Susan Boyle Earns Golden Buzzer With Iconic "Wild Horses" - America's Got Talent: The Champions

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ryan blomquist
ryan blomquist - 3 hours ago
For some reason I think of Lord of the Rings when she sings this song. I think she should add "Into the West" which was playing on the ending credits into her list of songs she performs.
Raymart Bayron
Raymart Bayron - 5 hours ago
I love you Susan Boyle
Y &J
Y &J - 7 hours ago
This woman is so positive I love her
Salomé Borngräber
Salomé Borngräber - 13 hours ago
Glitter Glam !!!
Glitter Glam !!! - 16 hours ago
Lover her voice!! and mostly that she proved everybody wrong
María Emilia Negrón
María Emilia Negrón - 18 hours ago
The first time that I saw her I felt what she felt when they were making fun of her. but she didn't care she went on. I am so happy to see her blossom. God bless her because that is a god-given talent
Veronika Mikulová
Veronika Mikulová - 21 hour ago
Susan is perfect and I love Simon, he has a good heart
Expectrall - 23 hours ago
Espero verte algún día en Colombia, querida Susan, eres una impresionante cantante de la talla de Adele o Lady Gaga. Te quiero mucho.
Joe Bhoy
Joe Bhoy - 23 hours ago
A see her regularly at the hospital at my bit,nuts seeing her on the telly still
HansenSiff - Day ago
I love her lovely voice and good, kind personality. A lovely person with an amazing voice. I am so glad for her!
SRV. 123
SRV. 123 - Day ago
I hope she wins Runner Up again. It will propel her. Sang for a little over 2 minutes. WTH?
xXAlexdalionXx - Day ago
go somewhere and find something to actually complain about thanks . She did great.
Sasusaku4Eva! - Day ago
BEAUTIFUL voice!!! It seems like the older she gets the better she gets!! 😃
Claudia Miguez
Claudia Miguez - Day ago
Susan, I love you. You are a real winner and a real star. Thank you for all your songs. God bless you dear
Ernesto Castro
Ernesto Castro - Day ago encanta
Clem Cornpone
Clem Cornpone - Day ago
She has a genuinely beautiful voice.
bruno freitas
bruno freitas - 2 days ago
U should have won it all
BLACK HAWK - 2 days ago
From Iraq I say to you, You are a people worthy of respect
DFA Media Production
DFA Media Production - 2 days ago
If someone has succeeded in something, you can succeed. That's Susan Boyle. Thanks Love Susan Boyle.
TheP4olka - 2 days ago
Сьюзен, Вы такая домашняя, женственная и с таким прекрасным сильным голосом! Очень люблю слушать. Спасибо.
Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas - 2 days ago
Kathleen Jenkins did way better
Alim Rusydi
Alim Rusydi - 2 days ago
Omg 😍😍😍
design&classics - 2 days ago
I always cry when I watch her videos. I don't know why... Maybe it's her sheer 'realness' and genuine deep humility even with such talent. she's a good person, you can tell.
The world lost out when it didn't record her voice in her youth when it was better.
nkosinathi b msibi
nkosinathi b msibi - 2 days ago
She is a masterpiece
Coffee Jay
Coffee Jay - 2 days ago
I love Susan Boyle...God bless her
Mt. Zod
Mt. Zod - 2 days ago
Literally made me tear up 😔😪😐😊
Jeff Williams
Jeff Williams - 2 days ago
How did she not win the first time
cormac21153 - 2 days ago
One of life's great mysteries.
REGULUS VECTOR - 3 days ago
Living proof that Zero Talent scum can decide your fate .
Papi - 3 days ago
Well I think Kathleen Jenkins sang wild horses way better 😌 but WOW Susan is phenomenal 👏🏾👏🏻 , i hope she wins this time.
Kathleen's version 👉
LauraEli09 - 3 days ago
She’s such a beautiful person and has such an outstanding voice!! She seems so full of kindness, I really hope the best for her and many blessings her way. 🌹
Luar Mm
Luar Mm - 3 days ago
La legendaria SUSAN
Arbin Thapa
Arbin Thapa - 3 days ago
She became a Legend. Thanks America
Rodrigo Junqueira Barbosa
She deserved that golden buzzer
sonia storey
sonia storey - 3 days ago
Am love Susan
наталья бакалова
Cindy Nguyen
Cindy Nguyen - 4 days ago
Toi da khóc khi nghe co ấy hat
Donna h4840
Donna h4840 - 4 days ago
Susan Boyle truly is golden. Not only does she have the voice of an angel, her character is also something I admire. She is modest, humble, and ever so graceful. When I listen to her sing, I am taken to a special place, where everything is right in the world. She is simply, perfection❤
Most Fab
Most Fab - 3 days ago
Donna h4840 yes!!
Dito V.R.
Dito V.R. - 4 days ago
Nunca antes me había emocionado tanto escuchando a una persona.
ikie alexakis
ikie alexakis - 4 days ago
ikie alexakis
ikie alexakis - 4 days ago
Princes Bamboo: Game MOBA
I am Thai. I cheered Susan Boyle.💕💕💕💕💕💕🎵🎵✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌
Most Fab
Most Fab - 3 days ago
Prince Bamboo yes, me to, hi from Great USA!!
Dale Baker
Dale Baker - 4 days ago
What a humble human being. And that voice.
Margaret Thomson
Margaret Thomson - 5 days ago
Douglas Graves
Douglas Graves - 5 days ago
More than a legend, I've listened to her sing this and others over and over, such a special lady, always hold your head high Susan, you've earned your place, MUAH.
Giusy Italiano
Giusy Italiano - 5 days ago
BayBay The Fazbear Girl
I love her background music! It makes me cry for how beautiful it is!
BayBay The Fazbear Girl
I didn't know the song :/ But I was talking about the background music in her introduction (the start of this video)
cormac21153 - 4 days ago
Susan singing Impossible Dream
epicrafter924 Boss
epicrafter924 Boss - 5 days ago
Lol the ending killed me (AMAZING PERFORMANCE OFC BTW!!!!! So much nostalgia rushing back!!!!
Harry Inkpot
Harry Inkpot - 5 days ago
Susan has Asperger therefore wrong to hug if she don’t know you Mel should not gone on stage
TheJANNIWANNI - 5 days ago
congratulations Susan, you are so special and amazing love your work girl X
Most Fab
Most Fab - 3 days ago
Olivia Anderson
Olivia Anderson - 5 days ago
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June Zimmerman
June Zimmerman - 5 days ago
Is. You are 100% correct. I have a daughter that is an Aspie. They are so much alike. Loved your commemt❤️
Lana Dul
Lana Dul - 5 days ago
Dude, the way Simon reacted when Mel B pressed that golden buzzer is just so heartwarming. The way he expressed how proud he was of Susan. I'm not a fan of Simon's but I love how he loves Susan. You can see how genuine he is when it comes to her. My heart is crying. ❤
Boy Rohim Rohim
Boy Rohim Rohim - 5 days ago
Ilov you susan boyle fery fery beautiful fery fery good
comfortouch - 5 days ago
Susan, along with Jonathan and Charlotte, both had the same kind of shocking auditions where they didn't look the part, but their talent outshone any negativity. Glad to see Susan is back. I'll likely buy her album too.
Tiffany kristen
Tiffany kristen - 6 days ago
Just close your eyes and listen! Takes you to a far off place!
Dwight White
Dwight White - 6 days ago
Simon looks different somehow (ageing excluded). His face looks bigger maybe ?
Survivrs - 6 days ago
What a gift she was given...and now gives it to the rest of us to enjoy. Susan, we love you over here!!!
The Restoration of Dr Who
Love how it’s like, everyone knows it’ll be good. Simon was so excited and you could tell with his confidence in her.
Kathleen Kress
Kathleen Kress - 6 days ago
Susan Boyle will never be a megastar singer, and especially not a diva. It’s just not in her DNA. But I for one feel privileged to hear her beautiful voice, and as for all of the other criticism would you all just please let her be? Thanks❤️
felix Felix
felix Felix - 6 days ago
A muezinhs e ruim heim mais nem com uma funilaria nao melherou agora cantar canta muito
Roz Christopherson
Roz Christopherson - 6 days ago
I could listen to her sing all day long......😍👍
نهاريّات - 6 days ago
oh Susan's tears are so precious. i immediately cry when she does
Copeewe - 7 days ago
Spectacular performance and lovely moment with all concerned. Brought tears to my eyes. Beautiful.
Darren Lee
Darren Lee - 7 days ago
Really cry out loud every time when I watch this video, Susan is now a very famous celebrity but still that humble. She deserve own thoes reputation, god bless her!
Shobha Mariyan
Shobha Mariyan - 7 days ago
what's the song that plays when the judge presses the golden buzzer?
Shobha Mariyan
Shobha Mariyan - 4 days ago
+dossery100 Thank you so much!!!!!
dossery100 - 5 days ago
'Impossible Dream' sang by Susan herself!
Handsome B. Wonderful
Handsome B. Wonderful - 7 days ago
What a talent.
Sandy Stamps
Sandy Stamps - 7 days ago
Absolutely beautiful! I had chills during the whole song! 😘
Impractical Roblox Gaming
I’m so sad she lost
Ahmadou Diakité
Ahmadou Diakité - 8 days ago
T'es source d'inspiration. Félicitations
Ahmadou Diakité
Ahmadou Diakité - 8 days ago
T'es source d'inspiration. Félicitations
Giorgia Camilla Mazzoni
A wonderful voice of a beautiful singer!!
jordan - 8 days ago
does anyone know that name of the song that plays during the judging? i’m assuming it’s her song but what’s it called?
dossery100 - 8 days ago
Impossible dream sang by Susan herself - hope this helps!
Christine Thomas
Christine Thomas - 8 days ago
How could anyone give her a thumbs down...she is amazing. Love you Susan!
Penny merritt
Penny merritt - 9 days ago
America Loves You Susan B.😘
Noctambule - 9 days ago
Where's Tyra?
halfmoon26 - 9 days ago
why did she go to an exam after she graduated 9 years ago
Mukesh Kashyap
Mukesh Kashyap - 9 days ago
Miss Goosebumps
Shuja Nawaz
Shuja Nawaz - 9 days ago
She's got chinese eyes and expressionless face
Shuja Nawaz
Shuja Nawaz - 9 days ago
She's got the talent!;)
Micheline Arthebise
Micheline Arthebise - 9 days ago
Antoinetta De La Felatio
SImon..stop the plastic are disfiguring your face,,,Suzan you really are the best!
RIM Kallel
RIM Kallel - 10 days ago
I am in tears! I love this woman, she is such an inspiration!
lurene loys
lurene loys - 10 days ago
LOVE watching her !
Eastfield - 10 days ago
love her
Trilce Chapman
Trilce Chapman - 10 days ago
Nobody better than her to sing "Wild Horses", I JUST LOVE SEEN HER BACK .
Fenris - 10 days ago
The ugly duckling that turned into a swan.
yagiz egeman
yagiz egeman - 11 days ago
I love Mel b
kilokaas kaas
kilokaas kaas - 11 days ago
You are the one
Lisa Brown
Lisa Brown - 11 days ago
She is so lovely and I am glad she went to BGT . I wish you the best of luck for the rest of your life Susan . Soon as you sung those first words it shut those scoffers up in that audience .
charles Rotoni
charles Rotoni - 11 days ago
We love you from PHILIPPINES! 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭
Hope u can have a Concert here in Philippines!! You are The Real Winner in Our Hearts Susan!
DSanya - 11 days ago
Honestly, Susan is not a champion. She's A LEGEND. With capital letters.
xgxcgxg - 11 days ago
I love her but I don’t really get why she needs to compete again? Surely she is taking away the chance for someone new and not stinking rich to win??
Shutupahole - 9 days ago
xgxcgxg it’s called “the champions” for a reason. It’s a bunch of former winners/high rankers
Torres Jhon
Torres Jhon - 11 days ago
La mejor de todos los Good Talents.
7zmey7 - 12 days ago
вот она СЬюзан - а где эти плясуны?
Sriram N
Sriram N - 12 days ago
Susan the legend boyle😊 love you susan❤️
Truth Finder
Truth Finder - 12 days ago
its kool from the last show Simon gave her a deal
Radek Faron
Radek Faron - 12 days ago
D.C. McCoy
D.C. McCoy - 12 days ago
This woman has the courage of a thousand women. Her beautiful soul pours out of her voice like clear Scottish rain. Beautifully amazing.
cormac21153 - 8 days ago
Beautifully said.
Gabriel Tongam
Gabriel Tongam - 12 days ago
Joe Muni
Joe Muni - 13 days ago
Angel voice. When she's start to singing I'm crying remember my Mama and my Papa 😢😢😢
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