The Movie That Destroyed Pixar's Reputation

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Cosmodore - 15 days ago
Welcome to The Untitled Cosmodore Video About Dinosaurs
DarthTalon5 - Day ago
Why are there so many ads? Kind of makes you look desperate.
Taelin Exford
Taelin Exford - Day ago
Heyo, I hear that PMD music! Great game!
eissetelse - 4 days ago
I can understand how someone who hasn't lost a father wouldn't resonate with The Good Dinosaur but even that aside, I was still deeply moved by the movie the first time I saw it. Me, my siblings and our Dad loved the movie. We were impacted and cried during it and my Dad was rarely moved to tears by an animated movie. But after losing my dad and watching it again, it resonated with me in a whole new way. I lost my dad suddenly and unexpectedly just as Arlo did and I don't know if this was ever an intention for the writers but to me, the rest of the movie following feels like the process of grief. The various, fickle, bipolar emotions and mood swings you go through. Arlo is lost and trying to find his way back and at the end when he says goodbye to Spot, it feels like he's gotten over his grief and letting go of it. Personally though, after 3 years, I don't feel I'm anywhere close to that but I've gone through and am still going through a lot of what Arlo faced. I thought I'd share my outsiders insight with you so for when you're making your follow-up video, maybe you could keep that idea in mind.
Dark_Star_★ - 5 days ago
love the pokemon sounds in the background (also nice vid)
I Hate Everything: From start to Finish
I liked your video essay, but their's just too many fucking ads
Ben P
Ben P - 2 hours ago
the movie was great what are you talking about
Jaroda the Hunter
Jaroda the Hunter - 4 hours ago
Nice choice of music you had playing throughout the video!
elsa1942 - 6 hours ago
It's pretty much just a rip-off of The Land Before Time and Ice Age.
littleghostu - 6 hours ago 2
eatshitdie1 - 6 hours ago
Only thing I remember about this movie is that it actively made me angry. I kept holding on, thinking something would happen, but nothing. I don't know why I finished, must have been out of reach of the mouse.
okay_biel - 7 hours ago
Pixar wasn't the first to release a entirely cgi movie.
finnegan munro
finnegan munro - 7 hours ago
Does the entire team at Pixar just spend Saturdays high on 6 different drugs in order to come up with movie ideas? Because that's what it seems like.
frank ponds
frank ponds - 8 hours ago
The Good Dinosaur was just rendering practice for their scenery.
Angel C
Angel C - 9 hours ago
*dont eat random berries kids*
Turn - 9 hours ago
Fuck everyone in the comments saying cars 2 isnt a good movie
suck my fat dick cunts it's amazing
mymiddlenameis thomas
mymiddlenameis thomas - 10 hours ago
Arlo was so anoying
Shane Williams
Shane Williams - 10 hours ago
The Good Dinosaur is honestly one of my favorite Pixar films... death of a parent and a harsh story about growing up and a great score too... idk man. I loved it lol
• Esteban •.
• Esteban •. - 11 hours ago
A Bug’s Life is the most underrated film of all time
Matthew Jenkins
Matthew Jenkins - 11 hours ago
That Bob Peterson joke killed me 😂
Cristisaurus - 12 hours ago
i absolutely hate the contrast between the beautiful, detailed landscapes and the simplistic and cartoony character design. it feels really unbalanced and it bothers me idk
Cranky Fox
Cranky Fox - 12 hours ago
It's all down to growth. When pixar was a quirky small company that was made up of good writers and animators they made gold. The moment they locked into Disney's dumb bullshit and started expanding is the moment the team fell apart and just sank.
Animation companies don't need hundreds of employees. Case in point. Pixar's toy story 1 took 100 employees of which only 27 were actually animators. 27 people animated toy story. Imagine if they had spent that money on purely improving the equipment and making their employees comfortable.
GammaCatch - 13 hours ago
Pretty sure "Brave" ruined Pixar's reputation.
Skysthelimit212 - 13 hours ago
I honestly loved this movie
ZedK49 - 14 hours ago
The subject is interesting but the narration in this video is just plain atrocious to the point of unbearable...
JTF - 14 hours ago
Cars 2 probably was the biggest nail in the coffin in terms of reputation, sure big dinosaur was a big fucking flop but Cars 2 was solely made to make more toys to sell from Disney. Then they made Planes shortly after that, so no since 2011 their reputation was sullied by literal movie tie ins to sell toys
foster_the_shota_thread - 14 hours ago
i aint even remember this movie so idk if it really "ruined their reputation" lmao
Lolita Jackson
Lolita Jackson - 15 hours ago
I’m so offended I really thought this shit was good lmao it resonated with me so much omg 😂
Liam Casey
Liam Casey - 15 hours ago
Cars 2?
MoeFlameLord - 15 hours ago
Clash Helper
Clash Helper - 17 hours ago
The good dinosaur is so good movie bro😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Musique's Zone
Musique's Zone - 21 hour ago
The movie might be a failure but that doesn't mean I don't love it
Hase - 22 hours ago
_jeff _
_jeff _ - 22 hours ago
is this nigga gay? or a furry?
ArnoldXD - Day ago
But i liked the movie
Ay-Leck Agg-Wire
Ay-Leck Agg-Wire - Day ago
*V E L O C I C L A P T O R*
SteelMonkey - Day ago
how this movie ruined their reputation? i havent even heard about this movie until now
NINO - Day ago
This was apparenly the most enjoyed pixar movie in Wyomig
In Kentucky it was cars 3
California and texas it was the Incredibles
East coast liked 'Up'
I forget the rest
Kye Talks
Kye Talks - Day ago
Also Coco is a rip off, kinda weird that you're acting like it's original when it's pretty much exactly like Book of Life....
Kye Talks
Kye Talks - Day ago
Is no one else bothered by the fact that over 65 million years the mammals evolved but apparently the Dino's didn't? Like..... Not all the dinosaurs were wiped out. The ones that survived went on to become birds. Have you ever seen a goddamn callowary? Shit's a goddamn dinosaur and you can't convince me otherwise
(Also seriously dinosaurs had feathers. We've known this for a while. Why are movies still depicting them without em??)
holeheadmole - Day ago
I didn't like Inside Out
Patato Everything
Patato Everything - Day ago
What the hell?!
I LOVED The Good Dinosaur...
Abnormally long leaf
Which is worse,
Cars 2
The good dinosaur
Daniel Galvez
Daniel Galvez - Day ago
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Olivia Magaro
Olivia Magaro - Day ago
Pixar: we have an almost perfect record

The *terrible* dinosaur: im about to end this studios whole career
Ryujin - Day ago
Hassan Shahid
Hassan Shahid - Day ago
I don't know what was wrong with it ?
Don181, you'r a frickin Neanderthal
I liked this movie probably because dinosaurs.
Hale Prophecy
Hale Prophecy - Day ago
I never watched The Good Dinosaur, the trailers looked great, but DAMN ok.
Hale Prophecy
Hale Prophecy - Day ago
Omg wall-e, that was such a great movie.
Rwbytwitch - Day ago
The good dinosaur: “alright we did pretty bad nothing can be worse tho”
Cars 2: *OBSERVE*
Gamerschmitt - Day ago
I didn't even know this movie existed... So... Yeah... from this video looks like I didn't miss out on much.
BluePhoenix46 - Day ago
dinosaurs movies are boring. thats what happened
Retro Zombie
Retro Zombie - Day ago
I was very interested to watch this video, but sadly it appears to have been written for those who have actually seen the film which is quite small minority of people, which sadly I reside within.
James Sylar
James Sylar - Day ago
Ok, time to rewrite this story. We will reduce it to its two most basic components, a world where dinosaurs never went extinct, and a travel story about a dinosaur and his boy. There is this concept called speculative biology, fascinating stuff, it basically involves creating a creature that could feasibly exist in the right conditions. One of the most famous examples is the saurus sapiens or something like that. I personally think the author made it look too much like a human due to biases, but it works as a reference. So our world with dinosaurs living 65 millions years after is populated by these human-like dinosaurs, but lets be a bit creative and add more dinosaurs that aren't hominid. Maybe triceraptors are used as horses, or there are still wild T-rexes and Velocirraptors out there. Our Saurus sapiens live in walled towns, and most ignore what happens behind the fences. The elders speak of dangerous things that live outside to prevent children from going out, and there is even a taboo about those who go out being cursed. There are even legends about beings that look like them, but are covered in fur. Our protagonist, Alo (or however he is called, I'm not looking for his name) is the son of a merchant, someone who goes from town to town exchanging wares, and as such, people are wary of him, but they kind of need of his services. Alo is finally old enough to travel with him, and despite his father not wanting him to be treated like he is by the people of the town, he agrees knowing that his kid is more interested in traveling and meeting new things. So they travel together to another town and things seem to be fine. I have to mention during this part, Alo's father tells him about a lot of things they encounter, flowers, animals, rocks, etc. He is mostly self-taught and uses names made by him, but he looks for real explanations instead of believing on the myths of the people. Now, on their next trip something happens, let's say they met a T-rex and it hunts them down, forcing them to split, and Alo gets lost, probably even think that his father is dead, and tries to go back to his town, but is completely disoriented. He then meets Spots, who he is at first scared of because it is one of the "furry cursed people" that the elder spoke, but he remembers what his father taught him and tries to find out about him, discovering he is just a kid that probably lost his family due to the same rex. We can make it dark by implying he is the sole survivor, maybe through cave paintings, but I think Ice Age already did that. Spot knows better about living in the wilderness, but is probably hurt, so he has to rely on Alo, who doesn't know anything about the outside. They have the whole travel buddies package, and probably even confront the Rex one last time, seeing as it is probably going to attack Alo's village if they don't do anything. At the end, I kind of would like Alo's father to return, maybe even with Spot's older sister who also survived, to give them a hand in defeating the rex. It is revealed that Alo's father was looking for his son desperately, and Spot's sister was doing the same, so despite them not understanding each other, they came up to an agreement. The movie ends with Alo and his father helping the "hu-mans" to build their own village, add something to show they aren't just copying the saurus sapiens' ideas, and maybe also show them being less gullible about myths.
Sup Grinny
Sup Grinny - Day ago
That movie was shhhhIT!
jake doll
jake doll - Day ago
honesly this little dinosaur just a rip off of yoshi
Ganderlow - Day ago
This movie was actually pretty good. Also.... FUCKING CARS 2

Brave was pretty shit as well.
Juan Fishing
Juan Fishing - Day ago
kids and I like it...i dont know what the whole buzz is about.
Patrick Barton
Patrick Barton - Day ago
why the hell does the kid not have nipples??
CheetahPaws - Day ago
Kasei Knight
Kasei Knight - Day ago
Damn it, Pixar. We expect you to endlessly produce constant LITERAL MASTERPIECES. And no, that expectation totally isn't too high at all! Masterpieces, Pixar, for every work you produce OR ELSE.
Beary-Boo - Day ago
21:59 *Clap clap clap*
Stan Cipher
Stan Cipher - Day ago
I'm a sucker for dinosaurs and lion king so I loved this movie. I kinda liked cars 2 as well though it was the first cars movie I watched. Cars 3 was probably the most boring Pixar movie to me.
IxXMadPenguinXxI - Day ago
Clickbait as fuck. You really think they destroyed their reputation?? tf
barbaro267 - Day ago
Brave is definitely one of the best Pixar films, in my opinion. Was it predictable? Sure, I guess. But with the story they were writing, at its core, it was a mother/daughter film. If you strayed too far from what people would relate to in that, then it would no longer resonate at all with people. I love that, after so much had already gone down, Merida was finally ready to marry in order to save her kingdom. It was her mom who decided that tradition was not set in stone, and could therefore be changed. Merida changed, and so did her mom. I love that. The movie could have done without the three mute brothers and the busty maid. The dad was the best character by far because they wrote him to be funny but also with a lot of heart.
Player_1 - Day ago
it's because of pissed YEC who thought it was the work of the devil
Michael Michael
Michael Michael - Day ago
I actually liked good dinosaur
Cheryl L
Cheryl L - Day ago
i loved it tho
N-word Surfer
N-word Surfer - Day ago
The design of the dinosaur is just hideous... it's too simplistic and derpy looking, like a less detailed jar jar binks
Nicolas Touris
Nicolas Touris - Day ago
This was a good film.
Didn’t do anything Piewdiepie
2:07 jessie can fuck right off how is the incredibles cliche? It’s one of the best Pixar movies by far and and of the best super heroes wtf?!
daurpm - Day ago
I love calling it "The Passion of Arlo", because of how he kept getting bludgeoned every other scene.
no no
no no - Day ago
Me, seemingly the only Good Dinosaur fan:
Israel And the blue coats
It might be unpopular but I’ll say it, I like this movie. It was a interesting concept and I liked the story. There was a perfect character arch. It also had beautiful animation and that water, the music was also beautiful.
Helen Austin
Helen Austin - 2 days ago
The good dinosaur more like the bad movie man this was disappointing
a boi
a boi - 2 days ago
i thought it was good
a - 2 days ago
The sad thing is that i actually loved the movie :(
Kieran Czyzniejewski
Kieran Czyzniejewski - 2 days ago
As someone who loves dinosaurs, I hated this movie. It fails on so many levels that it is astounding. Dinosaurs survive? Great, will we get a dinosaur Zootopia? Cool... Wait, it makes literally 0 difference in the main story? Fuck you Pixar
100bullets miranda
100bullets miranda - 2 days ago
terminator wallE
Relaxed Batter
Relaxed Batter - 2 days ago
nice pokemon mystery dungeon music
Let Tice
Let Tice - 2 days ago
Peter Sohn has barley worked since. Denise has not worked since...
Crash Schwarzenegger
Crash Schwarzenegger - 2 days ago
Cars 2 was objectively worse but the good Dinosaur is worse to sit through just because of how boring it is
Mr. Bigweld
Mr. Bigweld - Day ago
Nah the good dinosaur is better than each cars movie
Glurilla - 2 days ago
Bro why do people hate on cars 2, I love to just curl up on the couch on a Friday night with a can of bushes baked beans, whip out a cars 2 DVD and just zone out.
hi hungry I'm rat
hi hungry I'm rat - 2 days ago
k but we gotta admit that the scenery was beautiful
Jared Bradley
Jared Bradley - 2 days ago
So... basically, Pixar tried to make their own version of The Land Before Time (1988)... only terrible. I haven't seen the entire movie from start to finish, but what I HAVE seen of it, however... is absolute garbage. And who the hell thought that the Gumbysaurus design was acceptable!? Whoever gave the ok to that deserves to be FIRED. I simply cannot believe that PIXAR, of all companies, actually produced this mess of the film.
A L E C K O N I - 2 days ago
If you're gonna make a dinosaur movie, make the dinosaur not look like a fucking smooth as pea pod green bean goddamn
Kassquatch Watch
Kassquatch Watch - 2 days ago
The whole role reversal with the human character being the simple animal was so wasted. Spot's not a feral (or less evolved) human, he's a dog wearing human skin. Would it have killed the writers and animators to give him some ape-like tendencies?
Alejandro Cabrera
Alejandro Cabrera - 2 days ago
Why so much hate to the animation of the dinosaurs. I can't believe that I (the dinosaur expert that gets furious with a movie or show for having just one miserable innacurancy) am who has to defend a kids cartoon with dinosaurs that seem pulled out from childclaytown.
Ok, first of all I think that the cartoony style most dinosaurs were animated are very creative in it's own right, and also they tell us how are the characters aside from being a good turn (in my opinión).
Also, the animation department totally made an effort to make the cartoony dinosaurs look actually realistic or at least very detailed
Aside, are the designes really so bad? Arlo's family dosen't look bad, actually it's quite paleontologicly accurate (As I said I'm pretty much a dinosaur expert so trust me). The ceratopsian too. The pterosaurs too and I think that including teeth and yellow-red eyes was a good stylistic choice. The t-rexes are ok (I like how the oldest one looks so tough and has a giant bite scar on his face as an example of the cliché old grumpy bad*** cowboy). The only designes that I can't defend are the almost bald Utahraptors. They... look... horrible.
Also the lightning on the characters and the movement were very good so.
lunmite - 2 days ago
I honestly forgot that movie ever existed because the lack of plot and stuff :v
Odie Silla
Odie Silla - 2 days ago
Interaction between dinosaur and humans in Ice Age was more interesting.
Rebel V
Rebel V - 2 days ago
I thought it was good...
Isaac Ferguson
Isaac Ferguson - 2 days ago
Good Dinosaur may have ruined Pixars reputation but Planes and Planes 2 were so bad they shoved them into Pixars basement and hoped no one noticed the scratching at the door.(Yes I know Pixar wasn't the studio by name to work on it but Pixar staff did work on the project)
Darke Exelbirth
Darke Exelbirth - 2 days ago
There are two parts that were genuinely good: the T-Rex ranchers, and the scene where Spot reveals his parents died. That second one was done pretty well actually, made me tear up a bit. The rest... eh? It wasn't offensively bad, but it wasn't really any better than an Illumination film.

The absolutely worst scene was the hallucination scene. Completely derailed the film and took you out of what little engagement you may have had.
Booker Skye
Booker Skye - 2 days ago
I'm sorry, what the heck did you just try to say? Pair-a-sair-a-loaf-us-us?
Was that supposed to be "parasaurolophus?" Pair-a-sore-awl-oh-fus.
JurgleXD - 2 days ago
Pixar cannot if they don't do to the are yes because of going west to the xD
the fluffy Octopus
the fluffy Octopus - 2 days ago
I remember when the adverts came out for the ads, and there was silliouets and stuff and it looked so good and then BOOM, you saw the characters and I fucking died
Robert the Channel
Robert the Channel - 2 days ago
I’ll agree with The Good Dinosaur, but I don’t accept people dissing Cars 2
someone •
someone • - 2 days ago
Really hoping you story 4 can revive them.
Spector 181
Spector 181 - 2 days ago
When I watched this movie in class, ugh, I would've preferred more work that watching that.
Max & friends
Max & friends - 2 days ago
Hey I’m new here cosmodore I’m max and friends
SavageGreywolf - 2 days ago
Disney was in the position Pixar was in from about the mid-30s up until Roy Disney died (which was right around the time all the projects Walt had had any hand in ran out). As a company, they could essentially do no wrong right up until the beginning of the 70s.
Kandi Gloss
Kandi Gloss - 2 days ago
yeah, totally DESTROYED pixar's reputation, even though they are still a well respected studio with popular films, yeah, of course.
Sky Nguyen
Sky Nguyen - 2 days ago
the only reason i watched this movie was for Sam Elliot
dan - 2 days ago
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