OnePlus 7 Pro - Hidden Camera Durability Test! Will it Scratch?

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Aditya Kumar
Aditya Kumar - 4 days ago
It's said the rear lens is covered with sapphire glass, is it really?
Gato Minino
Gato Minino - 5 days ago
Idk how I got scratches on my phone I only use my finger and I have a clip case
Rehan Sheikh
Rehan Sheikh - 9 days ago
What if someone accidentally pushes the pop up camera sideways or it gets hit from the front???
Hindi Top Tech
Hindi Top Tech - 10 days ago
Will you sell the mobile you have unboxed?
Sadmansakib Himel
Sadmansakib Himel - 15 days ago
Give me the phone
LUXAR ZOMBER - 17 days ago
Mc McBomax
Mc McBomax - 22 days ago
who is here in May 2020 searching to buy a new phone . Please I need advise , which phone should I buy for durability purpose . iPhone X or OnePlus 7? I want a phone I can use for 3 years without problems .
The Gaelic gladiator
The Gaelic gladiator - 29 days ago
I can’t wait to get one
Rubel Hoque
Rubel Hoque - 29 days ago
Please give me this phone please
Abhinav N M
Abhinav N M - Month ago
I don't have any phone si instead of destroying such wonderful phone will you give any one phone for me😧😧😧😧
Shakiry Iskandar
Shakiry Iskandar - Month ago
glass is glass , glass is break 😅😅😅
FR Crafts
FR Crafts - Month ago
I had a dbrand skin on my lg g6 and it was as slippery as the glass! Phone slipped right off of my leg and onto concrete where it shatteres
YamiGenesis - Month ago
No headphone Jack is an instant no sale for me. Sucks cause I kind of liked it
Eslam Ahmed
Eslam Ahmed - Month ago
Elijah Diener
Elijah Diener - Month ago
I need to see a phone that scratches the hardness scale picks.
Erik - Month ago
The only thing (besides not wireless charging and official PI rating) that I don't like about this phone is the pop-up camera. I don't take many selfies so it's not a huge issue. Other then that, try to find a phone with 90hz, 8gb ram, octacore @2.84ghz, 1440p display and a pretty good camera under 600 usd :) I ordered mine yesterday, can't wait!
Nightingale Farrehnster
I miss the bezeless display
Jordan Lee
Jordan Lee - Month ago
Watching this on my 7 Pro, I can hear my phone screaming inside.
Ravi Teja
Ravi Teja - Month ago
Please help me friends and. Sir please give me any mobile sir please I was saw some videos in you tub there were testing smart mobiles. By straches please don't do like this please give to me o will use it please I hope u under stood please help
Ravi Teja
Ravi Teja - Month ago
Please help me friends and. Sir please give me any mobile sir please I was saw some videos in you tub there were testing smart mobiles. By straches please don't do like this please give to me o will use it please I hope u under stood please help
Ravi Teja
Ravi Teja - Month ago
Please help me friends and. Sir please give me any mobile sir please I was saw some videos in you tub there were testing smart mobiles. By straches please don't do like this please give to me o will use it please I hope u under stood please help
CheetahClaw - Month ago
The top of the phone exists
TNS - Month ago
When you come here because you broke the back glass on your one plus 7 pro ;-;
DEVIL Ankit Official
DEVIL Ankit Official - Month ago
Hello sir why did you do that to one plus 7 pro you should gave me this phone sir please gave me this phone not this phone give me new one please I want this 🙏🏻
lolle5544 - Month ago
I am an owner of the One Plus 7 pro and to see you scratching everything of the mobile phone is so unsatisfying an hurts really bad. 😂
Kiruba - 2 months ago
Stop this nonsense, everyone will love their own phones so don't need in durability test.
Shayne Ward
Shayne Ward - 2 months ago
Best flagship last year
Binoy FG
Binoy FG - 2 months ago
Bro plzz give me one phone plzzz
MHDAWI 99 - 2 months ago
OMG! i need phones 😪
Sarthak verma
Sarthak verma - 2 months ago
Can u gift me one oneplus
Mevan Weerawarna
Mevan Weerawarna - 2 months ago
I was Triggered....
Mill9999 - 2 months ago
Real world tests ???? You're a sucker who gets free phones plus a paycheck because of your subs this is definitely not a real world test you're nothing but a scammer who hides behind a old Toyota truck then buys a new one only to show you dont care about Money while you hoard it away then a Tesla's. I hate people likw you millions of Americans need help and its not only in America, you're just so stupid the idea that people can afford to buy these phones that you "test" is mind blowing i wish i can ahow u what life really is not sll this money u make on YouTube you ugly old looking man
Rasul Shaikh
Rasul Shaikh - 2 months ago
test realme X2 Pro please sir
vignesh rakul
vignesh rakul - 2 months ago
Bro don't wast 1+7 bro please send tha mobile
bei·yui - 2 months ago
it hurts when u scrape the rim
Birk SS
Birk SS - 2 months ago
one plus 7?? ist a one plus 7 pro
Endrit Zejnullahu
Endrit Zejnullahu - 2 months ago
i love this phone just still too expensive
Janikiraman 777
Janikiraman 777 - 2 months ago
dankoks 1
dankoks 1 - 2 months ago
Me duele verlo 😖
WOW MOM - 2 months ago
Watching in OnePlus 7
sonu ki BB
sonu ki BB - 2 months ago
Can u give me
Crazy Legend
Crazy Legend - 2 months ago
“Everyday life”...
Afaka Khawlhring
Afaka Khawlhring - 2 months ago
Please give me this phone
MD Siyam
MD Siyam - 2 months ago
Please send me one one plus please please please please please please ,I have no money 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭, please give me one please, I live in Bangladesh .
Hammer Sandoval
Hammer Sandoval - 2 months ago
2019 Phone of the year👍🇺🇸
Themepark Thijs
Themepark Thijs - 2 months ago
Never settle
Mohammed - 2 months ago
this video is triggering me
Johannes Roesler
Johannes Roesler - 2 months ago
Dude this sound
Yee Ree Bee
Yee Ree Bee - 2 months ago
Holy moly i died at 2:40
Harry Clarke
Harry Clarke - 2 months ago
1:35 💝❣💛
adam s
adam s - 2 months ago
When you caught the phone ,in slow mo you could clearly see the camera was still fully retracted . It looked like it would take atleast a 10ft fall so basically in the time it takes to retract would be a terminal fall for the phone .
adam s
adam s - 2 months ago
No headphone jack and no wireless charging I'm no buying
Edwin - 2 months ago
Before this video started i saw an ad for dbrand with you in it
Gianni 27
Gianni 27 - 2 months ago
can´t watch this without crying :(
FreeWiFi 2KGames
FreeWiFi 2KGames - 2 months ago
I have a OnePlus 6T
vladlen egorov
vladlen egorov - 2 months ago
when you watch this video from this phone)
Duy Lý
Duy Lý - 3 months ago
A dumb question: is that sand hardness equal to the level 7 of the tool?
Vincent Andree
Vincent Andree - 3 months ago
This phone is so tuff...
Sahil Zaman Official
Sahil Zaman Official - 3 months ago
instead of ruining it you could have given it to mr😁
CarloxWTF - 3 months ago
Maldito calvo. :c
Tyler Zellers
Tyler Zellers - 3 months ago
“Fortunately the side of the phone exists”
Well it’s absence would certainly have been a structural flaw
Rádio CBR Esperança
Rádio CBR Esperança - 3 months ago
AbhayPal Suryavanshi
AbhayPal Suryavanshi - 3 months ago
Aryan Sharma
Aryan Sharma - 3 months ago
What kind of phsychopath does bend a phone like that? The point is that why bend test??
SHYMA SHAJAHAN - 3 months ago
Plese give me the phone
JP CHANRA KALA - 3 months ago
'Don't do this at home, kids!!
I am a professional!!' Daaaammmn😇
SHD - 3 months ago
I feel pain.
jose luis gonzalez talamantes
Bro... It hurts... 💔
coffee man
coffee man - 3 months ago
I whish I could have this phone
Jerry rig everything: hold my scratcher
Jose Haghenbeck
Jose Haghenbeck - 3 months ago
The most idiots test i ever saw!
Stephen Roach
Stephen Roach - 3 months ago
Just recently bought the 7pro 5 McLaren no mention online if it also has the heatpipe im assuming so
jeritoo :v
jeritoo :v - 3 months ago
Lloré todo el video
Dale Harris
Dale Harris - 3 months ago
Have any plans to test the 7T Pro?
Gooffy Yt
Gooffy Yt - 3 months ago
Its the same thing, but better chip, better battery optimisation(when using 90hz)
Jindra More
Jindra More - 3 months ago
what the fuck are you doing it?
Rhuth K
Rhuth K - 3 months ago
Moral of the story: This $500 phone is better than $1400 Samsung galaxy fold/z flip
Jesse Conlan
Jesse Conlan - 3 months ago
Ended up getting the McLaren Edition.. It is epic. well worth it. I've been watching Jerry's videos for about a year trying to figure out which phone to get and this one has some great features I couldn't pass up on
toivo lappalainen
toivo lappalainen - 3 months ago
Why did you to this
Wil Burst
Wil Burst - 3 months ago
Je déteste ta chaîne et pourtant je la voie toujours dans mon file d'actu , génial non ?! Génial de voir un vieux gas detruire des téléphone neuf !
RedstoneHair - 3 months ago
Ya I love the oneplua 6t volume switch
Gunter wenk wenk
Gunter wenk wenk - 3 months ago
I have the oneplus 7t pro:)
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