dylan 12345678910
dylan 12345678910 - 28 minutes ago
Im am going to cry and you
Pham Jacqueline
Pham Jacqueline - 3 hours ago
Simon looks like a little boy in front of his idol! He is one of the big fan of Ms Susan Boyle
Pierfranco Viano
Pierfranco Viano - 10 hours ago
thanks Susan
Dylan Groves
Dylan Groves - 14 hours ago
This makes me cry
Ayaz Khan
Ayaz Khan - 17 hours ago
Her voice is like magic
Mash Kat07
Mash Kat07 - Day ago
Her notes are so clean . Felt like was listening to Adele for moments
dicess dontbenosey
dicess dontbenosey - Day ago
A good song from Susan Boyle to sing wild horses but I love her first song better I Dreamed a dream on Britain got talent.
Young Mula
Young Mula - Day ago
Suson Boyle can get the D any day
Brendan Schafer
Brendan Schafer - 2 days ago
Mel B Pressed Golden Buzzer , Simon Jumps higher then the audience
John Lang
John Lang - 2 days ago
Only Susan Boyle can get a standing ovation before she opens her mouth
cartier 007
cartier 007 - 2 days ago
алекс млеко
алекс млеко - 2 days ago
вы просто глухие.вы не слышали муслима магомаева
mohmed khaled
mohmed khaled - 3 days ago
4:22 wow
Karla Rios
Karla Rios - 3 days ago
She's just awesome!!
はーひー - 3 days ago
Susan Boyle
from Japan
abhilash paul
abhilash paul - 3 days ago
Very Happy and Humble
Patrarius Miza
Patrarius Miza - 3 days ago
It was not as shocking as it was the first time. The audience was forcing much on the applause.
Muhammad Haria
Muhammad Haria - 3 days ago
Wow thats called a real legend singer
Chris Trinder
Chris Trinder - 3 days ago
I’m so happy Susan got the Golden Buzzer in the USA 😍😍
Marcella Upton
Marcella Upton - 3 days ago
Don't worry Susan you are already a winner you don't need to win a competition for you to be a winner ❤️❤️
Talel Ghazouani
Talel Ghazouani - 4 days ago
Ник Петрович
きばし板 - 4 days ago
Super ILONG - 4 days ago
amazing woman 💛💛
Super ILONG - 4 days ago
amazing woman 💛💛
Tony Papworth
Tony Papworth - 4 days ago
Simon "ker-ching" Cowell loves it ;-)
Cindy wa
Cindy wa - 5 days ago
I honestly don't see the huge deal about her. I think she sings bad, but there must be something if people like her. Maybe I just have bad taste?
Michael Brodie
Michael Brodie - 4 days ago
You have seriously bad taste
Jimbob NYC
Jimbob NYC - 4 days ago
You have bad taste. Who in your opinion is a good singer?
Laura Hafner
Laura Hafner - 5 days ago
She shows us all, if you have a dream, go for it!
MatthewClarkson - 6 days ago
Live life before you become famous, and humility will always stay with you.
Susan Boyle is a prime example
Jayne Pete
Jayne Pete - 6 days ago
Simon isn't she amazing😃☺😉
Jayne Pete
Jayne Pete - 6 days ago
❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤You're amazing Susan....my boys are 28 and 30 and have disorders but they've suceeded😃
Taehyung V
Taehyung V - 6 days ago
Stay juli 2019....anybody??...
titusmonts - 6 days ago
Never known how our future drives in great an unexpected way...just humbleness never be perished in any way but leads us in eminent future...
oneshotbwurii - 7 days ago
2003 you looked like a damn mess.
Homero Negaraku
Homero Negaraku - 7 days ago
Kinda seems like it's all planned for her to benefit AGT... I love Susan but it's pretty evident..
Sara Charlie
Sara Charlie - 7 days ago
Simon needs a haircut..Lol
ABDOOL - 8 days ago
'' Susan Boyle moment '' ... thats when you know you are a legend .
sudiptakiran - 8 days ago
She makes me cry every time I watch this!!
Antonio Del Bosque Parada
The first time Mel B did the right thing and not when the trump impersonator comes in and before he even say some he push the X
Eva Lu
Eva Lu - 8 days ago
I’m so happy America recognized Susan’s talent when her own country didn’t. She deserved that Golden Buzzer. God bless you Susan Boyle.
Shinji Nuevo
Shinji Nuevo - 8 days ago
"the susan boyle moment" when you haven't done anything yet everyone is on their feet and very happy to see you.
TheAedee - 9 days ago
Her humility is so heartwarming, forever a winner.
yasas chandrasekara
yasas chandrasekara - 9 days ago
Wait. I honestly still don't understand why she didn't win AGT Champions. She was such a deserving singer. Someone please explain this to me
Benjámin Kurilla
Benjámin Kurilla - 9 days ago
Ah the Roxford professor of dream realisation is back!
Kim Hawkins
Kim Hawkins - 9 days ago
That voice gives me goosebumps all over! Phew! Damn she just gets better!
Raymond ID
Raymond ID - 9 days ago
I believe she can do so much more.... I just feel she picked the wrong song
brt 123
brt 123 - 9 days ago
This is one of the greatest examples don't judge someone but how they look yeah, their age, color of their skin or by whom they call God. She's got the voice of an angel.
ANN JOAN LENLING - 9 days ago
Bmolikeme - 9 days ago
I was so irritated with the audience..like stfu, screaming after every single note, im sitting here yelling like a kindergartner Graduation Usher.."Hold your fu**ing applause to the end!" She was pretty amazing tho.
Trevor Hawkeswood
Trevor Hawkeswood - 9 days ago
youre a huge angel Susan Boyle!
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