Binging with Babish: Bear Stew from Red Dead Redemption 2

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Taeho Kim
Taeho Kim - Hour ago
This is awesome!
Romer318 - 3 hours ago
Can you even skin Grizz?
Ezer DeAlmeida
Ezer DeAlmeida - 10 hours ago
(Edit) I made this comment before watching the video, and now see you though ahead and cooked the bear well. Always one step ahead, eh Babish!
I hope you cooked that bear well, especially if it was black bear. Black bear meat undercooked accounts for 90% of trichinosis cases in the US. Trichinosis is caused by the roundworm Trichinella spiralis, which causes diarrhea, abdominal cramps, muscle pain, and fever. Be careful out there!
Ian Stallione
Ian Stallione - 11 hours ago
John Wick
John Wick - 11 hours ago
Arthur Morgan dies at the end
Wolfboy2012 - 12 hours ago
I wonder many vegans lost their shits watching this video
Silent Blaze
Silent Blaze - 12 hours ago
R.I.P John Marston he died at the end of red dead redemption 1
Hanna G
Hanna G - 13 hours ago
This is new , it made me laugh srsly . Cant imagine babish will do this lol 😂😂😂 nice recipe too
DuckyTruck G
DuckyTruck G - 13 hours ago
Holy shit I’m hungry 😋
Gork - 13 hours ago
A holster with no gun it love it ❤❤❤
Josh Dewees
Josh Dewees - 19 hours ago
Where did he buy the bear meat?
김영범 - 19 hours ago
i'm sorry really look like one of the Colm o'driscoll's boys XDXDXDXDXDXDXD
Cafelogis - 21 hour ago
If anyone is wondering, the knife is a mossy oak bowie knife.
JoeyTW0 - 21 hour ago
Aaaand they're all dead
Moore Time in the Kitchen
Moore Time in the Kitchen - 22 hours ago
The production value, oh my God 😂👌
Hal Turner
Hal Turner - 22 hours ago
Please do more of these if not top much trouble. This is art.
Jari - 23 hours ago
I've been following this channel for a year now and I still think that this is the best channel on YouTube. The quality of every series on this channel is just way beyond anyone's expectation.
WereTale Luigi
WereTale Luigi - 23 hours ago
Is there any way you can do a dragon ball meal? Friends and I would love to see a dragon meal come to life.
wujekg - Day ago
Call me crazy, but this Arthur guy looks and even sounds a little bit like Babish...
me to the rescue
me to the rescue - Day ago
How about bear croquette from food wars
Romulus Caine
Romulus Caine - Day ago
do the high life eggs from hannibal
adam claxton
adam claxton - Day ago
What pot did he use?
Alika Harrison
Alika Harrison - Day ago
What if the chicken actually taste like rabbit huuuhhhhh
Kate Noswatudidthere
What's a cow pie?
He says "fishin for cow pies " at 1:02
EJ Matthews
EJ Matthews - Day ago
Im getting a very "BBQ Pit Boys" vibe from your voiceover in this lol it fits tbh
Darrian Weathington
Babs is having a hard time with that knife... but it doesn't matter because you call that a knoife? that's not a knoife... 🔪 👈 now that's a knoife
JustAnotherCommenter - 4 hours ago
Darrian Weathington Actually, Babish is using a bowie knife, which is literally the knoife in Crocodile Dundee.
Kyle Marie
Kyle Marie - Day ago
At the 2 minute mark or so, I was convinced that Babish was going to do the voice the whole time haha
Darrian Weathington
Siddarth Bhagirath
Siddarth Bhagirath - Day ago
You're getting better and better. I love it
Brian Johnson
Brian Johnson - Day ago
Wait, you're playing Red Dead Redemption too?
Also bear fat can be used to water proof boots. Just take jar, load it with bear fat, take a cotton cloth, dab it into the fat and then smear it on to your boots. Rub the fat on the boot in a circular motion, once you see the fat drying or becoming hazy, buff boot until the haze is gone. Let the boot sit for a few hours, and then your boots should be waterproof.
SnottyToe69 - Day ago
hey arthur, yo usound like you might have tuberculosis or something
Aaron Matthews
Aaron Matthews - Day ago
I love how you included bear. Teach us how to cook elk!
Doc. Viterium
Doc. Viterium - Day ago
You can't let the good doc down.
Damn that looks good!
johnathan penczek
johnathan penczek - Day ago
I’m gonna make this in Boy Scouts!

Also you should probably cook using a log cabin fire as those burn slower, and are easy to control.
Just_Nate38 - Day ago
Author Morgan
Ben Aaron
Ben Aaron - Day ago
Awesome Western voice, Babish.
MaxNova5575 - Day ago
Best video ever!
Ben Shapiro
Ben Shapiro - Day ago
Wait a second... Arthur isn't bald. Hahaha "babish is so far up his ass he's fishin for mudpies."
ItzVivi !
ItzVivi ! - Day ago
i don't get it... that looks tasty ngl so why does Dutch's gang hate the stew? usually the women moan about it for some reason lol 😂
500 Niles
500 Niles - Day ago
You should do some food or drinks from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim!
Ginger Snaps
Ginger Snaps - Day ago
What could you use in replacement for the venison rabbit and bear meat. Just chunks of beef?
Jude C.
Jude C. - Day ago
That ain't no fork thats a twok
Dan Han
Dan Han - Day ago
I love the creativity in this video! Nice!!
Nuclear_0_Cookie - Day ago
Judging by the fact Babish screamed "LENNY" at the end, he was clearly drunk during recording.
William Hirano
William Hirano - Day ago
What meat can i use instead of bear ?
savioursmesmerized - Day ago
Backgroun song?
Rayk Truong
Rayk Truong - Day ago
Ur Dutch is 💯
Lucia Martis
Lucia Martis - Day ago
Ok we need more video game videos! Loved it.
Papa Twinkie
Papa Twinkie - Day ago
Make The Sandvich From TF2.
Switch - Day ago
2:43 dude went from Arthur Morgan from faendal from Skyrim real quick , nice vid !!
Esco Al Capone
Esco Al Capone - Day ago
max N/A
max N/A - Day ago
Its just like wiz and boomstick only babish doesnt have a robot arm and no ones killing eachother
Aye - Day ago
Is this a leaked DLC?
Help me get 10,000 subs with no videos
“And whooooop”

How do I whooooop it?
crazy moustache
crazy moustache - 2 days ago
ermonski - 2 days ago
wtf I thought I was watching BBQ Pit Boys
MrSly025 - 2 days ago
Dislike for cooking a rabbit. Stupid bald fuck
bowie306 - 2 days ago
If you used real bear meat im pretty sure the entire vegan army would watch this video and trigger themselves.
computermachine - 2 days ago
I hope you boil that stew enough. Bear meat is a haven for trichinosis.
Dysfunctional Astronaut
For some reason I want to see chef Matty Matheson cooking this.
David Gemma
David Gemma - 2 days ago
I’m a vegetarian and I approve this message
Ryo Dark
Ryo Dark - 2 days ago
This is definitely my new favorite Babish episode. Your accent and voiceover work are just...c'est magnifique!
Jakeob - 2 days ago
Now I know what a Steve Austin cooking show would sound like
dominique eure
dominique eure - 2 days ago
The Naco is even more disappointing now than it was before after seeing this amazing video in which you've applied so much effort and gumption in the authenticity of this episode of cooking. Naco redo!
Bruno Ali
Bruno Ali - 2 days ago
Absolutely fantastic video as always.
Spackle - 2 days ago
He actually looks like a rdr2 character
Miracle Matter
Miracle Matter - 2 days ago
that is a VERY good Arthur impression
Dietmar Müller
Dietmar Müller - 2 days ago
Okay, bad puns aside, why don't you try to re-create a recipe from another
video game highlight that's just come out?
I'm talking about Fallout 76!
Where people are doomed to either eat canned food that's for some mysterious reason
still edible, whatever nature provides, or eachother.
And since YT wouldn't take too kindly on you taking a huge bite out of one of your friends,
i suggest you try your skills at such culinary masterpieces as Radstag Stew, Mirelurk Cake,
Deathclaw Omelette, or how about the lesser known "Slocum's Buzzbites"?
I would LOVE to see your take on those!

Edit: The Buzzbites are from the previous game, apparently.
Eric Harmon
Eric Harmon - 2 days ago
I just made this with chuck roast chunks instead of wild game. I gotta say, this is truly a simple and rustic recipe for a wintery day.
Jackson A
Jackson A - 2 days ago
Bear meat! What next? Rhino meat!
Sunny Maini
Sunny Maini - 2 days ago
All go back to old ages. Make world far better
Abdullah Asif
Abdullah Asif - 2 days ago
Make the fortnite burger
Nick Jewell
Nick Jewell - 2 days ago
Your accent is actually pretty spot-on. And this recipe looked great!
mwip57 - 2 days ago
Sad you stopped the voice
Collin Specht
Collin Specht - 2 days ago
I wanna see him cook something with alligator.
In LA (no, not L.a...), we eat fried or blackened gator chunks from the tail meat. It's like a sweeter version of chicken.
XghostgamerxKILLER X
XghostgamerxKILLER X - 2 days ago
Best graphics 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂
Willem DaFuckedUp
Willem DaFuckedUp - 2 days ago
The narration sucked
studiograficomty - 2 days ago
I come from a hunting family and i alwasy thought that bear meat was not for consumption till my freaking 39 years old!, i thought that it was bad meat because my grandpa and uncles made a stew with it and they all got sick...but probably was the bear fat that gave them pancratitis, this because they used to drink a lot and then eat meat with a fat that they are not used to...
Ongo Gablogian
Ongo Gablogian - 2 days ago
Use the animal fat for explosive bullets! Don't cook it...
Bear-ly Andrej
Bear-ly Andrej - 2 days ago
the storm
the storm - 2 days ago
Bear meat really
Lil Dank Memes
Lil Dank Memes - 2 days ago
I clicked on this vid and I got an ad with gordan Ramsey
Cody O
Cody O - 2 days ago
Can you make the Lamb Fry dish?
Skloop Mcdoop
Skloop Mcdoop - 2 days ago
Victory2g - 2 days ago
Anyone knows the song name in the background??
Brendan Matelan
Brendan Matelan - 2 days ago
"I am totally hard... core for fond." I'm dying!
Akiraspin - 3 days ago
Just *one* more dish Babish, and we're home free.
I got a plan Babish, have faith Babish. No more doubting me, you hear.
2jzboy Gaming
2jzboy Gaming - 14 hours ago
Akiraspin goddammit dutch, i donated over 200 and you aint done shit with the money!
HeyBicycle - 3 days ago
omg! It looks exactly like the one in the game!
Vlad Mihoci
Vlad Mihoci - 3 days ago
Xuân Tùng Nguyễn
Xuân Tùng Nguyễn - 3 days ago
where can I download the script sir? Have a speaking test coming soon
JohnEsperancilla Vlogs
JohnEsperancilla Vlogs - 3 days ago
That's so 'stewpid.' jk
Christian G.
Christian G. - 3 days ago
MrStensnask - 3 days ago
Binging with Redemptish
CitizenOfTroy - 3 days ago
Please do Bell Peppers & Beef from Cowboy Bebop!!
antwone hawkins
antwone hawkins - 3 days ago
You need to watch food wars or shokugeki no soma they do a bear fried hamburger, which is pretty interesting
Lt ChugaCast
Lt ChugaCast - 3 days ago
This game pisses off vegans in the first 10 minutes. It’s my favorite game.

Not because of that, of course. I mean it doesn’t hurt.

I clean my guns obsessively and I’m probably the most industrious fur trader in the region
Moneyyb H
Moneyyb H - 3 days ago
Did this recipe remove all the gamey smell from the meat??
Will Tierney
Will Tierney - 3 days ago
Nice, this episode was really cool.
真島 - 3 days ago
This entertained me more than the game itself
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