OnePlus 7 Pro - Hidden Camera Durability Test! Will it Scratch?

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ahamed nazar
ahamed nazar - 22 hours ago
oneplus beats you.......
Sea Celery
Sea Celery - 2 days ago
these videos give me anxiety...
Ayman Hazim
Ayman Hazim - 2 days ago
my onesplus 7 pro: do not try this on me please😩
Vikas Shelke
Vikas Shelke - 3 days ago
One plus is itself a flagship phone at price . Soon samsung apples will be cheaper and one plus killer.
ER Webster
ER Webster - 4 days ago
This will undoubtable get lost in the other 7000 comments, but none the less I want to thank you for these videos. I always check out one of your videos when I am interested in new model of phone. Invaluable. And I suspect that you probably have influenced phone manufacturers to step up their game on the durability front. Anyways, thanks!
Sagma m s
Sagma m s - 4 days ago
Can u make a durability test of one plus 7t pro
muhammet can
muhammet can - 7 days ago
Avandee - 8 days ago
2:02 that scratching with the knive
hurst so bad
Ranjith Srinivas
Ranjith Srinivas - 11 days ago
It is really great to see the year down test on oneplus 7 pro and oneplus 7t.
It would be really great if you performed a teardown test on the budget phone oneplus7.
Is it possible to do that?
Reena Kumari
Reena Kumari - 12 days ago
Could you gave me that phone
ShiNOOBi - 15 days ago
Can i have this phone please it hurts when i see my dream phone getting rekt
Đạt Kòii
Đạt Kòii - 18 days ago
Ithaydenyt3 Ya
Ithaydenyt3 Ya - 18 days ago
Athul Issac George
Athul Issac George - 19 days ago
Is the front and rear glass made of sapphire
KAZOL RAJ - 20 days ago
We finding the video of oneplus 7 boss
Rädi Umme
Rädi Umme - 21 day ago
Zack got a brandnew oneplus 7 pro... First thing he does, annoy the camera.😂
Richard Bull
Richard Bull - 21 day ago
The back glass on mine just cracked without an impact, despite skin and case. Not pleased.
Harshan Bala
Harshan Bala - 22 days ago
You're the best Jerry !! I love your work and all the durability tests that you do which help people determine the future phone they would want to purchase
cody milmine
cody milmine - 23 days ago
Drop it
shane baksh
shane baksh - 25 days ago
before you break up a phone kindly do a give away like if agree
yasir khan
yasir khan - 25 days ago
Want this phone jerry
rohit shahane
rohit shahane - 26 days ago
Jerry your video is not good plz check the indian mobile test, any person do not this your make your test of personal mobile plz don't west all of you your time
sup me
sup me - 26 days ago
It shouldn't bend that easy gunna have issues down the road
Sepa9 - 27 days ago
A great ühine it IS!
Jonathan Leon
Jonathan Leon - 27 days ago
A drop test would be great
Amogh A S
Amogh A S - 27 days ago
Jerry, plz do durability test of one plus 7T.
Jack Mellor
Jack Mellor - 28 days ago
FINALLY getting rid of my old iPhone 6S hopefully soonish with a big upgrade to something like this.
I would like an Android now that they’re pretty much acing smartphones nowadays with better tech, compared to iPhones which feel like the same stuff over and over again.
I’m torn between the OnePlus 7 Pro and the Huawei P30 Pro. Anyone got any advice as to which is better?
Josh Helm
Josh Helm - 29 days ago
Watching this on my 7 Pro. I've had it for one day. Only thing I'm noticing one day is the plastic between the screen and metal scratching
FTW Genius of the Console
Don't destroy this mobile give it to me
ace ansari
ace ansari - Month ago
Do a video on one plus7t
BengtFriend - Month ago
You took it easy with this phone. How much did OnePlus pay you?
Xiomara Diaz
Xiomara Diaz - 29 days ago
You left out "In my opinion..." From your comment😂
Robert - Month ago
stupid test!
mery gun
mery gun - Month ago
The top of the phone exist... EARRAPE
MMT AMAYOOR - Month ago
Sir... can you give me your old phones to me......
Utkarssh B
Utkarssh B - Month ago
Who's here after OnePlus released the Oneplus 7T
Hey - 25 days ago
And today OnePlus 7T failed in Bend test
Quentin Angelini
Quentin Angelini - 29 days ago
prostokrasavchik - Month ago
Did your fingers become stronger over time?
Matteo De Vellis
Matteo De Vellis - Month ago
Apple: the ones who basically claim they invented it.
Samsung: the ones who actually invented it.
OnePlus: the ones that make it practical.
Aiden Volgs -Gaming tips and tutorials
Am I the only one bothered by how he writes his 9’s?
Mohammed Zain
Mohammed Zain - Month ago
Mu heart aches when i see what you do with these top tier phones i might never be able to purchase until they get a few years older :(
BR๏Ken 乛S๏uL
BR๏Ken 乛S๏uL - Month ago
Pls reply Sir
BR๏Ken 乛S๏uL
BR๏Ken 乛S๏uL - Month ago
Pls send the mobile please sir my dream this mobile Sir my address: m.thirumeni s/o m.murugesan 1/96 middle Street thiruchenkattangudi (post) Nagapattinam (distriact) Tamil Nadu(state) India(coundry) 609704 pincode plssssssssss sent the one plus 7 pro sir iam waiting Sir plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss Sir
RED - Month ago
6:53 «ill take my deeper grooves level 7» lmao
TheMohammadislam - Month ago
Please give me your phone 😭 😭😭
robin george
robin george - Month ago
One plus 7T ....?
Ryan Jacobsen
Ryan Jacobsen - Month ago
“I’ll obey for now” does it again 1 second later
christopher krause
christopher krause - Month ago
Tries to burn but lasts awhile...note 7....hold my fire extinguisher
Kent Ooi
Kent Ooi - Month ago
ONEPLUS 7T video puhleaseeeee
Disastrous - Month ago
Does Anyone else feel like this is some kids phone and sends the video to after wrecking the phone, that's why he uses the razor for everything (bc he doesn't care about the phone)
Ethan Anderson
Ethan Anderson - Month ago
Nicholas Syl
Nicholas Syl - Month ago
I lost some teeth at 2:41 cause I was watching with headphones on..
Aveek Roy ARD
Aveek Roy ARD - Month ago
are you mad
Anjali Aursang
Anjali Aursang - Month ago
Please do the tests of ONEPLUS 7T
lathpath sing
lathpath sing - Month ago
Sir please provide the video oneplus 7T durability test
Aniket Patanwal
Aniket Patanwal - Month ago
Please don't forget op7 .
Ankur Dubey
Ankur Dubey - Month ago
Gift me 1 phone I am from india
FelixTheGuy - Month ago
do a drop test PLZ
Karl Ludwig III.
Karl Ludwig III. - Month ago
Do u now get a sponsored Phone? I ask bc u said that they sent u one.
Munawwar Mohamed
Munawwar Mohamed - Month ago
Is the rear camera glass made of sapphire?
Perpetually Mad
Perpetually Mad - Month ago
he says the hardness lv of his picks like a yugioh card
Super19 - Month ago
Jesus this guy is destructive. XD
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