Primitive Technology: Brick Firing Kiln

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hajtez - 30 minutes ago
I like your show. Watch some episodes over and over. I miss 2 things though. One is that you not invent (or show) anything that will make your work efficient (especially the gathering and moving material around part). 2. I miss that you don't have metal (i.e. iron,copper) tools yet and your experiments where only from bacteria; any local rock?

For the weak bricks try also to squash the clay in the form during forming i.e. with a wood hammer. Should help a bit.
Site Construction
Site Construction - 3 hours ago
Good man
holo - 3 hours ago
Barbecue Uncle has left the chat.
AstorViaLaw - 4 hours ago
Imagine if this series lasts long enough for him to start building a Benz motor car.
Es dewolf
Es dewolf - 4 hours ago
this purifies my soul
Lustless TV
Lustless TV - 7 hours ago
The original and the one and only pure primitive
Nov Nov
Nov Nov - 8 hours ago
Лохи повірять😂
just curious
just curious - 8 hours ago
Have you ever thought about joining a discovery survival program?
Infinitez - 10 hours ago
Did he finally get new shorts?
Masterpee 064
Masterpee 064 - 13 hours ago
Help me! I'm stuck in bus
FULLMETALJACKET7 - 13 hours ago
4:26 I can hear an engine at a distance. Totally broke the immersion. Unsubbed.
Chotenque - 13 hours ago
Hey, man. How's the situation with the forest fires? Are you alright?
Leonaяdo DiCapяio
Leonaяdo DiCapяio - 14 hours ago
Even this kiln is better than a modern Bosch oven
Dragon Chomp
Dragon Chomp - 14 hours ago
best comment section ever
Sid - 15 hours ago
Your videos are therapeutic... reminds me of Liziqi. I imagine if you both work together.
xXJoey_The_GamerXx - 15 hours ago
I have a question. Would you recommend trying this? If not, I have a another question, Is it safe do thing like this anywhere?
Jack Burton
Jack Burton - 16 hours ago
i have always wanted him to have a dog with him for some reason, i have no idea why.
Jared r
Jared r - 16 hours ago
Me to myself: Now that is a good fuckin' brick
tilcboy44 - 16 hours ago
Yay. POV! who bought you the GoPro? lol
FailOutBoy - 16 hours ago
I have really bad episodes sometimes when certain things happen in my life and tonight I had another huge one. I calmed down a bit and putting this on really made me feel so much better. Something I can just... mindlessly enjoy, if that makes sense. i love the work you do, Mr John Plant. even if you do have the same first name as my dad.
Linas Martusevičius
Linas Martusevičius - 17 hours ago
What gives the flame that red tint?
Ian Terry Roy MacLeod
Ian Terry Roy MacLeod - 18 hours ago
OK, randomly unsubed... Anyways, Great vid, a week later!
Rodrigo - 18 hours ago
Muito legal 👍.
Excelente experiência
k06U5 - 19 hours ago
Nice chest
Blake Riel
Blake Riel - 19 hours ago
Yet another oven of sorts.
Jack - 20 hours ago
한국어 자막 누가 언제 만들어주냐 ㅠㅠ
I'm a Kitchen Sink
I'm a Kitchen Sink - 20 hours ago
I'm a Kitchen Sink
I'm a Kitchen Sink - 21 hour ago
Daaammn he's jacked!
hugo van dyk
hugo van dyk - 22 hours ago
Love your stuff. It's the most interesting, informative yet relaxing videos on Youtube, captions or no..
Have you ever considered doing primitive technology classes? I can imagine this making for a fun weekend or day class.
hugo van dyk
hugo van dyk - 22 hours ago
@سند الشمري hello
سند الشمري
سند الشمري - 22 hours ago
Bishop Havel
Bishop Havel - 23 hours ago
Alright science side of YouTube, help me out.
Won't clay explode if you don't kneed it or something because of air pockets? Or is that not necessary?
malenotyalc - 23 hours ago
This is how early man played JENGA.
malenotyalc - 23 hours ago
Nothing like opening a video with a man MAKING MUD!
malenotyalc - 23 hours ago
Kristoffer R
Kristoffer R - Day ago
I bet he even built the camera out of clay.
Jung YT
Jung YT - Day ago
Askme812009 - Day ago
I heard him catching malaria at 2:05.
VK Sharma
VK Sharma - Day ago
Can’t wait until he gets to the Nether
luki subandi
luki subandi - Day ago
in any case, you get stranded like cast away
yunoyama works
yunoyama works - Day ago
Fire LOVE .
*Русский жми лайк*
TIs BIYTV - Day ago
Người VN điểm danh cái . Mình coi chú này hồi lớp 2 năm 2017
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