Liverpool beat Bayern 3-1, but did Jurgen Klopp's crew even play that well? | Champions League

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Mark Postlethwaite
Mark Postlethwaite - 23 days ago
I support Liverpool and I live in the city. Steve Nicol talks shit and he is a bell end.
Mark Postlethwaite
Mark Postlethwaite - 23 days ago
And talks utter shit.
Soccer! - 2 months ago
*Bayern don't play well.*

Everybody who doesn't know Bayern: "Hm. They need a rebuild. That's the only possible answer. There is no possible way that there could be any other answer. It's not like this could simply be a poor performance."
Alfred Malam
Alfred Malam - 2 months ago
What Steve Nicole doesn't understand is, Liverpool didn't allowed Bayern to play their game that's why they look that way. Liverpool midfield did a wonderful job by dominating them.
Kimble Cheat
Kimble Cheat - 2 months ago
A lot of the time its like these idiot pundits were watching some other match, theyre all talking shite here...Bayern were shackled by Van Dijk Shackling Lewandowski and Fabinho breaking play up...yep, both teams are excellent so play was more frantic etc...but f**k off with all your bull shine views and get people on with eyes who watch the matches
Suburb - 2 months ago
I don't get this concept that any game Liverpool is in will be this crazy attacking end to end game. We have the best defensive record in the league, we have the best centre back in the world and a world class goalkeeper. I personally, think it's very naive to say that a game with Liverpool will have goals and it shows a sheer lack of knowledge from these pundits.
Suburb - 2 months ago
Who cares if they played well? THEY WON.
DuderinoDeux - 2 months ago
Bayern were utterly hopeless. They needed the services of a 35,36 yo called Robben who was injured. German League attrocious now and Germany whipped by South Korea in the World Cup last year. Set pieces will always get the pl sides goals as in the final last year.
Joel Grosschmidt
Joel Grosschmidt - 2 months ago
English fans are hilarious. The mood in germany right now is so lax, the fans aren't demanding anything right now. The countries football needs a boost, but it will inevitably come, don't worry, theres no rush. Meanwhile over in the England, all we hear is autistic screeching as usual. This whole England 17-3 Germany is hilarious. Citys top players-Augero, Fernandinho, DeBryne. Liverpools top players-Salah, Mane, Firmino, Tottenhams best- Son, Erikson, Kane, Uniteds best-Pogba, David.D, Lukaku. Not too many English names on that list.
Neverman Is Here
Neverman Is Here - 2 months ago
The stupid just got worse with every new statement. But "He [Mane] was too happy to play second fiddle to Salah." is just crap. Klopp took advantage of the fact that no one expected Mo to have that year. Now he's taking advantage of the fact that people are doubling Mo. - And when teams double Sadio, then Bobbi is free. That's why they are so good. You can't double all 3.
Dibor Talang
Dibor Talang - 2 months ago
All they do is talk talk ....... talk nothing else
Pav Janda
Pav Janda - 2 months ago
This is like listening to the local crackheads down the local boozer. Thickos being thick. Simpletons stating the obvious. Anyone who has heard anything insightful or fresh, feel free to pipe up...
sakana1977 - 2 months ago
i don't understand their English without subtitles.
zwebackshyper - 2 months ago
lmao liverpool loses and they get bashed, liverpool wins and they don't get the credit they deserve the hate for our club is crazy but it makes it so much better when we win.
Declan McCartney
Declan McCartney - 2 months ago
Van Dijk for ballon d’or. Suarez nearly won us the league single handedly with a display of attacking masterclass, Virgil is doing the same but in defense.
Ja'quavious Moor
Ja'quavious Moor - 2 months ago
They beat Bayern.. But we're going to hate
Dhionis Tartari
Dhionis Tartari - 2 months ago
What more did you want to see from Liverpool? Complete demolishing of the German champions by the best club in the world.
Vincent Smith
Vincent Smith - 2 months ago
To be honest I don't think Liverpool have enough depth to win both of those tournaments but they may win it, I don't think they have a great midfield, actually they lack creativity but still, they have a great attack and a kind of decent defensive system.
Tramaine Terrance
Tramaine Terrance - 2 months ago
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Jad Mneimneh
Jad Mneimneh - 2 months ago
Bret Favrah
Bret Favrah - 2 months ago
Liverpool didnt even play well against Bayern? What are they even talking about?
mlzanercik - 2 months ago
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Arun - 2 months ago
Liverpool will always be Shite
Wayne Sitarz
Wayne Sitarz - 2 months ago
Liverpool scored all 4 goals.
Demar Mckenzie
Demar Mckenzie - 2 months ago
Bayern should have sticked with Ancelotti and get rid of the old players
Bret Favrah
Bret Favrah - 2 months ago
Pep ruined Bayern. Bayern had reached 3 of the previous 4 champions league finals before Pep arrived. #NeverForget
Mujo Bosanac
Mujo Bosanac - 2 months ago
Bayern was so scared of Liverpool counter attack that they were not able to do anything and also Liverpool defense did not allow Bayern to do much anyhow, best of luck to Liverpool i hope Liverpool takes the Champions Leauge! I am sick and tierd watching Real Madrid or Barcelona win Champions Leauge always it would be good for a change that Liverpool win the Champions Leauge!
Rodger Waters
Rodger Waters - 2 months ago
Historically European football is all about results, that meant going to places like Bayern & set up to frustrate and make them think twice about attacking, this Liverpool did brilliantly, these 'geniuses' need to dig out some old videos.
vERT1g0 - 2 months ago
I agree Bayern are not at their best. However, Liverpool also haven't been playing well. In the end it was a tactical battle between the coaches and Klopp clearly was in control. Good drilled defence with a solid midfield and of course with arguably one of the best front three in Europe.
plad plad
plad plad - 2 months ago
Espn clearly needs better pundits...
Tahmid W
Tahmid W - 2 months ago
I understand Stevie's point... I felt the same way .... I was really angry the way we gave the ball away in the first half... I know why Stevie is critical... It's because he loves Liverpool with great passion nd wants us to be the best team in the world by a hundred miles .. I know cuz that's how I feel .. it's about holding us in a high standard
G J.C - 2 months ago
Liverpool played very well,and were better than Bayern Munich, watch them tomorrow draw Man City...and beat them again...
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman - 2 months ago
#34 on trending
Chris Steer
Chris Steer - 2 months ago
3 Muppets chatting shite. Anyone who has a clue doesn't listen to these
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman - 2 months ago
#32 on trending
abudianto - 2 months ago
Winning 3-1 at Bayern and they're still wondering if Liverpool played that well? These guys just can't take it the way it is.
Tyler Anderson
Tyler Anderson - 2 months ago
The thumbnail looks like eminem
Ivrish con-Abarth
Ivrish con-Abarth - 2 months ago
Had Liverpool needed to go for goals, we could´ve changed gears up many times. Make no mistake, our boys worked like horses, but if we needed to attack more, Liverpool would´ve forced the issue and stuck it to Bayern until they cracked.
ps. How rich is Bayern München? Where´s the money now?
Black Suitcase
Black Suitcase - 2 months ago
YNWA = You Never Win Again...
ArnoldFTW97 - 2 months ago
Jess Limit
Jess Limit - 2 months ago
Bundesliga is a joke even below Ligue 1 level
StupidSimple - 2 months ago
Shit. Thought this was unbox therapy
Christopher Macleod
Christopher Macleod - 2 months ago
Do these two Scotsmen just always agree with each other? When one says something the other one just repeats in his own way, when one starts talking loudly in order to convince us of what they are saying the other one follows suit...
Matthew Salmon
Matthew Salmon - 2 months ago
All these ex footballers chatting shit about entertaining football barely involved in games of this magnitude. But have all been involved in awful spectacles. This host is a joke. These guys dont watch games in their entirety. Just looking at the numbers. Really poor analysis.
hamza younis
hamza younis - 2 months ago
Just like german national team german domestic teams are also DEAD people saying Liverpool didn’t play well they didn’t need to Liverpool would have to play better to beat wolves then bayern I honestly believe that german football is a dead ting truss me
Vincent Vries
Vincent Vries - 2 months ago
I blame Pep Guardilola. He changed a already perfect German team into a tiki taka playing barca wannabe team.
Jagan John
Jagan John - 2 months ago
Van Dijk bossed the game
Behizy - 2 months ago
Steve actually expressed my heart as a Bayern fan. To be honest it sometimes feels like a burden to support this club. Every year our board comes out and say they won't sign big name players and then complain when we can't advance in the CL. We probably have the most available cash to spend without owner investment. we could literally buy Neymar, Messi, and Mbappe in one summer but they won't do it cause they have a terrible business model of, "okay foreign players, and good German players." I am genuinely angry
Nshsls Snshshsj
Nshsls Snshshsj - 2 months ago
I hope Liverpool draws Barça or Juve.
siddharth - 2 months ago
I want Barca vs Ajax, juve vs Porto semifinal
Justin Louis
Justin Louis - 2 months ago
Buyern needs refurbishment 🤣😭😁 good one shaka
00 Spooking
00 Spooking - 2 months ago
The Bundesliga is shit overall compared to the prem.There is no comparison.English teams will go bk to dominating Europeans competitions now for years.
Mogammad Abrahams
Mogammad Abrahams - 2 months ago
I hardly ever agree with these lot but they're actually talking some sense for once. Fair play
The Great Phil Swift, Our Prometheus
Tactical Masterclass by Klopp.
Bore the arse off them the first half, then smash them quickly and cleanly in the second half while they're sleeping.
Edit: Who the fuck is Saydo Mané? That pronunciation is absolute fucking AIDS.
Leonard Ngwa
Leonard Ngwa - 2 months ago
Not to take bread
out of a bruh's mouth, but it always sounds like Shaka is here to repeat what the rest of the crew has to say, but in his own version of English
Tech In Motion
Tech In Motion - 2 months ago
Liverpool's manager looks like Lewis from Unbox Therapy!
Tech In Motion
Tech In Motion - 2 months ago
Liverpool's manager looks like Lewis from Unbox Therapy!
Maureen Lionel
Maureen Lionel - 2 months ago
It was 4-0 they never scored it was all liverpool players. 😂🤣🤣
Niedland Benjamin
Niedland Benjamin - 2 months ago
These guys never expect an English team to win any European match. They predicted, Dortmund would beat Spurs, PSG would beat United, and Bayern would beat Liverpool. It's funny how the EPL teams keep proving them wrong
jason m
jason m - 2 months ago
Man was Bayern disappointing, definitely not the same Bayern of 3-4 years ago. Coman has gotten worse not better with age. The robbery duo is on their last mile. Hummels, Alaba, and boateng have all be underperforming when not injured in the past 3 years. They need a rb, rafinha is average and kimmich is overrated as a defender. They got James with no confidence. Mulller can’t get a minute. There recent signings: Sanches, gnabry, Davies, Wagner, tolisso while all good players have not improved the squad....
Jurgen Klopp
Jurgen Klopp - 2 months ago
Steve Nichol is a moron, does he expect us to have 100% possession and be rushing the goal every second. Does he even remember playing for Liverpool?! What a tw@
bob rail
bob rail - 2 months ago
Funny isn't it how 2 Manc teams and Spurs were brilliant in their games but all these average experts including McManaman comments watching game Bayern didn't turn up and not much of a game for Liverpool ? Ever considered Bayern were only allowed to play that way because Liverpool outclassed them in every department and didn't allow them to play well! 👍👍👍👍
Jordan laird
Jordan laird - 2 months ago
Craig burley wasn’t good enough as a player to criticise the way he does.
Moses Tsarai
Moses Tsarai - 2 months ago
Hendo was the best player by getting injured!! Fabinho is 10 times the player Hendo is!! Henderson is always passing the ball either squarely or backwards!! He did us a favour by withdrawing from the field!! How he's still the captain baffles me to no end!!

Legend has it, za jermens are comming!! wis no shoes on za feet!!
Darren O'Connor
Darren O'Connor - 2 months ago
Hes the captain because klopp chooses to have him plain and simple . Hendo does alot for this team on and off the pitch .
Hg Hg
Hg Hg - 2 months ago
The big disappointment this round - Atletico and Bayern , no fight whatsoever in both of them. I am not saying they would be the winners in their respective ties if they put something more of a game, but such a stale performance was that ffs.
Mike John
Mike John - 2 months ago
I think Liverpool will be heading to another final and they might win it this time.
Jamie Sim
Jamie Sim - 2 months ago
Not enough credit given to Liverpool here. Bayern where that terrified of Liverpool's attackers, that they didn't know whether to stick or twist.
Simon Forrest
Simon Forrest - 2 months ago
Wait a minute..Last season they were moaning about Liverpool ONLY knowing ONE way to play..Gung ho Rock & Roll football..NOW..They're moaning because we're getting GOOD result and not playing that well..Well..Isn't that a sign of a very good team, getting results whilst not playing to the maximum..AND ..Doesn't it mean that when they do play well teams are going to get annihilated??...WTF are they spouting??
Mozart 78
Mozart 78 - 2 months ago
Clueless pundits
Doomsday Douglas
Doomsday Douglas - 2 months ago
Stupid title
Duncan Malgas
Duncan Malgas - 2 months ago
The stats didn’t make sense. If you watched the full game. Liverpool had most off the possession in the whole game. English Premier League has the toughest competition in all leagues. Liverpool just has that extra spark
AI Youngboy
AI Youngboy - 2 months ago
I was worried in the first half but that second half, Liverpool played their game, dominated possession , and after Bayern gave up it continued
Concinnity Minds
Concinnity Minds - 2 months ago
Kloop knows how to get the best from his players thats what make him unique and people from all over the world love attacking football his passion and enthusiasm towards the game makes him the champion whether he wins or not in my point of view he is the best coach apart from zidane ( bcoz i love him).
1X2 1nex2wo
1X2 1nex2wo - 2 months ago
Bayern played like Germany in the world cup :( !!! Where was the fight mentality ???? !!!!!
Ian - 2 months ago
Liverpool bossed the midfield second half Steve ye blind twat. Brilliant performance held a team that has been banging goals in to two shots on target over 180 minutes. Why? VIRGIL VAN FUCKING DIJK
Concinnity Minds
Concinnity Minds - 2 months ago
Kloop masterclass 😍
Carlos Santana
Carlos Santana - 2 months ago
chatting total bollockz
LJM - 2 months ago
Does it matter if we played well, WE WON!!!!
y1521t21b5 - 2 months ago
Sorry to disappoint. We march on! YNWA
Paul Smith
Paul Smith - 2 months ago
It’s like these guys have no idea what is going on on a football pitch.
Great defensive performance by Liverpool, neutralised Bayern’s threats with their positioning and work rate
Robert Huffmann
Robert Huffmann - 2 months ago
Will Klopp be fired when he doesn’t win a trophy this season?
Jeramy1440 Clash of kings k1035
Its wolfsberg and Borrusia not liverpool. Both have cagey defenses. The Reds are well balanced and play an excellent pressing system. Bayern has issues with dealing with this.....they try to play out of the back and dig themselves deeper in to the back. Long balls are then necessary to be won in midfield. That is the wanted result with the pressing system.
Robert Huffmann
Robert Huffmann - 2 months ago
Liverpool will not win anything this season.
Rob Naz
Rob Naz - 2 months ago
Do people from the UK watch this show or is the audience strictly from the US?
Kingdom425 - 2 months ago
All these people think salah is bad because he doesn’t score goals, did you see that assist? He is world class he is just more marked now
Omar Gani
Omar Gani - 2 months ago
Why don't I get this channel here in the UK?
Bread - 2 months ago
Mane scored
Van dijk scored
Matip scored
The greatest attacking team you’ll see. Especially matip
Erik Alsgaard
Erik Alsgaard - 2 months ago
Listen. Yes Bayern were surprisingly off-colour and they never looked like winning the tie, but you HAVE to give credit to Liverpool where credit is due. Liverpool were resolute in defense, kept it tight, they had lewandowski one of the best strikers in the world in their back pocket, and they controlled the game from start to finish. Lethal when they get a chance. Liverpool were brilliant like they very often are in europe. Deserved their place in the quarter-final!
Bread - 2 months ago
30 minutes in was nerve racking but after that it was just chance after chance for Liverpool till the end
MARK SOUTHALL - 2 months ago
Give Liverpool some credit please. They were professional and Bayern were scared of our front three. The first half yes LFC were giving the ball away. Bayern looked toothless!
Nino S
Nino S - 2 months ago
Does Stevie sleep in Liverpool emblem covered sheets, that is the question folks.
Bazil J. Toy Loy
Bazil J. Toy Loy - 2 months ago
All these ESPN FC Pundits spoke about was Bayern, Bayern Bayern Bayern Bayern Bayern.....GEEEZZZ GUYS!!
-Liverpool stop Bayern’s attack, with a solid defense.
-Liverpool’s pace was too much for Bayern.
-Liverpool scored not 1...not 2....BUT 3 clinical goals!
And no....Bayern was NOT having a “bad-day”....🤦‍♂️😒😒😒
aviator2492 - 2 months ago
Steve, so Liverpool have to play heavy metal all the time, can't they win in more than one ways like they have this season??
666 BRLN 999
666 BRLN 999 - 2 months ago
we played against Bayern in Munich, not against the 14th in the Bundesliga (Schalke), what did you expect ?
also they are in much better form, they won alot of games in the last few months.
tomasruckett - 2 months ago
Robertson's suspension will be very difficult for Liverpool. No depth at left back. Moreno is a big liability and they may have to go to Milner or Fabinho out of position.
Malik Shariff
Malik Shariff - 2 months ago
I'm a arsenal fan ,liverpool won because bayern feared there attacking force bottom line munich bottled it well done red's.
Make Me
Make Me - 2 months ago
This show has improved.It's actually watchable now
Makainternational - 2 months ago
Let’s be honest, Bayern and Real Madrid are fallen giants. They had players that served them for so many years, and it’s hard for clubs to make a decision regarding when to sell the players off or squeeze one last season out of them. Liverpool Man United, Man City and Tottenham have been building for a few years now and it’s paying off. The key is for the four English teams to keep their young players and add a few where needed. Real will be back though cause they will sell off players, raid other clubs for talent and they are able to draw anyone to their club.
Kragaliciuos - 2 months ago
It was always gonna be a tight game, easy read.
Hakeel Hall
Hakeel Hall - 2 months ago
Every time we beat a big side .. it’s that “ooh the other side was poor”... I’m tired of hearing that fucking bull shit
Tanjim Irtiza
Tanjim Irtiza - 2 months ago
Disappointed Scottish man (Steve) - "Livaool woan and it dosen mat-a"
frank mancuso
frank mancuso - 2 months ago
A weak Bayern team missed many chances and should have won. I despise both teams but its what i saw
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