Disney's Artemis Fowl - Teaser Trailer

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Solami Smile
Solami Smile - 2 hours ago
Oh. My. Good. Lord.....
ARTIMIS FOWL!!!!!!!!!!!!
Austin Gough
Austin Gough - 2 hours ago
Not. That it matters but when was Butler black he has always been white books and comics
Austin Gough
Austin Gough - 2 hours ago
That moment when they ask for a movie and you forgot there was a book 😐😟😢😭
Alicia Aceves Estrada
Alicia Aceves Estrada - 2 hours ago
As an Artemis Fowl fan for the last 9 years this broke my heart. While I hope against hope the movie will do the book justice...I still believe we’ll be lucky if we get a remotely similar story
Iysara hoon
Iysara hoon - 2 hours ago
No movie adaptation could do justice to the book/ novel/ comic versions. Literally none in this whole world. And I mean EVERY movie adaptation. You just have to read. Period. The movie just help you to visualize them (and criticise mostly).
Jeff Bobson
Jeff Bobson - 3 hours ago
at 1:11, butler appears to be blind. I'm not sure if he is going to be in the movies, but just for clarification was he every blind in the books. A friend and I have an argument over this and we can't come to a conclusion. I don't think he is and can't recall any kind of permanent blinding.
janet m.
janet m. - 3 hours ago
Disney is going to make the movie extremely family friendly please no
Teodorick - 4 hours ago
First impression: I want my preci.....ousssss
Crazy for BTS
Crazy for BTS - 4 hours ago
i think is artemis from god greek myht
AngelinaNgo - 4 hours ago
They’ll make this but they won’t make better Percy Jackson movies.
Kevin Thompson
Kevin Thompson - 5 hours ago
Everyone hating on the trailer ,but like no one has mentioned how great of song Decks Dark is.
TwiistedCyborg - 5 hours ago
this is quality
Xsiomara Chavez
Xsiomara Chavez - 7 hours ago
Just why!!!
(I read the series in HS) but im sure this is not how I pictured it and how the book describes it...
Another book make into a movie thats gonna suck... But still gonna watch it 😐
endah gie
endah gie - 7 hours ago
Disney know how to destroying my fantasy
Elaine Rogers
Elaine Rogers - 8 hours ago
EVERYONE NEEDS TO CHILL OUT!!! Like y giving all this hate just because there is a bow, and butler has hair? I get it, its not how u imagined it but the creaters can't please everyone. Im actually pretty exited for the movie. Put down the jaded glasses and take a minute to smell the roses
Aayan Butt
Aayan Butt - 9 hours ago
I sense a big box office flop in this movie
Beste Karaca
Beste Karaca - 9 hours ago
Song pleaseeeeeeeeeee
Isabella Coelho
Isabella Coelho - 12 hours ago
Its true? Wow... I was a kid when I founded Artemis Books for the first time.. Now I’m 27, it’ll be very interesting. He was my first crush tho lol
Michael Williams
Michael Williams - 13 hours ago
Why use a Radiohead track? I'm almost intrigued
Christian McCarthy
Christian McCarthy - 14 hours ago
I know this trailer is bad and all but can we just talk about SPOILERS FOR THE LAST BOOK

The Fact that Artemis built a death laser the power of a solar flare IN HIS SPARE TIME?!
Artemis: So that's how I constructed a weapon capable of utterly annihilating all life on planet Earth, glad this payed off
Cybuns - 14 hours ago
I need to reread the books
ANDRI IBRAHIM - 14 hours ago
look like spy kids...
Drew Sirius
Drew Sirius - 15 hours ago
Sun Bird?
Yuka Bloggs
Yuka Bloggs - 15 hours ago
Holy shit yes
Divya _the_Sphinx
Divya _the_Sphinx - 16 hours ago
Well well well look what Disney has decided to ruin next...
Leah Arami
Leah Arami - 18 hours ago
Artemis fowl was my actual childhood and if they ruin it I *WILL* cry
KingDomofSkeough - 18 hours ago
Lol I know Ferdia Shaw, do film making with him in Kilkenny and beat him in tennis quite a lot of times
Kayan - 19 hours ago
Why does it feel like Disney doesn't even make an effort anymore? When they adapt from a book they always screw it up. Take a hint Disney and stick to the BOOK! Meaning no changing characters and plot.
Cameron Carnecer
Cameron Carnecer - 19 hours ago
Okay I was only ever able to read 2 books but damn I can already see how they messed up. Now I'm thinking whether to read the rest and then watch or just read the rest.
Anônimo - 19 hours ago
Mano vai ser uma merda acabei de ler um pouco e descobri que esse filme nunca deveria estar nas mãos da Disney.
Finley Radcliffe
Finley Radcliffe - 19 hours ago
Finley Radcliffe
Finley Radcliffe - 19 hours ago
PG-13 rating for Artemis Fowl.
Finley Radcliffe
Finley Radcliffe - 19 hours ago
I wish "Artemis Fowl" will be rated PG-13.
Finley Radcliffe
Finley Radcliffe - 19 hours ago
I wish "Artemis Fowl" must be rated PG-13.
Parinaz Moeini
Parinaz Moeini - 21 hour ago
This boy is not good for artemis . He look like idiot with big nose.
ADIOSal - 21 hour ago
why is butler black... oh man
Kevin Subero
Kevin Subero - 21 hour ago
.....soooo Butler is black, uses a bow...root is a girl.....and they are trying to market this as a kids movie? And it looks like the fairies can fly with magic........nope why even call it Artemis fowl you could’ve made a fresh idea with these things. Instead you gotta crap all over my favourite book series. Ok idea......YO NETFLIX; can you do a proper version of this. You know a pg13 version where butler is a huge, badass Eurasian man who carries a gun.
Vera Wardianti
Vera Wardianti - 21 hour ago
Hmm 🤔
Connie Acosta
Connie Acosta - 22 hours ago
Disney... what's wrong with you?
Rheo Milvus
Rheo Milvus - 22 hours ago
This is finally happening!!!
Fernanda  Santos
Fernanda Santos - 22 hours ago
Anyone knows the song's name?
neggy - 22 hours ago
Oh no.
Oh no, no, no, no.
This is NOT happening to us AGAIN.
Unais Rehman
Unais Rehman - Day ago
The Russian mafia was behind his fathers appearance he captures the fairies for the ransom gold dumbasses read the book
sofia teixeira
sofia teixeira - Day ago
I almost though this was the new Men in black movie
Emergency Num
Emergency Num - Day ago
Did this really happen? Oh my god, ny favourite childhood book series
Hell Thief
Hell Thief - Day ago
Song: Decks Dark by Radiohead
Shriya - Day ago
Butler is Asian!!! Not black!!!
howdyday - Day ago
Is that Rufus wainwright singing the theme?
Jessica Hsieh
Jessica Hsieh - Day ago
My childhood!
netgodzilla1 - Day ago
I read this book, I imagined Artemis face could be naughtier than that boy.
Grace Natalia
Grace Natalia - Day ago
Seeing the word "Artemis Fowl" I was happy
Watching the trailer, my smile fades
Reading the comments, can't agree more
Prediction: The movie won't even live up to half the book's worth. You better read it before watching
kabob the not budgie
this is either gonna be amazing or it’s gonna be so bad there’s gonna be a shit load of crap from the fandom.
the latter seems more realistic.
Rozaria Putri
Rozaria Putri - Day ago
Oh my gosshhh!!! Dream exactly do come trueee!!! It's been so long since i wanted Artemis in a movie and finally it's coming true!!!!!
Can't wait to see how Disney picture the famous Holly 😀
ViewtifulBeau - Day ago
SuperN0IS3 - Day ago
honestly i'm just happy they didnt make artemis a girl
that's how low my expectations are these days every book that turns into a movie gets raped
Shadowish - Day ago
Keep in mind, That this "Disney's" Artemis Fowl, Not Eoin Coffers Artemis Fowl.
That isnt a good sign.
Ynemey - Day ago
Ultra Wide Resolution is retarded. The top and bottom is cut off with so much dead space on the sides.
Nana Murasaki
Nana Murasaki - Day ago
When is this orchestral version of the song of Radiohead coming out? I truly loved it. The piano gives it an eerie sound and I love it!
Hypnotic Poison
Hypnotic Poison - Day ago
I don't wanna be that person,but it looks like shit. I don't know about the book though, I haven't read it,but I'm sure that,as always, it's better than the movie.
y gyyydyy
y gyyydyy - Day ago
why even bother to "base a movie on a book"?
Fitriani Mutiara
Fitriani Mutiara - Day ago
I've been waiting for so long
Sradha Santhosh
Sradha Santhosh - Day ago
I’m sorry, but how can I crush on Artemis if he is shown as an 8 year old
Sigfríðr Chapman
Sigfríðr Chapman - Day ago
Film industry please stop turning our childhood books into shit films
Thanks .
Megan Guerrero
Megan Guerrero - Day ago
1:01 best dont judge me challenge ever...😅
Aiyie duFreaqoe
Aiyie duFreaqoe - Day ago
I'm both scared and disappointed with this trailer. First they ruin Percy Jackson, then Miss Peregrine.. where is my walking shame??!!! Why did they appropriates him??!!!!
bubba bojanglez
bubba bojanglez - 2 days ago
Remember how Mr. D was left out of the perceus jackson movies entirley? Lol, that was some shit right there.. I was looking forward to see how they casted the character and wondered what he'd be like in the films, but he was a no show. I was also looking forward to that part where percy is claimed by his father in front of everyone when theyre competing in the games. Looks like Artemis foul fans will feel our pain along with Eragon fans, wrinkle in time fans, etc..
Vanna Bella
Vanna Bella - 2 days ago
Amongst many other (bad) feelings about this, my soul screams "HE DOESN'T LOOK OBNOXIOUS ENOUGH!"
lee - 2 days ago
man i love men in black
majolie alinsub
majolie alinsub - 2 days ago
Is that kook poo from how i met your mother??
Aodhan Reilly
Aodhan Reilly - 2 days ago
Radiohead are genius
Mae L.
Mae L. - 2 days ago
I'm so excited for this
FullmetalandtheFlame - 2 days ago
As a fan of these books, I am worried...
디 트렐DetrellTV
디 트렐DetrellTV - 2 days ago
What the fuck is this???!
Ushariranasinghe xx
Ushariranasinghe xx - 2 days ago
please NO
I would rather not have this movie than see the story slaughtered
Shaun Duquette
Shaun Duquette - 2 days ago
Looks like Men in Black with Fantasy,lol.
Levi Snazzy
Levi Snazzy - 2 days ago
Here we go...another horrible adaptation of a live action movie based on a book
John - 2 days ago
And tonight on ruining good source material...
Leopard Kim
Leopard Kim - 2 days ago
Sorry Kenneth I dont think its a good movie
Ben Risch
Ben Risch - 2 days ago
I’m still going to see this no matter what, even if flips of this bother me
Kaytlin Melisa
Kaytlin Melisa - 2 days ago
My name is Holly
I am an elf
But I don'tsit
On human shelves
I love little Arty
He brings me joy
But when he is stupid
I smack the Mud Boy
Milagros Malpartida
Milagros Malpartida - 2 days ago
So, apparently this movie is wrong? I mean, I haven't read the book, but so many comments means something right? KNOW I WANT TO READ THE BOOK! So Disney did something good 😅
Ethan b05
Ethan b05 - 2 days ago
Wait... Wings are not natural in these books... 1:09 From where the hell do these wings come from ?
Mojjs92 - 2 days ago
"Impressive. Every word in that sentence was wrong."
Rizka Akbar
Rizka Akbar - 2 days ago
Is this some kind of a joke?
They call me Mayhem and BAEPSAE
Imo the lead actor from the Book of Henry wouldve been a better fit
Chancey Nworka
Chancey Nworka - 2 days ago
hehe. Artemis chicken
They call me Mayhem and BAEPSAE
Things I hate about this trailer and the "movie" that I waited 8 years for.
1. The kid they picked to play Artemis looks so innocent and not like a prick, because thats what he's supposed to look like. A snarky, little prick that we all come to love later on.
Honestly, did disney pick up this actor from one of their ridiculous sitcoms? The kid who plays the generic little brother?
2. I hate the fact that they made Root a woman. Diversity is good, but please don't mess with the original characters and DON'T do it for social justice when it ruins the plot and original intent of the books. Holly was suppposed to be the ONLY female officer, which was her motivation to actually join the LEPrecon. To prove all those sexist higher ups wrong.
3. Butler does NOT use a bow and arrow. Wheres his Sig Sauer?
4. C'MON! We all know Arty cant shoot! And he cant hold a gun to save his life, what with his extreme lack of coordination thats been mentioned countless times in the books.
5. Plus they cast a little girl to play Holly! Holly is an adult woman!
6. Nice. Very nice. So you whitewash the elves...BUT you make the bald Eurasian manservant/bodyguard black. Thats some ATLA movie logic right there.
7. Also at 1:10, why the frick does Artemis look shocked after he gave that old fairy the rejuventaing potion? In the books, he knew full well what its effects would be. In fact, thats exactly why he tricked her into drinking it. He's supposed to be two steps ahead of everyone else, and is poker faced in the rare case that he IS surprised.
This was EXACTLY what I expected when I found out that Disney was going to be making this movie. Mark my words. Its going to be watered down, family friendly shit fest. Artemis is going to be a heroic little twat thats going to do whats right in the end, even though he probably didnt know what morals WERE till the middle of the series in the books.
They call me Mayhem and BAEPSAE
Why does this artemis not look like artemis?
Pat Bun
Pat Bun - 2 days ago
กรี้ดดดดดดดดดดดดด ขอให้เป็นเรื่องจริง​ สาธุๆๆ​
Michael Craig
Michael Craig - 2 days ago
The books are amazing but this doesn't look like its gonna be any good. I'm still gonna watch it though.
eLON_-hEAVYfALCON - 2 days ago
Disney, you suck you greedy asshats.
Muhamad Anwar Jaelani
Muhamad Anwar Jaelani - 2 days ago
N_Alsafari - 3 days ago
So Butler (the Eurasian bodyguard in the book) is a black man in reall like.. Thank you Disney
softiebastian films
softiebastian films - 3 days ago
Everything about this adaptation is so wrong. Artemis should look like a young promising grade A jerk, not some innocent lil boy who looks like he's gonna cry. And HOLLY IS THE FIRST EVER FEMALE OFFICER, THAT'S WHY SHE HAS AN ENTIRE ARC.
Does Disney ever realize the ones whose childhood revolved around this entire book series are now adults who would trash over literal trash?
Aditya Gupta
Aditya Gupta - 3 days ago
Fuck you Disney. This is gonna be Avatar the last airbender/Eragon levels of bad with all fans of the series denying it's very existence. To think I've waited this long for one of my favourite childhood series come to screen as this hot pile of garbage is seriously annoying. You give this movie to someone like Taika Waititi with full control and just watch the money roll in. How do these high level execs have such little understanding of the property they're dealing with!?
vlados puppet
vlados puppet - 3 days ago
loved the books but this looks like some hot trash
Ndima Silwana
Ndima Silwana - 3 days ago
Looks terrible.
Brayden Penrod
Brayden Penrod - 3 days ago
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought that when people say that they want an Artemis Fowl movie, they want to see a movie based off of the flippin book and not something completely made up.
Thank you, Disney, for ruining my favorite series.
Thomas Treaty
Thomas Treaty - 3 days ago
If they mess this up as bad as Percy Jackson was messed up I’ll be seriously pissed
definetlynotaustins Account
I’m honestly excited to see what foaly looks like
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