Everything Wrong With The Addams Family 1991

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Derian Setoguchi
Derian Setoguchi - 2 days ago
I think the caldron was filled with pine tar. They used it for tarring and feathering so it wouldn’t kill them before they were embarrassed
Chubby Peasworthy
Chubby Peasworthy - 2 days ago
HA... n o
Dustin - 4 days ago
Do the sequel!! Both movies are my favorite movies of my childhood lol.
Alphasnowbordergirl - 4 days ago
I always figured Fester knew the dance because of muscle memory or that he was beginning to remember certain things as he is the real Fester and somewhere in his mind he knows the dance. Also, I now want Tombstone pizza
Eli B
Eli B - 7 days ago
Pugsley didn’t say “help me”, he said “okay don’t miss”
Slytherin Ginger Witch
Slytherin Ginger Witch - 8 days ago
The new movie is full of sins, sins and more sins. This is so much better.
Alessandra Ricci
Alessandra Ricci - 8 days ago
My last name is Ricci too :3
Ivan Torres
Ivan Torres - 8 days ago
This is a personal tradition in my house. I watch this every Halloween and Christmas!! It’s a masterpiece!
angus jones
angus jones - 9 days ago
i had this movie on a VHS tape and damn i miss those things
edit: forgot to add that when Morticia was on the rack it's the reason BDSM is so popular
Lunarmy 13
Lunarmy 13 - 15 days ago
"How does a hand even get an interview"
"Oooh" DING*
killed me😂😂😂
Blondi - 15 days ago
I love 13:29.
robert presley
robert presley - 15 days ago
Still much better than the new Addams Family film.
Black And White
Black And White - 16 days ago
Do the Adams family Values Wednesday and Pugsley go to summer camp and Wednesday gets a bf. I would kill to see that reaction
Shani Atreyu
Shani Atreyu - 17 days ago
Pretty sure the Addams clan made some kind of deal with the devil that made them either extremely lucky and/or invulnerable and that's why they're pretty lax about violence in the house. They could still die but the devil made it so you have to roll nat 20's if you want to properly put them down.
Samantha Perkins
Samantha Perkins - 18 days ago
I think the Addams would be infinitely flattered to find someone showering sinful character assassination at their expense. They would be indisputably thankful for pointing out their sins to the world. "You were being so kind and thoughful" says Morticia in a simpering sway. 😂😁🤣😉
toni shaul
toni shaul - 18 days ago
You are hilarious !!!!!!
happinesss2 - 19 days ago
Love the talent in this movie and laughed at phantom of the opera ahaha
Nekolinn Rozenthorn
Nekolinn Rozenthorn - 20 days ago
Alright, somebody tell me is this channel the same as CinemaWins channel? Or are they different? Or at least different people are voicing different channels?
Doodle, dragons, Toucans
Jasper Animals
Jasper Animals - 22 days ago
Gotta love the fact that Morticia had to hit the exact position so the light would be over her eyes like in almost the entire movie
ALLY S - 24 days ago
What? This is a great movie! There shouldn’t be a list.
H maddox
H maddox - 25 days ago
the credo is basically just words thrown together sic is literally so and gorgiamus is a name or just made up the allos is other in the greek language mortitia says subjectatos but the credo is written subjectos which is subjects and nunc is now so loose translation is "so now gorgiamus other subjects" or some other connotation so basically it just looks pretty the real latin would be Nos libenter subicere qui convivium or as close as google translate can get as im not an expert but wanted to point it out the big toe and growling bit is an article that i believe is fake as it says subjectatos which is not actually in the scene of the video
Alyssa Elliott
Alyssa Elliott - 25 days ago
Man, that sad face lurch gave in the end just made me sad, he was so happy to see the kids 😢
CeltycSparrow - 25 days ago
I will sin your sin. You said that the villains torturing Morticia Addams is what inspired Twilight and 50 Shades of Grey, but this cannot be so because Gomez and Morticia actually HAVE strong, romantic chemistry. They are clearly in a loving and well-balanced (albeit unique) relationship while the other two are clearly in a toxic and broken relationship that falls apart the INSTANT any kind of pressure is put on them. Bella gets ONE little paper cut in New Moon....Edward abandons her and she falls into a major depression and tries to do dangerous stunts so she can see visions of him . Then, Bella gets pregnant with a vampire miracle baby....and spends most of Breaking Dawn part 1 suffering and then literally DIES to have this baby....JUST to prove a point to Edward. Anastasia tells Christian in 50 Shades of Grey to show her how bad the punishment can get. She INSISTS that he do his worst....and then when he does, she doesn't use the safe word (as he tells her to) but instead, storms off in a snit and gets mad at HIM. And then again.....she gets pregnant and rather than talking it out like reasonable adults, he goes running to Mrs. Robinson and gets drunk. The Addam's family gets into trouble....they stick together and their love only gets stronger. So....a million sins each for Twilight and 50 Shades of Grey and then 1 thousand sins removed for the perfection of Gomez and Morticia's love. *DING*
B. Youn
B. Youn - 26 days ago
I don't think the guy here...gets it...at all...
Gacha Soup
Gacha Soup - 28 days ago
I mean it is kinda screwed up but you have to admitt its a pretty good second 😶
Puff Guy
Puff Guy - 28 days ago
My gran and I are watching the Addams Family Values and I can no longer watch it because I keep screaming about how bad it is.

CinemaSins has changed me.
Jason Anarchy, Agony, Destruction Tolbert
12:22 Uh, yeah, is it disgruntled having your neighbor as a Judge legal espeacially when he got bought off by Tully and Abigail in the sense to rule in their favor and Fester's favor and to say and claim that Fester had all sold purpose to everything even to the property.
Froschvogel von und zu Froschingen
There's nothing wrong with that movie. NOTHING.
Nicole White
Nicole White - Month ago
She was also in Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Mikael Lopes
Mikael Lopes - Month ago
movie: *purposedly like this*
EWW: ok but what about no
Valentino Quartz
Valentino Quartz - Month ago
There's nothing wrong with them dear, you're the one that are weird for them...😏
teiyialachey - Month ago
@CinemaSins Everything wrong with The Brave Little Toaster Goes To Mars
3bndo Alhashimi
3bndo Alhashimi - Month ago
Who's here from the porn video
Nyx Nyte
Nyx Nyte - Month ago
*Morticia* Gomez there are sins in our movie
*Gomez* Then our job is done Cara Mia!
Nazael Rahl
Nazael Rahl - Month ago
Jeremy had to point it out for me but Wendsday being the only polite Addams is probably their version of bratty kid. Christina really kills it in this role and so does Anjelica. Raul and Christopher went way too goofy for my taste and while I realize that's the point the former two were really amazing with their dead pan delivery.
Kurtis L. Woods
Kurtis L. Woods - Month ago
My introduction to Ms. Huston was The Witches. She was awesome. Not attractive though. That about this movie confused my young self.
aminoacidcereal - Month ago
Lurch is the best
rob rupprecht
rob rupprecht - Month ago
Misty from hatchet, ... she was in the second one too..she is Wednesday's polar opposite
Monkey4274 Gaming
Monkey4274 Gaming - Month ago
This video is really funny.
Jopom - Month ago
"CinemaSins creates a sin for every joke in a comedy while trying to be funny as well." *Ding*
Geej1138 - Month ago
Gotta respect the classics!
Pannemat - Month ago
I did NOT know Mercedes was in the first movie.
TSrikeTWM - Month ago
11:47 i guess this is why he didn't sin addams family values
Roberto MBriceñ
Roberto MBriceñ - Month ago
Oh man, nothing like watching this while stoned...
Anne Scholey
Anne Scholey - Month ago
They did a sequel in 1993
Hannan Zhou
Hannan Zhou - Month ago
Honey, you didn't comprehend the movie right. Hey, aren't you the one who suggested the Careers from Hunger Games burn down Katniss's tree, saying trees are flammable but completely ignoring the fact that burning the tree would also set the whole forest on fire? Thereby destroying a source of food and shelter, as well a possibly polluting a lot of water sources with ash? But this isn't the list for that. I'm making a list. 'Everything Wrong with the 'Everything Wrong With The Addams Family 1991' List." The tally that is being addressed is in parenthesis at the end.
1. Lurch can get hit by a 20-pound cannon ball and keep watering the plants. I'm pretty sure he'd not entirely human. And Granny is wearing gloves. (6) And yeah, the siblings regularly try to maim each other. (7)
2. No disrespecting Thing. (10)
3. It's possible they were reenacting something, so Pugsley was told to call for help. Those cries for help sounded fake. (11)
4. Do not disrespect Morticia Addams. (13)
5. The Addams family happy/unhappy-good/bad concepts are complicated, but it is far from a game of opposite. Morbidity is encouraged. (14)
6. They like unconventional sex. Morticia has a pain kink. too. So that'll address the Sin you count for the later scenes in the movie. (16)
7. Be polite to the butler. If he is just as morbid as you. They don't scorn their parents, either. That lunch is moving. That deserves a thanks. (17)
8. Gate lets you in. It just doesn't like Tully. Gate isn't inherently asocial. (21)
9. Villains are always morally twisted. Moral math, they never went to the school. (22)
10. Maybe the bear carpet is new. (23)
11. Thing moves around to help the family. A lot. Opening doors. Putting long potential weapons back. Saving lives. (26)
12. He can't do math. Or course he doesn't know which book to pull. And they live with a sentient disembodied hand. Of course the books hate Tully. (29)
13. That special relationship is boss/enforcer. (32)
14. Paintings. Ugh, I know. Anna of Cleaves got divorced for her not looking like her painting. It's almost like the artist doesn't always depict they accurately. Now Tully might have met Fester several years prior. Twenty-five, to be exact. (33)
15. Gordon-Fester clearly likes to eat. He's fat. (35)
16. Wednesday tells Pugsley to not kill her. The idea is to murder the other sibling...or come close to it. (36)
17. I'm sure everyone's eager to see Fester, too. (37)
18. It doubles the merit to show up during the seance. And they're not morons. Just very generous and honest. (38)
19. Of course Morticia thinks Fester in concerned about the amount of cyanide in the household. It's literal. Like bringing a lady her favorite perfume when you visit as a gift, though she would never run out of said perfume. (39)
20. Nonono. Wednesday and Pugsley have lived together for at least ten years, yet they haven't exhausted ways to try to kill each other. (40)
21. Lurch was Addams enough. Fester-Gordon-Fester isn't acting like a proper Addams. Wednesday suspects him, you know. (41)
22. Pubert was born with a mustache. Eleven toes is nothing. (40b)
23. 1 sin is enough. (72)
24. Intruder Ejection while also serving as escape routes. I'm sure there's an entire tunnel network. (73)
25. Oh, they all died morbid deaths. You can even listen to Morticia telling Fester about them a minute or so earlier. (75)
26. Nono, not know which chain to pull counts as not being able to find it. Knowing where something is doesn't mean you found it. Money's in the vault. Yes, where' the vault? (76)
27. Morticia allows her children to murder/escape from one another. The Addamses fear not death. They always manage to get out of it by luck. Addams subtle magic, I supposed. (77)
28. Gate's just out of the shot. For aesthetic purposes. (79)
29. A person accused of witchery isn't going to count as a hero to normal people. (80)
30. People are uncultured sometimes (83).
31: They're only keeping her prisoner, not eating her. And she can't exactly flail around in panic. She'd been there a while. Calmed down. (84)
32. She was asking about progress. A simple plan requires but a simple thwartation. (87)
33. Chutes all around house, yes. And the chutes are for escape and eviction. Or gothic feel. Didn't you notice the atmosphere of the movie? (88)
34. Morticia and Gomez are at the party.Busy with guests. And she'd being chased. (89)
35. It was cut. Would you rather we waste a few minutes waiting for Fester in the graveyard? (90)
36. He is an amnesiac. His memory is being jogged by being back home. (93).
37. Gomex refers to Pubert as Evil, Lurch as Horror, and his other kids as the unholy maggots that feast on the dark recesses of the human soul. Yes, the car is the bottomless pit. (107)
38. He doesn't need cops to get rid of people who aren't there. (109)
39. Judges get away with shit all the time. Seriously. Rape cases are notoriously infamous for this reason. (110)
40. It's clearly a secret code newpaper. Spies. (116).
41. Are you watching the screen? If that's not freaked out, then you must live with the Addams themselves. (117)
42. Written applications. A visit from a corporeal Addams. The interviewer never knows. (118)
43. Be extra. (124)
44. It's sentient and disembodied. You're wondering about the nails? Probs Morticia or Lurch takes care of it. (125)
45. Full translation: Morticia in danger of dying apart from Gomez. That is their ultimate dream, you know. And Gomez isn't the one torturing her, so it's not consensual. (126)
46. Different torture methods. They figured out the rack didn't work after a while. (127)
47. We covered this. Consent. Goths. Who are ten times better than that horror you mentioned. (128)
48. Defense mechanisms for the idiot who tries to steal their gold but curiously opens the book. Idiotically. (129)
49. They're kids, too. He's missing an eyes, BTW. That's kinda hard to fake. (133)
50. For a family of seance-holding, sibling almost murdering, rich, cyanide-drinking, surprisingly functional family with a homicidal daughter, it is very much fun. (134)
FuckYouKaren - Month ago
Can we just pretend that the 2019 animated version doesn't exist? Please?
Alex Cooper
Alex Cooper - Month ago
Fester and his fake mother is clearly having a special relationship.
Alex Cooper
Alex Cooper - Month ago
It's clearly not a Christmas movie. It's just accidentally set at Christmas.
cubbleshasreturned - Month ago
That pause on the stunt doubles. Really got me. Is it me or did Gomez's stunt double look like Antonia banderis
Camilo Garcia Ylasaari
Theyre creepy and they're cooky
Mysterious and spooky
They're dicks and kind of douchey
The Addams Family!
Larry Kahujemlianick
Larry Kahujemlianick - Month ago
The line “How all occasions...” is from Hamlet and is not said during a duel
Alex Cooper
Alex Cooper - Month ago
A Christmas movie. How so?
Dry Blizzard
Dry Blizzard - Month ago
I never noticed the Fester in this movie was a fake, now I have so many questions
Ken Hollis
Ken Hollis - Month ago
He really was Fester, but he had amnesia. It's all explained toward the end.
jakov_ youtube
jakov_ youtube - 2 months ago
I think there is nothing wrong with addams fam
Kathryn Mo
Kathryn Mo - 2 months ago
Do you guys think that Dark Shadows was scarier then this movie? I think that the Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas is scary. And so was Caroline. *Shivers*
Greninjaplays20 - 2 months ago
Wait so if the Addams family like stuff that’s normally disliked from everyone else went and I mean enjoy your skin irritation and they would despise having sex I mean clearly not because Morticia was aroused by Gómez being frightened
Jack Meoff
Jack Meoff - 2 months ago
Raul Julia played Gomez perfectly. His expressions were priceless. R.I.P.
Derpy Musumai
Derpy Musumai - 2 months ago
"Everything Wrong With The Addams Family Movie"
Me : *is this clickbait?*
isthisanoriginalname - 2 months ago
4:17 voldemord with a nose and skin color
neverlinea productions
neverlinea productions - 2 months ago
Sounds to me like lurch is Jeremys favourite character
Cdhearn14 Hearing
Cdhearn14 Hearing - 2 months ago
I almost didnt watch this one this is one of my favorite movies ever but i need to hear my guy tear this one up ha nothings off limits
Toasty Typo
Toasty Typo - 2 months ago
Sin 7 - 0:40
It's literally an undead creature... why the fuck would he care if his skin is melting off
Sin 20 - 2:34
They had a pot of boiling water. Why do you think the gate would be closed if they put effort into bring water and a cauldron to their roof. You can't even say they put it there after the carolers got there because they have to other houses to get to and water takes time to boil.
Sin 27 - 3:27
Why is this a sin? A disturbed family that has COBWEBS in their attic. You know it's not "Granny Hair" because the cobwebs at least look better than Halloween cotton webs.
Sin 31 - 4:03
I understand these are odd paintings but taste is subjective. It's just not your cup of tea. Call my parents weird but they literally have the same gross taste on their walls. You are just pointing stuff out on the screen.
Sin 36 - 4:37
Ever heard of "No phones at the table"? Yeah. There is a right time for the kids to mess around and a wrong time.
Sin 41 - 5:42
I cannot believe I didn't catch you the first time with Lurch. You are a grown man and I'm 14. Wednesday is learning her bad manners. Every kid sucks at manners until they learn them. That is why she has good ones until her parents teach her different.
Sin 38 - 6:16
Shitty singing. Not even funny, it was just painful.
I'm done watching this now. I respect The Birdman for putting up with his laughs, opera singing, and faulty sinning. Thanks for doing this so I don't have to.
Sakura Magina
Sakura Magina - 2 months ago
I’m pretty sure you forgot to mention that the movie ends on Halloween meaning that this movie was over the time of almost a year. Meaning that they couldn’t figure out that Fester was lying that whole time. Making them idiots.
MoonDustShine - 2 months ago
"Nearly Handless Nick"
Sophia Bruegs
Sophia Bruegs - 2 months ago
It cursed because it came out the year the USSR dissolved
AlphaOmegaSakura GachaTuber
I came here from a fanfic.

Cassius Felix
Cassius Felix - 2 months ago
This movie is so wild
Carlton Josephs Jr
Carlton Josephs Jr - 2 months ago
Not sure-Fester knowing the dance: Subconscious muscle memory like Jason Bourne.
AD Queen
AD Queen - 2 months ago
Morticia is my idol
Hattie Dame
Hattie Dame - 2 months ago
It's stupid, badly written, full of nonsense, and I absolutely love it.
CthulhuFhtagn - 2 months ago
I sympathize with Wednesday far too much. Not just in this movie, just...Wednesday in general.
B Plus
B Plus - 2 months ago
are the Adams family, like, a family of cenobites. same kinda deal deriving pleasure from pain and so forth
Trey Stephens
Trey Stephens - 2 months ago
I'm going to get this movie on LaserDisc! 💿
Marimar0707 - 2 months ago
There is NOTHING wrong with the Adams Family 😡
Ricquelme Mckoy
Ricquelme Mckoy - 2 months ago
Fuck you
Lea Brock oli
Lea Brock oli - 3 months ago
“She’s at that special age where there’s only one thing on her mind”
Eric The Red
Eric The Red - 3 days ago
It becomes the same thing once she experiences jealousy.
IoEstasCedonta - 3 months ago
I think what the motto actually is is "thus we feast on alien subjects now"?
James Veek-Wilson
James Veek-Wilson - 3 months ago
They hinted at it from the séance scene where they introduced Gordon-as-Fester?? Grandmama said "Fester approaches" or something right before he shows up.
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