FINAL FANTASY VIII Remastered - Official E3 Announcement 2019 Trailer (Closed Captions)

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Levi delatine
Levi delatine - 4 hours ago
At 0:16 you can see they borked the texture for Irvine's gun on the business end XD
Zeroaiges000 - 4 hours ago
Please..... dub it...... Put voice actors on this!!!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!!
Jeff Lith
Jeff Lith - 5 hours ago
All final fantasy series was good only up to final fantasy X. The newer series like XI, XII, XIII, XIV and XV becoming hack and slash game, not worth buying imo even with those amazing graphics. What are you doing square enix?
Erick Muñoz
Erick Muñoz - 10 hours ago
Porfiiin ctm!!!!
Un buen juego para volverlo a tener en mejor calidad.
Despues que lo mejoren como el ffvii pa ps4 seria la raja.
Compra segura! 😎
Gunzerker - Day ago
This is the definition of Remastered
CHI Crimson
CHI Crimson - Day ago
Ich habe so viele unglaubliche Jahre auf eine Neuauflage gewartet und ENDLICH wird mein Traum wahr!!!
Bitte Square Enix bringt hiervon ein physisches Medium heraus!
Downloads will kein Mensch.
Ich möchte diese Perle der Videospielkunst in mein Regal stellen!
Ich würde auch Unsummen für eine collectors edition zahlen.
Luigi De Luca
Luigi De Luca - Day ago
why a remastered game?
It would be better a total remake
REAL Hayabusa
REAL Hayabusa - Day ago
I can also finally play Triple Triad in HD!!
Would be cool if you could play against other people instead of the Computer...
REAL Hayabusa
REAL Hayabusa - Day ago
All we need now is The Legend of Dragoon Remaster!!
C'mon Sony!!
REAL Hayabusa
REAL Hayabusa - Day ago
I gotta buy this game again... lol but it's definitely gonna be worth it!
Bobbylicious - Day ago
I can finally draw 100 fires off of gnats outside of balamb in HD! Sweet!
Helvinek - Day ago
I can't wait!
劉的華 - 2 days ago
Red Xii
Red Xii - 2 days ago
This game was gorgeous and complicated, hope the remaster does it justice.
KKhan515 - 2 days ago
Anybody else excited about the card game? Lol
Alberto CK
Alberto CK - 2 days ago
Venga ya!! y ahora van y seguro que no lo adaptan a las resoluciones de las pantallas actuales ni mejoran los escenarios prerrenderizados.
Gustavo Martins
Gustavo Martins - 2 days ago
MDS nostalgia pura, saudades da epoca que vivia na locadora pra jogar FF8, já quero , pra mim um dos melhores RPGS da historia
Fandiasa Kostrada
Fandiasa Kostrada - 3 days ago
wooow it can play it on PC
Dragon Quarter
Dragon Quarter - 3 days ago
"Remastered" but gameplay still has a 4:3 aspect ratio??
I'll take what I can get, but beyond the character model facelift I don't see how this deserves a "Remastered" subtitle when the FFVII and IX ports didn't have it.
Bynk333 - 2 days ago
I wonder, cause the original game atleast CGI animations are in 320:224 that is 1,42. 4:3 is 1,33 and 16:9 is 1,777. So the original source is betwen 4:3 and 16:9, not much but they should can it it do pass to 16:9 i thing.... So the resolution is in truly 10:7 and as we can see from those cutscenes, they untouch it....
DaesPlays - 3 days ago
hmm will the fmv's be remastered too? I mean, nowadays we have all these strange ai techniques that are epic af so that'd be awesome.
Pablo Inzunza
Pablo Inzunza - 3 days ago
0:12 this is not a real Rinoa face... Please change that, looks so bad in comparation with the real face
Bynk333 - 2 days ago
Thats Dissidia Rinoa, what is at all bad enought! :-)
Vi Chris
Vi Chris - 4 days ago
Dunno what's with year 1999 but Square did some beautiful game soundtracks: FFVIII and Legend of Mana.
Hoping a remake for FFVIII, LoM doesn't need a remake but atleast a pc/p4 port would do.
Eloy Librada Llobregat
Eloy Librada Llobregat - 4 days ago
Well for PC we got all "remastered" already by modders... but the sound. That's what i'm expecting the most. This game has an amazing soundtrack and special FX, they neeed to finally improve that from poor pc ports and PSX workarounds!
Alexander Larsen
Alexander Larsen - 4 days ago
I love this game sooooooo much :)
PlatinumCyGirl - 4 days ago
Damn I'm glad I'm not the only who wants a remake of this! Seen just a few folks but wow. I also want a ff9 remake and legend of dragoon!
sucking dick no homo
sucking dick no homo - 4 days ago
Uggghh dissidia squall is plaguing the original squall.
sucking dick no homo
sucking dick no homo - 4 days ago
What's with squall's hair? I want that pretty boy hairstyle back.
Randall Wade
Randall Wade - 4 days ago
Yay!!!! Sorceress Edea & Ultimecia had the most beautiful Boss Designs
Bynk333 - 2 days ago
Atleast the Ultimecia will be look as Ultimecia. :-)
Katy Dixxon
Katy Dixxon - 4 days ago
Finally!!! Yeah baby, YEAAAAAAAAH
Kaiyanpepper - 5 days ago
Everyone wants this game remade and im ofpver here hoping for 6 because its the only game to not be remade or remastered (unless you count the crappy mobile/steam version). Also i know 5 hasn’t had anything either but FF6 has a much larger and grand story.
Mara Jade
Mara Jade - 4 days ago
Honestly, I'm not a fan of remaking the pre-PlayStation games. I don't think their visual style really carries over all that well and MUCH rather play the games in period.
DrNerdRage - 5 days ago
Thank you square, thank you for not fucking this up like you inevitably will 7. Thank you for not announcing this 5 years before actually releasing it, thank you for not completely changing the gameplay for some stupid fucking reason, thank you for just polishing it for modern hardware.

I guess the best part about the 7 remake is that it will finally shut up the braindead 7 fanboys. Well, I mean maybe, who am I kidding they're never happy.
chris straughton
chris straughton - 5 days ago
Why it's F#@KING shit should of done 9 it would be alot better
sucking dick no homo
sucking dick no homo - 4 days ago
9's characters are ugly af and the setting is ass
Megan Schultz
Megan Schultz - 5 days ago
I already own the old one if I have to pay again to play this ff8 remastered again I rather it be a remake....
alejandra lomas m.
alejandra lomas m. - 5 days ago
I want to see this game like the ff7 remake I liked more than the ff7.
Vanessa Riabi
Vanessa Riabi - 5 days ago
Je l'ai tellement attendu !! 😍
Super Nintendo Channel
Super Nintendo Channel - 5 days ago
Squall and Rinoa have a very bad look!

Mostly Squall that with this new face, hair and with his fitness body looked like Ruby Rose Langenheim, he looks like a woman this is bad.

Fix Squall and bring his River Phoenix appearance he had in Final Fantasy 8 PS1.
sucking dick no homo
sucking dick no homo - 4 days ago
@NZO MV actually it's dissidia's fault lmao
Super Nintendo Channel
Super Nintendo Channel - 5 days ago
Exactly should not exchange the original for Kingdom Hearts Squall only improve face of the original
NZO MV - 5 days ago
I actually agree. They should of just made his face and hair clearer not change it into the Kingdom hearts look.
Jirai Ginoek
Jirai Ginoek - 5 days ago
One important Question about the Pocket Stadion from the Original Game: Can we get the items or the pocket Stadion itself in this Version or not? 😮
Your Daddy Martin
Your Daddy Martin - 5 days ago
Zell has the ugliest face tat and Squall's angry face always reminded me of chunky from child's play in this. Doesn't look remastered tbh lol
DP Disco
DP Disco - 5 days ago
Immernoch Grafik von 1998 PS1 Version
Brandon Heat
Brandon Heat - 5 days ago
Am i the only one here wants a remake of FF VIII?
trunks711 - 5 days ago
My all time favorite and I can’t wait to buy this for every console
SufamiDan - 5 days ago
Right up there with the best but people love to follow the pack and hate. It’s an A* FF.
Gábor Gellai
Gábor Gellai - 5 days ago
21:9, 16:9 or it will stay 4:3?
Bynk333 - 2 days ago
The PS1 work in 4:3 but when you see FFVIII you see back straight up and down, so FFVIII not work in 4:3, thus not in 16:9 she had 320: 224 so resolution is 10:7=1,42...
tan budianto
tan budianto - 5 days ago
Sun Kyoung Yum
Sun Kyoung Yum - 5 days ago
Eyes on me!!!!!
Jay Teranova
Jay Teranova - 5 days ago
Holy sh*t I literally got shivers down my spine. O.O
yourma2000 - 6 days ago
I hope they're also remastering the battle and world environments too, not gonna cut it to call it a remaster if they're only improving the interface and player/NPC models
Charles Roseman
Charles Roseman - 3 days ago
I'm sure this remaster will be on par with 7 and 9 or even a bit better.
PuPu - 6 days ago
''More Elixir Please !''
chemical current
chemical current - 6 days ago
0:13 pantyshot
jent meeese
jent meeese - 6 days ago
Why not relax
Marvin Chan
Marvin Chan - 6 days ago
it should be remake like ff7
JoeB0t - 6 days ago
Shit looks exactly the same
sucking dick no homo
sucking dick no homo - 4 days ago
You are retarded
Crystal Dominique
Crystal Dominique - 6 days ago
I have never cried so hard over a game trailer. Square Enix I love you more than ever. 🌹🌹💞💞
I Zatsune I
I Zatsune I - 6 days ago
Finally! I get to see it again in a new light
Brad - 6 days ago
ff8!! My all time favorite final fantasy, Im about to start working my way through the game again and im stoked to do it again once this is released!
Ariee Aditya
Ariee Aditya - 6 days ago
this requirement same as ff9 remaster?
sovannv - 6 days ago
Aiman Rusyaidi
Aiman Rusyaidi - 6 days ago
it won’t be long till this one gets a remake like VII too
Nukka Noob
Nukka Noob - 6 days ago
Hook it up with a legends of dragoon remaster
Deadnsd - 6 days ago
thats too much to ask of the LoD is a sick ass game
Emmanuel James
Emmanuel James - 6 days ago
Maybe SquareEnix should give us new old school turn based FF so they won’t have to remake/remaster every old game?
Emmanuel James
Emmanuel James - 6 days ago
iOS FFViii.
Ayaan Noabu
Ayaan Noabu - 5 days ago
Android too
Zieris Volx
Zieris Volx - 6 days ago
FFVIII Was, Is, Will always be the best EVER.
Kevin Mojica
Kevin Mojica - 6 days ago
I see no difference from the ps1 version
cdub757nor - 6 days ago
Do this one over next remake with voices n all den do a final Fantasy 10 part 3 and I'm good
Lorenzo Pagni
Lorenzo Pagni - 6 days ago
When will u make a Xenogears remake?
sucking dick no homo
sucking dick no homo - 4 days ago
A game that's actually better than ff7,8, and 9 even though i like 8 more than xenogears.
ZeketheUnclaimed - 6 days ago
We need a FF IX remake!
Lance Garcia
Lance Garcia - 6 days ago
I'm surprised they aren't doing proper orchestrated music. Square did FFXII Zodiac Age so I know they know HOW to do a proper remaster. Seems like they just couldn't be bothered. I'd gladly wait another year to get an Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir or FFXII: ZA level remaster.
Lance Garcia
Lance Garcia - 2 days ago
@Bynk333 That's fair enough, but Square ultimately decides to what extent something will be remastered and who is going to do it. So why not put some real effort into it?
Bynk333 - 2 days ago
Cause this dont make Square but same French team Dotemu they maked FFIX remaster too.
Equilibrium Illuminati
Equilibrium Illuminati - 6 days ago
All that is left is a Final Fantasy VIII Remake!
Mish meow
Mish meow - 6 days ago
erm.....the graphics is no doubt better than the original version but honestly not good enough for this century......
please please please remake it as high quality as the VII remake,
VIII is not doubt many ppl’s favourite FF, I’m one of them for sure
Neil Downing
Neil Downing - 6 days ago
if they're doing 7 and 8 I hope they do 9 too
sucking dick no homo
sucking dick no homo - 4 days ago
It's be in 2050
Pikachu with a Keyblade
Wait... so I have to pay for FF8 on steam AGAIN?
Kuma Bear
Kuma Bear - 4 days ago
That's actually a great question. Does anyone know whether steam owners will have to pay for the remaster or will it be a free upgrade?
Maria Cron
Maria Cron - 6 days ago
Am Anfang verstehe ich immer:
„Kinos! Würstchen!“ 😂
squall leonhart
squall leonhart - 6 days ago
si però per un gioco del genere una versione retail da collezione l'avrei gradita, ancor di più avrei gradito un restauro, non remake in stile ff 7 ma in stile medievil o menkey island mi sarebbe garbato parecchio....stesso discorso farei per il 10 fottesega
Giuseppe Sezzi
Giuseppe Sezzi - 6 days ago
Miglior Final Fantasy di sempre!! 🎉
Mercédesz Tősér
Mercédesz Tősér - 6 days ago
if it is will be true... i will buy again... 3 rd time..(play station 1, original 4 cd version, steam pc version, and now pc remastered version....)
Fael Reis
Fael Reis - 6 days ago
Remake pls!
Showe Los Plata
Showe Los Plata - 6 days ago
deverian hacer remake del 8 no solo un labado de cara
Lio Roc
Lio Roc - 6 days ago
I hope they reboot it like 7
Rinoa Super-Genius
Rinoa Super-Genius - 6 days ago
maybe i should buy a switch after all.
Guech Games
Guech Games - 6 days ago
So basically, parasitive eve is next? :)
Andri Wijaya
Andri Wijaya - 6 days ago
Lazy square enix 😭👎👎👎
Nydaarius - 6 days ago favourite FF. But emulator on smartphone with open GL in HD, i doubt there will be a difference.
Preston W
Preston W - 6 days ago
tbh I don't get why people are excited about this... is it because they can play it on the switch? The graphics don't even look that much better..
sucking dick no homo
sucking dick no homo - 4 days ago
I believe it's still in development and they said that square has alot to reveal about this remaster.
Mara Jade
Mara Jade - 4 days ago
Eh, I actually think the update works well. Acknowledges the period, but polishes it up for new players to be interested in.
Preston W
Preston W - 6 days ago
@Jake Bennett I meant that much better than the PC version* Even if there were no PC version with better graphics.. it doesn't look like they revamped it enough for people to get excited about it. I figured it would be about as "hype" as the 20 other versions of the classic games that get released every other year..
Jake Bennett
Jake Bennett - 6 days ago
You obviously don't remember what the original looked like.
Zata Lionhearth
Zata Lionhearth - 6 days ago
Khael Twotowns
Khael Twotowns - 6 days ago
This game deserves a remake, not just a remastered version! Square Enix please listen to your customers!
Mara Jade
Mara Jade - 4 days ago
VII seems to be the testing ground, who knows, maybe in the future?
Deadnsd - 6 days ago
hell yeah....they can even change the draw system or make it better....although I loved farming badies for spells ....Id be fighting super powerful bosses and i first cared more about drawing from them than winning lolz
Superoverdrive - 6 days ago
AWSOME !!!!!
zeokenX - 6 days ago
Cloud:Dude,just so you know,our game is being remade while you are just getting rematsered
Squall:I dont care..
DJ_Trolly - 6 days ago
daniel ventura
daniel ventura - 6 days ago
Esse nao vou jogar denovo nao, 👎
Bruno Pereira
Bruno Pereira - 6 days ago
I can’t wait 😊 I’m so so excited for this remastered version!!!! Thank you Square Enix. Can we know the release date?
F K - 6 days ago
I cry every time I watching this announcement. Finally square Enix does the right thing.
Steve Neske
Steve Neske - 6 days ago
SO pumped!
Valerio Gallina
Valerio Gallina - 6 days ago
Absolutely Fake... There will be only one remastered, remake... FFVII... That's It!
Suupa-hentai-sama no-pokemon
Best FF.
Moe A
Moe A - 6 days ago
The cutscenes always looked great so it looks like they hardly even touched those. Looks like the sprites got a visual enhancement.
nekomorph17 - 6 days ago
Finally!! My only hope is that it will have the ost from the Playstation version, and not the midi ost from the steam version.
kickazz1234 - 6 days ago
We want remake!!!
Stephen Vanbellinghen
Stephen Vanbellinghen - 6 days ago
lazy assholes
HauntedRaincoat - 6 days ago
In the vain of releasing remasters of black sheep FF games like FF8... Where's my FF2 remake?
Steven - 6 days ago
Do it like FF7 remake! Would be much greater. I hardly See whats new.
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