President Trump attacks Mike Bloomberg's height on Twitter

Emily Rose
Emily Rose - 12 hours ago
I prefer Prince over mini mike anytime. Prince was too good looking and smart enough anyway.
Dr. Common Sense
Dr. Common Sense - 7 days ago
Ridiculous Arnie was 6'1, now that he's older he' probably 5'10 and change to 11.
Smuchi Smuchi
Smuchi Smuchi - 9 days ago
Mike Bloomberg changed his height on google to 5’11
Ли Сергей
Ли Сергей - 9 days ago
Egg shaped dildo on the left cant accept the fact that size matters
james isaiah
james isaiah - 20 days ago
Mini mike
Nuris M.
Nuris M. - 22 days ago
Trump in, Blomberg OUT.
Darsh Garg
Darsh Garg - 23 days ago
Did CNN get paid by Mike?
John Dockert
John Dockert - 23 days ago
Mini Mike
David Flores
David Flores - 24 days ago
Sorry Bloomberg you cant buy an election. You gotta bring the goods 😂😂
gamer zone
gamer zone - 26 days ago
Trumb grilled him on barbecue
ravi kumar
ravi kumar - Month ago
CNN is Fake .
Swiper The F*cks
Swiper The F*cks - Month ago
CNN is fake news
Spac18 - Month ago
Political Science isn't science lol
Slav Squirrel!
Slav Squirrel! - Month ago
OK mini Mike!
😂😂😂 TRUMP2020
RBooster Man
RBooster Man - Month ago
Mini's miniature campaign has fallen short...
S M - Month ago
Trump vindicated once again. Bloomberg dropped out like a turd.
Johnny Ringo
Johnny Ringo - Month ago
Trump will be Trump, let him lead, we will all be better off in the end.
A barking clown that turned this country around in three short years.
Bloomberg is, and was a pandering to liberal douche . He is a filthy
rich out of touch phony SOB
Steven Winterhill
Steven Winterhill - Month ago
Fake news at it again..
Taylan Demir
Taylan Demir - Month ago
Come on this is a Southpark episode 😂😂😂😂
# ShoEvilHands024
# ShoEvilHands024 - Month ago
CNN host: a lot of men lie about their height, Donald trump said he was 6'2 but depending where you get your source he's 6'3, I as well lied about my height and many others.
Me: wait you guys are lying again? 🙄
# ShoEvilHands024
# ShoEvilHands024 - Month ago
See this is the problem with being politically correct, in the real world there's such thing as slang and him calling them little doesn't always refer to height it can be a jab at their character/control calling them inferior. With this being said he is saying they are short at certain moments as well.
Robert O.
Robert O. - Month ago
This piece backfires on CNN. Trump’s mockery of his opponents is an essential part of his campaign, and he is good at it, very funny!
ttvninja_josh11 - Month ago
Communist new network is seriously shit.
ANTI-SATAN pro-life
ANTI-SATAN pro-life - Month ago
Red Shield
Red Shield - Month ago
CNN is embarrassing themselves again.
Red Shield
Red Shield - Month ago
LOL! If you think that hurts Trump you are dead wrong it’s hilarious!
Chris Opium
Chris Opium - Month ago
Nick Wright
Nick Wright - Month ago
Trump 2020!
mtsfalcon - Month ago
CNN - Dont touch me there this is my no no square.
G M - Month ago
rant404 - Month ago
So attack back about Orange Sphincter's fat ass, spray on tan, baldness, comb over, dyed hair, 6 backruptcies, numerous failed businesses, etc.
El Hombre de oro
El Hombre de oro - Month ago
It's the lack thereof.
Harper Knaack
Harper Knaack - Month ago
Mike Bloomberg I think that you will win you are the best almost president ever Love Harper and I am 8
Ruby Luisa
Ruby Luisa - Month ago
oh shut up it’s funny 😂
Fummy - Month ago
Hes a manlet
x Stringthumper x
x Stringthumper x - Month ago
#Walkaway . Those Bloomberg hidden tapes tell ya all you need to know.
x Stringthumper x
x Stringthumper x - Month ago
Robert Croes
Robert Croes - Month ago
😄 " When It All Comes Down To It, TRUMP🇺🇸 Is PRESIDENT🇺🇸!! And,
Will Remain PRESIDENT🇺🇸!! "
Anthony - Month ago
Robert Croes yea The Democrats don’t have a chance
Charlie Juliette
Charlie Juliette - Month ago
Omg, men talking about height. In a so called expertise. This has to be the stupidest news ever. 😂
Patrick Gogan
Patrick Gogan - Month ago
CNN ~ we've got nothing left...
Adult Eren Yeager
Adult Eren Yeager - Month ago
Take out the "men" and say "omg they talking about height in a so called expertise. This has to be the stupidest news ever 😂"
Tskissme22 - Month ago
2020 politicians are so CRINGEWORTHY....They're like my toddler. They act like terrible 2's
Tskissme22 - Month ago
Are they serious with this height shit? Man the bar is loooooow!!!!
Tskissme22 - Month ago
This is a pissing match....just compare ur accounts and dicks...then go away.
joshi darshit
joshi darshit - Month ago
Hi Fake news
50_cal_sniper - Month ago
1:29 was I suppose to laugh at that? Was it a joke?
jake sarms
jake sarms - Month ago
Faaaake Neeeeews 😄
Mini mike!! 🤣 brauh
John Newman
John Newman - Month ago
Why is mike so old
neonik 4
neonik 4 - Month ago
How do you -Not- get a Liberal angry?
JohnJTraston - Month ago
I don't like, mini Mike!
John Otto
John Otto - Month ago
Mini mike is always after me lucky charms
John Smith
John Smith - Month ago
CNN is Fake News
Selfish Capitalist
Selfish Capitalist - Month ago
CNN is irrelevant news
Roger Stone
Roger Stone - Month ago
This CNN host is a hack.
The left can't meme or make a joke.
Mini mike is gonna finish off the corrupt DNC and make them unelectable for a generation.
AurielBrooks - Month ago
Remember when they attacked trump over his small hands?
Tin Man
Tin Man - Month ago
LOL God I love Trump!
[Grand Emperor] Nathanos Hausladen
"To describe his advertaries" What's an advertary?
[Grand Emperor] Nathanos Hausladen
@Deus sive Natura Idk, it's something the commentator said, must be some type of illuminati thing or something.
Deus sive Natura
Deus sive Natura - Month ago
Never heard of it.
Logan X
Logan X - Month ago
Damn the world gets more stupid everyday
Santino - Month ago
Trump 2020
Roxy Mac
Roxy Mac - Month ago
Behind your back they laugh at you....squandered your inheritance...measure your height from neck up...🤣🤣🤣🤣Burn!! Points for Bloomberg!😂🤣👏🏼
Leonardo Parra
Leonardo Parra - Month ago
Marquesha Walker
Marquesha Walker - Month ago
I wish DT gets hit by a bus but really a segment on height?
Ruben Haro-Villa
Ruben Haro-Villa - Month ago
Mike is not 5’8 he’s shorter than Warren more like 5’4
WeAre Prodigy
WeAre Prodigy - Month ago
Haha Trump 2020 democratic bitches
camaro rider
camaro rider - Month ago
LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL thanks for the news cnn
MultiEvil101 - Month ago
CNN got paid so much money from Mike Bloomberg to protect his image. Lol
Joesph Andrews
Joesph Andrews - Month ago
shoebox mike! spit shine trumps shoesboy!
Hahaha.. Love. TRUMP
Speak Life
Speak Life - Month ago
CNN keeps deleting my comments lol.. fudge packers
Speak Life
Speak Life - Month ago
CNN FAKE NEWS HYPOCRISY I remembe CNN teasing trumps CHILD his hair ..wife ..weight ..CNN SUUUCKS ASS
accusing trump of anythin* and everything when ur network makes a living trashing innocent ppl .... Bloomberg is wannabe who’s actually scared to death of trump .... PS TRUMP IS VERY TALL and an AWESOME PRESIDENT GO TRUMP GO 2020
Ron Hak
Ron Hak - Month ago
Trump's has small hands..
Elcan Qasimzade
Elcan Qasimzade - Month ago
Wtf has US politics come to. When the hell did presidents start to insult each other. I thought they were above it.
OVI-Wan Kenobi
OVI-Wan Kenobi - Month ago
If CNN is saying that Little Mike is 5ft 7" then he's most likely only 5ft 6" or 5ft 5" barefoot.
tristan Briody
tristan Briody - Month ago
Typical Liberal snowflakes
ICU america
ICU america - Month ago
Trump is an old fat bald fool who can't even apply his bronze tanning makeup correctly. There is nothing good to say about trump, just ask Putin.
Harpoon2theRescue - Month ago
Heightism......the lefts new outrage trigger word for today.
0doubled seven
0doubled seven - Month ago
Short people got nobody. They got tiny little hands, tiny little feet, and tiny little cars that go beep, beep, beep. And they can't farm for Sh_t.
Voting for Bernie Sanders - Democratic Primary
Trump has a Little circumcised D.
zero g templar
zero g templar - Month ago
Bloomberg 5'7" with lifts in his shoes..
Bass Wars
Bass Wars - Month ago
My father was 5'7" tall. The same as Mike Bloomberg. I didn't know my father was a mini man until Trump told me he was. I want to add this about my mini father. He was a refugee who worked two jobs to give us the best life he could. One night he didn't come home from his job at the garage. I went down to see what was wrong and found him under a car dead. My vote is for Mike Bloomberg.
John Karpierz
John Karpierz - Month ago
Who gives a fuck?! Mike Bloomberg is an elitist bully who got a taste of his own medicine! Fuck this guy and all his supporters!
John White
John White - Month ago
Bloomberg should spend a billion helping families that are homeless instead of his ego. Bloomberg waisting his time and money.
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