True Facts: Snake and Lizard Tongues

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Sam Z
Sam Z - Hour ago
Love it! I would love a true facts video about giraffes! It be amazingly hilarious and educational!!
Rachael Hires
Rachael Hires - 3 hours ago
Ole Thomas Lindebø
Ole Thomas Lindebø - 3 hours ago
Long awaited!
marianna peresetsky
marianna peresetsky - 3 hours ago
U sure make my day Zefrank!😜👍😝
Patricc - 4 hours ago
Me: Just randomly strolling youtube's feed
Youtube: Wanna see how amazing lizard's tongue is?
Matthew Halo17
Matthew Halo17 - 4 hours ago
You mean a snake?
No I mean a wurm lizard
No what are you not getting I’m talking about a wurm lizard
A snake?
Wurm lizard
Say snake
Now what is a snake
Not a wurm lizard
Peggy Courtright
Peggy Courtright - 5 hours ago
How can anyone hit dislike? 😆
Amanda Geyer
Amanda Geyer - 5 hours ago
I know better than to try and eat or drink anything while watching zefrank1 videos. THIS COMMENT SECTION has taught me to not attempt to consume anything while perusing the comments.
So Interesting
So Interesting - 5 hours ago
Brolly5 - 6 hours ago
"I'll give an arm and a leg to be the best at it"
This is god tier writing.
lone wolfy
lone wolfy - 7 hours ago
Stay to the very end... It's worth every second 🤣🤣😂
Leah Kirk
Leah Kirk - 7 hours ago
I utterly hated the credits. Must have reminded a dozen times to read them because I had to avert my eyes!
azz. z
azz. z - 7 hours ago
No true facts about dolphin? How could that be? Always knew those dodgy mammals are up to something.
L.D Vlogs x
L.D Vlogs x - 7 hours ago
ayyy teddy operation guy
Mellie - 8 hours ago
"when humans do it it's an HR violation" 😂😅🤣
Harald Bob
Harald Bob - 8 hours ago
Actually its xeno tongues that'll blow your mind
mash my pancakes
mash my pancakes - 8 hours ago
*Now teddy is on drugs*
Sibler Inkognito
Sibler Inkognito - 10 hours ago
Sorry the evolution theory is outdated. There are no skelets found which leads to an evolution there is no APE/HUMAN there are apes skeletons and human skeltons but nothin in between. There are no skeletons/ fosils eather who show us that this creature was a preevolution before somthin other.
Proof me wrong appreciated
Much love 1 family
『Kageyama』 - 9 hours ago
There are...
MsFlyingSnake - 10 hours ago
Can’t fool me, Brain Witch! Roflmao
deistmuttz - 11 hours ago
Ending is so disturbing.. lol.. my favorite is like taking half of viagra.. LOL
Nick's Cartoons
Nick's Cartoons - 11 hours ago
just found out that herpetology is a thing... I now know what I want to go to college for.
Tg da boss 88
Tg da boss 88 - 11 hours ago
RIP 699K views
adrian.jpg - 11 hours ago
“when humans do this, it’s called an HR violation” made me laugh so hard
Indicteronomy - 11 hours ago
This one is a gem. Thank you, zefrank, you bring joy to my life.
Japheth Belgira
Japheth Belgira - 12 hours ago
Wishing there's a "HAHA" button on Youtube 🤣🤣🤣
theplanetdestroyer - 13 hours ago
Zefrank1's videos are so good i wanted to give everyone a like but there's 3000 of you, i think i managed seventy-something though..
theplanetdestroyer - 13 hours ago
What dat tongue do?
Hamim Oasek
Hamim Oasek - 14 hours ago
Hey Zefrank, why not do a video on platypus? Did you?
Samuel Peinado
Samuel Peinado - 14 hours ago
"...HR violation." LOL!
Reimie Nijimura
Reimie Nijimura - 14 hours ago
True Facts about the Man o War pleeeaseeeeee...
ThatDarnKitteh - 15 hours ago
Kristie LT
Kristie LT - 16 hours ago
The human tongue at the end was the most disturbing thing I've seen in quite a while.
Jayinder Kaushik
Jayinder Kaushik - 16 hours ago
Guy says babies like a sexual predator. Beybeys.
johny VDS
johny VDS - 16 hours ago
i fricking love your content man, always making me smile while learning a thing or two 💗💗
rupsha ghosh
rupsha ghosh - 17 hours ago
I've encountered the video on 69k likes. NICE
Marianne Paulk
Marianne Paulk - 17 hours ago
If my teachers had had your sense of humor and delivery, I might be a frickin genius .
Hus 9
Hus 9 - 17 hours ago
Explosion of tung
Haha-Aaa101 - 17 hours ago
amazing as always !
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty - 18 hours ago
“Snake rave.” “Think sinus infection, but in your mouth... Are the new viewers gone yet?” I love it XD
Storm Nasca
Storm Nasca - 19 hours ago
Belgarath S.
Belgarath S. - 19 hours ago
“It looks like one of those inkblots that the brain witches make you look at “! Oh my God! Please stop being so damn clever!
Storm Nasca
Storm Nasca - 19 hours ago
"I'll give an arm and a leg..." XD
Magellanic - 14 hours ago
"the snake said 'i'll give an arm and a leg' and that's where the negotiations started"
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty - 18 hours ago
"Brain witch," pft.
Matty Matt
Matty Matt - 19 hours ago
I love how this sh!t is so funny while educational! It's like a Snake tongue... well balanced!
Linh Nguyễn
Linh Nguyễn - 19 hours ago
im educated and entertained at the same time, great channel !
Pyro Thermite
Pyro Thermite - 19 hours ago
Dr. Shwank is such a badass
Clemens Gleich
Clemens Gleich - 20 hours ago
Wait for the end for some extra ... tongue.
simon eric
simon eric - 20 hours ago
Was hoping the Jacobson’s organ would be mentioned in this video..
Timothy Greer
Timothy Greer - 20 hours ago
You got all sciencey and stuff then BLAM the end made me forget everything I just learned
Kelvin Neil
Kelvin Neil - 21 hour ago
Despite all the jokes, it's still give us education 👍
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi - 21 hour ago
Psychologist: will you please stop calling me a brain witch? I’m a doctor Me: what ever brain witch just make me not sad anymore
Akira Gurung
Akira Gurung - 21 hour ago
He's back! HE'S BACK! Frank we missed you.
Natalie Peters
Natalie Peters - 21 hour ago
I need to know what kind of snake that red and black one with the red eyes was wow 😍😍🐍
MrPooPooJohn - 21 hour ago
Life's the same, I'm smelling in stereo
Life's the same, except for my tongue
Life's the same, snakin' like vomero
Life's the same, it'ssss all inside you...
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi - 21 hour ago
Roflmao shag carpet of doom!!! Lol
Pedro Abilleira
Pedro Abilleira - 21 hour ago
Quant Quill
Quant Quill - 23 hours ago
I would have liked anyway, but I clicked pretty fast at "shag carpet of doom".
Tim Billings
Tim Billings - 23 hours ago
lmcgiglez - 23 hours ago
"Brain witch," pft.
John Christopher Oliver
"Stone aged sex toy" wait, what?! 🤣
Ror Allen
Ror Allen - Day ago
Please keep making vids. It makes my life suck less.
Brent King
Brent King - Day ago
I can see Franks videos in school LOL
Dennis Cuesta
Dennis Cuesta - Day ago
**confused learning**
leminjapan - Day ago
"Evolution was like, 'Oh yeah, there's time.'" **chefs kiss** Masterpiece.
James Benear
James Benear - Day ago
“Can’t fool me brain witch!”
Jenn Mari
Jenn Mari - Day ago
A-New-Recipeh - Day ago
"Now I know what you're thinking, you little smarty nipple."
I'm gonna remember that line to use.
Titanium Dragon
Titanium Dragon - Day ago
See, this is why you ask technical people for help, we graph and chart *everything*.
Joe Clem
Joe Clem - Day ago
Naughty bunglet..... my new favorite retort when shit doesn’t go my way... heck with, good sir, are the true badass!
Dakkon Blackblade
Dakkon Blackblade - Day ago
Roflmao shag carpet of doom!!! Lol
wildspirit 67
wildspirit 67 - Day ago
Thank you for this n the commentary or voice dude is Awesome lol (no disrespect just didnt know the proper way of saying the talking dude is awesome)
John Wild
John Wild - Day ago
*True Facts: Capybara, when zefrank1????*
Jade McBride
Jade McBride - Day ago
I wish science teachers would make science as much fun and interesting as you do! Thankyou!
Tiến Phạm
Tiến Phạm - Day ago
Make a video about the penguins
"Now I know what you're thinking, you little smarty nipple." May or may not cause me to call everyone a smarty nipple for the next few days/weeks.
Sean Myers
Sean Myers - Day ago
I need these weekly.
Sum Guy
Sum Guy - Day ago
My meniscus was removed when I was a baby
jellofuel - Day ago
"butt molecules" lmaooo
Sara Sadri
Sara Sadri - Day ago
:: Kinqslayerr22 ::
"Are the new viewers gone yet?" 😂😂😂😂
Peter Houle
Peter Houle - Day ago
"Dr. Shwenk goes deep" was an Ice Cube lyric.
Eva-Lowmay Findlay
Eva-Lowmay Findlay - Day ago
coooohooolhoohololopllololol je suis francé vD
Grizzly DR
Grizzly DR - Day ago
Honest TraitorBear
Honest TraitorBear - Day ago
The ending tho...😁
Kimmie Ko
Kimmie Ko - Day ago
Who is this guy? I've never laughed so hard and learned something so cool at the same time! Where were you when I needed an A in science? Seriously if this is you I'll submit...scribe u know what I mean.
Lol @ snowman babymaker...
BWAHAHAHA that slowmo at the very end!!!
Devilish - Day ago
Foreplay would be more interesting if every human had a lizard tongue.
Heather Pony
Heather Pony - Day ago
"Can't fool me, Brainwitch."
Heather Pony
Heather Pony - Day ago
When I was younger (and first gaining my obsession for lizards) I remember someone telling me that there were lizards with no legs that looked like snakes.. So every time I would see a snake I would wonder if it was secretly a lizard... I had forgotten what a big deal this was to me as a child. Thank you for reminding me lol
SRH Solocam
SRH Solocam - Day ago
I wish one time you’d video tape yourself while your recording the voice for one of your videos! I want to see you doing the voice! lol your hilarious! You always make me bust out laughing! 😁
Kenneth Brown
Kenneth Brown - Day ago
Leon Hunt
Leon Hunt - Day ago
YT teach me something again in 10 minutes. Now I'm a expert on tongue.
Platonic Productions
Dr. Schwenk goes deep? Ahem. Into his research, I assume.
iamsherlocked345 - Day ago
That’s what she said 😂😂
A.J. Steinman
A.J. Steinman - Day ago
I'm not seeing any dead time at 6:43. What was that about?
A.J. Steinman
A.J. Steinman - Day ago
The end card that says "RESEARCHED WRITTEN, EDITED, AND VOICED BY ZE FRANK." is missing a comma. I wonder who to blame?
Amanda Geyer
Amanda Geyer - 5 hours ago
This is what happens when one attempts to edit one's self. But in this instance, it's awesome.
amber hagerman
amber hagerman - Day ago
Can't fool me brain witch.
jlindema - Day ago
SO awesomely brilliant! Informative, educational and hilarious. Want for nothing but more!
sintwelve - Day ago
Missed your content
Spinter - Day ago
D'ran Dana
D'ran Dana - Day ago
'think sinus infection, but in your mouth!' 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Lady Krome
Lady Krome - Day ago
Snake rave LMAO
aloneandannoyed - Day ago
anyone else mildly sad that he didn't pronounce "chameleon" the other way... lol
Hannah Tidwell
Hannah Tidwell - Day ago
I am a brain witch, I can confirm they are demons with d*ck horns. You're welcome.
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