The Movie That Destroyed Pixar's Reputation

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Cosmodore - 3 months ago
Welcome to The Untitled Cosmodore Video About Dinosaurs
Perdix Geek2
Perdix Geek2 - 10 days ago
Cosmodore the story made me a little bit sad because the way the dad died made me genuinely worried about my own dad and his passing. What would I do if my dad did passed away? But I can agree it’s boring
Blaque Link
Blaque Link - Month ago
Fonut - Month ago
@Blaque Link thx
Blaque Link
Blaque Link - Month ago
Fonut I agree
Fonut - Month ago
Not exactly i would say its cars
crakhaed - Day ago
This is completely off-topic but is that pokemon mystery dungeon music in the background around 15:18?
This movie kind of looked like shit for something that had so much work and detail put into its environments and backgrounds. That's a shame.
Kyouko Toshino
Kyouko Toshino - Day ago
Just realized, there has to be naked 3d designs for Brave.
Danesha _
Danesha _ - Day ago
The good dinosaur is DEFINITELY a good movie, y’all trippin’
Diptanu Chaudhuri
Diptanu Chaudhuri - Day ago
Too much negativity in the air...
christi land
christi land - Day ago
I actually really loved this movie. I've watched it about 20 times.
Star Strudel
Star Strudel - Day ago
as petty as it sounds, i say in all seriousness: those hideous circular nose holes turned what could've been an innocent snooze-fest into pure torture for my eyeballs
MagsPie - 2 days ago
idc what anyone says Brave was a great
Also, Merida is one of the best Disney princesses of course after Mulan and Pocahontas
LordKinehtist - 2 days ago
emperor's new groove was amazing wtf
sheikh mansur
sheikh mansur - 3 days ago
0:26 what movie is that?
ThanosTheGrape - 3 days ago
The only thing this movie is good at is there beautiful landscapes. But there design for the dinosaurs looks like green shit.
James Lewis
James Lewis - 5 days ago
Are we not gonna talk about how one of the people on twitter had THE INCREDIBLES as their least favorite pixar movie...
Landon Miller
Landon Miller - 5 days ago
I think this movie was good
CheesecakeLasagna - 5 days ago
I love love love the idea of photo-realistic sceneries and backgrounds with the cartoon characters. It's fresh and a beautiful juxtoposition!
CheesecakeLasagna - 5 days ago
How can make such claims when Pixar has Cars 2.
kovic - 6 days ago
What a shame. The premise of a developed Dinosaur society being able to develop thanks to the meteor missing meeting a primitive human sounds amazing. A shame they weren't able to develop the story further.
TB 7788
TB 7788 - 6 days ago
nice jontron clip in there
FMeister94 - 6 days ago
Anyone here watch a parody on YouTube of this movie called the Not So Good Dinosaur. Sounds like it’s a better movie than the one it’s parodying.
Claudia ZG
Claudia ZG - 6 days ago
pls stop it with the clickbaity title, it didn't ruin their reputation, it wasn't that good as expected, pixar had passable movies before like brave or bugs
Sam :D
Sam :D - 7 days ago
Not even kids enjoyed this movie, I remember they were all bored and walking around xdxd
Chifftie - 7 days ago
I actually loved this movie haha
Pope Memedict
Pope Memedict - 7 days ago
Steve Jobs was Pixar. They're dead without him.
Toxic Ten Studio's
Toxic Ten Studio's - 7 days ago
Brave and Cars 2 use to be The worst Pixar movie to me.
Then the Good Dinosaur came out.
Toxic Ten Studio's
Toxic Ten Studio's - 7 days ago
The good dinosaur to me is cars 2 to Seamus Gorman. I think you all know how Seamus feels about Cars 2. But I would gladly sit through 10,000 showings of Cars 2 if it meant I never had to see this Movie grace the world again.
Raptora - 7 days ago
If pixar remade this movie but kept it exactly as it is but without dinosaurs and the camera just followed nothing and only showed the landscape it would be much better.
Nick L
Nick L - 7 days ago
WHAT! I litteraly cried when the boy and the dino met again!
Edgar Retana
Edgar Retana - 8 days ago
This is the only Disney movie I ever disliked or regretted watching instantly after finishing it
Anna L
Anna L - 8 days ago
I actually really liked The Good Dinosaur.
「 OKAY 」
「 OKAY 」 - 8 days ago
Serves them right for not making Dino Time 2.
Frazer Clyde
Frazer Clyde - 8 days ago
Is it deliberate that the videos always say somthing relivant and funny before the ads that make watching the seconds funny.
FilmBucket - 9 days ago
Hearing Homeward Bound for the first time in years made me feel a feeling that doesn't exist
Julia Alston
Julia Alston - 9 days ago
I’m sure I’m just repeating what many others have commented on, but I mean, that was Sam Elliott, not John Lithgow.
Emanuele Ragazzi
Emanuele Ragazzi - 10 days ago
I personally hate The Good Dinosaur, and it's the only Pixar movie that I actively hate. At least I didn't have expectations for Cars 2
Monsta XXIV
Monsta XXIV - 10 days ago
The environment in this film is gorgeous, but even if it matched the characters better they would still be ugly. Seriously. The dinosaurs look so gross and wrong.
grutheminioneater - 10 days ago
i love your videos!
Joslyn Torres
Joslyn Torres - 10 days ago
I feel like people just shit on the good dinosaur. honestly it ain't that bad. Yeah it might be the worst Pixar film. But it's not the worst animated movie.
Cottonheart33 - 10 days ago
"How did this happen?"
Ad: "Introducing; Dell Latitude"
Yeah, that explains it. Case closed. Good day/night.
rebibotic rebirth robotic
I am sooo tired of people who arent creative shitting on things they could never do
Cosmodore - 10 days ago
you must be new here
Mathias Bacher
Mathias Bacher - 10 days ago
I really loved Cars 2 as a kid and laughed a lot in the cinema. I still can't understand why people hate it that much
Mathias Bacher
Mathias Bacher - 10 days ago
@LordManda2 I don't understand it even after watching the movie yesterday. What's the problem with it? I think it's better than Cars 3.
LordManda2 - 10 days ago
If it made you laugh as a kid, fine. Kids laugh at anything. Just don't try to say that it's a legitimately good film :)
Stilactic Music
Stilactic Music - 10 days ago
Remove the dinosaur and the boy but keep the water and turn it into an animated documentary. There, fixed
Great Fiend
Great Fiend - 10 days ago
9:37, where is that scene from? I want to know pls.
Squad Red
Squad Red - 10 days ago
I cried at the end
TonyDamazio - 11 days ago
The way the front legs bent backwards always bugged the hell out of me
MaddieCanDraw - 11 days ago
Honestly I would have preferred the original draft :/
Lucas - 11 days ago
I always thought it was out of place in the grand Pixar scheme of things
Blue Fire
Blue Fire - 11 days ago
The dinosaurs got f’d greatly two times
ILIAD - 11 days ago
Honestly, I still ship McQueen and Sally to this day.
1tiercel - 8 days ago
They're already married and have a son, that ship is still sailing.
Zach Daniels
Zach Daniels - 11 days ago
Love the earthbound music
Jackie Pan
Jackie Pan - 11 days ago
Ehh, never liked inside out.
Dakota Drummond
Dakota Drummond - 11 days ago
Am I the only one who actually liked The Good Dinosaur? This movie was good for me
Shane Ellis
Shane Ellis - 11 days ago
Never mind John Lassiter being quietly forced out for extreme sexual misbehavior l
RingPop Gaming
RingPop Gaming - 11 days ago
I think Cars 2 was worse than The Good Dinosaur
Balto Wolf
Balto Wolf - 11 days ago
I prefer the disney dinosaur over the good dinosaur
SolarChroniclesXII - 11 days ago
To be blunt, I outgrew Pixar by the time this came out, and I hate it nowadays due to the fact they're Disney movies.
KMI P - 11 days ago
How its like to be disabled
QuietMyth - 11 days ago
sweet jesus another one of these people using a terrible animated faceclaim wtf
Kyler Wayne
Kyler Wayne - 12 days ago
The Good dinosaur was just bad but not as bad as when spot started howling then the 5 year old army in the movie theater started howling together ; I died in my seat 🤦‍♂️
Tala Habern
Tala Habern - 12 days ago
Honestly I feel like Cars 2 ruined their reputation, imo
Swift Streak
Swift Streak - 12 days ago
I hated this film, I hated the animation, I hated the voice acting, I hated the story, there is no point in justifying it... Period
Madeline Peyton
Madeline Peyton - 12 days ago
"The Untitled Pixar Movie About Dinosaurs" is a great title and while wouldn't be for the good dinosaur at all, it sounds like something that could be really funny.
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