The World's Longest Drink Waterfall? • This Could Be Awesome #1

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Vat19 - 9 months ago
How many cups could you connect with the Tipster? See some of our other challenge videos below!
Noah Chirinos
Noah Chirinos - Day ago
Yo Jamie your employees are drinking on the job
Ded Holy Nut
Ded Holy Nut - Day ago
Chloe Crunchie
Chloe Crunchie - Month ago
Conner boi Productions
Vat19 none cuz I’m poor XD
crazy bros
crazy bros - Month ago
Hade - 3 hours ago
88 cups of beer on the string!
88 cups of beer!
Drink one all, spill some more down, 87 cups of beer
Angella Faimanifo
Angella Faimanifo - 8 hours ago
Haha sipline
Boris Pernichev
Boris Pernichev - 12 hours ago
Jacob martin
Jacob martin - 18 hours ago
By the way were did that fat guy go?
Cold Ramen
Cold Ramen - 23 hours ago
7:01 what if you just put the cups in first while attaching them together and then pour from the top to fill all the cups
Harish Ganesh
Harish Ganesh - 23 hours ago
you couldve stablized it better by making a wire run along below the cups!!
Ericka Ikonomo
Ericka Ikonomo - Day ago
Ericka Ikonomo
Ericka Ikonomo - Day ago
Steven Fagan
Steven Fagan - Day ago
This is smart for no refiles I’m taking this to all restaurants

Now I’m banned at 80% of the restaurants that pay for refiles in my city
Olivia Weigle
Olivia Weigle - Day ago
1:30 Adam, Joey, and Danny: Science, science science, math math math, geometry
Me: ...Yes... I totally understand every word your saying, heh

Also 5:16 any sam and colby fans out there that know that music?
Donut Hoel
Donut Hoel - Day ago
each week he said 9 months ago with currently 9 episodes.
Jake Steven Aranas
Jake Steven Aranas - 2 days ago
Looks like giant centipede
Psycho Fangirl_04
Psycho Fangirl_04 - 2 days ago
I really need to start watching more Vat19 videos because before now, I haven't seen Danny outside of a hiding spot XD And I'm here because it's 3AM and y'all just scared the heck outta me with HIPS No.16 XD
Ayden Descharm
Ayden Descharm - 3 days ago
Y didn’t you just put the cops in the other side
KHOR EUGENE Moe - 3 days ago
It is raining beer!
Nicholas Lawson
Nicholas Lawson - 3 days ago
Jomar Marquez
Jomar Marquez - 3 days ago
sayinzoo - 3 days ago
Vat19, where drinking on the job sometimes is part of the job
Jack Capron
Jack Capron - 4 days ago
You could have used pieces of metal strut along the bottom of the cups. Much more stable.
Jona Hwang
Jona Hwang - 4 days ago
Sir Gingerbreadman
Sir Gingerbreadman - 4 days ago
Tankenator 13
Tankenator 13 - 4 days ago
1:48 modest pelican would be proud
Manjunath Latha
Manjunath Latha - 4 days ago
Make a pool of vat19 qubes
The j bros Dion
The j bros Dion - 4 days ago
But what if you finish it because when you finish it, it just flows onto u
Andrea Ehmke
Andrea Ehmke - 5 days ago
Me and my mom love popping pimples so.... We got the pimple popping pad
Joseph Robinson
Joseph Robinson - 5 days ago
Can you drink pop with hours

Can you drink pop with those
JoshandCarla Martin
JoshandCarla Martin - 5 days ago
I'm a tiny ten year old bartender you forgot the grenadine in the mimosa 😡😡😡😡😡 dont know about mimosas 😡😡
what do i put here
what do i put here - 6 days ago
i want to work here
kensey ann
kensey ann - 6 days ago
Kara: Good thing we have 9 pounds of sand laying around.
2 seconds later...
From Vat19: Worlds worst wedgie
Me: I expected that.
Fruitcake Igloo
Fruitcake Igloo - 6 days ago
Gaisingam Kabui
Gaisingam Kabui - 6 days ago
What are they drinking??
The Derpy Gamer
The Derpy Gamer - 7 days ago
The only job where you can get away with drinking beer
Sunflower Sunset
Sunflower Sunset - 8 days ago
Rootbeer roofbeer get it? haha.. Ok.
Stranger Things The gamer
I feel like ppl r gonna be like sHIP tHEM
dolls and more
dolls and more - 10 days ago
Jock Sandford
Jock Sandford - 10 days ago
what camera do u use
Rose Moseley
Rose Moseley - 11 days ago
Looks on rooph
Alex S
Alex S - 12 days ago
6:22 turn on captions and look the grammar error its boss not boos
Ralexcraft - 14 days ago
When you realize you can put a cocktail in one of these to mix with other cocktails.
Belle A. Mazing
Belle A. Mazing - 15 days ago
Thats a lot cups and water I can't believe it worked
Maanav - 17 days ago
Subscribe to “ maanav pavothil “pls
ChrisPlayzz - 20 days ago
not root bear but roof bear
Nihko Delgado-ramos
Nihko Delgado-ramos - 22 days ago
Kyle is a unit
Kerstyn Lindsey
Kerstyn Lindsey - 23 days ago
5:09 Que the Sam And Colby Music
Resurrected Helicoprion
Resurrected Helicoprion - 24 days ago
3:25 this is why their multi-use products usually have bottle openers as a feature
Karma - 25 days ago
i can see this from the parking lot!
Iko Sakuwaza
Iko Sakuwaza - 26 days ago
My cats name is mimosa so when I get another cat I’m naming it margarita
Archie Peralta
Archie Peralta - 26 days ago
I love vat19 so much if i grow up i want to work there
Rosananana - 27 days ago
so that's what we need the pythagorean theorem for
amaar orakzai
amaar orakzai - 28 days ago
I want those masks
Marty  the Squirrel
Marty the Squirrel - 29 days ago
How do you do all this
Ernesto Delossantos
Ernesto Delossantos - Month ago
WooooooooooooooooooooooooooooW you guys are so creative 🤟
XxxlimexxX Productions
how about displayed it in every country and have fun people from every country is ganna be (wow thats awsome -sip- mmm sweet
Alyssa Mia Macias
Alyssa Mia Macias - Month ago
Hey vat19 I'm your biggest fan
Alyssa Mia Macias
Alyssa Mia Macias - Month ago
Hey guys
The Chicken Man
The Chicken Man - Month ago
She’s standing on someone when the forklift is right there
Lukesanimatio N
Lukesanimatio N - Month ago
Let’s talk about that
Riley Hunter
Riley Hunter - Month ago
Wow that looks amazing
Kaylee Prince
Kaylee Prince - Month ago
You have your videos in a ad
Carter McCluskey
Carter McCluskey - Month ago
This is how they made root beer. Lol
Jamen Mac
Jamen Mac - Month ago
I saw that is water not orange juice
Nichole Gaines
Nichole Gaines - Month ago
Who is watching this video during the Quarantine
Caca Poopoo
Caca Poopoo - Month ago
So if Danny is afraid of hights how does he play in plain sight hide n seek
Caca Poopoo
Caca Poopoo - Month ago
Is it just me or I I thought the wine was in a actuall forest
Tyler The Creeper
Tyler The Creeper - Month ago
Jamie this is vat19

Me we all know that
F.I.S.H Bting
F.I.S.H Bting - Month ago
Danny hates hights but loves roller coasters
Katie Owens
Katie Owens - Month ago
keep it up
Deniz Erem
Deniz Erem - Month ago
What's the intro music? I really need to know because I love it BTW great video
KittenTuber_Playz 2
KittenTuber_Playz 2 - Month ago
Add infinite tipsters,and now you have infinite drinks
Mariah Axtell
Mariah Axtell - Month ago
The "hypotenuse of beer" is my new favorite mathematical term
I_like_this - Month ago
This was useless
Olivia Anne Johnson
Olivia Anne Johnson - Month ago
Awesome work
Greg mari Firme
Greg mari Firme - Month ago
How about just fill the top cup so its not that heavy and then just let is flow
James WESTON - Month ago
How comes Jamie’s the boss? Why doesn’t Jamie do anything?
Danielle Balubar
Danielle Balubar - Month ago
Kyle is strong💪🏻
Ibraheem Moizoos
Ibraheem Moizoos - Month ago
🎵Come with me, and you'll be, in a world of OSHA VIOLATIONS!🎶 Fletcher
Superscenes from Supersights
They were drinking corona beer before the corona virus
Yellow Flower
Yellow Flower - Month ago
Danny: “How many feet did you say the hypotenuse was?”
Me: Wow... I have never used that word sense high school.
There are 2 types of people is this world. Those who use Algebra and up, and those who cannot do even the most simple math without the calculator. I am one of the ones that desperately needs a calculator. 😂
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