer seen as an alternative to a real fight. I can only come up with one instance where an offer for personal combat over full-scale battle was accepted (the battle of Guillac or the Combat of the Thirty in 1351), and in this case it was not just two commanders and there were political considerations not available at Agincourt. If anyone can find something about this tell me before I go on to lie to others.
Good work, good history, and I look forward to future videos.
*(Granted, this is a Scot talking, in whose history the Percys play a more interesting role than for an English or Australian historian.)
Cat Cannon
Cat Cannon - 9 days ago
actually i think Henry did challenge prince Louis to single combat but it was earlier on in the campaign or just before. and it was just for propaganda and not in person
Game Loot
Game Loot - 9 days ago
I understand the way they movie portrayed it is probably not what happened... but you cannot be so sure of your understanding of what happened either (history is not reliable as fact... best you can say is "this seems to be what people thought happened" as there are a myriad of things that could make parts of history either mostly or even complete fantasy in some cases especially surrounding royalty which would dictate history in many cases and this still happens to this say which is why history books are different in all countries).
ClaudiusPunchinello - 9 days ago
Any plans to review "The Last Kingdom"?
Karim B
Karim B - 10 days ago
9:30 Normandy was not French yet so William the conqueror was a Normand, not a French.
No fleurs de Lys on his banner either.
Salvinius Augustus
Salvinius Augustus - 8 days ago
Fleur de Lys has nothing to do with France, but with the Capetian dynasty. Just like the 3 lions are absolutely not a symbol of "England" but the coat of arm of the Plantagenets (a French family). Also, Normandy was part of the kingdom of France (doesn't matter if he didn't invade England under the blessing of the king of France, most of the kingdom of France wasn't rule by the king at this time, yet it was still France).
channieee - 10 days ago
19:00 I think they threw this scene in because Brad Pitt was a producer on this film and he was in the film Troy and they did this sort of combat at the beginning of that film and he probably wanted to repeat that epic scene and ignore the historical accuracies. Also, i think they wanted to show Henry as someone who cared about peoples lives and then at the end of the film when he orders the death of the prisoners it shows how he is no longer naive etc. idk just a thought
TNTGUARDIAN 64 - 11 days ago
Smaller point, also a bit of a question: during the execution of the two treacherous nobles, could an axe really have been able to take off heads so easily? (Because I thought that was what the executioners sword was used for and that seemed too simple)
emlyn person
emlyn person - 11 days ago
do you know why the dude in first duel has a Flemish Lion on his armor ? did he go to the wrong country or what ?
Grumpy Historian
Grumpy Historian - 11 days ago
The scene with Katherine is just absurd, especially when you compare it to the original play. Shakespeare's 'wooing scene' between Henry and Katherine is romantic, touching and quite funny. (With some cheeky innuendo, in typical Shakespearean style)
Henry makes a fool of himself by speaking French badly , and Katherine laughs at him for it, but not in a belittling way. The best version is probably in the Branagh version of 1989, in which Katherine is played by Emma Thompson who was then married to Branagh.
Grumpy Historian
Grumpy Historian - 11 days ago
Never mind Henry, the French were fighting each other for several years before Agincourt. The King's own brother, Louis Duke of Orleans was murdered in 1407, probably on the orders his cousin, John 'The Fearless' Duke of Burgundy. Who ended up being murdered himself in 1419.
Two factions formed, led by the Duke of Orleans, the brother of the King, and the Duke of Burgundy, who kept fighting each other and vying for power in the vacuum left by the mad and often incapacitated King Charles VI.
Grumpy Historian
Grumpy Historian - 11 days ago
Henry also had 3 younger brothers, not just one as the movie depicts. John, Duke of Bedford and Humphrey Duke of Gloucester. Nor Thomas Duke of Clarence, the only brother shown, die before Henry became King. He actually lived until 1421, dying a year before Henry himself who had been on the throne for nearly 8 years by that point. And he died in France, not Wales.
I'm not really sure why they felt the need to condense everything into a few weeks either. Henry became King in early 1413, the Battle of Agincourt was October 1415. He had been King for nearly two and half years by that point. Not a couple of weeks.
Moop Moop The Conqueror
Moop Moop The Conqueror - 11 days ago
three - 11 days ago
a film isn't awful when its not historically accurate, the majority of people aren't history buffs and just wanna see a good film regardless of historical accuracy
David Rieger
David Rieger - 12 days ago
The King is a load of hot garbage. Netflix for all its worth is becoming even worse than Hollywood as it slowly butchers productions with idiotic woke ideas (like a medieval princess claiming all monarchy is illegitimate when at the time it was believed to be ordained by God) and smaller budgets. Tired of my entertainment being marred by hack writing and politics.

Great vid as always Shad!
Draydin Bardon
Draydin Bardon - 12 days ago
Another thing, they made no attempt to fortify their bows positions with any kind of staking whatsoever.Ya know, the whole reason they were able to win the almost 90° uphill battle of Agincourt.
JT Trooper2000
JT Trooper2000 - 14 days ago
The movie is based off of the Shakespearean retelling/play
JT Trooper2000
JT Trooper2000 - 11 days ago
@Grumpy Historian yeah very true. Personally I thought it was a great movie
Grumpy Historian
Grumpy Historian - 11 days ago
Very loosely based. I'd say only about half of it is actually based on the Shakespeare play. Several scenes and scenarios, and indeed some of the characters, are the invention of the movie makers.
T. Hanks
T. Hanks - 14 days ago
Thanks for ruining this movie for me lol
Tomáš Ramšák
Tomáš Ramšák - 15 days ago
Loved the Oblivion DLC reference.
Henry Grip
Henry Grip - 15 days ago do realize that the paintings were most likely made by people who NEVER seen the actual battle? How can you base usage of weapons on source from a monk?
Britton Holdaway
Britton Holdaway - 17 days ago
Those bowmen are also really poorly armored and armed. These guys were professional soldiers who drew swords and other weapons to engage in melee once conditions rendered their bows ineffective (out of ammo, being tired, engagement by the enemy, etc.).
fireman23 - 18 days ago
I somehow missed watching this one for a while - great work dissecting the movie!
As to the volleys of the archers, I can say from personal experience that about 90 meters range is not unreasonable with a 30 lb. longbow without aiming at 45 degrees upward. Horribly inaccurate, but you can reasonable hit within a horseman-sized target. When I'm considering that the english longbows would have maybe 8-120 lbs. it is not unreasonable to shoot more or less straight (or maybe 15-20 degrees up) even at 300-400 meters. So much for close range...
Tyler Nash
Tyler Nash - 18 days ago
It's based on a Shakespeare play, not reality, you daft twat. "I criticise Shakespeare for being historically inaccurate." Christ you're a moron, huh kid? No one criticises Romeo and Juliet for not being accurate to the very real War of the Roses which it drew inspiration from, bro. You p clearly haven't the foggiest idea how stories, let alone Shakespeare, are created, or why.
Ian Mills
Ian Mills - 18 days ago
I waited to watch this video until I'd seen the film. The first clip has a MASSIVE geographically inaccurate gaff in it. The directions given were backwards.
SonOftheEmperor - 18 days ago
English:Please give us our land we have a right to!
French: no! Now go away or I shall taunt you a second time!
Alexander's Archives
Alexander's Archives - 18 days ago
45:30 the reason he is slipping isn’t because of the armor. It’s a known fact that French knights wore blocks of soap on their feet because full plate is to OP and the game devs needed to balance the gameplay
Enzo Rocha
Enzo Rocha - 19 days ago
Great points all around, you nailed the accuracy failings of the film and your commentary on color (or lack thereof) is brilliant. Where are the bright reds and golds? I beg to disagree with your take on Henry V's character though. The Braveheart stylings of Mel Gibson is really, shall we say, unique to him—bombastic, emphatic, all over the screen. Some people prefer that. To say The King's Henry V is bland is to miss the subtlety and nuance of the performance. Some people, especially those of the older generation (ahem), don't like this method. Go watch The Irishman and tell me if Joe Pesci's performance is bland. And if we're honest, by your standards, Outlaw King's portrayal would be bland as well. It's the director's call, after all, how a character is portrayed and I appreciate The King's quieter approach—more measured and less turgid. If I were to compare it to cuisines; some find Japanese food to be bland when they're used to spicier flavors of say Mexican or Sichuan cookery, but that doesn't make it any less fine dining.

As the kids say these days, "Ok, Boomer!" Other than this, everything else's spot-on.
James Patagueule
James Patagueule - 19 days ago
the king isn't about history, it's just fiction... like Dunkirk
seregruin - 21 day ago
I think most of these arguments are missing the point of what they were trying to do with this movie. They don't care about historical accuracy in the depiction of the characters, because they want to show us modern people in front of the backdrop of the time. King Henry V in this movie is a modern partying and drinking youngster, who seems disturbed by political intrigue and warfare to the point of becoming pacifistic (beginning), then gets grind down by the necessities. The french princess is depicted in the same way. Hey modern viewer, how would you feel in this type of situation. This attitude of filmmaking is also the reason for a lot of the other inaccuracies (grey closing, dark atmosphere) in the depiction of the time.
So I don't think, they were not trying to go for a historically accurate depiction of Henry Vs character or the environment of the time at all. Can you dislike and criticize that? Yes, definitely. The question is, if there is still some value to this kind of depiction.
Lily Arnquist
Lily Arnquist - 22 days ago
Sleeping Beauty definitely got the colors right for medieval clothing 😂
Mistur Fixit
Mistur Fixit - 22 days ago
I also thought it was a little weird that such a big deal was made about the mud. And then, it didn't seem to matter. Aside from making the battle a big mess (how did they even know who to kill?) they never really showed how the English used it to their advantage in the movie. I don't think Louie slipping was supposed to represent that advantage, I think they were just making an ass of him. The only reason Henry didn't slip is because he wasn't moving, making his patented brooding face (seriously, kid, show an emotion)
Timsters - 23 days ago
36:08 looks like Edward the second from the outlaw king became a archer years after his death
Frank Wulff
Frank Wulff - 23 days ago
ANGERY COMMENT the film was good :(
Geert Naessens
Geert Naessens - 23 days ago
"But horse armour is expensive"
Queue quick image of Bethesda's Horse Armour DLC
Shad, you absolute legend.
Tobin ZORZ
Tobin ZORZ - 23 days ago
i thought the king's character had plenty of character. i could relate to him. i guess i'd make a pretty crap protagonist.
Galego Cossia
Galego Cossia - 25 days ago
NeTflix is the modern Cultural Cloaca Maxima! Do not loose your time watching Netflix It absolutely does not worth the effort.
Bertalan022 - 25 days ago
@Shadiversity The reason why the battle (of Azincourt) scenery sucked (and allegedly) was changed is by the fault of the production team. I have information from a stuntman (these guys are in fact local Hungarians) that the prod. team squeezed the filming of the battle in two weeks. Unfortunately they got the REAL authentic medieval experience. Now these guys were not only underpaid, but they truly spent the whole day dehydrated, in those armours, under the scorching sun. The food was rotten because the whole set was mismanaged. People got sick eventually by the end of the second week and their numbers from a 100 or so dwindled to about 20 who were still capable of standing up. That is probably the explanation why the director chose to include a scene about the hidden attack from the woods- with so few men in the background. Ironically the 'authentic' circumstances led to the misrepresentation of this battle.
Bertalan022 - 25 days ago
Also there was an on set death.
Jlinus - 25 days ago
I actually liked the way Timothy played Hal, because he started off with personality and then had to harden himself. I'm not looking at it from a historical perspective just from a story one. The way Hal closes up unless he's with his one friend, and even then it's on an inkling of the smile he had before speaks volumes of his state of mind as a king.
recycle projects
recycle projects - 25 days ago
Really worth watching, thanks for this. I tried to watch the movie, and frankly, I gave up, and switched off. I have nowhere near your knowledge, but enough to see so many things were wrong. What a shame, it should have been an amazing movie.
Crazyscotsman - 26 days ago
It always pisses me off when people try to put our personal ideas of what is right or wrong into a historical context. These people are in many ways alien to us. We dont think the same way, we don't live even close to the same way.

And a Princess saying monarchy is illegitimate hahahahahahahhahah NO! That is the biggest piece of bullshit I have ever heard of.
Gino - 26 days ago
Ehhhh you obviously have more knowledge on medieval shit than the average watcher. Most people dont care.
chief zilla
chief zilla - 26 days ago
Is it really a spoiler when it’s history all be it inaccurate lol
JollyGreenRett - 26 days ago
Soooo...... If this is an adaptation of one of Shakespeare's plays........ What the hell are we judging it on medieval accuracy for?
JollyGreenRett - 23 days ago
@Dod o Yes you're right actually, I miss phrased. What I should have said was "influenced" by Shakespeare's play. But still, I don't really think the point of this movie was to be very historically accurate. Of course, it's a bad movie anyway, so why bother going too deep into it? Thanks for pointing that out!
Dod o
Dod o - 23 days ago
JollyGreenRett it’s not
Mike Herring
Mike Herring - 27 days ago
Shadversity.... normally your videos are great. This movie is not a hybrid of history and the play. Its just an adaptation of the play. Thats its. Your whole video is criticizing something based off your illogical assumption. Please do more research into your movies....
Densa - 27 days ago
Eightyhate - 27 days ago
the princess scene was fucking unnerving, I hoped he would have at least slapped her in the face for the insolence, it would have been a bit more realistic, but no, it was just another modern bullshit about strong women
Raymond Law
Raymond Law - 27 days ago
In the netflix film "The King" the young king Henry V includes the line "great man to it" in his speech prior to the battle of agincourt, what does that means??
Joshua Moncreiff
Joshua Moncreiff - 27 days ago
Please do The Last Kingdom
Eric Bergerud
Eric Bergerud - 28 days ago
Congrats to Netflix - their flick is less true to history than Shakespeare's Henry V. It has everything wrong - blinking everything. Falstaff leading the battle - heavens, why not Bullwinkle or Sheldon Cooper or Robert E Lee? And the Dauphin dying in the mud? He wasn't there. BTW: Netflix also murdered the story of Alan Turing and the Enigma project ULTRA - just shows that if you know something about a subject, don't watch a Netflix biopic about it.
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