Brad and Matty Matheson Go Noodling for Catfish Part 2 | It's Alive | Bon Appétit

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Fiona Elisabet
Fiona Elisabet - Day ago
Cool fridge😂
Jacob Shavel
Jacob Shavel - Day ago
Greatest trio in the history of television
Kacy Chapman
Kacy Chapman - 2 days ago
Yall should go bow fishing
Cori Sev
Cori Sev - 2 days ago
lol chilly willies?! just shots of hot sauce...
Brendan - 2 days ago
Fabian Rohrhofer
Fabian Rohrhofer - 3 days ago
wow that energy was incredible. never seen matty so quiet tho haha
may - 3 days ago
matty is canada's brad leone and i need this type of content forever
Sheillagh O'Brien
Sheillagh O'Brien - 3 days ago
Yes send Matty and Brad to Antarctica XD. DO a tour of Tuna in Nova Scotia, Halibut in Alaska, and uhh,... whatever is in Antarctica lmao
K Mac's Kitchen
K Mac's Kitchen - 5 days ago
i didn't grow up in THIS intense of a rural setting, but we had a family land that was sort for recreational fishing and and all that... i loved watching them struggle with that water tap.
Foodie Tunes
Foodie Tunes - 6 days ago
No come to my house in Catalonia and go Wild Boar hunting
Foodie Tunes
Foodie Tunes - 6 days ago
Come to England and go wild boar hunting lol
Foodie Tunes
Foodie Tunes - 6 days ago
I've never known anyone eat catfish. Especially in Europe
Michael BallsPenis
Michael BallsPenis - 7 days ago
What I wouldn’t do for a cartoon about a clumsy duo that go on adventures voiced by Brad and Matty
Let's Cook! with Luke
Let's Cook! with Luke - 8 days ago
I need a whole series of this.
Aishah Abd Rahman
Aishah Abd Rahman - 8 days ago
Please keep Skipper
Haley - 8 days ago
There's a lot of comedy gold in this, but I gotta say I lost it at the squeaky noise when Matty is squeezing the lemons more than anything else. Bravo, editors. 😂
Lu Sow
Lu Sow - 8 days ago
Anybody else notice how cute the glass bowl the slaw was in? I want it lol
Sean Hoke
Sean Hoke - 9 days ago
For real, tho, if you've never had FRESH catfish properly prepared, you have no idea what you're missing. It's incredible.
Birgio Armani
Birgio Armani - 9 days ago
LOL when matty said "You could go and get one of those in 15 minutes" Skip's like "Yeah!" you hear someone in the background like "NO"
Keiran Lyons
Keiran Lyons - 9 days ago
Please go to Antartica
Dobhran Wilcoxen
Dobhran Wilcoxen - 10 days ago
Give them their own showww.
Nina Jasmin
Nina Jasmin - 12 days ago
Brad and Matty in 2019 making all these travel plans for the upcoming sad to watch now. 😭
Christian Fernandez
Christian Fernandez - 12 days ago
Go Tuna Fishing!
Reviews From The Couch
Reviews From The Couch - 12 days ago
Brad sounds like he should play for the Letterkenny Irish Hockey Team, bud.
Justin Helm
Justin Helm - 12 days ago
Come fly fishing in Oregon w me next!!!!!!!!!!!
Jenna Novosel
Jenna Novosel - 13 days ago
Whoever edits these is hilarious lmao 🤣
bostonjomo - 14 days ago
Brad and Matty make Seal Steaks and Buffalo Penguin Wings in Antarctica
Kaylee Gridley
Kaylee Gridley - 15 days ago
Skip: "too much seasoning"
Also skip: chugging the hot sauce
Let's be Honest Official
Let's be Honest Official - 15 days ago
Skipper is like Brad's dad. The chemistry is unbelievable
rorchach kovacs
rorchach kovacs - 16 days ago
Skipper stole the show. He's so amazing.
Jacob Downing
Jacob Downing - 17 days ago
Great show! Thanks.
Gin ThaStamp
Gin ThaStamp - 18 days ago
the bahamas but let me know when your here
Phrodie Kayina
Phrodie Kayina - 20 days ago
We need more Brad and Matty!!!! Please . Quarantine. Please end so they can travel.
emmamonaghandesign - 20 days ago
Canada!!! Hunt a moose
Mike Smith
Mike Smith - 22 days ago
You need to go waterfowling next.
Aneiza Kayum
Aneiza Kayum - 22 days ago
Get yeh hair permed together!!!!
RSD3 - 23 days ago
The squeaky toy lemon squeeze killed me. Whoever’s edits It’s Alive is a gift to earth.
m. lubey
m. lubey - 24 days ago
i cant describe why these videos make me so happy but they simply do
Lissa Guillet
Lissa Guillet - 24 days ago
Pro edit with the hatchet. Laughed for 5 minutes straight.
Ayden Samuelson
Ayden Samuelson - 24 days ago
ViolentOrchid - 24 days ago
I want to go fishing so bad right now.
ViolentOrchid - 24 days ago
Blue gills and sunnies. Some catfish, oh yeah.
Eugenia T
Eugenia T - 26 days ago
This is incredible...
Ben Zeh
Ben Zeh - 26 days ago
Go for tuna!
RipVanAllan 1983
RipVanAllan 1983 - 27 days ago
Go catch alligators in Louisiana
Ryan Stoddart
Ryan Stoddart - 27 days ago
Brad and Matt need to do more stuff together. Love these guys playing off each other.
Deby Yuza
Deby Yuza - 28 days ago
i can't with the subs in this video lol.
Bindingofash - 28 days ago
Brad sounds a lot like bigjigglypanda
yash joshi
yash joshi - 28 days ago
SzyKo - 29 days ago
Skydiving for pigeons!!!
Red Gayapa
Red Gayapa - 29 days ago
skipper is such a great guy, he's adorable
will_da _beast
will_da _beast - 29 days ago
Can you do another video of noodling with skipper
Jennifer Mayes
Jennifer Mayes - 29 days ago
That coleslaw was ruined with dukes mayo 🤢
Mohammad Nayem Uddin
Mohammad Nayem Uddin - Month ago
Sky diving for pigeons
bemrocs - Month ago
Can we get another one? Its been long enough!
Ed Wassermann
Ed Wassermann - Month ago
SbcTdizzle - Month ago
hahaha that ending
leahymorgan - Month ago
I think you two should consider a hogging (hog hunting) expedition. In this type of hunting, you don't use a gun but instead try to catch the boar in a rope trap run over a tree limb, use your own bodyweight to counterbalance the boar, and kill it with a knife while dangling mid-air. There' s also a method where the hunter just lets the boar run at him, sidesteps and kills it with a knife as it moves by. I've known several people who did this in Texas and Florida, and it seems to be a pretty wild experience. Might be worth a look.
dropbit - Month ago
Catch a gator 🐊
trentbateman - Month ago
Tbh with these two, any of us could’ve edited a funny video
Shani Black
Shani Black - Month ago
this is a high form of art
paulerxx - Month ago
Brad + Matty could hold their own show.
Cardinal Nova
Cardinal Nova - Month ago
Hunzi, never change.
Youngage - Month ago
2019:where should we go next year
2020: nevermind
TripleOg Exclusive
TripleOg Exclusive - Month ago
I really enjoyed this perhaps y’all will have more videos like this with the same crew
corey Brian
corey Brian - Month ago
I think a show on Chesapeake rockfish would make a lot of Marylanders happy ;)
Jesse Jenner
Jesse Jenner - Month ago
Canadian: brad and matt smoke Canadian meat...
camelCase - Month ago
This was such a bro vid and Skipper was such a cool human, not judgemental in any way.
Adora M
Adora M - Month ago
this is the quality content that youtube needs need!
jBownz j s n
jBownz j s n - Month ago
FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS SACRED AND HOLY... please, please PLEASE let me watch these two do more stuff together. Best pairing since bread and butter.
The internet has spoken.
Lori M
Lori M - Month ago
My ego is fine. I am the light.
Catherine Knight
Catherine Knight - Month ago
I demand a part three
Jack Hamilton
Jack Hamilton - Month ago
Almost pissed my pants when it cut back to the hatchet scene 😅
sharasahara - Month ago
go skydiving for swimming with your pigeon.
like if you agree.
Tyler M
Tyler M - Month ago
Its so weird to me that you say people don't like catfish. I don't think I know a person that doesn't like catfish
Topazspiral - Month ago
Brad and Matty go to Mexico and make tacos
U - Month ago
Favourite part is when skipper initiated the rotation of the hot sauce
black bolt
black bolt - Month ago
Skipper was the best
goose - Month ago
the McLeroy brothers but different
11040 Mad skills
11040 Mad skills - Month ago
I live by the Red in 🇨🇦
Cat fishing is fun
Great show gentlemen
Thank you
Matt Layton
Matt Layton - Month ago
Put Brad, Benny, and Matty on Eating Out America. Throw in Skipper for fun
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