Training My Roomate To Walk Quietly

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Josh Richard
Josh Richard - 11 hours ago
"if you want trash, leave a comment" if the shoe fits, wear it.
Alexander Stephens
Alexander Stephens - 13 hours ago
why are his glasses so dirty
Clever North
Clever North - 17 hours ago
does anyone else think Will was high cuz of how red his eyes were in the beginning?
Owen Jackson
Owen Jackson - 18 hours ago
Who else got a William Osman ad?!
Savana Cruz
Savana Cruz - 19 hours ago
Is that a Lucas the spider at 5:35?
Way Lawn
Way Lawn - 21 hour ago
Time to lick a 9V battery
Way Lawn
Way Lawn - 21 hour ago
"There's an electric carpet in there."
"There's an electric carpet in the living room."
"I do like spam musubis!"
darmstadtKrö367 - 21 hour ago
"Do you sell electrical fences for like big, hairless dogs?"
Gosh, its the 'do you do poison?' sketch all over again
jozi ellis
jozi ellis - 23 hours ago
ok but look at those burger bites at 6:33
Hidden Squid
Hidden Squid - Day ago
5:48 you look.. shocked.. badumtss
Drained - Day ago
Howtobasic 2.0
gamertjehh - Day ago
I love the intro
Argnox Ragnarok
Argnox Ragnarok - Day ago
i want trash
robin - Day ago
lol I love how he's a shirt with lightning bolts on it
Buttered Toast
Buttered Toast - Day ago
*Williamungus* i require ice cream.
Tatum Chewning
Tatum Chewning - Day ago
big hairless dog
Odysseus Borindok
Odysseus Borindok - Day ago
He sounded like a serial killer when he said "Big Hairless Dog".
max lindberg
max lindberg - Day ago
Did anyone see the smoke that came out of his mouth after he touched the wire ??
Patrick Earthridge
Patrick Earthridge - Day ago
Fuck that store guy, electric fences are totally humane. The electric shock punishes the cow or whatever without causing any injury. I mean we use electric shocks on humans during psychological experiments! William shocked the shit out of himself with it! Ive shocked myself on an electric fence several times! It's fine! Better than barbed wire!
Shmeckles Shmeckles
Shmeckles Shmeckles - 2 days ago
lucas the spider in the background 5:47?
8Bit Shadow
8Bit Shadow - 2 days ago
Narhumo - 2 days ago
I see you have a Lucas the spider plushy... I too have a Lucas the spider plushy, he is quite adorable. :D
Mr Gamer 5252
Mr Gamer 5252 - 2 days ago
Daniel Torres
Daniel Torres - 2 days ago
The way he talks just makes me happy
Hat on Foot
Hat on Foot - 3 days ago
A robot that fucking dies
I want
rex lit
rex lit - 3 days ago
Its not inhumane if the big hairless dog kills your chickens
Didire - 3 days ago
what song is this
SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME the song in the beginning
Qlapze - 3 days ago
Katy simon
Katy simon - 3 days ago
I’m sorry but I un subbed a year or two ago but don’t worry i re-subscribed
Daniel - 3 days ago
Its not just trash, ITS WILLIAM OSMAN'S TRASH
Alexander L.
Alexander L. - 3 days ago
Some sort of gas comes out of William's mouth at 5:54
Connor L
Connor L - 3 days ago
When my dad was a younger he worked at Mc Donald’s and he said they don’t like to use the ice cream machine because they don’t like cleaning it
Nokia 3310 2000
Nokia 3310 2000 - 3 days ago
YL7 - 3 days ago
I need that to practice sneaking food at night
br0s4ver - 3 days ago
"See? Big hairless dawg" xd
Mike G
Mike G - 3 days ago
Maybe i DO want the trash, you dont know me.
Andrew Wang
Andrew Wang - 4 days ago
Lawrence Industries Gaming
Overnight shift here never cleans... But a maintenance guy like me has to do it at 3am
Bobby Bologna
Bobby Bologna - 4 days ago
Lol guy says they're inhumane for animals.. yet they're used exclusively on animals all over the US loool
Perpetually in the Past
It's lazy employees. I used to work at one, we would say it was busted when it was late and we didn't want to deal with the machines. The older models overheat really easily though so they can be a pain in the ass.
Perpetually in the Past
Did you forget the eye drops in that first clip? Cuz you look stoned af my friend.
NJV Artimations
NJV Artimations - 4 days ago
Oh Ow
Rodiculous - 4 days ago
i'm glad someone is doing the exhaustive research into finding out what the fuck is going on with mcdonalds ice cream machines. i swear they always seem to *magically* break down.
Move I'm Gay
Move I'm Gay - 4 days ago
Train him to fucking throw away his old cans and bottles too jfc
Bradley - 4 days ago
I wish I had someone as loving as caretaker
Stephani -D
Stephani -D - 4 days ago
I've heard that the ice cream machines are rarely cleaned and can get bugs in them.
Austin Gibbs
Austin Gibbs - 5 days ago
I want trash!!!!
torpedoman 247
torpedoman 247 - 5 days ago
5:39 this is why caretaker exists
Shady Dave
Shady Dave - 5 days ago
Michael is a bad influence
Trent Wilton
Trent Wilton - 5 days ago
Can you make a 240 volt refrigerator
Lachlan Mackoy
Lachlan Mackoy - 5 days ago
living room more like dead room............... I'll leave now
Tooterbooter - 5 days ago
I want the trash
sakoriter kloup
sakoriter kloup - 5 days ago
Oga middlemen
Dolphin H
Dolphin H - 5 days ago
3.4mil views thanks to that red circle
Faze Ninga
Faze Ninga - 5 days ago
The lisp tho
Jay/Luna the Insane Murderous Sylveon
*picture of a Coyote*
William: “It can Tase wolves!”
Lydia Bloess
Lydia Bloess - 5 days ago
I want trash it will match my outfit
Solarstan of YouTube
Solarstan of YouTube - 6 days ago
Or you could have just put another lower ceiling on the building with foam between the two
Patryk Kowalczyk
Patryk Kowalczyk - 6 days ago
I want trash.
Caroline Kerr
Caroline Kerr - 6 days ago
He’s wearing a lightning shirt 👕
Reapingseason - 6 days ago
gimme arduink
Dood Bro
Dood Bro - 6 days ago
Why the fuck would keep using the “for a dog” reason when asking the employees? That sounds super sketchy and alarming the way they were asking about it
Kyle - 6 days ago
yes we all saw it he was playing minecraft
Brendan Mustain
Brendan Mustain - 6 days ago
Im sorry but the ice cream machine is more important than this video, i need the grid coordinates of that mcdonalds.

actually though videos really cool though
Jonathan Schladetzky
Jonathan Schladetzky - 6 days ago
I want trash
Redmaster - 6 days ago
So instead of taking up the floor boards and filling it with insulation, you make an electric carpet.

Hundreth - 7 days ago
I was thinking about getting whatever the sponsor would have been but ...........
Artichokehold - 7 days ago
Its gonna be a lot quieter with Michael screaming at 3 AM.
Lily Romao
Lily Romao - 7 days ago
i want trash
Foul Philosopher
Foul Philosopher - 7 days ago
Lazy employees, always.
mikeythellama - 7 days ago
im so glad will has pocket size photos of michael at the ready.
amateur everything
amateur everything - 7 days ago
2:25 damn that shaders are awesome
jazzy jamess
jazzy jamess - 7 days ago
Who's the "caretaker "????
WuzNab - 7 days ago
It’s very sensitive.
So am I.
Squirrel With with 2 syllables
5:47 is the moment William Osman became a SuperHero
Unhappy Attendant Ughh
Unhappy Attendant Ughh - 7 days ago
That was not a drop kick
Mr Pickles.
Mr Pickles. - 7 days ago
u know what they say about on man's trash
Brendan Kriel
Brendan Kriel - 8 days ago
I bet they didn't sponsor you because Michael swore in the video haha
NL x Magic
NL x Magic - 8 days ago
I currently work at McDonalds and when they say it’s not working MOST of the time it’s being cleaned. Sometimes it does break
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