Binging with Babish: Bear Stew from Red Dead Redemption 2

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Dylan Dreisbach
Dylan Dreisbach - 8 minutes ago
1899! I always forget that the “Wild West” wasn’t that long ago.
Marcus Monteiro
Marcus Monteiro - Hour ago
Bear stew? I thought you meant Bear Jew.
Scott Gasparac
Scott Gasparac - Hour ago
Best one yet
USMC03-1408 - Hour ago
Bro love the cooking videos, have two issues with this one.
1st hipster boots don’t count for cowboy boots.
2nd no gun in your holster..... tisk tisk.
Other than that it looked good.
vincent tran
vincent tran - 2 hours ago
no one:
Babish: "I am hard... core for fond."
Frosty - 12 hours ago
“ I’ll keep the legs in there, add a bit of flavour “
When he said flavour his actual voice cane out
shoutycrab 413612111111
shoutycrab 413612111111 - 12 hours ago
i love how accurate he is when he makes video game food! (also andrew could you maybe try something from earthbound? like kraken soup, pasta di summers, magic cake/tarts/pudding, or homemade peanut cheese bars?)
cameron phares
cameron phares - 13 hours ago
joshua mcvay
joshua mcvay - 13 hours ago
Gone - Jon
Gone - Jon - 16 hours ago
T15_FoxTrot - 16 hours ago
Doritothebunny - 19 hours ago
*Yeehaw partner*
Jas Gripen
Jas Gripen - Day ago
You should have started the video with "Howdy partner"
FROST Wolfz71
FROST Wolfz71 - Day ago
when i was younger my brother shot a rabbit with a bow and we had it over the grill.
macro deth
macro deth - Day ago
Bear meat is parasite heaven.
Plato Plays
Plato Plays - Day ago
“I personally don’t give a damn, but this is the way Pearson makes it”

“The only thing I don’t like about this is that Pearson makes it” 😂
Mmm Chestnut
Mmm Chestnut - Day ago
I'd eat the crap out of that meal
Torterra - Day ago
Deer and rabbit I was aware of... but fuck, there’s an actual market for BEAR MEAT out there?
asmit317ify - Day ago
Do one with cowboy Kent Rollins, please!
Raven NEVER - Day ago
Holy shit is that really the voice actor for arthur?
Andrew Amende
Andrew Amende - Day ago
No, he is the voice actor for Princess Peach though, couldn't you tell?
Just Virdit
Just Virdit - 2 days ago
Tell me about the rabbits George
Miko Naval
Miko Naval - 2 days ago

Dutch has a plan
RameNoodles Gaming
RameNoodles Gaming - 2 days ago
Heavy "Dutch" oven
Rai - 2 days ago
So they made an entire game out of this cooking video.
nikkalick - 2 days ago
Ugh this is the only game that made me cry at the end of it and had me sad for the following week
Fouad King
Fouad King - 2 days ago
You made a pretty good version good job 👍
Mike Jones
Mike Jones - 2 days ago
Amazing. Love the costume and voice work. Hope you do more fun stuff like this.
Asveen Ramchurn
Asveen Ramchurn - 2 days ago
Did you really murder a bear
Junk Dog
Junk Dog - 2 days ago
u should of made rabbit stew next from minecraft
JakeBox - 2 days ago
Please do more of these things
Владимир Воробьёв
Why did i think it was beer stew
Mikhail Diljohn
Mikhail Diljohn - 2 days ago
0/10 bear stew gave me tuberculosis
BeasT Boii
BeasT Boii - 3 days ago
I just got the hard joke 😂😂😂
arthur morgan
arthur morgan - 3 days ago
Hey babish how much MUNEH does bear meat cost
MasterLINK657 - 3 days ago
I see the cheez it box @ 3:57 youre not slick.
KeBzz414 - 3 days ago
im from brunswick. i love brunswick stew a ton.
lexi westerterp
lexi westerterp - 3 days ago
a tried and true cowboy. a cowbabish if u will.
Simon Taylor
Simon Taylor - 3 days ago
I actually own the knife you're using in the video, and son of a bitch I hate the way that grip feels
squid iddly
squid iddly - 3 days ago
You never cease to amaze me, babish!! Great job, man.
dylan w
dylan w - 3 days ago
Dude, this is one of my favorite videos of all time. Starting now, and ending never.
Bruer Remm Wilcox
Bruer Remm Wilcox - 4 days ago
Babish has cwd
Sonia Cano
Sonia Cano - 4 days ago
2:42 i honestly thought that is was someone else but babish
Yiit JB
Yiit JB - 4 days ago
It’s lit
Mr. Irish Cat
Mr. Irish Cat - 4 days ago
I was legitimately sad when he stopped making his Arthur voice
Byamba - 10 hours ago
i was suprised , i tought it was another person doing it
LovelyLaura - 4 days ago
Never heard Brunswick stew made with beer 😂 squirrel or rabbit maybe. And I have a recipe from colonial Williamsburg
Brent BJ G. Resngit
Brent BJ G. Resngit - 4 days ago
DUTCH oven?
00fster X
00fster X - 4 days ago
How does Dutch cook his meat?

A *DUTCH* Oven!
*Bad Jokes 101*
miguel rivera
miguel rivera - 4 days ago
It looks like Afritada, Shout out from Philippines man!
Big Chungus
Big Chungus - 5 days ago
Can you adopt me
Evan Johnson
Evan Johnson - 5 days ago
I thought he was a Pinkerton or an o’Driscoll until this video came out.
Moki Mon
Moki Mon - 5 days ago
the voice acting is actually good
Bean Boi
Bean Boi - 5 days ago
The prarire chicken looked great.
Cavin Bob
Cavin Bob - 6 days ago
Watching this while playing the game
Doggy Woof
Doggy Woof - 6 days ago
Fishing for Cow Pies?
That sounds more YSAC than whoever he said in the video.
Doggy Woof
Doggy Woof - 6 days ago
YSAC is You Suck At Cooking btw
John Marston
John Marston - 6 days ago
Just like Pearson used to do it
Julian Martin
Julian Martin - 6 days ago
Props for Pulling off Arthur Morgan's voice so well
Angie S
Angie S - 7 days ago
Where can I get a bear??
Victor Eli
Victor Eli - 7 days ago
Tatsuya Takeshi
Tatsuya Takeshi - 7 days ago
Funny and yummy
Anna Pate
Anna Pate - 7 days ago
Hard.... core😂😂😂😂😂
Javier Charlier
Javier Charlier - 7 days ago
You look like an O’Driscol
Ondřej Tax
Ondřej Tax - 7 days ago
The "Dutch" oven also seems to be quite fitting
Alex Fosberg
Alex Fosberg - 7 days ago
rolfyyy - 7 days ago
wait you really got outside i thought it was greenscreen danm
David Cappadoccia
David Cappadoccia - 8 days ago
I now want to make this. Where do I get game meat?
Sub to Travis
Sub to Travis - 8 days ago
Nicholas Machado
Nicholas Machado - 8 days ago
I just realized that this is a GAME stew!
Hatun Mahjub
Hatun Mahjub - 8 days ago
I love it 🤩❤
laxprodigy1 - 8 days ago
lobster bisque from red dead 2
LeStorm55 - 8 days ago
Why couldn't you talk like a normal person??? This was painful to sit through!!! Kill me!!!!! Anyway nice videos, keep it up, never do that again :)
Winter Beeds
Winter Beeds - 8 days ago
Now I'm hungry
Jace - 8 days ago
Its pronounced "City BOAH!" not 'City Boy'
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan - 9 days ago
I believe you gaht something for meh boah
Joe Shasho
Joe Shasho - 9 days ago
Jesus mary and yogi the bear...who even sells bear meat anyways? Like is that legal?
Moist Child
Moist Child - 9 days ago
*Plays Red Dead Redemption 2 Once*
Osbaldo Hernandez
Osbaldo Hernandez - 9 days ago
Babish how did u feel cooking with a bowie knife 🗡
Demius H
Demius H - 9 days ago
You didn’t hunt the bear it doesn’t count
Emilii Bustos
Emilii Bustos - 9 days ago
Its real meat bear
Despacito Oofington
Despacito Oofington - 9 days ago

*Dutch Oven*
Youve yeed Your last haw
heavy *DUTCH* oven
Mark Davis
Mark Davis - 10 days ago
You should make something from skyrim
Max Colt
Max Colt - 10 days ago
What did he use for the deglazing?
HyperReatik4 - 10 days ago
Stone Cold? You cooking now?
dmk - 10 days ago
haha at first i thought this was bbq pit boys :D
Xeno Player
Xeno Player - 11 days ago
That Arthur Morgan impression was not horrible
Loki Dillinger
Loki Dillinger - 11 days ago
Be honest, how much of this outfit did you have to buy?
I liVe iN a commune anD doNt have a reAl Job
using metal tongs on cast iron, tsk tsk
mr goodbytes
mr goodbytes - 11 days ago
If I don’t have 🐻 bear meat 🥩 or 🦌 deer 🥩 meat or rabbit 🐇 meat 🥩 what should I use as a substitute
Forrest Key
Forrest Key - 11 days ago
RIP Arthur Morgan
Cullan Miller
Cullan Miller - 11 days ago
How many does this serve? I would love to make this on a campout.
Masta Killa
Masta Killa - 11 days ago
so disgusting
Daniel Plainview
Daniel Plainview - 11 days ago
Amazing work Andrew!!
Ducky Duck
Ducky Duck - 11 days ago
I miss Horse3 she was my favorite horse.
Patavinity - 11 days ago
I suspect that tomatoes would have been an unlikely ingredient in this setting. Harder to come by back then.
Mikooljohn - 11 days ago
Wait what??? You actually sounded like arthur holy.
AJ Fantasia
AJ Fantasia - 12 days ago
Wow, cool larp. Nerd.
Jk this is amazing.
Chainsaw Panda
Chainsaw Panda - 12 days ago
Babish for the love of fuck PLEASE watch shokugekI NO SOMA. The show is alllllllll about food.
grandshadowseal - 12 days ago
Always wondered what bear meat tasted like
GoodGuyHello - 12 days ago
But did you take your horse to the old town road?
Deadpool - 12 days ago
Wtf who eats a fucking bear
Molotov - 12 days ago
Real men.
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