Giants vs. 49ers Week 10 Highlights | NFL 2018

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Bentley Lukkar
Bentley Lukkar - 20 days ago
Hi this is Bentley
timmy - 22 days ago
Giants really suck
Kemarion Powell
Kemarion Powell - 3 days ago
No they not
Fernando Salas
Fernando Salas - 24 days ago
Love it at the end penalty is declined "THE GAME IS OOVAA!". I don't like the idea to depend on one player or favorite player to throw the football to the opposing team will take advantage an hurt that player.
David Bradford
David Bradford - 25 days ago
These ads are gay
Estefany Garcia
Estefany Garcia - 26 days ago
i hate dis game
Platewarp - 26 days ago
11:50! Whoa! We got a flag!
Randzi - 26 days ago
I like kittle and Breida
Issac Nelson
Issac Nelson - 26 days ago
The giants got lucky. that is what happened. Even with two interceptions they only won by four and almost had a heart attack at the end. the niners just need a defense and the score would have been more like 27 to 3.
fostered333 - 26 days ago
The Faggot9ers are garbage. Sub human.
Jeff Anderson
Jeff Anderson - 26 days ago
on the final drive and the game winning touchdown, @10:35 it does look like the receiver lands out of bounds... you can see the skid marks on the ground only in the white
Scott Shafer
Scott Shafer - 26 days ago
i'm not certain about this as the definition of a catch keeps changing but i believe as long as the receiver has possession of the ball and it's in the endzone and he's inbounds before he catches then it's counted. Same as when a rb dives at the 1 and extends his hand and only the ball crosses into the endzone, as long as the ball is secure and across the plane.
Sue McIntyre
Sue McIntyre - 26 days ago
lets go giants
Jerry Dunn
Jerry Dunn - 26 days ago
How can there be highlights to another meaningless NFL game between two losers?
David Cartagena
David Cartagena - 27 days ago
we won 😮😮😮😮😂😂
Today Football Match
Today Football Match - 27 days ago
49ers fighting ^_^
Wanna see something Big
Wanna see something Big - 27 days ago
The giants o-line is trash
SIR Grant
SIR Grant - 27 days ago
I have to agree give eli some time.....he is going to beat you.....they need a good line and another pass rusher...and help in the secondary.
Under Dog
Under Dog - 27 days ago
2:13 Odell did that dance from the movie "Love Don't Cost a Thing" lol
edgar espinoza
edgar espinoza - 27 days ago
Good game both teams.
edgar espinoza
edgar espinoza - 27 days ago
Let’s go New York.
Tough - 27 days ago
Nick mullens is a bust and a wasted talent
Tony Frieson
Tony Frieson - 27 days ago
Did odell do the dance from love don't cost a thing? 🤣
Xavier thunder Rodriguez
Xavier thunder Rodriguez - 27 days ago
That's what I like to see the giants beet the 49ers
beni hill
beni hill - 28 days ago
The Giants could easily be 5-4 but they have been in most games except the Saints game. I know its a long shot but if they can win the rest of their games its a possibility they can make the playoffs!
Zurt con
Zurt con - 28 days ago
I haven’t been so Happy to win😁
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LOOK ALL!!!!!!!
Kiki Latisha
Kiki Latisha - 28 days ago
I played pop warner with #48
MasterLine RB
MasterLine RB - 28 days ago
Trace zach daniels
Trace zach daniels - 28 days ago
mediumchunky - 29 days ago
A lot of good, clean tackles and hits by both team's secondaries. There were a lot of plays there where I was thinking "this receiver is about to get annihilated" only for the defenders to turn away from the big hits. That's considerate playing by both the 49ers and Giants.
The Shamedarcher
The Shamedarcher - 29 days ago
This was a good tank bowl congrats 49ers.
Jamie Lewis
Jamie Lewis - 29 days ago
Eli was solid. Still a few errors with the sack and the underthrown pass to Odell though
Im already tracer
Im already tracer - 29 days ago
Wheres odel
Inderjeet Samplay
Inderjeet Samplay - 29 days ago
On the final play clutch Nick Mullens had Goodwin and Taylor wide open
ginger - 29 days ago
Eli needs more wins like this to secure HOF.
Inderjeet Samplay
Inderjeet Samplay - 29 days ago
If it weren't for the poor air quality the 49ers could've won.
Justin Hays
Justin Hays - 29 days ago
This announcer sounds like the guy from SpongeBob
Blake Hendershot
Blake Hendershot - 29 days ago
I hate the giants go 49ers
Blake Hendershot
Blake Hendershot - 26 days ago
+Keiren Kinney you suck like the giants
Keiren Kinney
Keiren Kinney - 28 days ago
I hate the 49ers go Giants W
Rubens Doodles
Rubens Doodles - 29 days ago
Lol last on trending
adrian kovalski
adrian kovalski - 29 days ago
watching football highlights is so much better than watching a whole game
Wowster - 29 days ago
Shawana Washington
Shawana Washington - 29 days ago
I likes these highlights. I can watch ALL the NFL games in the time it take to watch 1 game on the TV.
Zari Black
Zari Black - 29 days ago
Was a great MNF game. Go Giants!
mont john
mont john - 29 days ago
question? how many weeks in a row do the 49ers defense miss assignments?
james mullins
james mullins - 29 days ago
ruffing the QB my ass he all most got sacked
Mario Alonso
Mario Alonso - 29 days ago
Mason saphanethong
Mason saphanethong - 29 days ago
Like = Giants Comment = 49ers
Mason saphanethong
Mason saphanethong - 29 days ago
Brandon Romero
Brandon Romero - 29 days ago
That was a good game. OBJ always trying to get that 1 handed highlight real catch haha
21JulioJonesMahomes21 - 29 days ago
12:05😂😂😂 HOLD IT!!! WE GOTTA FLAG...👻
Nick - 29 days ago
Tessitore >>>>>>> Joe Buck
Nathaniel Productions Skonier
ACE 7TM - Month ago
Why did they keep putting Goodwin back in? the guy damn near had a concussion after that interception
N-I-N-E - Month ago
Eli showed up to work today.
Dan Kondel
Dan Kondel - Month ago
These teams suck so much they actually made it a good MNF game lol
Rextrent - Month ago
Still haven't heard apologies from this bunch. Many will not watch.
Hoten Hitonokoe
Hoten Hitonokoe - Month ago
6:52 dance dance dance
spacetape - Month ago
I don't like how the scoreboard doesn't show their records
Tony Miller
Tony Miller - Month ago
I Bleed Red N Blue 4 life ! G-MEN !
TheDeliman - Month ago
first highlight a dropped pass LMAO sums up the teams
Sharath The boi
Sharath The boi - Month ago
Just imagine Eli winning the super bow dab on those haters
Jack Mulligan
Jack Mulligan - Month ago
TankBowl V was amazing cant wait for TankBowl VI
horrifvl - 26 days ago
Jack Mulligan Arizona vs Oakland!
EverythingNotFire 8418
These highlights are clear to me to that Eli don't like Beckham jr. Beckham' was wide open on the goal line Eli gives a dam hand off even Stevie Wonder can see Odell Beckham jr. Was wide open in the end zone give dam hand off smfh
Giantsfan1013 ghg
Giantsfan1013 ghg - Month ago
I always enjoy a match up with san fran, almost like an unofficial 4th division rival. besides both sets of those uniforms on the same field is always iconic.
Sheen B
Sheen B - Month ago
alexthegrape1000 - Month ago
So _this_ is what a W feels like. Nice.
Fernando Diaz
Fernando Diaz - Month ago
If it wasn’t for OBJ we could’ve won!
Jill Spangler
Jill Spangler - Month ago
Avetor UAC
Avetor UAC - Month ago
ahahah 1:15
Crooked Star
Crooked Star - Month ago
Well deserved giants, can’t wait to go 2-10
Dude or Duder or El Duderino
Does Beckham know he's ALLOWED to use both hands to catch the ball...?
coka - Month ago
it's your girl yaz
it's your girl yaz - Month ago
why did richard sherman trade to this sorry team?
Cvloutt - Month ago
Thats tuff
MaddenWillNeverWork - Month ago
Mullens to the Patriots
Supah Saiyajin Blue
Supah Saiyajin Blue - Month ago
Anyone else tired of these rookie QBs suddenly adjusting quick i blame this offense emphasis phase of the NFL
Leticia Chavez
Leticia Chavez - Month ago
Giants dodged a bullet at the end with that flag
John50 Beach
John50 Beach - Month ago
The penalties for fouls are ridiculous
akamouse100 - Month ago
Every big play on the defense shitty ass #23 is involved.
Kirk Radeck
Kirk Radeck - Month ago
I’m just so done disappointed that Jimmy “Nero” Garropolo was injured. (I call him Nero because he burns defenses and I think he’s Italian.). His upper-body mechanics are terrific, although Brett Kohlmann — he has terrific analysis on this site — has discussed some lower-body issues, in particular, Jimmy having a tendency to keep his front foot closed on intermediate-to-deep throws. Jimmy fixes that and maybe is a little more careful with tight-window throws and he will be absolutely elite. Jimmy might already be, in my opinion. But I’m looking forward to the 2019 season and hopefully the 49ers pick up a few more pieces. (On a side note, I think Saquan Barkley is all that and a bag ‘o chips although that’s pretty obvious. And this backup 49ers QB is also very good and I believe Jimmy’s been working with him since there are similarities in release.)
Jared Corwin
Jared Corwin - Month ago
Why so many deflected interceptions?😂😂
Dan Smith
Dan Smith - Month ago
1:48 mr Goodson has some unfortunate initials
Easy work
GoldenGoodieGoomba - Month ago
You know for a game that was supposed to suck between 2 terrible teams it was actually pretty entertaining
Masio Surmaj
Masio Surmaj - Month ago
bro Joe Tessitore can commentate on me trying to pleasure a woman and I would be in heaven
felipe marin
felipe marin - Month ago
Watch all the Odell plays, if Eli was even throwing it near him he”d be having a mvp seasob
Leit22 - Month ago
10:44 same call for roughing the passer...ref couldn’t see the hold on carter same play?!
Geribaldi's Games
Geribaldi's Games - Month ago
WOW, this game was massive. Both teams look great
anthony decarlo
anthony decarlo - Month ago
Giants should pick up mullens for sure
lxr_beam - Month ago
3:50 LOOK AT THE HOLD LOL!! Watch the guy covering OBJ 😂😅🤣
SonxOfxSamoa - Month ago
Witherspoon acting he did anything the first time till they went at him again and be mad at his teammates tf
Hunter Lewis
Hunter Lewis - Month ago
Dude our corner back need to step tf up their getting easy yards on us through passing (btw I’m a 49ers fan
Ayaan Amlani
Ayaan Amlani - Month ago
chris madsen
chris madsen - Month ago
Announcers at the end
Julian Ruvalcaba
Julian Ruvalcaba - Month ago
Seems like the 49ers always play amazing games on primetime games . Always a fight to the finish with drama filled plays
Emanuel Voelker
Emanuel Voelker - Month ago
ParadiseParksInc - Month ago
Bruh. Did I just see a ball hit Odell in the hands?
Fuze - Month ago
Eli looked good when he actually had time in the pocket
Frankie Garc
Frankie Garc - Month ago
Good game sf 49ers 👍
Diego Rocha
Diego Rocha - Month ago
Finalmente ganhou!
Jay Claude
Jay Claude - Month ago
This is what happens when you give Eli good blocking
raj singhnani
raj singhnani - Month ago
Totally agree fully
EnterNameHere - Month ago
That 4th qt Roughing the Passer call was complete horseshit.
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