Hairdresser Reacts To Girls Going Red To Blonde At Home

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Brad Mondo
Brad Mondo - 15 days ago
Hope you’re all well 💙
Jackai C
Jackai C - 13 hours ago
Brad Mondo the next time you bring up compromises hair could you explain it a little more? please and thank you. also you’re the best ❤️
Pia Suzan
Pia Suzan - Day ago
Thanks Brad, I actually need you here haha I'm rewatching your videos and I'm wandering what I did wrong but I actually followed your descriptions.. Uhmm send help haha haha somebody?
Friendo Gameing
Friendo Gameing - Day ago
Brad Mondo
Meika Renea
Meika Renea - 2 days ago
Brad Mondo I did T18 with volume 20 and my hair turned grey but I put some on the roots and it went shiny golden colour 🤣🤣🤣🤣 ugly with middle grey
Destiny McAllister
Destiny McAllister - 2 days ago
Ty :3
Rach_MakeupArt - 8 minutes ago
Now I need to stop watching your videos. Or I'll jump on the "colour your own hair" vagon. 🤗🤗🤗
Chicken Nugget
Chicken Nugget - 27 minutes ago
The first girl sounds like Jennifer Lawrence
Banch - 31 minute ago
Metal Bowl, Metal Tools 🙄
Charlie King
Charlie King - Hour ago
Why is she driving???
Charlit Charlit
Charlit Charlit - Hour ago
At 23:00 is her head not ON FIRE?
I live for your videos in the moment, you're in to roast people but then you're just too nice and just compliment the girls XD It's just really funny and wholesome and anyways, thanks, stay safe!
Hannah Anderson
Hannah Anderson - Hour ago
I actually just went from pink and red and blotchy patchy hair to bleach blonde hair. I didn’t do my roots yet because I ran out of developer. But I figure a 20 is better on scalp than 30 so I am gonna do my roots tomorrow and the patchy parts but I’m afraid my hairs going to fall out! Does anyone have recommendations for hair masks that soften hair? I’m going to get it cut when I can 😟!
Charlit Charlit
Charlit Charlit - Hour ago
Thank you for curing our boredom 😂
Jasneet Kalra
Jasneet Kalra - 2 hours ago
Why he luks like young saif to me 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️
Lauren Dye
Lauren Dye - 3 hours ago
"well i be damned" in the last video. you're the funniest person
Gacha Wolfie
Gacha Wolfie - 3 hours ago
The girl that was driving was SO scary!! Anxiety went ⬆️ KEEP YOUR HANDS ON THE WHEEL AND WATCH THE ROAD!!! 😭😭😭
Hailey Cherone
Hailey Cherone - 4 hours ago
i’ve never bleached my own hair because i get too nervous i’ll mess shit up but the workers at sally beauty were AMAZING when i was dying my hair brunette, they helped me with the color and the toner and i didn’t even know what toner was or how to apply it and they wrote down exactly what i should do love beauty store workers
Casanova's line
Casanova's line - 4 hours ago
Can someone please acknowledge how many times girl 2 was behind the wheel with both hands on the wheel and eyes on the camera!!!
NixStellaNova _
NixStellaNova _ - 5 hours ago
Prism lights is one of the cheaper options that’s why everyone is buying it lol
ShayMart - 5 hours ago
ShayMart - 5 hours ago
I CANNOT TELL YOU HOW EXCITED FIR MONDO BLUE SHAMPOO. it better smell bomb.... a scent that last says and everytime I take my hair out a pony and I can smell it stl
shimi v
shimi v - 6 hours ago
the 2nd girl drives without driving
callie harlan
callie harlan - 7 hours ago
i did this yesterday 😌
KawaiiKiller_ Army
KawaiiKiller_ Army - 7 hours ago
I did (natural) Red to a cute blonde, not orange at all. And we did it at home
FallattheDiscotwentyonetimes BTS
I got my hair professionally done. I had red splat in my hair and she used color corrector instead of bleach. After to corrections that day it was like a purple pink and I actually liked it. I want blond but it looked really good. Then it faded to pink and then turned blonde. Ive had blond for a year now and I live it more then red.
_ L O A D I N G _
_ L O A D I N G _ - 7 hours ago
You look like the most queen person ever, I would trust you with my hair
StephanieMarsz - 8 hours ago
Can you do a video on how to remove bulk (weight) off thick hair plz or not? Ok bye(:
sofuggit - 8 hours ago
15:00 Can we talk about how she refuses to drive like an adult, and has total disregard for others on the road? Ugh! Vlogging while driving. Not always doable for everyone.
Arlee Gunn
Arlee Gunn - 8 hours ago
I've done this before. it actually went pretty well until I changed it to "silver" which ended up being really dark silver
aaaaahh - 9 hours ago
putting a hair mask on is like putting makeup on a dead person
Ace Onlyone
Ace Onlyone - 9 hours ago
My hair is black (and very thick) and when i bleach them they are always sooo damn orange even after 4 bleaching so i just dye them blue and they discolor greyish. I never achieved a blonde by bleaching so that's what I do to get the orange out.
I guess that's kinda the same as a toner but It takes less time and i feel like it damage less. 1 bleach, a blue color then i let it fade and then after a few weeks i can discolor them again if i want a lighter gray/white ._.
Jordyn Turner
Jordyn Turner - 9 hours ago
When are you coming out with purple shampoo???
Rosey Musicismylife
Rosey Musicismylife - 9 hours ago
is that lady driving and videoing?
natalie pegg
natalie pegg - 10 hours ago
ok so is nobody gonna bring up the fact that the second girl was literally driving while fixing her hair and literally DROVE WITHOUT HANDS??
Alicia Huntsman
Alicia Huntsman - 11 hours ago
Love your videos my bf said im not color my hair lol which I think is hard to do especially the back of your head by your self if you lighten your roots
Camille Graninger
Camille Graninger - 11 hours ago
and who decided to give you that hairdo? Definitely not you I hope
Mary G.
Mary G. - 11 hours ago
And here’s me going from red to plum with chunky blonde highlights 😂😭
Your Mom
Your Mom - 11 hours ago
Brad really has that lesbian mom cut and I absolutely love it
Champaynne Grimes
Champaynne Grimes - 11 hours ago
Loving the bang moment!
MaKayla Childress
MaKayla Childress - 11 hours ago
I just live for Brad's vibes
Lyra417 - 12 hours ago
Can we talk about how she can drive and show her hair that way?
S V - 12 hours ago
When bleaching hair from a dark color,
Would you advise using color remover, than bleaching, than toning?
maricela lopez
maricela lopez - 12 hours ago
I like how i am know realizing this was posted on my brothers birthday
Mutated Doll
Mutated Doll - 13 hours ago
I just dyed my hair red and I’m already tired of it and want to be blonde. Watching this video didn’t help.
Brittany Lee
Brittany Lee - 13 hours ago
You're so adorable, I freaking love you! Hahaha
Nadine Kim
Nadine Kim - 13 hours ago
why is the 2nd girl filming while driving I am so anxious
Bethany Perkins
Bethany Perkins - 14 hours ago
Her: I’m gonna have blonde hair you guys brad: NO YOUR NOT 😅😂
Jill Williams
Jill Williams - 14 hours ago
Yeooo can she seriously stop recording while driving??!! Also no hands, looking straight into the camera. Smfh
Sarah Heringer
Sarah Heringer - 15 hours ago
I do my hair at home because NO ONE WANTS TO TOUCH MY HAIR. My hair is fine, very little, there's not much hair on my head, but I know that it can take shit, God knows what my hair went through already, so i just do it myself
Kaitlyn Kohley
Kaitlyn Kohley - 15 hours ago
I really want to go blonde, not on my own, OBVIOUSLY all salons are closed, I have super thick hair, it's about 30 inches, but like I said, my hair is SUPER thick, but it's a light brown color, I dyed it red when I was younger, and like 2 years ago I got it balayage with blonde and loved it and want to do it again, what I'm saying is pls come to michigan and do my hair thanks.
Koko' nut Channel
Koko' nut Channel - 16 hours ago
Can we talk about the fact that she’s driving and not even looking in-front of her or touching the wheel???
feen And a half
feen And a half - 17 hours ago
I tried to bleach my hair and went from ginger to luminous orange
ItsLynn 45
ItsLynn 45 - 17 hours ago
Can we talk about the girl with both hands off the wheel talking to the camera??
Hannah Hammond
Hannah Hammond - 18 hours ago
Um at the 15 minute mark where she let go of the steering wheel for a full five seconds or so I was holding my breath. Can she just not? Can she?
Vivien Dunn
Vivien Dunn - 18 hours ago
I have very porous hair so I was able to go from a Demi blue black to a medium yellow using color oops.
rileigh marie
rileigh marie - 20 hours ago
what do you think of the ion creme lightener ?
Lori Ellis
Lori Ellis - 20 hours ago
Brad, I am a nearly 40 year old woman from the south. It goes without saying that I’ve been wearing makeup and having my hair bleached, colored, etc for over 25 years; it’s just a stereotypical thing...and I still don’t understand toner! Thank God I have an amazing stylist!! Lol. Xoxo
Lexi_plays Roblox&me
Lexi_plays Roblox&me - 20 hours ago
I hate when people go me and then the other people go off she said this just shut up
Georgina Wheller
Georgina Wheller - 20 hours ago
can we tallk about the fact that the girl in the second video had 0 hands on the wheel... priority= hair. life= pointless in quarantine
Mitsake Last name
Mitsake Last name - 21 hour ago
The second girl should have her driver’s license taken away.
Nirvana Raharuhi
Nirvana Raharuhi - 21 hour ago
my dads a hair dresser
Kat K
Kat K - 22 hours ago
after she was driving and vloging I lost all the respect for that girl
ha ha
ha ha - 22 hours ago
Brad being proved wrong for 25 minutes and 36* seconds straight
Jazzatic2011 - 23 hours ago
Comment at 14:38 cracked me up XD
J Cas
J Cas - 23 hours ago
the wisk shadeeeee he threw
Shana Butler-Sullivan
Thank god someone at Sally’s knew something. She is super lucky it turned out decent.
Shana Butler-Sullivan
OMG best roots ever! Every colorist go’s for hot roots. Said no hairstylist ever... That shit is 🥵 hot. LMA0
Brad please tell your fans to not drive while doing videos.....had a friend die making a video while driving so makes me feel sick watching these girls doing it
Merry Jones
Merry Jones - Day ago
The light colour made her face pop.
Jennifer Duffy
Jennifer Duffy - Day ago
I am more upset that the one woman is talking to her phone instead of watching the road while she drives......🤦🏻‍♀️
Brooke Heil
Brooke Heil - Day ago
i helped my mom when she did dark red to dark red with blond highlights to platinum blonde. it actually turned out really good and her hair is really healthy. from my point of view atleast😂
Victoria Zalazar
Victoria Zalazar - Day ago
LETS DO A VIDEO? ❤️ u help me via face time pick out what I need and tell me how to bleach my own hair from fire truck red to blonde 👱🏼‍♀️ ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Viv K.
Viv K. - Day ago
Not at all difficult for my mom. She dies her hair bright red and when it's summer, our pool bleaches her hair, and her hair turns to a blonde/white color.
Amber ONeil
Amber ONeil - Day ago
I was wondering and hoping maybe you could do an advice and education video on toner since a lot of people try to default to t18?
eileen peters
eileen peters - Day ago
Brandy reminds me of Agnes from Gossip girl.
She's kinda reckless like her too
alayna elyse liebau
brandi is my spirit animal
Tae Carden
Tae Carden - Day ago
Can we talk about her driving with no hands 😂
Megan Prosise
Megan Prosise - Day ago
Hey Brad! Do you have any advice for those of us healthcare workers who are treating COVID patients and therefore have to wash our whole hair every day? (Not just the scalps, as hair can hold and transfer the virus). Our hair is getting so dry!
Ashton Lacalle
Ashton Lacalle - Day ago
Love the new intro❤💛💙
emma - Day ago
so i have natural red hair and i hate my hair color not sure if should dye it or not let me know what yall think? i was thinking dying it light brown also my eyebrows are brownish
Summer Smith
Summer Smith - Day ago
You should do a video on how to properly bleach your hair at home or what products to use
Electra Jessica
Electra Jessica - Day ago
Lmao you would NOT be impressed with my outcome 😂
Ashley R
Ashley R - Day ago
Brad mondo be lookin like johnathan Taylor Thomas #90s kid
shanija Russell
shanija Russell - Day ago
Brad you are hilarious!!!!
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