The World's Longest Drink Waterfall? • This Could Be Awesome #1

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Vat19 - Month ago
How many cups could you connect with the Tipster? See some of our other challenge videos below!
xXForro_CsokiXx :3
xXForro_CsokiXx :3 - 29 days ago
I have an idea! You could make a giant one that could be 3 inflatable pools and then a waterside down tye 3!
Master Zen
Master Zen - Month ago
Vat19 Moriah Elisabith has a dust mask to
Jason Du
Jason Du - Month ago
Manveer Playz
Manveer Playz - Month ago
Sonic Destruction
Sonic Destruction - 21 hour ago
maverick207 - Day ago
Not even kidding, with the masks they were wearing when they were working with concrete they sounded like bad guy billie ellish♡♡♡♡♡!!!!!!😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
storm endless
storm endless - 3 days ago
1:58, 2:02, 8:15, 8:17, 9:21: WTF?!?!
Hayley Bug
Hayley Bug - 4 days ago
Robert G
Robert G - 4 days ago
If only they had spent as much effort going to college!
Matt - 4 days ago
The smart thing would have been to put the cups in as they added the holders
Isabella Laverty
Isabella Laverty - 4 days ago
2:50 illuminate confirmed

Creative Geeks
Creative Geeks - 5 days ago
who needs root beer when you can have roof beer?
Christopher Kelly
Christopher Kelly - 5 days ago
So many nerds look like Jake and jillyhall
Britesh Singh
Britesh Singh - 5 days ago
If you have 100 cup waterfall and drink it all will die
WONAM0NGTHAF3NCE - 5 days ago
If you want to watch an alcoholic cringe at wasted beer, show them this video
Kelp'Cs - 5 days ago
8:00 ur welcome
Jzigzags - 5 days ago
Something Clever
Something Clever - 6 days ago
I bet it’s $29.99
ARJON / FNL - 8 days ago
10:10 I thought I heard root beer
Fedecks - 8 days ago
An ad pop up at the perfect moment
Unicorn CakePop
Unicorn CakePop - 8 days ago
I won’t to Jon vat 19
big gay channel
big gay channel - 9 days ago
Every American worker(yes I'm exaggerating fuck you) I hate my job it's boring vat 19 employees let's make a beer waterfall
Just Us
Just Us - 9 days ago
Kid:Hey dad what are you doing today?
Dad:drinking 50 or more cups of beer
Dad:wanna help?
B W - 9 days ago
Hey my nickname is bud
Laura - 9 days ago
Sell gummy gingerbread
Bessent Children
Bessent Children - 9 days ago
Just in case you wanted to know, they would need 11 gallons of beer.
Vicki Maxwell
Vicki Maxwell - 9 days ago
This could be awesome 23542378742118985311

Earth can get a little boring so we have to survive on mars for twelve years.
XxxlimexxX Productions
XxxlimexxX Productions - 10 days ago
Edit : I know you look read more I know you lie
XxxlimexxX Productions
XxxlimexxX Productions - 10 days ago
Can you solve this? The color it’s easy
I was in the side of color but I lost it with a bright white

Answer bright white duh
Bibi. B
Bibi. B - 10 days ago
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Samantha Fountain
Samantha Fountain - 10 days ago
Could've used super glue
D.I.Y. Carley
D.I.Y. Carley - 10 days ago
That was a lot of work for half that beer to end up on the ground...
Alan Solis
Alan Solis - 13 days ago
If you look closely champagne and orange juice was just water 3:42
Josefina Roccatagliata
Josefina Roccatagliata - 14 days ago
Love how this is their actual day of work! I would love it!
Da Wild Potato Kaylee
Da Wild Potato Kaylee - 15 days ago
fairamir1 - 15 days ago
There peopel need lives....
Miguel - 16 days ago
this *was* definitely what i subscribed for.
Yana Caubang
Yana Caubang - 17 days ago
I had a *brain-ache* while watching this video...

xXWhiteFireWolf Xx
xXWhiteFireWolf Xx - 17 days ago
Welp, camera man has no choice but hights
Rick Wicker
Rick Wicker - 17 days ago
CrazyComedyKid - 17 days ago
I'm just binging Vat19 and adding to my birthday list as I go.
Tribal Girl
Tribal Girl - 18 days ago
How can danny be so smart for such skinny guy
Jackson Miers
Jackson Miers - 18 days ago
5:10 SamandColby’s theme song!!!!!
War2827Eagle - 18 days ago
An unforgivable amount of beer abuse. Unforgivable.
CPU - 20 days ago
Jake Smith
Jake Smith - 20 days ago
Yea na
Samuel Baraiac
Samuel Baraiac - 22 days ago he said if we cant find the materials
Susan Daniels
Susan Daniels - 22 days ago
These seems like something my uncle would do
Chad Niggle
Chad Niggle - 22 days ago
This is the quality content I subscribed for!
C Tom
C Tom - 23 days ago
1935- I bet there will be flying cars in future
2019- People trying to slip and slide with random water cubes
Mr Bread
Mr Bread - 23 days ago
They could have just put the cups in while the put the holder things(I forgot the name)
Emily & Tessa Sing battle & PIANO
I’m so bored and I’m so dum 😐😑😐
Tatum Murray
Tatum Murray - 23 days ago
HA!! Y’all all got “roofied”
Gachaunicorn Lover
Gachaunicorn Lover - 23 days ago
It’s a job with a jobs right? Because YouTube is a job if you have a channel and they’re working too!
Under Average MSP
Under Average MSP - 20 days ago
Emanuel Luna
Emanuel Luna - 23 days ago
Btw Where is Eric?
ZARA BOON - 24 days ago
the soyburglar
the soyburglar - 24 days ago
1:23 Homeboy just used the term hypotenuse. First time I’ve heard that term since like 1992 (a.k.a. 10th grade).
Bloodfrost Gaming
Bloodfrost Gaming - 24 days ago
You know you have the best job when suddenly you have a task from your boss that involves calculating a "Hypotenuse of beer."
FA2468 Footy
FA2468 Footy - 24 days ago
6.14 caras voice😂
Lauren Longino
Lauren Longino - 25 days ago
There at Home Depot
Phantom _ Artz
Phantom _ Artz - 25 days ago
Adults with office jobs: I hate my job it’s so boring

Vat19 workers: I LOVE MY JOB
Moblox Gaming
Moblox Gaming - 25 days ago
Its basically a fun ad
Carter P
Carter P - 25 days ago
A new water feature
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