Start Eating 1 Tomato a Day, See What Happens to You In a Month

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BRIGHT SIDE - Month ago
Hey there, BrightSiders! Do you prefer tomato’s or cucumbers?
moksh ahuja
moksh ahuja - Month ago
Cucumbers I love them 😍😍
Hermione Granger
Hermione Granger - Month ago
Азиз салех малог сафар
BRIGHT SIDE please what about carrots 🥕
ELI AND EMILY - Month ago
Ken Wahl
Ken Wahl - Month ago
Tomatoes For Sure!
Raja Laxmi Devi
Raja Laxmi Devi - 3 days ago
I'm eating tomato And watching this video
Tripurari Kumar Jha
Tripurari Kumar Jha - 4 days ago
How about 2 tomato a day?
Parallel Universe
Parallel Universe - 13 days ago
What about Cherry Tomatoes, do they work the same?
Ishan Sharma
Ishan Sharma - 22 days ago
I don't like Tomato but after this I eat daily tomato🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅
maytham ali
maytham ali - 22 days ago
this video make me think to replace the tomato sauce with water
YoshiPeach Mario
YoshiPeach Mario - 25 days ago
Tolerant Buddy
Tolerant Buddy - 28 days ago
Wow that sounds great just one 🍅 a day 😉
Hope I don’t forget it when it’s time to grocery 🥺 lol
VARUN G - Month ago
Seeing +ve and -ve parts is great 👍
Dax - Month ago
how about consume a bottle of tomato sauce a pre day ? is that briliant ?
Carren Ambayec
Carren Ambayec - Month ago
Thank you so much for the awesome info
Carren Ambayec
Carren Ambayec - Month ago
Thank you so much for the awesome info
Richard Seinfeld
Richard Seinfeld - Month ago
Please make of walnuts.
Joseph Ray
Joseph Ray - Month ago
Okay, I love tomatoes and believe what you are telling me here about their benefits. BUT, Dr. Steven Gundry, Heart Surgery history maker say the skin and seeds are very bad for humans because they contain very high levels of Lectins and lectins cause Leaky Gut. Very interested in your reply concerning his statements.
hamida ndagire
hamida ndagire - Month ago
Thanks dia for health updates about our bodies. Now am gonna start eating tomatoes
John Teasdale
John Teasdale - Month ago
Mind it's no good if u have atheritis
David Gerstein
David Gerstein - Month ago
Drink a container of bleach every day and see what happens.
James Osei Owusu
James Osei Owusu - Month ago
Thanks for the education. I will start eating tomatoes.
Have Fun.
Have Fun. - Month ago
Hey you are amazing tomato is greater Thanks😊
Archana Singh
Archana Singh - Month ago
Tomato soup ............😊
黄苡 - Month ago
1:06 hey banana boy? What's that 😂
Adetsu - Month ago
Okay one tomato in a Day.
Tomatos you got me to your side
Goodbye bananas! Welckome tomatos!

Okay lets take a bite 🍅 yuk! I take bananas! (just kidding)
TheBoomingHypes - Month ago
So should I take a break a day or when I eat 1 tomato a day in a week should I take a break 1 week
Banban - Month ago
Does tomato ketchup count?
My life as Me
My life as Me - Month ago
I love this videos there so helpfull
HAWKS 211 - Month ago
And also tomatoes can give you a symptom like arthritis the end up with pain in your joints if
Ines Iriss
Ines Iriss - Month ago
I'm eating tomatoes right now
Miriam - Month ago
What about the chemicals in the processed tomatoes?
Emii Khan
Emii Khan - Month ago
It is said to eat tomato by peeling and discarding it's seed. Pls explain
Emii Khan
Emii Khan - Month ago
Nice info. I heard it seeds are bad for kidneys and its outer skin also difficult to digest so unhealthy to eat. Could you please explain these points.
Srihari Paramesh
Srihari Paramesh - Month ago
Can it improve your mood in depressed people?
Nadia Begum
Nadia Begum - Month ago
U don't like tomatoes ooh noo😳😨😰😢😭😱I mean I don't like tomatoes
Princess Peach
Princess Peach - Month ago
What do you do if you are allergic to tomatoes?
eric chia
eric chia - Month ago
I thought tomatoes could act as a deterrent for men's prostrate problems. Not so much for eyesight problems. The carrot takes first place for eyesight problems.
Trapbaby Jesus
Trapbaby Jesus - Month ago
So if I eat tomato 🍅 I can get blue eyes
Usman Jutt
Usman Jutt - Month ago
Aditya Panditray
Aditya Panditray - Month ago
Make a video about beet root
samia sama
samia sama - Month ago
A tomato a day keeps the doctor miles away
Jaydeep khaira
Jaydeep khaira - Month ago
*Tomatoes cooked in olive oil*
John MEEP - Month ago
I see Bangladesh Flag Plenty Times Mostly this Video😂😂
Sublime Manifestations
Does ketchup count?
Nick Nana
Nick Nana - Month ago
I hate tomato’s tho
Ardensity - Month ago
I love fruit but tomatoes taste disgusting sometimes
Don - Month ago
Ask my doctor if I can consume tomatoes ? Only if your allergic to peanuts. Is that blood in my stools or is that the dragon fruit I've eaten last night ?
Basiic Mercvry
Basiic Mercvry - Month ago
Tomato is a Fruit oh I just know that now.
riffle queen
riffle queen - Month ago
Not tryin' to be silly-but-does ketchup count?!!
A Depressed Ugly Bitch
Im gonna go get tomatoes 😁
Salama ali_4210080
Salama ali_4210080 - Month ago
fash2314 - Month ago
tomatoes are fruits or vegetables?
Chesse Balbizi
Chesse Balbizi - Month ago
Tanks for the tip. and im up for this like for real
Eva milsap
Eva milsap - Month ago
Good information
harshit rajgaria
harshit rajgaria - Month ago
When 2 eat 🙄
Caitlyn Veldman
Caitlyn Veldman - Month ago
I think I'm allergic to pollen and I never had trouble with tomatoes when I was like 4 or 5, so I don't know 😊
Landon Gough
Landon Gough - Month ago
Mr fortnight tomato head
The opposites
The opposites - Month ago
I dont like tomatoes
Yimika Akinwumi
Yimika Akinwumi - Month ago
Now I see why Sasuke likes tomatoes so much
FromBeToReality - Month ago
1 a day.
started months ago.
Alfiano Fong
Alfiano Fong - Month ago
Lets Eat
Lets Eat - Month ago
Fresh as it is
Gintoki Kintoki
Gintoki Kintoki - Month ago
Cooked or raw
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